Best Places to Visit in India with your Indian Visa for British Citizens

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Best places to visit in India with your Indian Visa for British Citizens

The experiences we have when travelling last a lifetime. India is a beautiful country to go and explore. UK citizens have a soft spot for India. Through the years, India has been a significant tourist destination for many tourists. The Taj Mahal, among other tourist sites, is a favourite for many people looking to explore India.

The UK appears among the 166 countries where e-visa is available. Since the inception of the eVisa platform, processing travel documents to India is now more straightforward. The Visa is available 100% online meaning that you do not have to go to the Indian Embassy to get it. The application is quick and straightforward.

Depending on what you intend to do in India; you can apply for the UK visa online, you can get Indian Visa for British citizens, business visa, and medical Visa. The Indian Visa for UK citizens mostly requires one to apply with their documents alongside professional and educational details. You are required to list the places that you intend to travel.

While making an application for the Visa, You will be required to provide a passport. You attach a passport photo along with the application form. The passport needs to be scanned the first and the last page and must be valid for at least six months from the time you get into the country. The passport photo must be coloured and must be between 350 by 350 Pixels to 1000 by 1000 pixels. You will be required to submit the passport in PDF format.

Travelling to India is easy as the Visa processing takes up to 2 business days. If planning, make your application for an Indian Visa for Indian Citizens up to 120 days before the travel date. Once you have your e-visa, here are seven places to visit in India.


1. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Forget all those views you keep hearing about, Darjeeling will blow your mind. You and your best friends can enjoy one of the five highest peaks in the world. You will have impressive views of the world below. The hike is all worth it as you will love the feeling and crisp fresh air. Assuredly nothing will affect you here.


2. Auli- Uttarakhand

Looking for a fun place to ski? The Himalayas offer you snow skiing places like Auli that you will love. The site will bring together friends who want to play and catch up alongside a campfire. The beautiful oaks add to the scenery. Ride on Asia’s longest cable car or trek with your long lost friends while catching up. Auli is little known as a commercial place, so you will enjoy a quiet place to kick back and catch while connecting with nature.


3. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

If your band your friends are into skiing Manali is a perfect spot. You can pull out your ski mask as this is the place skiing comes to life. Manali is a popular skiing place, so you do not have to worry about being out there all alone. Paragliding and river rafting are other fun activities in the area. Adrenaline seekers will love the activities here.


4. Gangtok Sikkim

Gangtok is one of the best cities in India where you can enjoy shopping and wild fun. Enjoy everything from cheap beer, food, and any other shopping items you want to experience. The town has a vibrant nightlife with clubs, casinos, and cafes for fantastic meals.


5. Gokarna Karnataka

Want to enjoy some beach time? Gokarna Karnataka has some of the most unexplored beaches in the area. You and your friends can enjoy a nice deep in the sea. The beaches are secluded from disturbances. You will love the views here as the beauty will take your breath away. The calm environment is an excellent getaway from busy city life.


6. Hampi- Karnataka

Are you in love with some history? You and your friends can play explore ruins in the Hampi area. Hailed as one of the most searched places in Karnataka area, you will fall in love with the scenic views. The calm ambience will calm your mind as you take a walk into old temples. The city has a rich history which will be great for group visits with your friends.


7. Cahil Himachal Pradesh

Chail is one of the gorgeous places you will visit in India. The hidden area is near Shimla. It is famous for being a summer retreat for the Maharaja of the Patiala. Architecture comes to life here. Cricket lovers will have a fun time trekking towards the world’s highest cricket pitch. The pines and deodar forests create a fun atmosphere for a trek and a hike. The trek from Delhi will give you plenty of time to clear your mind. Get your camping gear this place is hands down the best place to explore nature.


8. Lonavla- Maharashtra

The hill station in Pune district is lovely for those looking for a different kind of adventure. The hill is famously known for being haunted. You will love the spooky feel in this place. Remarkably, the site will give you one of the most beautiful sunrises that you have ever experienced. You can explore the scenery and surroundings. You and your friends can play games all-time as none of you will want to fall asleep in a haunted place.


9. Triund

Triund is yet another place in the Himalayas. You will love the views below. The trek offers you a steep slope that will take you on a fitness journey. You can trek, ski, and camp in the same area. Enjoy the beauty of nature as you have all you need there.


India is a world-renown tour destination. If you are places to holiday, you will fall in love with the sceneries, culture, and food. Know you know some great places that you can enjoy in India once you get your Indian Visa for British Citizens. Have an adventure-filled trip.

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