The Charming Half-Abandoned Village of Old Qeparo, Albania

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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The charming small village of Old Qeparo Albania is one you will instantly fall in love with just like I did.

Along the Albanian Riviera, in between Borsh and Porto Palermo is one of the best places to see what a traditional Albania village was once like.

The Charming Half-Abandoned Village of Old Qeparo, Albania, sun drenched white buildings with terracotta roofs and pink flowers in the foreground under a blue sky

There are two parts to Qeparo, the lower and upper parts. The lower part of Qeparo has a beautiful beach and a few places to stay and relax in, if you want to be up and close to the sea.

Qeparo Beach is one of my favourite Albania beaches and is a must when you visit the area. If you get there are sunset, you can get some stunning Qeparo beach photos.

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Explore abandoned towns in Qeparo, Albania, aerial shot of Qeparo with terracotta rooftops and areas with trees lining the roads

The other part of Qeparo is the old upper village and is positioned on top of a mountain 300m above sea level. These views are some of the best you’ll experience in your Albania travel.

The upper village in Qeparo is the best old town Albania has to visit as it is completely unique.

Visit Qeparo village, old stone buildings with stone wall ruins perched atop green hill on mountainside under blue sky with clouds and other mountains in the distance

About Old Qeparo

Old Qeparo is incredibly fascinating to me as it is half abandoned! The Qeparo old town is definitely one of my favourite abandoned places in Albania.

By far one of the coolest things to do in Qeparo is to wander around the old abandoned Albanian village.

Fun fact: if you’re keen on owning property in any Albania villages, Qeparo is a great option. It had some of the most affordable houses in abandoned villages for sale in Europe (2021).

See the Qeparo old village, stone building with round-topped doorway and wooden window frames overlooking view of stony mountainside under a cloudy sky

It feels as if this old Albania village has been left behind yet the character that this place has is immense and there is huge potential for future tourism here.

But it’s one of those places you visit where you wish and hope that it stays exactly the same, so it doesn’t lose any of its charm.

Visit abandoned Albania villages, old white stone wall with blue arched doorway in the shade

The village was pretty much abandoned in the 90’s after the fall of communism in Albania. Many families moved to different locations and countries to survive.

These days there are some people living there in the old original stone houses which have been preserved and re-done. However, for the most part it is an empty Albanian village.

See Qeparo and Albania old town, stone pathway leading uphill next to white stone-walled buildings and archways with some green foliage

The architecture in this abandoned Albania old town is incredible. You will be blessed with windy cobbled paths, ruins of once stood stone buildings and a step back in time.

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Unlike many other old villages in Albania, Qeparo has preserved a lot of the buildings although many of these old abandoned places are slowly being left to nature.

So if you’re looking for the most unique abandoned places Albania has to offer, you can’t miss out on Old Qeparo.

Discover fascinating abandoned places in Albania, old buildings in Qeparo including tall stone bell tower and some residential buildings

In the centre of the Qeparo old village stands an old oak tree as well as the church of St Mary with its beautiful clock tower and bell, which was built in 1796.

About 1 kilometre north of Qeparo village are the ruins of Ali Pasha Castle. You can get here by walking the ancient walking trail from Qeparo.

Find the best Qeparo hotel, aerial shot of long and winding road leading down a large hillside and bending back upon itself on more than one occasion

How to Get to Qeparo

The road to upper Qeparo can be taken by a turn off after/before the lower part of Qeparo. You drive for around 5-10 minutes up a windy road to reach the village.

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Within the village itself, you cannot drive so you have to park your car near the centre and walk around.

The town is small and easy to get around on foot. But if find yourself a little turned around, you can ask locals for help.

Alternatively, most travel guides for the country have a rudimentary Qeparo Albania map

The Charming Half-Abandoned Village of Old Qeparo, Albania, aerial shot of beachfront with deck chairs and umbrellas off to one side and large stone car park with small trees lining it
Explore the semi-abandoned villages in Albania, paved walkway following water's edge with palm trees and ornate metal lampposts with residential buildings overlooking the beach

Where to Stay in Qeparo

There are no reputable properties to stay at online in upper Qeparo unfortunately but there is bound to be the future.

You can stay in the lower part of Qeparo as there are many beachfront properties. My personal recommendation for the best Qeparo hotel to stay in is Hotel Riviera.

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Explore the Qeparo old village, view of old stone structure with large domed building overlooking valley with green trees and houses leading out to sea

Nearby Points of Interest

Borsh: I highly recommend a trip to Borsh Castle located in Borsh. It’s a really beautiful ruined castle with a mosque which was built in the castle by the Ottomans.

Below is Borsh beach which is the longest strip of beach in Albania. It’s one of the best to get away from the crowds in the summertime!

You can visit and learn more about the region’s history and how old is Albania.

Stay at the best Qeparo hotel, view of fortified building on tree-covered island attached to mainland by narrow spit of land surrounded by azure blue water

Port Palermo: Ali Pasha’s castle of Port Palermo is one to visit as it’s one of the best-preserved castles in Albania. It has a unique location as a thin piece of land connects it with the mainland.

Himara: this sleepy coastal town is perfect if you want to get away from everything. I highly recommend a walk through old Himara where the castle is situated, on top of the hill.

You will feel like you have stepped back in time! Make sure you relax at the local beaches and soak up the sun.

Enjoy the warmth of Qeparo beach, view looking along the promenade of a seafront town with lush green trees and plants lining the ornate pathway with more street lights leading towards large habitable buildings

Saranda: Not too far of a drive away is the very south of the Albanian Riviera and the seaside city of Saranda.

There are a lot of things to do here as you can see from my post of the best things to do in Saranda here.

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travelling albania

There’s everything you need to know about Old Qeparo, Albania. Make sure you put this place at the top of your places to see in Albania list!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Can you stay in Old Qeparo village?

There are not currently any reputable accommodations in Old Qeparo. However, there are a few fantstic options in Lower Qeparo. My personal pick is Hotel Riviera.

✅ What is there to do in Old Qeparo?

The best things to do in Old Qeparo are to wander around and enjoy the architecture and the views. Make sure to get lots of photos! You can also easily access the Ali Pasha Castle from Old Qeparo.

✅ Is Qeparo, Albania worth visiting?

Absolutely! There are many fun and interesting things to do in Qeparo, including the beach and a visit to the half-abandoned old village. The views from the old town alone are worth the visit.

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    HI THERE; I amSouth African with a place in Upper Qeparo. I don’t rent out but there are plenty places to rent out in Upper Qeparo. The Taverna makes excellent food and it really is a place to stay for hiking lovers and if you need to recharge the batteries..

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