Making the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas

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Making the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas

With 42.9 million visitors in 2016, Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. Sin City is geared towards having a good time – and from the incredible gaming environments to the world-class service and entertainment, Las Vegas businesses know how to provide an unforgettable experience for their guests.

Quite literally everything is catered for, with casino gaming accompanied by world-class music acts that appear on a nightly basis, some of the best chefs and restaurants on the globe and endless shows, sights and sunshine to be soaked up in the desert. With so much to see, some visitors find themselves overwhelmed – especially if they’re only staying a few days. This guide will help you to see some of the most amazing things in Vegas, as well as giving some tips and tricks for your once in a lifetime holiday.


The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon

Making the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas

One of the biggest infrastructure projects in US history, the Hoover Dam is truly breath-taking – whichever way you look at it. It’s worth checking out for its sheer scale – the megastructure holds almost 10 million acre-feet of water and generates upwards of four billion kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

Make sure you find the Winged Figures of the Republic, a pair of 30-foot bronze statues that have become legendary for visitors to the dam. Apparently, a quick rub of the statues’ feet will provide luck, something that is more than welcome on any trip to Vegas!

Many of the companies that offer excursions out to the Hoover Dam will likely provide trips to the incredible Grand Canyon. One of America’s great natural wonders and over 270 miles long, the best way to see one of the world’s most incredible landscapes is by helicopter. Expect to pay upwards of $200 per person for this privilege, though!


Making the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas


Shows and gigs

With so many visitors flooding into the city to gamble, enjoy the weather or attend one of the thousands of conferences, conventions and business events that take place in Las Vegas every year, a huge entertainment scene has developed. Some of the best acts in the world frequently stop off in Vegas, or in some cases, set up shop and perform as part of a residency.

Although Elvis Presley’s 600+ show stint is probably the most famous, there are still some fantastic artists who give it their all night after night to thousands of fans. Celine Dion has called Vegas ‘home’ for a long time now, and regularly performs at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. 2017 marked her 1,000th show in Vegas, and when she’s in town you can expect a top-notch experience with a set list including hits ‘Think Twice’ and ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Ticket prices vary greatly, but a standard floor seat will set you back around $50-$60.


Celine Dion performing in Vegas

If you’re into the electronic music scene, you’ll be pleased to hear that Vegas is one of the world capitals of dance music. With endless pool parties and beach bars tucked into hotel and casino gardens, you can expect regular performances from the likes of Calvin Harris, Dillon Francis and Steve Aoki. Omnia at Caesar’s and XS at the Wynn are probably the best nightclubs in Vegas, but expect to pay a lot to get in if you turn up on the night.


World-class food

Making the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas

When it comes to food, Las Vegas gives Paris, London and New York a run for their money quite easily – with world-class restaurants serving up mind-blowing dishes and menus with endless choice. Most casinos in Vegas will offer a selection of restaurants, but there are also plenty of a la carte, fast food and casual dining experiences all over the city. If you like extravagant food and money isn’t a factor, then Le Cirque is one of the best French restaurants in Vegas, if not the country. Expect contemporary twists and classic turns that will leave your taste buds tingling and your stomach satisfied.

If you want something a bit more local, then Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab cooks up some of the best American food going. Here you’ll find huge portions of everything, including juicy steaks hanging over the side of the plate.



Making the Most of Your Trip to Las Vegas

You’d have to be insane to go to Las Vegas without visiting at least one casino. Of the 40 casinos in Las Vegas, the majority are gigantic sprawling entertainment complexes with massive and sometimes multiple gaming floors. Gambling never feels daunting however, with plenty of staff on hand to show you where the action is. A casino like Caesar’s Palace has developed a world-famous reputation, thanks to the sheer opulence and epic surroundings. Tourists are spoilt for choice with the number of casinos on offer, although if its poker you’re looking for, The Aria is the place to be. It has 24 poker tables, meaning you won’t struggle to find the perfect game. The games are a good mixture of mid-stakes and low-stakes, making it ideal for both beginners and those that are more experienced.

Those that are considering a trip to Vegas often try their hand in a live casino before their visit. It provides the perfect setting for players to develop their skills and learn more about the games before entering a potentially intimidating land-based venue. Players are spoilt for choice, with a huge range of games on offer, including roulette, blackjack and craps. Although if the Aria sounds like your ideal venue, it’s the live casino holdem you’ll want to try. With enough practice you’ll feel confident upon entering The Aria, putting you in a great position to win some money.

If you fancy something a little more traditional and off the beaten track, then consider a trip to the Old Vegas Strip. This is where some of the oldest casinos in the city are located, with a much more ‘authentic’ casino feel if you’re not feeling the chandeliers and champagne. Our favourite is the Golden Nugget, with a mix of old-school flavour as well as the first-class service you can expect at larger casinos. Oh, and look out for the shark tank.

With so much to see and do, Las Vegas is so much more than a collection of casinos. Year-round great weather, entertainment that will leave you truly thrilled and a menu to satisfy even the most adventurous eaters all make this a top holiday destination.


With a range of natural wonders on its doorstep and masses of entertainment options available, a holiday in Las Vegas caters for everyone – not just the most ardent of gamblers. Visit the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, buy tickets to a Celine Dion concert, or sample some of the mouth-watering menus at the city’s throng of world-class restaurants.

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