Is Blogging Dead? The Truth About Blogging

Last Updated on January 31, 2022

is blogging dead

Is blogging dead these days?

The short answer is no. And you probably knew I was going to say that since I’m writing this as a blog post on my blog. But let me dive a little deeper into why blogging is definitely not dead and why it’s still worth it to have a blog or create one along with your online business.

Blogging has changed a lot over the years. Way back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, blogging used to be a sort of online journal where you would post your favourite things or what you got up to. But then something happened. Companies and big online businesses started to see the potential of what a blog can do for their business.

They saw an opportunity to bring in mass traffic to their websites through blog posts, which then lead people to their various products or services, email list and social media accounts. These days some of the biggest companies in the world have blogs alongside their online businesses. 

Let me break down some of the best reasons why you should still start and grow a blog, whether you want to make it your full-time job, a side hustle, or you want to grow one alongside your online service or product-based business. 

Is blogging dead? Let’s dive in deeper!

is blogging dead

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You don’t own your social media

Think about that for a second. Imagine you have built this incredible business or social media accounts and randomly you get banned, suspended or blocked? What will that do to your business? If you lose access to your social media accounts, you have lost access to all of those followers. 

In early 2020 I lost access to my Facebook account a few times for quite a while, and it was then I realised how important it is to have diverse traffic sources. Luckily for me, social media is not one of my big traffic drivers, so my traffic only took a small hit, but imagine if you were predominantly on Instagram or Facebook and you lost access. You have lost access to your followers and potential leads but also money, and that’s risky in business.

We have also seen social media platforms suppress certain accounts/people and randomly go down too. So let me shout it again, YOU DON’T OWN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA.

The content on a blog is evergreen

Hitting on social media again, the content you put out on these platforms may only circulate for 24-48 hours. You write this incredible bit of content and poof it’s gone into the content black hole, never to be looked at again. A blog post can circulate and grow as time goes on. You create an amazing bit of content and it consistently gets read, consistently brings you traffic and consistently brings people to your products or services if you have them.

The amazing content that you put so many hours into creating, actually gets read, and read again, and again. 

A blog strategy is a sustainable way to grow your business for the long-run

Let me be clear, a blog is not a get rich quick scheme or get leads faster strategy. You have to be prepared to be in it for the long-run with blogging. You can’t have a few good weeks and quit after seeing no results. The older your blog gets the finer it gets, kind of like a good red wine. 

If you want long-term sustainable growth in your online business and you want to create that safety net, then a blog can do that for you.

Easy way to grow your email list

We all know how important an email list is. And if you don’t know, tell me. We don’t own social media and also with a blog, you don’t have access to the people who visit which is why if you want to keep communicating, you need to grab their email. A blog post can bring them in and then from there they can sign up to your freebie and capture their email address so you can keep communicating.

You can openly advertise your freebie on your blog and also create blog posts around your freebie, giving them a sort of teaser to what they can expect when signing up.

is blogging dead

Grow your authority

With a blog, you can showcase your knowledge and expertise in an organised way. By doing this you can capture the attention of a potential client or customer. If they see you have a blog and lots of content within your niche, you are much more of an authority within the field and your customers, clients & readers are more likely to purchase with you.

You CAN make real money

So this might be a bit of an obvious one, especially if you want to do blogging as a full-time job. But for online business owners who have products or services, quite often they don’t see the potential to make any extra money from their blog and I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can.

Affiliates are one of the best ways to make some extra cash. I want you to sit down and write 10 products or services you currently use and love that relates to your business. Once you have a list of them, simply type into google ‘name of service/product’ + ‘affiliate program’. If that service or product has an affiliate program, then it will pop up. Once you apply and have been accepted you will receive your unique code. You can then insert this affiliate code within your blog posts and if someone clicks and buys, then you get a commission! It’s that simple.

Ads can also be a money earner, but you do need a little bit of traffic to start with ads otherwise it will not be worth it. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad programs because you don’t need a certain amount of traffic to join, but you will also make very little money. Ezoic and Mediavine are 2 ad networks which are popular in the blogging platforms, but you do need a certain amount of traffic to start. 

Brand sponsorships are another way to earn some big money. Again, think of your favourite services and products, start to interact with them on social media and then you can pitch to them! 

So, is blogging dead?  Heck no! Those were the top reasons why you should seriously think about creating and growing a blog and the reason why blogging is not dead. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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