5 Things to Do Before Moving Into Your First House

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5 Things to Do Before Moving Into Your First House

Buying a home can be a life-changing experience. You’ve worked hard long enough to be able to buy a place that you can call your own. It’s something to appreciate and celebrate!


There are a lot of things to think about when considering buying your first home. The area where you want to live in and the neighborhood is important. The proximity to school, work, shopping and other local points of interest are also important. Other factors include the kind of house, the price and financing options.


You may want to move in all of your furniture and belongings by yourself, or you can hire a professional moving company to get the job done. You can visit Giffen Furniture Removal’s website and other sites for more information. You can read testimonials, consumer reviews, and request a price quote. You can also do some research about local moving companies in your area.


Here are five things that you should do before moving into your first house:

1. Update your address

Take the time to update your new address with the local post office. Inform your credit card companies and other service providers of your new address. This can cause less confusion and less chances of bills still going to your old address once you’ve moved.


2. Take inventory of your belongings

Once you know where you’re going to move and how much living space you’ll have, you’ll need to determine what you can take with you. Take inventory of your furniture, clothing and other material possessions. From there, you’ll have to decide what’s going with you on the move, what stays behind and what can be sold or donated to family, friends or charity.


5 Things to Do Before Moving Into Your First House

3. Get a home inspection

Most home sales require a licensed home inspector to make a final walk-through before the sale can go through. Attend the inspection so that you can ask any questions that you need to and address any concerns before closing on the deal. This can save you a lot of time and effort later.


4. Make a list of things you need to buy

If you’ve been living in an apartment and are moving to a home with a nice yard, you may need to buy shovels, rakes and other lawn and garden equipment. Make a list of things you need to buy and do some shopping in advance if possible. If you don’t have the time, space or money for everything on your list, then purchase the items that you won’t need right away at a later date.


5 Things to Do Before Moving Into Your First House

5. Create a box of essentials.

When you move into your new home, you’re probably going to need things like toiletries, cleaning supplies, dishes, cups and some food to stock your refrigerator, for example. Make a checklist of the things that you’ll need right away and pack them in a box or two to be unloaded when you move.


These are just a few simple things that can help make your move a lot easier. Being prepared can help ease the transition. They just take a few minutes out of your day in the week or two before you move. Owning your first home is something to be proud of. It’s something you’ve always dreamed of, and is a foundation for what should be a very happy, healthy home life for many years.


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