Mediterranean Diving: 7 of the best places to dive in the Med

Last Updated on July 2, 2021

Mediterranean Diving: 7 of the best places to dive in the Med


It can be surprising to think that vibrant coral reefs and marine life are all just a few hours away. With two world wars in the history books, the Mediterranian Sea is now littered with interesting shipwrecks that have since become apart of the setting and embellished with aquatic wonders. Whether you’re a diving pro or have never had the chance to explore the water, here are seven of the best places to dive in the Med.


Mediterranean Diving: 7 of the best places to dive in the Med


There are a number of sufficient wrecks in Cyprus located close by to exciting places to stay. The Wreck of Zenobia is one of the most famous for its dramatic underwater transformation. This sunken Swedish ferry sank in 1980 with over 100 trucks onboard. Now overgrown with marine plant life, the area is a haven for spotting colourful fish and sea creatures. If you’re lucky you could swim alongside the turtles that have been spotted exploring the wrecks too.


Costa Brava

Costa Brava is not often thought of as a top diving destination. But, in fact, it is one of the most exciting spots in the Med. With a number of national marine parks, natural caves and a rocky coastline, delve under the waves in this authentic Catalonian region in Spain. Located just a mile from the coast, head to the Medes Islands for colourful coral reefs and large grouper fish in the Dofi Sud caves.



The quaint Saranda resort offers nearly 280 miles of coast, crystal clear waves, underwater cliffs and rocky coves. Albania doesn’t have an extensive commercial fishing culture unlike most coastal countries so the turquoise waters are full of fish and sea creatures. See octopus, vibrant coral reefs and sunken WWII ships.


Mediterranean Diving: 7 of the best places to dive in the Med


There are several incredible diving spots along the Italian coast, so whether you plan to stay in the north or the south, the diving conditions are excellent. You’ll be able to enjoy warm, clear waters when you dive in Sorrento. Navigate through steep drop-offs, through caverns to the protected area of Punta Campanella. Join onto an official tour to see the beautiful ecosystem and peculiar statues on all their glory.


With some of the warmest waters in the Italy area, Sicily is well known for its sheer and scaling drop-offs. With shipwrecks, caves and pinnacles to marvel over, it’s recommended you visit between May and October for optimal visibility. You’ll find fish swimming in and out of the seagrass and large schools moving with the currents. Visit the rocky Grotta Azzurra to spot the fish and shrimp in the vibrant, neon coloured water.


Mediterranean Diving: 7 of the best places to dive in the Med


With a warm year-round climate, Egypt is one of the most popular diving destinations. With shallow sites and deeper wrecks to explore, you don’t have to be an expert diver to enjoy the underwater landscape. Explore unique shipwrecks, glowing coral reefs and spot a wide array of tropical fish. Clownfish have been spotted in the past as well as Giant Moray and the peculiar-looking Pterois Miles.



Made up of 1,000 islands, Croatia is a fascinating country to explore with plenty of coastlines to enjoy. Delve into the Adriatic Coast to discover caves, walls, wrecks and rocky canyons. With so many sites to explore, there’s something for all abilities. From the Vis island, dive to marvel over the sunken WWI and WWII battleships. Head north to Cres where you can take a boat out to Kvarner bay. You can dive all year round here with stunning coral reefs, diving walls and rocky underwater landscapes.


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Mediterranean Diving: 7 of the best places to dive in the Med


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