Kajabi Review: My In-Depth Honest Opinion!

Last Updated on May 8, 2023

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Considering using Kajabi for your business? Here is my honest Kajabi review about the platform!

Starting an online business is one thing but making sure it thrives and reaches the pinnacle of success is an entirely different job and requires a growth mindset.

But not every business owner has the tendency to think broadly and choose what is in the best interest of their business.

People may spend hours’ worth of time and effort on venturing into a new business, only to find out, six months into the hustle, that they are struggling. Why?

Because they don’t have the unique, or perhaps the right, resources, and providing digital services or creating digital products, like online courses, is all about using the right tools.

As an entrepreneur with a great deal of experience in running an online business, you can be the lighthouse to hundreds, or even thousands, of individuals out there who seek knowledge mixed with the right proportion of expertise from an industry specialist.

However, simply having a knack for inspiring others to take up the challenge to turn around their lives and make that six-figure income they have always dreamed of is not the only thing you need.

The transfer of information through a systemized channel, with adequate resources to garner more customers, will hit the jackpot for your business.

But how will that happen? This is where Kajabi comes in!

Here is my in-depth Kajabi review with everything you need to know to decide if Kajabi is right for you, including my Kajabi reviews on different features.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi works as a standalone tool for creating online courses and successfully selling them.

It will not only allow you to create digital products, but host a website for your business, and at the behest of its state-of-the-art marketing tools, adequately market it.

Kajabi gives you access to the tools and techniques necessary for curating online courses, podcasts and other digital services and products that not only sell but serve as a source of inspiration and knowledge for those intending to learn.

Its easy-to-use interface is perfect for business-oriented individuals like you with no prior coding or technical experience. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

With Kajabi, not only your business will rise from the depths of uncertainty, but you, as an individual, will gain so much more than just money.

You will get control over how your business is marketed, customer loyalty through excellent service, and contentment in distilling out technical information that will help others grow.

Keeping in mind that other online course platforms like Udemy, EdX, and Skillshare only offer course creation services, and no additional tool to grow your business, it is evident why Kajabi is superior.

Kajabi is a beneficial choice for entrepreneurs like you that want to take charge of every decision regarding their business.

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In this article, we will discuss the salient features of Kajabi and what makes it a remarkable alternative to other online course platforms out there.

Look at these kajabi course examples, picture collage of different social media app logos and testimonials
Here’s my in-depth Kajabi review!

Features of Kajabi

Kajabi Website

Let me ask you, how would your business’ dynamics shift if you could set up an online presence through a website.

What if you could create digital products like online courses, podcasts, etc., and create marketing strategies that convert, all in one platform? Sounds cool, right?

Well, not just cool, imagine all the time, money and effort you would be saving by hosting your official business website and offering your digital services and products on that platform.

Neither do you require any coding skills or computing knowledge to do that, nor do you have to pay extra for creating an online storefront or buying a domain and hosting a site on a separate platform.

Instead, you can invest the money saved from doing all the above separately into expanding your business or just saving up for the future.

The key takeaway here is that Kajabi lets users create their own websites, and gives them access to user-friendly and SEO-friendly web design themes.

Plus, these themes come with an abundance of automation marketing tools and sales funnels.

Kajabi’s website builder has an easy-to-use drop-down menu to create stunning websites that work well with your marketing strategies.

The website builder allows users to buy a custom domain for their site, along with unlimited hosting to upload media content without any restriction on bandwidth or storage.

Additional features offered in Kajabi’s website builder allow users to set video backgrounds on their site, and create effective calls-to-action.

These include customer feedback and testimonials on the site, blog page, analytics, and a ton of other features suitable for any online business.

All websites built within Kajabi are safe and secure – your data and business are safe with Kajabi.

If you are looking for Kajabi blog examples, you can check out my second website to get an example of just what you can do with a Kajabi website.

My personal Kajabi review on this feature? 8/10 – I really loved creating my second website with Kajabi. I am a WordPress girl (that is what this blog is created with), and Kajabi does lack the same level of customisation. However, seeing how many incredible features there are in Kajabi I am very happy with it.

Hopefully my kajabi reviews will help you out, screenshot of kajabi website showing options page for starting free trial or watching demo

Kajabi User Interface

Businesses that are successful have worked on their branding meticulously and given attention to detail to provide a one-of-a-kind visual experience to their customers.

They want something that makes them stand out and sets them apart from their competitors.

Students are not just interested in the knowledge you provide them with, they want to see how well presented it is.

And for this, creating a couple of videos on a fancy editing software with flamboyant filters and edits is not enough.

Your students, or potential customers, want to be fully immersed in the learning process, and for this, the user interface matters.

You must add value to what you are selling, and the visual appeal is an important element for that.

Kajabi makes this easier for you by giving you access to plenty of themes and features that are SEO-friendly and make the overall experience worthwhile for the user.

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Kajabi Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential component of any digital marketing strategy and all Kajabi websites have this feature built-in.

But not only that, Kajabi takes it one step further by allowing users to employ segmentation to record the life cycle of their leads and carry out a follow-up on those leads.

Landing pages built with Kajabi have calls-to-action which urge the customer to make a prompt decision like signing up for your newsletter or downloading a free digital product.

My personal Kajabi review on this feature? 10/10 – Landing pages have never been so easy to create.I have over 20 landing pages I have created and I love all of them. You definitely don;t need to have any website experience to create outstanding landing pages.

Find out which kajabi plans are best for you, screenshot of kajabi theme store page

Kajabi Themes

To make the landing pages – and other types of web pages – informative and to strategically convert a visitor to the site into a potential buyer, Kajabi offers a wide range of themes.

All of these themes are user-friendly and can be structured to suit the specific device.

Kajabi’s themes promise to fulfill all your marketing needs, by providing templates for webinars, sales, downloads, upsells and other types of web pages.

Kajabi’s vast library of themes has templates that can be customized as per your liking, for a blog, homepage, about us page, or any other webpage that you want.

Having an aesthetic storefront and site will only retain site visitors and increase the number of your potential buyers, therefore, Kajabi knows what’s better for the growth of your business.

You can check out their range of themes and see Kajabi website examples to help you decide on the right theme for you.

Work out the best kajabi pricing plan for you, screenshot of

Kajabi Courses

Let’s discuss the most essential feature of Kajabi which brought you to this article, perhaps.

Kajabi gives entrepreneurs like you to share their knowledge and expertise with the world in an easier and simpler format.

No matter what type of content you want to create, whether audio or video, Kajabi has the right tools for you.

Kajabi’s course-creation features are simple to follow, though the SaaS application does provide plenty of tutorials to get going.

Kajabi offers users to create:

  1. Mini-course – a short, yet intuitive, course on a skill or concept
  2. Online course – an extensive and rigorous learning experience for your potential students, which can be divided into modules for better understanding
  3. Community – creating a course is not enough when your end goal is to create a community of enthusiastic learners, therefore, with Kajabi, you can create an online community to offer a virtual space for your students. You can hold discussions in your online community or allow students to collaborate and grow together through effective communication
  4. Drip Content – allows course creators to set a time limit to when a buyer gets access to the course and its contents, instead of revealing it all at once, which can be overwhelming for the students
  5. Membership – Kajabi leaves no opportunity to help you grow our business, thus, it also provides a subscription-based content feature. With Kajabi, you can curate member-based content for those who pay extra bucks to get more insights from you

Unlike other course creation platforms, Kajabi works on its own and does not take assistance from an external application or platform to create courses.

If you want to see Kajabi course examples to make sure Kajabi is the right platform for your course, you can watch their demo course.

Follow these kajabi examples, screenshot of kajabi page with Pinterest Q&A video

Course Structure

Giving your course a comprehensive structure will make it easier for potential students to stick around and actually complete the course.

Oftentimes, the design and structure of the online course lacks and this impedes the students from continuing it due to loss of interest.

Online courses on Kajabi can be subdivided into modules, promising a rigorous transfer of information.

My personal Kajabi review on this feature? 10/10 – I freaking LOVE the course structure and how easy it is to outline and build courses!

Video Hosting

Online courses can be taught in any format, whether audio or video, Kajabi can make it happen. For providing uninterrupted video hosting on Kajabi, Wistia is integrated within the system.

Wistia provides high-quality streaming that matches with the viewer’s internet speed, to ensure learning never stops.

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Student Assessment

To make the learning process more challenging and engaging for the students, course creators can include quizzes and assessments.

This will aid in checking how well are the students performing and whether they are paying attention to the course or not.

Other features like assignments and multiple-choice questions can also be added to the student assessments.

This will help in understanding where students are facing difficulty and how can this area of the course be improved.

To answer the assessments or submit the assignments, Kajabi allows any type of media file to be shared – another feature not offered on other course creation platforms.

Try out a kajabi free plan, screenshot of kajabi page showing product progress on Pinterest

Track Record of Students

Tracking students’ progress is an ultimate game-changer for any course creator if they intend to improve over time.

With this track record, course creators can be aware of how well the students are interacting with their learning materials, and whether they are completing it on time or not.

This feature provides a fair judgment on the quality of the online course and can be used in making necessary changes on time.

Kajabi gives instructors access to analytics for the course to assess the progress of the students and allows users to divide the class based on their performance.

This is another effective strategy for observing your business performance through Kajabi.

Ask yourself, is kajabi worth it, sscreenshot of kajabi page showing affiliate settings

Kajabi Affiliate

If you have been running an online business for quite some time now, you are probably aware of the word “affiliate”, and the power it holds for digital marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a way for entrepreneurs like you to use a product or a service, recommend it, and earn a small commission from the purchase of that product if your customers buy through your links.

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to generate passive income as all you have to do is sign up for an affiliate marketing program and start recommending products and services.

To do this, create content through which you are providing a review on the product and wait for people to buy it.

My personal Kajabi review on this feature? 6/10 – I think this feature could do with some more details. It’s very basic, it works, however, this feature of Kajabi definitely could be developed more for ease of use.

Work out a profitable kajabi growth plan, screenshot of kajabi campaigns page

Kajabi Partner Program

Kajabi also allows its users to sign up for the Kajabi Partner Program. You can endorse Kajabi and its features to other like-minded individuals and earn a small commission when they sign up for Kajabi.

Since the world of e-commerce is growing sharply and a lot of people are venturing into online businesses, this can be a good income source for you.

With this feature, you can have an unlimited number of people working with you as affiliates.

They don’t have to be paid members on Kajabi to work with you. Your relationship with your affiliates is external to Kajabi.

Kajabi’s Affiliate Program allows creators to manage lists of affiliates and their credentials, set up a system and create links.

You can also track how well your affiliates are doing and track their conversions right from your account. The Program also allows you to calculate affiliate earnings as the links are shared.

Overall, the Affiliate Program is a unique way for your business to grow, create meaningful contacts and scale your brand’s outreach.

Enjoy the benefits of kajabi websites, screenshot of kajabi new email campaign setup page

Kajabi Marketing

Effective marketing is the backbone of every business, especially an online business like yours.

An online store does not have a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront where passersby would stop someday and buy your merchandise. Though you still need marketing of some sort for that as well.

But the point here is, that when you set up an online business, how you generate leads and drive customers to your business is all in your hands – this can be daunting or a breather.

But how does Kajabi help with this? Kajabi allows course creators to automate their marketing by introducing features like pipelines, sales funnels and email marketing.

Email Marketing

With Kajabi you can create email broadcasts that will alert your subscribers whenever you upload content or have an announcement to make.

This will immediately draw their attention to what you are offering, and if you are smart enough to throw in a few calls to action, they might even end up buying something from your store.

You can also create email sequences to follow up with your customers to maintain buyer-seller relationships.

This will only help in scaling your business as you don’t have to spend time sending a plethora of emails every day, you can simply automate it with Kajabi.

Focus on something else, perhaps more important with that time.

With so many options for email marketing, you won’t have to pay annual fees to external email service providing applications, and that money can be saved or invested elsewhere.

My personal Kajabi review on this feature? 9/10 – Email marketing with Kajabi is super easy, definitely compared to a lot of the other marketing platforms.

Browse some kajabi blog examples, screenshot of kajabi page showing pipeline examples


Sales funnels and pipelines have become buzzwords in the world of marketing nowadays. Everyone wants to use these, but no one really knows how.

Simply designing a detailed marketing strategy won’t cut the chase. If you are not accurately integrating your email lists and landing pages, what’s the point?

With sales funnels and automated marketing, you can promote your digital products like online courses to a wider audience and bring them to your online store.

My personal Kajabi review on this feature? 7/10 – In general I think pipelines is great, however, I would love for one other feature to be added to this particular feature to work better. Firstly, I hope Kajabi can implement some sort of evergreen timers which are very important for funnels and pipelines. At this point, I still have to use Deadline funnel and Elftimer to use timers for my funnels.

Work out the best kajabi pricing for your business, screenshot of kajabi page showing possible examples of designs

Kajabi Checkout

A Checkout Page, customized according to your business needs and branding, will provide your customers with a better user experience when buying your digital products or services.

Kajabi not only allows you to choose from tons of themes and templates available but also lets you edit the checkout page, via the checkout page editor.

The checkout editor allows the creator to edit the title of the offer, include banner images and even customize them.

There is also a feature to include a video or image on the checkout page in case you want to upscale your brand image with these trinkets.

The text on the checkout page can also be changed as per what suits your brand’s image and needs.

The checkout page editor also offers creators to collect useful information from their potential buyers.

This can include details like contact information, address, name and password, as well as a custom field can be included for extracting any additional information.

You can also include a custom Terms and Conditions page on the checkout page so that customers can acknowledge it before finalizing their purchase.

This will enhance your customer’s user experience and put out a positive brand image that showcases responsibility.

Lastly, within the checkout page editor, you can also create a field for testimonials and feedback from your customers.

Gaining necessary feedback is crucial for any business or brand to move forward and provide quality service.

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Frictionless Checkout

Kajabi recently launched a new feature – frictionless checkout – that allows customers to purchase a product or service without first creating an account.

Most people opt for online shopping because it is a less tedious and more fast-paced route to getting what you want.

Therefore, you can make it easier for them by including a frictionless checkout option, so that they can instantly buy your product and not go through the process of first making an account.

My personal Kajabi review on this feature? 8/10 – The checkouts are really easy to create. I think Kajabi could do some further development on this feature so it could be up to par like the service Thrive cart.

Check out some of the best kajabi website examples, screenshot of kajabi page showing blog settings

Kajabi Blog

Successful businesses understand the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with their customers, and how is that going to happen?

When you get deeper with the customer and share insights from your business.

This could be your success story, life journey, product reviews from previous clients, or an account of collaborations with other creators.

Either way, running a blog for your business can bring so many benefits.

You can add value to the lives of so many people by offering to share your two cents on any subject matter, and if you are strategic enough, you can channel these visitors to your online store and turn them into potential buyers.

People are always looking up something on the internet to learn or know something.

If you can provide answers to their questions or give them a solution in the form of your product or service, imagine how beneficial that will be for your business.

Kajabi, thus, allows course creators to create blogs on their websites to connect with their customers and offer value in their lives. Creating a blog is fairly easy with Kajabi’s tutorials and easy-to-use menu.

I personally don’t use this feature as I use WordPress for my blog.

Kajabi webinar

One of the latest features offered by Kajabi is hosting a webinar. With this new feature, creators can host and market virtual events through Kajabi.

This could be anything, from a video training or live video course to a multi-day event, or even a pre-recorded video event.

Webinars are very useful in promoting your business or products, especially if it is an online business like yours.

Kajabi will aid you through every step of the webinar creation, from setting up the event, creating a registration and going live page, to a thank you page.

You can integrate your email lists to send invites and gain feedback on the webinar.

The best part is that creating virtual events is a free feature offered on every Kajabi plan – you don’t have to pay extra to organize an event.

Discover the kajabi course examples that fit you best, screenshot of kajabi page showing plan options and prices
Kajabi Review: You can get an extended 30-day trial here


Kajabi Review: the pricing

Kajabi offers three pricing plans:

  1. The Basic Plan – starting from $149 per month, this plan is for beginners who want to sell up to three digital products (remember, this can be anything from podcasts to online courses). Though it’s a basic plan, it allows course creators to create landing pages, automate marketing by creating sales funnels and pipelines. This plan allows the hosting of one website only.
  2. The Growth Plan – starting at $199 per month, the Kajabi Growth Plan is suited for relatively established businesses as it allows selling up to 15 digital products. Like the Basic Plan, this plan allows marketing automation as well, with no limit on the creation of landing pages, and email marketing. However, only one website is allowed within the Kajabi Growth Plan.
  3. The Pro Plan – starting at $399 per month, this Kajabi pricing plan is best for advanced business owners. With this plan, you can sell up to a hundred digital products, create hundreds of sales funnels, unlimited landing pages and market through email lists. Users can create three websites within this plan.

💼 MUST-HAVE: If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform to build your next course, then you need to check out Kajabi, it’s my favourite! Get a 30-day trial here.

Moreover, Kajabi prices are as presented. Creators are not charged any additional hidden Kajabi fees per month, unlike other online course platforms.

The Kajabi pricing plans offer great value for your money, therefore, it is suited for any type of business.

Kajabi pricing might seem pricey, but for what it offers, it is a sound investment for any business owner.

Unfortunately, there is no Kajabi free plan. However, you can use my link to get a 30-day free trial that lets you explore everything the Kajabi plans offer.

Play around with the platform and explore different Kajabi examples to find what works for you.

After the 30 days, if you love it, you can select the Kajabi pricing plan that is right for your business.

Kajabi Review: My Final Verdict

Kajabi is a diverse platform for online businesses, whether those in the hatchling state or fully developed, advanced businesses.

Considering the price point, Kajabi offers every feature you require to successfully run your business, and at a better price than the Kajabi competitors out there.

I love using Kajabi because of its ease of access and how I can do pretty much anything without having to purchase all the extra tools. The support is also fantastic!

If you have the knowledge and expertise to share with the world, sign up for Kajabi today by trying out their 30-day trial and start your online business within minutes.

Frequently Asked Question

✅ Is Kajabi worth it?

Yes, if you plan on running your own course, then I think Kajabi is absolutely worth it! I love the Kajabi platform. It is easy – and fun – to both build a website and run a course!

✅ How much does Kajabi cost?

There are three Kajabi pricing plans available. The lowest Kajabi pricing plan starts at $149 per month, or $119 if paid annually.

✅ Are Kajabi websites good?

Kajabi websites are great. Not only do they come with lots of useful tools and themes, but they are all user and SEO-friendly.

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