55+ Perfect Travel Gifts for Her That She’ll Love!

Last Updated on August 31, 2023

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Whether she is a frequent traveller or just about to head off on her first trip abroad, a great way to show her that you’re thinking of her is to get her a useful travel gift that she’ll absolutely love!

Choosing unique travel gifts for her can be difficult and you might not have many ideas at first!

The perfect gift should be lightweight and practical so it’s easy to pack and won’t weigh a tonne while she explores new countries. The gift should also suit her fashion as well as being stylish and useful.

There are a million situations you could find yourself in while travelling but the better you are prepared the smoother your travels will be.

55+ Perfect Travel Gifts for Her that She’ll Actually Want! Box gift wrapped in pink paper with a gold bow sprinkled with hearts

Many of these gift ideas for her have multiple uses and most can be used on many trips abroad! If she loves travelling, she needs at least some of these!

Each unique gift idea will add an element of comfort, style, and flair to her travels and she’ll always think of you when she’s using it abroad.

Different gift ideas will suit different women however within this list that we’ve put together for you there will be one or more things that would be the perfect travel gifts for any female traveller.

A well-chosen travel gift will not only add to the quality of her adventures but will also make her more comfortable, safe and happy.

So, if you need any travel gift ideas for her for an upcoming journey, or just in general, hopefully these will help!

Table of Contents

Perfect Travel Gifts for Her

1. Waist Bag

20 gifts travelers will actually want, black waist bag with zip

Our first unique gift for any female traveller is this super convenient waist bag. It can be worn around the waist, over the shoulder or held in the hand.

This waist bag is perfectly suited to carry a passport, money, hotel keys and other essentials safely during the day while on day trips and sightseeing.

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2. Diva Cup

Buy these eco friendly travel gifts for her, Divacup branded eco friendly menstrual cup in pink and purple box

This portable, reusable feminine hygiene menstrual cup comes in a smart drawstring bag.

The Diva Cup empowers women who are travelling and means they will always be able to hygienically handle their menstruation even when they are no stores or shops nearby!

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3. Travel wrap and blanket

Stylish gifts for female travelers, woman wearing travel wrap and sunglasses walking and pulling suitcase on wheels in front of a green tree

A stylish, multipurpose travel wrap and blanket is bound to be a hit when considering travel gifts for her.

This fashionable and highly versatile accessory can be used as a travel blanket on plane flights but also worn as a shawl, a neck scar, a wrap, layered with other clothes or used as a cover-up.

This is definitely one of the most stylish gifts for female travelers!

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4. Refillable Handmade Traveler’s Notebook

Small travel gifts for her, one open travel diary and one closed travel diary with pen resting on top

A refillable journal is a great gift idea for her if she is a creative soul and loves to record her adventures to read over later!

This long-lasting journal comes with thick archive quality paper, elegant leather cover and is the perfect size for taking around and jotting notes or making sketches.

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5. Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Travel gift ideas for her, pink Bose headphones

These come in Rose Gold colour and use three levels of sophisticated noise cancellation technology.

Perfect for using on flights, trains or bus journeys so she can listen to her favourite music, films or podcasts without worrying about bothering the neighbours!

The headphones come with Amazon Alexa so you can easily access entertainment, information and help to manage your travel plans while on the move.

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6. Universal Travel Adapter

Top travel gifts for hers, black universal travel adapter with USB ports and various outlet shapes

When travelling with any kind of electronics at all you are going to need to recharge their batteries along the way.

Different countries have different plugs and sockets so a universal, international all-in-one travel adapter is 100% essential to make travel as smooth as possible.

That’s why this is a fantastic travel gift idea if you need travel gifts for her!

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7. Stainless Steel Tumbler

Travel gifts under $25, stainless steel reusable coffee cup and lid

The food grade stainless steel travel tumbler has double layer vacuum technology so it is 100% leak-proof and will keep your drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours!

This unique travel gift is sturdy, packs well, and comes in a variety of chic and modern designs.

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8. Travel Scarf

Traveling gift ideas for her, brightly coloured scarf wrapped in a figure 8 shape with passport and sunglasses and phone tucked into the folds

The Infinity Travel Scarf is windproof, warm and snug! It has a very useful hidden zipper pocket where you can keep money, passports, tickets and keys!

This is perfect for long haul flights or busy days of travelling when you don’t want to lose anything.

The scarf is also versatile and elegant so can be worn on many occasions making it one of the most thoughtful travel gifts for her.

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9. Ladies Weekender Bag

She loves travelling, striped travel bag sitting on top of metal suitcase

This carry-on luggage bag is fantastic for day trips, weekend breaks and even daily use for all a lady’s things!

The two handled bag comes in a range of stylish colours and designs and can fit on the top of a suitcase trolley handles.

It is made from strong canvas material and can be hand washed and dried for convenience. One of the great all-round travel gifts for her.

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10. Mini Refillable Perfume Empty Spray Bottle

She loves to travel, three mini refillable perfume empty spray bottles in metallic colours of silver, gold and pink

This genius 6 piece set is hyper light weight and compact so it’ll fit into a pocket or a small bag and can be reused time and time again.

It’s one of the most ideal travel gifts for her when flying so she doesn’t have to carry the full bottles from home with her.

They can also be used to store essential oils and toners while she’s on the road! Fantastic gift idea any female traveller!

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11. Travel Bottle Set

Best women's travel gifts, colourful travel bottle set with transparent case

This 9 pack travel bottle set is TSA approved and the ideal way to travel with shampoos, conditioners and other toiletries.

This unique gift for her will mean that she can pass through the airport security checks with no problems making it a perfect option for the frequent flier!

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12. Travel Blanket

Practical gifts for travelers, black travel blanket in bag with range of colours and promotional pictures

This unique travel gift idea is a travel blanket that can also be turned into a pillow for resting on as well as for easy storage!

The blanket is large enough to sleep on and once transformed into a pillow easy to fit in a suitcase or rucksack! This cozy little travel item comes in a beautiful floral pattern.

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13. Laundry Bag

Travel bag gift ideas, grey foldable laundry bag

This smart laundry bag in grey and black colours starts off small so it won’t take up any space in your luggage but then it expands as you fill it with your dirty laundry.

The bag has built in pockets so when it comes time to fold it away again it’s easy to do.

This is a brilliant way to keep your dirty laundry together and apart from your clean clothes in your suitcase or bags until you have the chance to get them washed.

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14. Lonely Planet Guides

Unusual travel gifts, cover of Lonely Planet's Best of India travel guide book with picture of Taj Mahal at sunset

Lonely Planet travel guides are a must-have for any female traveller and makes one of the most superb travel gifts for her.

She can read it on the plane, or while relaxing by the pool to help plan exciting adventures and trips abroad.

The guides are available for all countries so wherever she’s heading off to make sure she has one of these compact, highly detailed travel guides with her!

🎁 Check prices here

15. Ethique Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Use these eco travel products on your next trip, box and block of "ethique" Pinkalicious shampoo bar on white background

Ethique is one of my new favourite brands EVER! These ethical ecologically friendly beauty products are an environmentally sound option for the girl who loves nature.

These solid beauty bars mean that you don’t need plastic bottles. There’s a huge selection of products including solid bar shampoos, conditioners, and face products.

A truly unique gift for her to show you’re thinking about her and the environment! I highly recommend the shampoo bars.

They are perfect for travelling and it means you don’t have to worry about liquid restrictions or liquids exploding in your bag, plus you save the environment.

Additionally, these soap bars make great travel bag gift ideas as they’re small and affordable.

🎁 Check prices here

16. Travel Money Belt

Luxury travel gifts for her, diagram and instructions explaining how to properly utilise a travel money belt

If you’ve ever worried about carrying money then this fantastic gift idea is very useful for female travellers everywhere!

This travel money belt is a safe and secure way to carry money around while being extremely practical, waterproof and stain-resistant.

The money belt is also RFID resistant meaning that your credit cards are also safe from hackers and identity thieves.

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17. Camera for Photos and Videos

20 gifts travelers will actually want, Canon G7X brand digital camera in black

This unique travel gift idea is perfect for her so she can document her travels and capture the stunning views on the way!

This camera allows you to take crisp, high quality photos and videos while on the move and with some powerful effects it’s a must-have for photographers.

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18. LED Portable Vanity Mirror

Stylish gifts for female travelers, small portable vanity mirror in black

This LED-lit makeup mirror is one of the most perfect travel gifts for her.

The LEDs mimic daylight so you can really get a true to life colour while it’s small and slim and fits into any cosmetics bag without problems.

The LEDs are extremely long-lasting and the mirror is a chic, sleek and elegant design.

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19. Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Backpack

Small travel gifts for her, Fjallraven Kanken brand travel backpack in grey

Made from durable Vinylon F Fabrics this rucksack is specifically designed to support your back while you carry it around.

The bag also has a removable seat cushion, strong and simple shoulder straps and useful handles at the top.

The bag is available in a rainbow of colours to suit every style! Its rectangular shape means that you can easily keep documents or a laptop inside as well so it’s a very practical gift idea for her!

🎁 Check prices here

20. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Travel gift ideas for her, person in sunglasses using thick water filter straw in pool of green murky water in a forest on a bright sunny day

This amazing invention will clean water for you by removing bacteria and protozoa. If you’re camping and aren’t sure whether the water is clean enough to drink, then this is what you need.

Each one can clean up to 4,000 litres of water making it a brilliant alternative to the bulky water purifiers or iodine tablets.

This is one of the most practical gifts for travelers – especially if she loves to travel to more remote places, wander the wilderness, or explore off the beaten path.

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21. Eat, Pray Love Book

Top travel gifts for hers, cover of Eat Pray Love book by Elizabeth Gilbert

This 10th Anniversary special edition of the best selling book is a moving and powerful work that has inspired the lives of millions of women the world over!

If she is an avid reader, looking for some inspiration or heading off on a trip and might need something to read on the plane then this is a great travel gift idea.

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22. Small Makeup Bag

Travel gifts under $25, small makeup bag in black with various beauty products enclosed

With a compact, lightweight and durable design this multifunctional 2 layered makeup bag and organiser is the ideal one-stop solution for her travels!

It can fit into a suitcase or hand luggage with ease and will help her to organise her makeup products in one convenient place!

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23. Travel bamboo cutlery set

Traveling gift ideas for her, promotional shot of Bewbow pack bamboo set with cutlery, toothbrush, straw and chopsticks wrapped in a canvas packet

This eco-friendly set of cutlery is a lightweight and environmentally friendly solution for camping, travelling and outdoor trips and makes a lovely gift for her.

The set also contains chopsticks, reusable straws and a very useful cleaning brush. The whole set comes in a roll up carrying case so she won’t lose anything either on her travels!

🎁 Check prices here

24. SOS personal alarm

She loves travelling, promotional picture for small loud personal alarm in black

It’s sad but sometimes while travelling we can all get in a bit of unexpected trouble, whether that’s being mugged and having your belongings stolen or even worse!

Help to keep her safe with this small, police approved personal alarm. This super loud 140 DB alarm will alert everyone around that she is in need of assistance and help will be on its way!

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25. Travel passport wallet

She loves to travel, travel passport wallet in black with passport and bank cards and cash enclosed

This multipurpose travel wallet is RFID proof to protect your cards and data.

The wallet has several pockets with room for passports, tickets and other identification allowing her to store all her documents and tickets in one place.

This stylish two tone design comes in multiple colours making it a classy gift idea for her.

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26. Sleep mask and earphones

Best women's travel gifts, fabric sleep eye mask in grey

For total blackout eye cover using breathable memory foam for sleeping on a plane or in a busy hostel, this is one of the most thoughtful and practical travel gifts for her.

The 3D contoured deep eyecups allow plenty of room for her eyes and eyelashes making this ideal for short naps as well as longer sleeps!

If you need practical travel gifts under $25, these sleep aids are the perfect option.

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27. Kindle paperwhite

Practical gifts for travelers, standard Kindle digital reading device in black

Now available in classy gold and graphite colours, the new Waterproof Kindle is the go to for readers everywhere.

Instead of carrying a small library with you just take this amazing resource with you wherever you go. Small and lightweight it fits neatly into a daybag.

If you’re looking for the absolute top 20 gifts travelers will actually want and love, a Kindle ranks high as they’re so practical!

🎁 Check prices here

28. 3 size travel towel

Travel bag gift ideas, selection of travel towels laid out neatly with accompanying bag

This ultra-compact and super absorbent travel towel is made from microfibres meaning it can hold up to 4 times its weight in water and is up to 10 times faster drying than normal towels.

This great travel gift idea is small enough to fit into her pocket and packs away easily with its convenient carry bag.

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29. From Excuses to Excursions book

Unusual travel gifts, cover of book

This inspiring book tells the story of a young girl who dreamed of travelling the world and how, after some struggles, her dreams came true!

If she is looking for some inspiration or enjoys a good story then this is a great gift idea for her.

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30. Travel clothesline

Luxury travel gifts for her, three picture montage of a demonstration of a travel clothesline and how to use it including hanging up a blue and white striped shirt

Drying clothes while she’s camping or staying in a hostel or hotel while travelling can be difficult.

Luckily, this unique travel clothesline comes with additional suction cups so you can use it anywhere on any wall!

The triple braided design of the cord means that there is no need for clothespins or clips so she can use it easily wherever she is!

🎁 Check prices here

31. Waterproof coat

20 gifts travelers will actually want, two pictures of a woman modelling a brightly coloured waterproof jacket with hood

This classic waterproof jacket and windbreaker is a reliable companion for any female traveller and a wonderful gift idea for her!

With breathable mesh lining, a large hood and a handy drawstring waist it’s the perfect protection from the elements wherever she goes!

The jacket is light, fast drying and folds up neatly so it’s easy for her to pack.

🎁 Check prices here

32. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Stylish gifts for female travelers, portable Bluetooth speaker in black in a long triangular shape

These great wireless speakers are a funky gift idea for the woman who likes to travel and enjoys listening to music outside.

These compact lightweight water resistant speakers have a great 30m Bluetooth range, good rich sound and can be linked to Laptops, iPhones, Tablets and more in seconds.

🎁 Check prices here

33. Foldable roll-up fedora hat

Small travel gifts for her, foldable panama hat in white with black band

This amazing travel-friendly fedora hat can roll up and be stored in in her bag for those days when she needs it.

The classic looking fedora comes in many colours and styles so you can choose just the right travel gifts for her!

Ideal for beaches, sightseeing tours and hiking as well as so much more this roll-up fedora is guaranteed to be a hit with her.

🎁 Check prices here

34. Polaroid camera

Travel gift ideas for her, Polaroid camera in white with rainbow detailing

Capture those magic moments and memories with this pocket-sized polaroid camera.

You can instantly print the pictures to share with friends or to put away in her journal to help tell the story of her adventures!

The amazing technology of the camera means that it can print your digital pictures without ink! She’ll absolutely love this unique gift idea!

🎁 Check prices here

35. What I was doing while you were breeding book

Top travel gifts for hers, cover of book

In this bold memoir the author talks about her adventures all over the world after rejecting marriage in favour of travel, excitement and multiple partners across the globe.

In parts very funny and other parts more sombre, this amazing reflection of a life of travel is a favourite among female travellers and makes a great gift idea for her!

This is one of the best women’s travel gifts for the independent female traveller in your life.

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36. Compression socks

Travel gifts under $25, person's legs modelling a pair of compression socks with a selection of colour options to the side

These great foot sleeves can be worn to help relieve the pain of Plantar Fasciitis as well as heel pain from walking.

They also increase blood circulation to the feet and toes while aiding muscle recovery in ankles and feet.

These are great to take along for trekking or hiking holidays or if she is going to be doing a lot of walking during the trip.

🎁 Check prices here

37. GoPro 8 Hero Black

Traveling gift ideas for her, GoPro 8 brand camera in black

This 4K digital GoPro has a touch screen and will help her capture amazing videos wherever she is and can be used hands free with only voice commands!

This amazing, rugged and waterproof GoPro is perfect for extreme sports, skiing, canoeing or climbing!

It can also be used to film sightseeing trips, hiking holidays or fun at the beach! This unique gift idea is going to put a smile on her face!

🎁 Check prices here

38. Travel Pillow

She loves travelling, travel pillow arranged next to bag and earplugs and sunglasses

This all in one memory foam adjustable neck pillow guarantees a good nights sleep wherever she is. It also comes with earplugs, a sleep mask and a convenient carry bag.

This is a thoughtful gift that she’ll always thank you for.

🎁 Check prices here

39. Travel coffee/tea maker

She loves to travel, silver metallic coffee maker can with lid and coffee beans nearby

This smart stainless steel travel tea and coffee maker is perfect for camping trips and outdoor living.

If she loves her coffee in the mornings then you’ll be in her good books with this gift as it can brew gourmet coffee in just 3 minutes.

Plus it has a triple layer insulation so it can keep the coffee hot for several hours.

🎁 Check prices here

40. Sprocket

Best women's travel gifts, Sprocket brand small portable printer in white with gold detailing

This incredible printer is extremely small and easy to pack in your suitcase. It’s one of the perfect small travel gifts for her she can take anywhere.

The printer connects directly to social media so she can turn those photos of adventure and sightseeing into lasting memories wherever she is.

It’s a fun and unique gift idea that comes with a USB charger and a wall adapter for convenient recharging.

🎁 Check prices here

41. Scratch Map

Practical gifts for travelers, world map with scratch capabilities to denote countries visited

This fun travel gift idea is a worldwide map that you scratch off the countries and states you have visited to reveal a brightly coloured map underneath! Perfect for a serious traveller!

The map is very detailed and includes cities, states and much more! It also rolls up so carrying it around with you is easy.

🎁 Check prices here

42. Hanging Travel Toiletry Kit Bag

Travel bag gift ideas, hanging travel bag with compartments full of travel items hanging on a hook by a door

This travel toiletry bag has a good internal lining so you can easily wipe it down and keep it clean and has a good sized main compartment and two smaller compartments.

The top hook can be used to display the toiletries from the shower or a towel rack and it also folds away for tidy storage.

🎁 Check prices here

43. Travel compression bags

Unusual travel gifts, stack of travel compression bags in pink with black detailing

These compression travel cubes are an excellent way to keep your suitcase organised while saving on space as well. They come in a range of bright colours so you won’t lose them either!

They are all waterproof as well to save your clothes from any accidental spills or leaks within your suitcase.

You can even get cute top travel gifts for hers and his by getting colour-coded ones!

🎁 Check prices here

44. Travel packing cubes

Luxury travel gifts for her, stack of black and grey travel packing cubes

These elegant two tone packing cubes have strong double zippers so opening and closing is simple and with a soft mesh inside your clothes won’t get damaged.

Packing cubes are a great way to organise your suitcase and keep things tidy and easily accessible.

If she is always rooting around trying to find things in her suitcase then some packing cubes would be one of the most perfect travel gifts for her!

🎁 Check prices here

45. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

20 gifts travelers will actually want, Lifestraw brand water filter bottle in blue

This water bottle has integrated the life straw technology into the bottle itself so you can fill the bottle and then as you drink the water with no worries.

The life straw will remove harmful bacteria, protozoa while the active carbon will reduce any chemicals or bad tastes in the water.

A real must have for any female traveller, especially if she loves the great outdoors!

🎁 Check prices here

46. Lightweight Packable Backpack

Black backpack with multiple pockets and WEREWOLVES stitched across front, to side of backpack is images of the backpack folded up much smaller and in multiple colours

This 20-35L backpack is designed to be packed away until it is needed, making it one of the best travel gifts for her.

The backpack folds away into its own pocket so you can easily store it in your suitcase and then when you need it just take it out and it’s ready to go!

It’s lightweight, durable and water-resistant and perfect for weekend trips or longer treks as well. A great space-saving gift that she’ll value.

🎁 Check prices here

47. Portable women’s urinal

Small travel gifts for her, GoGirl brand portable women's urinal device in lavender pink

This useful urination device allows women to use urinals and urinate standing up!

This might seem like one of the most unusual travel gifts, but it’s one of the most practical travelling accessories for women.

This can be very liberating for women who feel restricted to sit down toilets which may be dirty and unhygienic in some parts of the world.

The urinal is made with medical-grade silicon it is reusable and has antibacterial properties. Any hardcore femal etraveller will love this!

🎁 Check prices here

48. Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles

Travel gift ideas for her, pair of collapsible silicone water bottles in soft blue and pink

This is a great gift for any female traveller. These fun and unique bottles stand upright when full but once empty can be rolled and folded for storage!

You can also use these to freeze water and later enjoy an ice cold drink even in the heat!

If she loves to hike or go backpacking, these bottles are especially great traveling gift ideas for her.

🎁 Check prices here

49. Silicone travel bottles

Top travel gifts for hers, selection of silicone travel bottles in grey and white

These leak proof silicone travel bottles are a fantastic way to take shampoo and other toiletries with you. They are refillable and easy to squeeze and use.

They come in different colours to help you sort the contents so you won’t forget what you put in where! A practical gift that’ll make her travel easier and more convenient.

🎁 Check prices here

50. Trtl Pillow

Travel gifts under $25, TRTL brand travel pillow in grey

This is one of the most perfect travel gifts for sleeping and resting on trains, planes or even in a car.

The pillow has been scientifically proven to be good for her neck so she won’t wake up with that horrible aching neck feeling that sleeping on public transport can often leave you with!

Half the size of a normal travel pillow and weighing only 148 grams she won’t even notice it in her luggage!

🎁 Check prices here

51. Travel laptop bags with USB charging

Traveling gift ideas for her, Matein brand travel backpack in grey with black detailing

This sturdy and secure travel laptop bag is waterproof and has good padding to keep your laptop safe while you’re on the road.

It’s ideal for business trips but also for the nomadic traveller who needs their laptop for work as they travel the world and with a USB charging it’s super convenient wherever you are.

It has a smart black matt finish and is a fantastic gift idea for her if she likes to stay online and connected while she’s away from home.

🎁 Check prices here

52. Travel shoe bags

She loves travelling, selection of travel shoe bags containing colourful shoes in various styles

These shoe bags are the perfect gift to help her organise her shoes and if she’s doing a lot of activity then it will help to stop the smelly shoes from making the rest of the clothes in her suitcase smell!

The bags can also be used for items such as socks and underwear so it’s one of the most versatile travel gifts for her that will have many uses on her travels.

🎁 Check prices here

53. Airplane footrest

She loves to travel, pair of legs in black leggins resting in a black airplane footrest

Sometimes it can feel impossible to get comfortable on a plane, especially if you’re just itching to arrive at the destination but with this footrest you’ll be one step closer to finding rest on your journey.

These footrests hang your feet in the air and allow good blood circulation.

This will reduce soreness and swelling during long international flights while making the most of the limited space in the airplane.

🎁 Check prices here

54. Twist Travel Pillow

Best women's travel gifts, Twist brand travel pillow in grey displayed in various twisted shapes

This special twist travel pillow allows her to get a good sleep in any situation.

The pillow contours to any position so she can sleep sitting up right or lying on her side while protecting her neck from painful aches or tricks.

The memory foam cushion is breathable and can be washed.

🎁 Check prices here

55. Travel Umbrella

Practical gifts for travelers, collapsible travel umbrella in black shown open and collapsed

No matter where you are in the world rain and bad weather can strike at a moments notice so having this lightweight, compact and super versatile umbrella can be a lifesaver in those situations!

This Teflon umbrella puts the amazing technology to a new use and will repel rain like you’ve never seen before but can also be used to shade her from the sun.

This is one of the most unique travel gifts for the female traveller that she will use again and again.

🎁 Check prices here

56. Tinggly Perfect for Her gift box

Travel bag gift ideas, hand holding Perfect For Her brand gift box in front of woman sitting on sun lounger by swimming pool in the sun

Do you want to give her something more meaningful than a physical gift? How about a choice of over 340 epic experiences from around the world?

Tinggly offers ‘perfect for her’ gift boxes where she can choose exactly what she would like to do. This is a gift that keeps on giving and one she will never forget.

A few experiences include whale watching in Australia, tandem skydiving in South Africa or how about something more relaxed like a mini-break for two to her favourite city in the world?

This is the perfect option if you are looking for memorable luxury travel gifts for her that she’ll love.

🎁 Check prices here

Let me know below which travel gifts for her you end up purchasing!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What to gift to your girlfriend when she going on a trip?

You want to get her something useful, but also memorable so she thinks of you while she’s away. Some good options are an experience, like a Tinggly gift box, a book you know she’ll love reading on her travels (or even a Kindle to read it on).

✅ Which gift is best for going abroad for women?

If you are looking for gifts for her, start with something practical as she may have limited space. This could be compression bags, camera equipment, weather appropriate clothing, or even a travel pillow.

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