The Top Instagrammable Philippines Hotels and Hostels

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

The Top Instagrammable Phillippines Hotels and Hostels

Admit it — when you check into a new hotel (or hostel), there’s something that you do before you even walk up to the front desk. Why, don’t you take a picture of the marquee outside, and a selfie of yourself beside the steps leading to the entrance? Of course you do! Then you check in your location so that everyone knows you’ll be having an awesome time ahead. Now I can’t blame you. A cozy and comfortable lodging place is good, but one that is also a visual feast? Ahh, that’s much better!

If you’re looking for some of the most Instagrammable Philippines hotels around, then I’ve got you covered! Check out some of the prettiest hotels and hostels around the country.


Philippines Hotels

 When we think “comfortable stay”, that usually translates to “quality hotel”. These hotels don’t wait for you to tuck in for the night before showing off its assets — you can see them just as you enter!

1. Henry Hotel

There are two branches of the Henry, and both of them are picture-perfect. This instagrammable hotel in Manila has a gravel-strewn walkway leading up to an elegant white two-storey building that looks like the bourgeois lodgings from one of those old Mexicanovelas!

There’s even a grey fountain standing in the middle of the courtyard for good measure. The interiors are decorated with the same clean lines that are both classy and impressive.


The Top Instagrammable Phillippines Hotels and Hostels

The Cebu branch, in contrast, is like a haven for the pop-culture fan. The sparse industrial style (bare ceilings, walls, and floors!) are decorated by the splashes of color from the pop art pieces on the walls. There’s even a creative boutique-like display in front of the lobby area! This is by far one of the best hotels in the Philippines

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2. Rizal Park Hotel

If you’re a fan of history (even if not, really), you would enjoy staying in this historic boutique hotel. The colonial-style structure is imposing and stately, while the rooms are a blend of luxurious and chic. The suites are done in an eye-pleasing cream shade, accented by white, blue, or brown (depending on your room).

It’s hard to keep your phone in your pocket even in the restaurant, whose adornments look suited for either a top-brass business gathering or a cabinet meeting.

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The Top Instagrammable Phillippines Hotels and Hostels

3. Azumi

If you’re looking for an Instagrammable hotel near NAIA, then this hotel might be right up your alley. Walking into the hotel is like walking into an art gallery, with sleek black, white, and grey decorated with bottles, picture frames, and more. The rooms are clean and minimalist, and the views are awesome! There is even a wooden hall whose both sides are decorated with floor-to-ceiling windows.

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The Top Instagrammable Phillippines Hotels and Hostels

Outside is awesome, too — the way to the long outdoor pool is covered by a neatly-trimmed carpet of grass, and grey stone slabs!


4. Hue Hotel

To say that the Hue Hotels (one in Boracay and another in Puerto Princesa) are beautiful would be an understatement. Both hotels are nestled in the midst of Nature’s gifts, melding into the environment with a modern architecture composed primarily of wooden tones.

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Even the rooms are nature-inspired, with clean lines, vibrant patterns, and shades of green/brown. The beautiful architecture outside is carried inside by the stunning decor of the front desk and common areas! You can find countless angles for a great picture, and the novelty of the place alone is sure to fill up all your social media pages!


Philippines Hostels

While hotels are the more popular choice, hostels are also gaining ground in the lodging industry because of their unique environment that caters specifically to travelers. Nowhere else can you get the level of social interaction you find in a hostel. Besides, they’re generally more budget-friendly — but as these examples show, you won’t have to sacrifice your Instagram moments either!


1. Circle Hostel

This isn’t just one hostel, but a chain of eco-friendly lodgings across the country. Aside from its unique experiences and its various events, each hostel integrates perfectly with its location, offering amenities in the local flavor. Tribal and Filipino-inspired designs are prevalent. If you’re lucky, you can even spot an art installation during your stay!

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The Top Instagrammable Phillippines Hotels and Hostels

2. MNL Hostel

The MNL hostel in Makati emphasizes the vibrant life of a backpacker, who are their primary customers. They have sport simple, functional rooms that are livened up by graffiti-style designs on the walls! Don’t miss the various events as well, letting you get lost in a flurry of colors and camaraderie.

3. Spin Hostel

Spin bills itself as a “designer hostel”, and it does not fall short of expectations. Like others, it focuses mainly on camaraderie and fellowship. On the side, this patch of fun in El Nido regales you with a melding of nature-inspired designs (think bamboo and indoor plants) and man-made beauty (think a swirling staircase and a design that lets in lots of natural light!).

The area takes El Nido’s assets and turns it into something you can live in, as you spend time with fellow travelers.

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4. Jeepney House 

This little refuge in metropolitan Makati is perfect if you’re after vicinity, experience, cleanliness, and good pics! The all-Filipino design (bamboo, salakot, wind chimes made from shells) would make you forget that you’re actually in one of the busiest business hubs in the country. And if you want to extend your Instagram moments, take part in their eye-opening tours that will definitely show you a different side of the metro!

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Social media is a part of our everyday lives, and it’s nice to have mementos of your best moments enshrined in those ageless “walls”. So instead of settling for plain views and simple settings, why not opt for one of these great hotels and hostels instead?

The options we have here cater to a wide variety of budgets, from weekend backpackers to those looking for a grand escape. And even while you take pictures, make sure to set down your camera every now and then to take in the beauty of the place with your naked eyes — after all, that’s what they’re meant for in the first place!


Author: A former preschool teacher/figure skater turned Travel Blogger, Social Media Manager and a travel enthusiast. I was bitten by the travel bug early on and I enjoy action-packed and adrenaline-filled experiences. Often, people call me an energizer bunny because of my never-ending energy. While traveling, I love experiencing local culture, trying out local cuisine and meeting new people but most of all, I am a sucker for adventure, so if there’s something new to try, I’m definitely up for it.  Make sure you follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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  • Marta Kulesza
    January 4, 2018

    I never considered people book their accommodation on how instagrammable the place was. My way is to compare cost against ratings whilst keeping an eye on location. Thinking about more though that’s probably why people book any of the Fairmonts in Canada, they are all beautiful photogenic buildings.

  • Marissa
    January 7, 2018

    Who knew that hostels could be so photogenic? I’d love to visit Spin Hostel to take pictures of the lounge area!

  • Solmaz
    January 7, 2018

    Omg the Rizal Park Hotel looks INCRED! I love colonial-style architecture and places with a bit of history so this is where I would stay. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anne Slater-Brooks
    January 7, 2018

    Some of these definitely have the wow factor! I love it when you walk into a hotel and are bowled over by the decor. I am always so excited to get to my room and discover what it is within. Our hotel IN zanzibar was incredible and I was literally jumping for joy in that one, whilst a recent stay in Milan left me disappointed due to the cost and size of the room.

  • Danik
    January 7, 2018

    Some nice hotels here to check out I see. Not sure if I would just book a hotel by just looking at one photo. I gotta do research first. He he. But one first looks, they look awesome.

  • Aleney
    January 8, 2018

    We had a small taste of the Philippines in 2017 and are eager to get back to explore further. This round up of places to stay will be a huge help when we’re planning and I’ve just got to stay at the Rizal Park Hotel because I’m a total history nut (helps that it looks gorgeous too).

  • Julien Mordret
    January 9, 2018

    That’s a nice round up of hotels, lots of photo opportunities here! The Rizal Park Hotel is realy beautiful, it reminds me of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. I wish I had the budget to stay there!

  • Jitaditya
    January 10, 2018

    Great places for digital nomads!… While it is expected of hotels, I am glad to see that we now have such hostels. To enjoy such beautiful settings by paying so little is an achievement in itself. When I think of it, even my best experiences this year were at hostels.

  • Sandy N Vyjay
    January 10, 2018

    The Philippines is indeed a treasure trove of natural beauty. Its exotic beaches and pristine islands are a photographers paradise.The beauty and instagramability of the Philippines is well known, but you offer a fresh perspective, the picturesque hotels, and hostels which are a great foil to the natural beauty of the place and ideal locations to explore the country from.

  • Nisha
    January 10, 2018

    Nice roundup of places to stay in the Philippines. HaHa…While I don’t take selfies in front of hotels , I do sometimes take photos of the hotel facade if it looks good. I think I am liking the informal and spacious feel of Spin hostel.

  • Suruchi
    January 10, 2018

    You are so right, these hotels and hostels of Phillipiness are really instagrammable. The Rizal Park Hotel has attracted me a lot. The Circle and Spin hostels looks so cool. Surely gonna book from these options, while planning a trip to Philipiness.