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Last Updated on March 4, 2024

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Anyone who has a blog or is thinking of starting blogging has come across the term “keyword research” or “SEO” more frequently than anything.

To get your blog rank at the top on Google, you need to find the right set of keywords.

That’s why in this Keysearch review, we’ll talk about why you should use Keysearch for SEO, as compared with other tools available in the market.

When you began to explore blogging, you probably come across a ton of online resources with Keysearch reviews among other keyword tool reviews on popular content marketing blogs.

Likely, these were all claiming which sites have the best tools, wide database of a range of keywords relevant to your niche.

But the truth is, essentially every tool seems more or less the same to a beginner blogger.

Then where does the difference lie? The difference is in the price you pay every month for the service you receive.

Does the popular keyword research tool charge more than $100 per month but give access to only a handful of keywords with no competitor or backlink analysis?

Is there an option to search keywords specific to YouTube?

Does the lowest pricing plan give you a ton of options otherwise unavailable on another platform or tool or you’re getting practically scammed?

Don’t worry.

Every blogger is in the same spot as you when they first start blogging.

There are so many resources and tools to use but so little information on which one is the best and also most affordable SEO tools.

To spare you from falling into the pothole of searching for SEO tools, this guide has been prepared to acquaint you with the best keyword research tool out there.

No, you are not being scammed into trying a tool that I am secretly getting paid for. Although you will find my affiliate link sprinkled in here because I truly believe in and USE this product every day.

This Keysearch review is based on the Keysearch SEO tool and why we think it is the perfect alternative to other famous, yet pricy, tools out there.

Let’s get into this comprehensive Keysearch review with a mini Keysearch tutorial for each section.

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Discover more about Keysearch software, screenshot of webpage full of facts and figures laid out in tables and charts

What is Keysearch – Keysearch review

The Keysearch software is more than just a keyword research tool, it is an all-in-one SEO suite that will help you along every step of working as a content creator, blogger and SEO analyst.

It will allow you to garner more attention from your target audience and give you opportunities to improve your blog’s backlink structure.

In turn, you can effectively compete within your niche, which will relieve you from the stress and worry of managing your blog’s SEO and performance.

Speaking from personal experience, I have been using Keysearch for years to assist with my keyword research and it is both one of the best and most affordable SEO tools I use.

It is also the main reason, aside from my content creation skills, that I have been able to secure a good ranking on Google within my niche.

Hopefully, this Keysearch starter review will help convince you this is one of the must-have blogging tools! If so, click this link & use my Keysearch coupon code KSDISC to get 20% off.

Enjoy more affordable SEO tools, screenshot of webpage full of facts and figures laid out in ordered tables with pastel colours

How to use Keysearch

One of the best things about Keysearch is its easy-to-use interface and accessibility for not just keyword research or backlink creation, but overall content optimization for your business.

To use Keysearch you just need a properly functioning laptop, mobile phone or any computer device you are comfortable with.

Go to your internet browser of choice and log on to the site and create an account.

Fortunately, the Keyword free trial has abundant features available and can be used to see whether you need to invest in it for the future or not.

But chances are, after reading this Keysearch review, you will end up signing up for the paid plan because it is that good.

Utilise a Keysearch starter review, screenshot of webpage displaying search trends and keyword statistics
Before we get into this Keysearch review, let’s look at the top features

Features of Keysearch

In-Depth Keyword Research

To try out the Keyword Research tool, toggle over to the search bar and type your main target keyword.

Next, click enter, and your webpage will lead to a list of competitive and rank-worthy keywords based on the target or see keyword.

You can filter the search settings by selecting your choice of the country where you would like your content to rank for. Unless you are looking for a specific country or geographical location to rank for, you can leave it on “All locations”.

Next, to explore the tool, you can try selecting the “related keywords” option from the search bar. This will give you a competitive analysis of your target keyword and whether or not you should go for it.

Consider these to be a mini website keyword analyzer to help determine if the keyword is worth pursuing or suitable for your site.

Suppose if you chose a word with a high competition score, it would be much difficult to rank for it on Google, and you might be just wasting your time and energy on that.

Try out a bulk keyword checker tool, screenshot of part of webpage showing search trends in a plotted graph spanning one year

The next feature you can try is the “search trends” option. This shows the popularity of your target keyword over the past year.

Next to this, you can find URLs of competitor sites and other significant metrics for these related keywords.

This can be helpful in doing research for content planning and generally seeing how your competitors are ranking for that keyword.

See the difference in a competitor site checker, screenshot of list of keywords and their volumes and scores
Keysearch review: Here you can see a bunch of other keyword suggestions & how competitive they are.

Next to this, on the right side, is a section of keyword suggestions related to your main or target keyword.

This includes long-tail keywords as well as short ones and is particularly helpful in coming up with blog topics for creating content on your niche to rank well on Google.

You can narrow down your research by clicking on an individual keyword in this section and assessing its difficulty and search volume.

This will help in depicting whether you should target this keyword or phrase or move along with your research.

You can also use the “filter” button to find out long-tail keywords with less competition as these are the ones you might want to go for if you want to rank on the top.

Further, this setting can be used in discarding irrelevant keywords and phrases and narrowing down your research.

A thumb rule for optimizing your content for SEO is to narrow down your niche as much as you can and create a solid framework which I teach inside of The Blog Traffic Machine.

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Learn more when you check keyword competition, screenshot of part of webpage showing volume level of a particular keyword
Keysearch review: The keyword difficulty checker at a glance.

Keyword Difficulty Checker

For those of you who are unaware, keyword difficulty is used to examine the difficulty level of a keyword to rank on the first page of Google search results, within that keyword’s domain.

This tool helps in analyzing whether you should use that specific keyword for creating content or not by determining the SEO competition score of each keyword.

For example, the higher the difficulty implies that there is a lesser chance for you to rank at the top, so move on to the next.

Keysearch provides a very easy-to-use interface that allows anyone, irrespective of their SEO knowledge, to use the keyword difficulty metrics.

The Keyword Difficulty Checker tool can be used for one word at a time or using the bulk keyword checker tool – which assesses various related keywords at once for difficulty.

The Keysearch tool is not only helpful in finding a wide range of keywords in your niche or industry, but in assessing these keywords difficulty.

This is because the sites already ranking for these keywords have stronger backlinking structures and are already highly optimized around these target words.

Checking keyword difficulty before planning your content is crucial to saving time and effort. For starters, I would definitely try and go for the lowest score possible if your website is quite new.

Gain experience with SEO competition score results, screenshot of keyword analysis data laid out in neat portions

SEO Competition Analysis

The SEO competition analysis is an in-depth analytical feature within Keysearch that employs various on-page and off-page SEO ranking factors.

These reports then provide users with keyword difficulty scores and an analytical report for first-page search results.

This feature is also useful for bulk checking multiple keywords and provides data on a latent semantic index or LSI keywords.

You can use the SEO competition analysis to check keyword competition and your current rankings in different countries to help stay on top.

Take advantage of an affordable keyword research tool, screenshot of keyword research data laid out in a list and charts
If I could write another glowing Keysearch review on the rank tracker alone, I would!

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking is a feature useful when conducting keyword research, as it gives a list of URLs that are ranking for the main keyword, and all the relevant keywords on that webpage or website.

These keyword lists can also be downloaded for later access.

This also gives the option keywords and their rankings for a specific geographical location.

Moreover, users can create on-demand updates for rankings of certain keywords, reports and get notified when there is a change.

Other features like the Explorer and Competitive Analysis section provide insight to backlinks, rankings of organic keywords and a lot more SEO-related information for websites.

With this tool it can become easier to track how your site is ranking and what improvements you need to make within your site to rank well. This is one of my top 3 favourite parts of Keysearch.

In short, Keysearch offers one of the best rank tracking tools currently available on the market!

Check out an affordable SEO report, screenshot of webpage showing KeySearch homepage and search bar

Brainstorm Niche Ideas

Just like other free features, Keysearch offers a content ideas generator.

To use this, there is absolutely no need to even have to sign up for a trial account, simply go to the Brainstorm Niche Ideas page and search for the niche or industry you want content ideas for.

For example, I searched “lifestyle” and Keysearch gave me a table of topics related to the lifestyle niche.

This included more specific searches like lifestyle collection, and horoscope, which were all being searched for on various platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, eBay etc.

This feature is particularly helpful for new bloggers who might be facing writer’s block when creating the first batch of content for their site.

With Keysearch’s free tool, you can tap into remote pits of your niche and finds ideas and topics that you could create authoritative and reliable content for.

This tool also gives access to information on micro-niches, subniches within your main niche, like email marketing is a subniche within the larger niche of digital marketing and can be narrowed down further.

Narrowing your niche helps in creating specific content and gives you a higher chance of ranking. This will also help in finding a name for your website or blog that can be monetized.

Get access to the best rank tracking tools, screenshot of webpage showing keysearch data with charts and graphs

YouTube Research

Keysearch can also be used as an invaluable Youtube keyword tool finder.

Since YouTube also acts as a search engine, the rise in influencer marketing has paved the way for content creators on YouTube, who seek keyword research tools to optimize their content for SEO.

Vloggers, YouTubers and video marketers can find Keysearch especially helpful in this regard as the interface is easy to use and is very similar to Google SERP.

The easy-to-use Keysearch software and tutorials will walk you through exactly how to find a Youtube keyword competition score and SEO.

It can then be used to find content ideas around the main keyword or niche as the result metrics show the age of the video and the number of views it received.

The metrics also indicate whether the keyword matches the title of the video and whether the keyword is mentioned in the description.

Other features offered within this tool are:

  • YouTube Difficulty – this additional feature gives insight into the competitiveness of the keyword
  • YouTube List helps in storing desired keywords for later use
Enjoy another website keyword analyzer, screenshot of information regarding backlinks statistics

Backlink Checker

Building good backlinks can be integral in building up your website’s authority and indicating to Google that you are an authority within your niche.

So, before planning your own content, look for websites and webpages with a high number of backlinks as this can demonstrate their authority.

You can check out the sites or pages that link to a particular competitor’s authoritative site or page within the Backlinks Checker in Keysearch.

This tool will analyze the domain as well as the webpage, anchor text used in every backlink.

It also gives a Keysearch metric which shows the strength of the domain, followed by the link-follow status.

Don't miss out on these affordable SEO tools, screenshot of keyword data and domain strength statistics

Webpage Audit Analyzer

The Keysearch Website Audit analyzer is a useful feature to conduct a website audit for SEO which is crucial for analyzing the site’s performance in terms of making it worthy of ranking to appear on SERP.

Think of it as an examination for the website where every aspect necessary for SEO, is analyzed.

Website audits are conducted to find issues on the page so that the webpage’s performance can be improved for appearing on SERP.

This audit helps in evaluating your site’s performance in comparison with your competitors and helps in gaining access to new information that could be used for improving the site.

One key component in an audit might be finding new keywords that are being used on your competitor’s site.

The audit will give an overall result to depict the SEO efficiency of your website and help in overcoming its shortcomings or weaknesses.

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Work through your Keysearch software utilities, screenshot of list of keywords and their statistics

Competitive Analysis

Keysearch allows users to conduct a detailed competition analysis by using on and off-page SEO ranking factors that show metrics for keyword difficulty and a search results analysis for the first page.

This feature is part of an in-depth keyword analysis that Keysearch offers, including a comprehensive SEO competition checker.

With this built-in feature, you can get access to a list of keywords that your competitors’ sites are ranking for.

Apart from its usefulness for keyword research, this competitor site checker tool provides information on:

  • Backlinks for your website or webpage
  • A list of organic keywords to help out-rank your rival sites
  • Metrics for a competitor gap
  • Webpage analysis and web URL analysis

With the backlink checker tool, you can see all the sites your competitor is getting links from.

This can be of use when making SEO adjustments on your site, as you want to make sure you provide equally relevant information, or more, as competitors to outrank it and get more backlinks.

The competitor gap tool helps in identifying all the keywords that your competitor is ranking for, and you are not – thus the gap.

You can also add three competitor websites within this tool to get a competitor analysis.

Basically, Keysearch will provide you with a list of keywords that these rival sites are ranking for so that you can improve your content as well.

The URL metrics give a number of informative metrics like webpage and domain authority, figures for domain strength, backlinks on the page, Alexa rank, ranking keywords and an overall estimate of traffic on the site.

This is particularly useful when you want to create content around a similar topic within your niche.

The competitive analysis lets to you look for other keywords that your competitor has used and are successfully ranking for so that you can include these in your own content.

Try out some affordable SEO tools and Keysearch review options, screenshot of keyword data and helpful analytics tools

Content Assistant

Keysearch’s content assistant tool is a unique and helpful feature for aspiring bloggers and content creators as it can be used for writing quality blog content.

Unlike its alternative, Surfer SEO’s content assistant tool, Keysearch’s tool offers content analysis free for every pricing plan and without a limit.

Where it costs more than $50 to conduct analysis on 25 content pieces, you can get a much more affordable SEO report from Keysearch for free (with your overall subscription).

Keysearch also provides users with:

  • A score depicting the competitiveness of your target keyword
  • A comparison between your article’s word count and an average word count of all the pages that appear on the first page of search engine results
  • A list of keywords that you have mentioned in your article and the recommended ones
Try out this SEO competition checker, screenshot of SERP analysis data laid out in table form

SERP Analysis

SERP analysis is the process of looking at the top-ranking websites in the search engine results page.

This allows you to see whether the keyword you want to rank for is relevant and assesses your site or page’s possibility to outrank its competitors.

SERP Analysis is crucial for adequate keyword research and Keysearch’s SERP analysis section gives the top 10 web pages for the particular keyword you enter.

The metrics from this section can be used to see the page and domain’s authority. If the top 10 results have a domain authority score of over 80 – they are highly authoritative and competitive.

Until and unless you have an authoritative website and your score is good too, it is recommended to use these keywords, otherwise, you are likely to suffer, given the tough competition.

In other cases, some high authority websites have single pages with low authority – and in this case, you have the chance to use highly competitive keywords and rank for these.

Other useful metrics in this section are the number of backlinks to those webpages, title, URL etc. which give an idea on the meta description and page title.

Get the most out of this Keysearch starter review, screenshot of webpage showing different Keysearch price plans and packages
Keysearch review: The current pricing of Keysearch

Pricing of Keysearch

Keysearch is the most comprehensive, but affordable keyword research tool on the market. When comparing affordable SEO tools/useful features, Keysearch wins every time.

For example, if comparing Keysearch vs Semrush, Semrush offers more features but for more than triple the cost, which I personally do not feel is worth it.

Alternatively, the free alternatives don’t offer any of the additional analysis or reports that Keysearch offers.

The Keysearch pricing plans are divided into three groups. The details are as follows:

Free Trial

Starting at $0 for one month, this Keysearch free plan is perfect for beginner bloggers and content creators who are not sure of which tools and services to sign up for, given the financial constraints.

Within this plan, users get up to 5 rounds of daily searches and analysis, including YouTube Research, Content Assistant feature, and reporting/API access.

Since it is the Keysearch free trial, there are certain limitations, like no rank tracking option or competitive analysis access.

However, a trial period of one month is adequate to realize how good of a service platform Keysearch is.


The Keysearch Starter plan starts at $17 per month, or if you prefer annual payments, then $169 per year.

This plan offers up to 200 rounds of daily searches and analysis of those keywords, along with rank tracking of keywords up to 50 times.

This plan also gives access to Competitive Analysis, Content Assistant and Reporting/API Access.

It is suitable for beginner to intermediate level bloggers who are familiar with SEO tactics and are ready to invest in their blogging business for sustained growth.

I hope this Keysearch review has given you the confidence to know how to use the tool too!


The Pro plan starts at $34 per month or $279 for annual payments. This plan offers up to 500 daily searches and analysis of respective keywords, along with rank tracking of keywords up to 150 times.

This plan includes all the features of the Starter Plan and is perfect for experienced bloggers and content creators.

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Get to know your bulk keyword checker tool, screenshot of webpage showing front page of Keysearch affiliate program application process

Keysearch Affiliate Program

Most seasoned bloggers, or even aspiring bloggers, have come across affiliate marketing and its status as a prospective income source for bloggers.

In addition to all its outstanding SEO tools, Keysearch offers a bonus opportunity for aspiring bloggers benefitting from its services – Keysearch Affiliate Program.

Just like any other affiliate program, become a Keysearch affiliate, recommend their amazing services and make a commission whenever someone purchases one of their plans through your affiliate link.

Undoubtedly, Keysearch is the best all-in-one SEO suite out there, whether you are a beginner blogger or an experienced professional working as an SEO analyst.

The features offered within this platform are worth the price you pay and are bound to fulfil all your content marketing and SEO needs.

Keysearch promises to give you the best tools to out-rank and outshine your competitor websites and businesses.

Keysearch tools were not developed just for conducting keyword researches, but to give you state-of-the-art features to work as a professional SEO analyst.

I hope once you are done reading this Keysearch review, you will stop relying on low-quality tools that promise only short-term benefits and begin your SEO journey with Keysearch.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is Keysearch a useful Youtube keyword tool?

Yes, Keysearch is helpful for Youtube videos. In fact, Keysearch can be helpful in finding the best keywords for any niche in a range of industries, including bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and more.

✅ Is KeySearch worth it?

Keysearch is one of the SEO tools I cannot live without as a blogger. And as the most affordable keyword research tool on the market, I definitely think it is worth every cent.

✅ Does Keysearch have a competitor site checker?

Keysearch allows you to see what competitors are ranking for, as well as how well you are ranking for specific keywords. This can help you create content around relevant topics with good search volume and low difficulty ratings.

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