10 Must-stay Options for Luxury Accommodation in Auckland

Last Updated on October 2, 2022

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One of the important factors to consider when planning a vacation or any other trip is deciding where to stay.

Different places have different accommodation facilities and rules that accompany them and researching where to stay in Auckland is no different.

Whether you’re looking for the best boutique hotels in Auckland, or perhaps some luxury accommodation near Auckland, where you stay can be essential to your trip.

Enjoy the best Auckland accommodation, view of Auckland skyline on grey day with boats in the water
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This can affect your entire visit, either by making you enjoy it … or regret it. Fortunately, there are a good selection of nice hotels in Auckland, so you’re likely to enjoy yourself!

The city has many places for luxury accommodation in Auckland under different classifications ranging from high end ones to lower level ones.

But today we look at luxury Auckland hotels so that you have the best time possible!

Here are 10 Must-Stay Options for Luxury Accommodation in Auckland

Discover the best places to stay in Auckland, view of the top of the Skycity Grand Hotel with circular tower and observation deck plus tall spire on top in front of a cloudy grey sky
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1. Skycity Grand Hotel

Considered by many to be the best place to stay in Auckland, the Skicity Grand Hotel is undeniably one of the top Auckland hotels based on looks alone!

This hotel is located in the middle of Auckland city making it a strategic location if you want to explore the city during any time of the day.

It has many facilities nearby including shopping centres, eateries, and entertainment joints which you can access by walking since they are close by.

As well as being one of the cool places to stay in Auckland, the hotel also has an amazing staff that is well trained and very friendly to cater to your needs.

They also have very comfortable rooms with some amenities like Wi-Fi, spacious rooms with very comfortable furniture, spa, and a car service among others.

You can get a spa treatment then proceed to relax in your room or have a chauffeur service to take you to different parts of the city as you explore what Auckland has to offer.

This is one of the top-rated luxury Auckland accommodation options!

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Enjoy the best luxury hotels in Auckland, lobby with wooden table piled with a delicious breakfast food buffet with flowers and a view out of wide glass doors to a harbour area surrounded by apartment buildings
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2. Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour

Located in central Auckland where there is a mixture of new developments and attractions, this hotel will make you feel at home while giving you one of the best experiences of your lifetime.

The Waitemata harbour, for instance, is only a short distance from the hotel which provides you with the best view.

They have a great customer service starting from the time you make your booking to the time you leave.

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Some of the amenities in this Auckland city accommodation include very luxurious rooms which come in different sizes and are designed with the guests’ comfort in mind.

They have enough space to accommodate all your belongings without being cramped and also have exquisite finishing which includes large windows for natural light.

It’s possibly the best hotel in Auckland for waking up with the sun!

As with all the best Auckland luxury accommodation options, this hotel also has amazing food and offers spa treatments.

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Experience luxury boutique hotels in Auckland, white hotel room with double bed, television, grey sofa and orange lounging chair with view of harbour out of the window
Photo credit: © 2019 Hilton

3. Hilton Auckland

The Hilton brand is always known and loved for their luxury and the one in Auckland doesn’t disappoint.

Surrounded by iconic buildings like the vector arena and Auckland art gallery among others, staying at this luxury accommodation in Auckland ensures you get everything you need close by.

Getting transportation is easy with the many public transportation services that can take you around town nearby.

A pool with a breath-taking view is one of the amenities at this Auckland premium hotel.

You also get mouth-watering meals which are available at their restaurants and very comfortable beds and rooms ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.

As you would expect from one of the top hotels in Auckland, they also have Wi-Fi and many packages including breakfast ones.

With quality services all round, the Hilton is one of the best hotels to stay in Auckland.

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Find your favourite luxury accommodation in Auckland, large hotel room with patterned rug and leather sofas with desk area and large wooden coffee table piled with travel books plus kitchen area with sink and cupboards
Photo credit: The Great Ponsonby Art hotel

4. The Great Ponsonby ArtHotel

Some consider it to be small; others recognise it to be one of the great luxury boutique hotels in Auckland.

Regardless, the Great Ponsonby Arthotel has some of the cosiest rooms and is one of the best Auckland hotels offering bed and breakfast.

It is located a few distances from the city centre but you can get there easily with a taxi.

Restaurants, shopping centres, and galleries are some of the buildings nearby but those who want to experience the nightlife can also do so at the bars close by.

Their packages include breakfast, newspaper, and great parking spaces. They also have free Wi-Fi in their room which are well decorated to help you feel at ease.

This would be one of my top picks for luxury accommodation in Auckland!

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Stay at the finest Auckland premium hotel, interior of hotel room with large double bed and modern bedside tables with yellow lamps and digital radio

5. Hotel deBrett

Being on the high street of Auckland ensures you get to see and even meet some of the best fashion designers in Auckland.

The hotel has some of the best coffee shops nearby as well as other buildings that you can access to do your shopping or just admire.

Each room is designed to have a unique style and the kitchen is always ready to handle each customer’s needs.

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You can get some great treats which include their afternoon tea or just a relaxing drink at their well-stocked bar.

It’s one of the best places to stay in Auckland for anyone who enjoys relaxing with a good book in the afternoon.

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Try out the best place to stay in Auckland, hotel room with grey colour scheme including double bed with grey patterned pillows and grey desk with chair plus orange chair and lamp and a view of the city outside the window
Photo credit: Cordis, Auckland

6. Cordis Auckland

Cordis is located in the uptown section of Auckland which is considered the liveliest place in the city.

They are also known to bring out an adventurous side of their guests given the many opportunities they present for them to explore new things.

If you’re looking for a New Zealand adventure, this is the best accommodation in Auckland for you!

The rooms at Cordis take on a contemporary design which will give you the most exquisite experience.

With them, you can have the best dining experience starting from their kitchen, which makes some of the sumptuous meals to their elegantly designed lounge which has the best ambience.

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Enjoy the best accommodation in Auckland this summer, hotel lobby with colourful decor including comfortable pastel chairs and bookshelves adorned with ornaments surrounding an entrance to a room with a large table and chairs
Photo Credit: M Social Hotel

7. M Social Auckland

Many Auckland luxury hotels wish they had the vibe that this place has created.

M Social takes pride in serving some of the best cuisines in their restaurant and giving guests some of the most befitting rooms which have modern designs.

To enhance guests’ comfort, they have combined this design with a casual one which makes you feel at home when staying at the hotel.

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A social bar, free Wi-Fi, a gym and a bar dubbed “beast and butterflies” are some of the amenities available here. This bar is also a restaurant serving some of the tasty meals you can sample.

The location of the hotel makes it easy to access entertainment centres and eateries as well as boutiques.

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Choose from some cool places to stay in Auckland, outdoor ceramic bath full of bubbles with towels and candlesticks nearby set on a wooden dais with surrounding green foliage
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8. Warblers Retreat

Being in New Zealand in the sub-tropical setting already makes this hotel interesting. This hotel has great rooms made with pure luxury bound to make you feel warm and cosy.

They provide customized attention to their guests which means that your needs will be taken care of swiftly and perfectly.

Although this is not strictly in Auckland central, this is one of the best luxury Auckland accommodation options nearby.

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Discover some of the best boutique hotels in Auckland, modern hotel lobby with low comfortable chairs next to door to large balcony area with commanding view of the city skyline including the harbour and mountains in the distance
Photo credit: SO/ Auckland

9. SO/ Auckland

Being in the downtown part of the city gives you easy access to many facilities such as entertainment joints that will leave you bubbling with energy.

They have a unique design which they created to “blend” in with the location.

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Apart from the great view from this hotel, you will also get a gym and a spa, a great dining area and food, and amazing rooms with modern designs.

This is one of the most unique luxury hotels in Auckland.

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Stay in Auckland luxury accommodation this fall, hotel room interior with double bed and seating area with two soft blue chairs and small table with tea service as well as desk area to the side
Photo credit: Windsor Hotel

10. Hotel Grand Windsor

If style and aesthetics are high up in your priorities, then the Hotel Grand Windsor is one of the best hotels in Auckland for you.

All the 79 rooms at this hotel are made with exquisite designs including the beds and other furniture.

They also take pride in their “state of the art technology” and other amenities including currency exchange services, air conditioning, concierge, dry cleaning and Wi-Fi.

They are located on Queen Street and have transportation services to take you anywhere you would want to visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Which hotels in Auckland have a good view?

The M Social Auckland, the Skycity Grand Hotel and the SO/ Auckland are the best choices for luxury accommodation in Auckland with a great view.

✅ Which is the best part of Auckland?

That depends on what you’re looking for. The Central Business District (CBD) has great attractions, whereas choosing the Ponsonby area for luxury accommodation in Auckland will put you near to lots of fine cafes and eateries.

All these Auckland hotels have amenities suitable for business meetings and conferences. They are therefore suitable for both vacation stay and business stay.

Whether you travel with your family or alone these hotels will take good care of you. All you have to do is pick which option for luxury accommodation in Auckland you like the most!

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10 Must-stay Luxury Auckland Accommodation Options

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