Jamaica Just Got Closer with Daily Flights From the US

Last Updated on November 7, 2019

Jamaica just got closer with daily flights from the US

Have you ever considered Jamaica as a holiday destination? Well, you should because of the many sites that attract visitors to this country. Your sight is not the only sense that will be stimulated by the Jamaican experience; how about you listen to raw reggae tunes, as you feast on jerk chicken and enjoy the breeze of the ocean blowing against your skin.

Did you know that Jamaica is the Caribbean spot where the Dunn’s River Falls and Blue Mountains sit? As you would expect, visitors flock to this destination every year in their thousands. Whether your plan is to soak in the Caribbean sun or dive into the deep waters for an under ocean experience, Jamaica is waiting for you.


Montego Bay

Found on the northern coast of Jamaica, this is the capital city of Saint James Parish. The area is a major port for cruise ships that houses a large number of gold courses and beach resorts. For some beach moments, Walter Fletcher Beach and Doctor’s Cave Beach are popular spots. Walter Fletcher Beach has an amusement park where kids can engage in some fun games and activities. Some activities that adults will find amusing include diving and snorkeling within protected waters in the Montego Bay Marine Park.

Wondering where to stay while in Montego Bay? The Hip Strip whose real name is Bayfront Gloucester Avenue has a lineup of parks, shops, and hotels. The bars on this street also play reggae and dancehall tunes. Go further down to downtown Montego Bay and you stand a chance to enjoy more sites; the Burchell Memorial Baptist Church and Sam Sharpe Square are found here.

This is where you get to learn a bit about Jamaican history – Samuel Sharpe was the inspiration from which the Sam Sharpe Square was built. He successfully spearheaded a free-the-slaves movement in 1831 – 1832. Do you believe in ghosts? If you do, the Rose Hall Great House, an 18th century plantation house will amuse you with the attached ghost stories.

Not very far from here is the town of Falmouth whose houses bear the marks of a well-preserved Georgian architectural style. Even microorganisms can contribute to the great appearance of a destination as seen in the glistering waters of the luminous lagoons.


Ocho Rios

Also in the northern coast of Jamaica, is another port town known as Ocho Rios. Previously known for fishing, this former fish village is currently a resort lined with prestigious hotels along its beaches. If you are staying here, the sites to see are limitless. The port town is surrounded by the parish of Saint Ann which is known for waterfalls, rivers and a rainforest.

The portion of the Dunn’s river that passes by this location is terraced and falls 180m by the mountain side. Down below, visitors can marvel at the blend of water and forest cover as well as lagoon pools.

Did you know that Ocho Rios was a former pirates’ hideout? In the Green Grotto Caves that housed pirate activities, visitors get to walk through stalagmites, stalactites and even a subterranean lake. You cannot afford to stay at Ocho Rios and skip a tour of the Mystic Mountain; here, a chairlift and ziplines offer an aerial view of the town as holiday makers are suspended over the rainforest.

There is more to see deep into the countryside and it starts with following the curves of a scenic winding road that traverses through Fern Gully. Hiking and horseback riding are some of the activities that travelers can engage in.



You must have heard the mention of Kingston in numerous reggae songs. It is the capital city of Jamaica and lies to the southeastern coast of the country. Did you ever wonder how the cradle of reggae music honors its icons? Right in the center of the city of Kingston is the Bob Marley Museum that was formerly his home.

In down town Kingston, visitors are treated to the journey of Jamaican art within the walls of the waterfront National Gallery of Jamaica. This is also where you will find the National Heroes Park – it has memorials that remind Jamaican of their national heroes and tell the Jamaican history to visitors.


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