2024 Guide To Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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Pinterest has been operating for over a decade and has amassed a considerable following. It has also become a powerful marketing tool.

If you are wondering how to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing, you have come to the right place.

The platform’s primary function is as a visual search engine. Pinterest is a massive inspiration board where individuals can get ideas and references for projects, travels, outfits, etc.

It’s also a place where consumers may plan and begin making purchases.

This makes Pinterest a potential affiliate marketing channel because your audience is already there with an interest or intent to purchase. You only need to guide them correctly.

In the third quarter of 2022, it had 445 million global monthly active users. That’s a lot of potential customers.

The site received 1 billion visitors in November 2022 alone, representing a 4.25% increase over the 957.5 million visits received in September 2022.

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This guide looks at how to use Pinterest to earn extra money in 2023. We’ve included some actionable advice and best practices to help you get started.

First Off, Is Pinterest a Great Tool for Affiliate Marketing in 2023?

Pinterest affiliate marketing is an effective platform, particularly in 2023. You may increase brand exposure and encourage visitors to purchase by making pins that link to your affiliate website.

Pinterest’s creative and visually attractive platform is ideal for showcasing your affiliate products in a way that pushes visitors to take action.

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Developing aesthetically appealing and informative pins is critical for making the most of your Pinterest affiliate marketing approach.

A captivating headline and description might assist in sparking consumers’ curiosity and persuading them to visit your affiliate website.

Things You Need to Know Before Doing Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

So many people think about how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest and earn money, but few undertake this initiative and go forward.

Pinterest affiliate marketing can be a great way to make some extra cash. However, before you get started, there are a few things you need to know.

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Your Goals: What Do You Want to Achieve?

Setting objectives and deciding what to achieve in Pinterest affiliate marketing in 2023 is essential.

Whether you desire more leads for your organisation or audience loyalty, ensure your objectives are clear, reasonable, and actionable.

Remember to increase brand recognition for yourself and the company with which you are affiliated.

Do You Still Have a Place in the Market?

Do you want to start a Pinterest affiliate marketing business? Is establishing whether your specialisation is still viable on the platform necessary?

Fortunately, Pinterest is a visual treasure trove for affiliate marketers in various niches.

You can make some progress with affiliate marketing using Pinterest if you work in a niche such as travel, food, DIY crafts, health, fitness, or home décour.

There’s no need to be concerned if your topic isn’t among the most popular on Pinterest. You can continue to advertise affiliate offerings from other programmes on the platform.

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Relevant and High-Quality Pins: Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to Pinterest affiliate marketing, it’s crucial to prioritise quality over quantity. Pins of good quality related to your niche are more likely to be repinned, increasing your reach and visitors.

If you’re just getting started, strive for 3-5 high-quality pins per day. You can start making additional pins after you have a greater following.

Why Pinterest is Good For Affiliate Marketing

In this competitive day, using Pinterest affiliate marketing allows you to target an audience already interested in purchasing something.

And it’s far easier to make money from someone willing to lose money. All you need is an awareness of your area, basic graphic design abilities, and marketing knowledge to make money on autopilot.

Pinterest users are also open to recommendations and suggestions. In addition, here are some other reasons why Pinterest is a fantastic choice for affiliate marketers.

The Ultimate Visual Search Engine

Consider Pinterest to be an image search engine with social components built in.

In the third quarter of 2022, Pinterest had approximately 445 million active users. But it isn’t all. Every month, the platform receives around 1 billion unique sessions.

Women account for more than 70% of active users. Users spend an average of 14.2 minutes on Pinterest.

Also, nearly 40% of Pinterest’s user base has a typical family income of $100,000 or more, indicating that they are ready to buy.

These Pinterest stats demonstrate how profitable Pinterest affiliate marketing is.

Less Time-Intensive

You may propose affiliate sites and products to your audience with simple, eye-catching pins. It’s as simple as that!

Writing blog posts, reviews, or lessons, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of time. These methods are also effective, but Pinterest saves you a lot of time.

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A New Revenue Stream

If you’re currently using Twitter and Facebook for affiliate marketing, Pinterest could be your next stop.

All you have to do is sign up for the platform and start building a following. Users on Pinterest are more likely to purchase what you propose to them than users on Facebook or Twitter.

2 Ways To Do Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Your affiliate marketer job is promoting things through your affiliate link. This cookie, which is installed on the visitor’s browser, typically has a lifetime of 30-90 days.

You receive money when visitors click on your affiliate link and transact before the cookie expires.

Using affiliate links with Pinterest as effectively as feasible makes sense, given the importance of affiliate links in producing affiliate sales.

This section covers all you need to know about affiliate links, from their various types and placement to tracking and promotion because with Pinterest affiliate links are easy to use

With these best practises, you may maximise your use of affiliate links, resulting in more purchases.

1. Create Content Leading To Blog Posts With Affiliate Links In Them

FYI: This Option Converts Higher!

Your blog posts – or newsletters published to your landing page or website – are viewed by individuals who enjoy reading about your honest product reviews, thoughts, and viewpoints.

Many are also curious about the tools you use as a creator, making them an excellent place to start pushing your affiliate links.

Bloggers can promote affiliate links in blog posts by directly linking to them as a backlink, adding graphics with an outbound affiliate link, or embedding videos with a link promotion.

Let your audience know what this product means to them by demonstrating how much it has helped you and how it can help them with a specific problem or challenge they are facing.

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Create content that complements the products or services for which you are affiliated. Connect your content to the product naturally, explaining its features and benefits within the context.

For example, if you’re working with a photography studio, write a blog titled “9 Things to Consider for Wedding Preparation” and include a link to the photography part.

Do not rush to advertise what is included within the link. When it comes to linking, you’re probably thinking of the following:

Should I include the affiliate link directly on Pinterest, directing users to the product purchase page?

Or instead, should I direct the pin to a blog post or landing page with more information about the product and its worth?

Why Do Landing Pages Convert Better Than Direct Affiliate Links?

It is simple and convenient for people to link directly to affiliate products. This method, however, overlooks some critical components of a successful Pinterest affiliate marketing plan.

Consumers may be skeptical of the merchant’s website if they have never seen it. Consumers may also avoid purchasing products and services without sufficient knowledge or research.

This may occur outside of your website, thus exposing your affiliate cookie to another publisher.

Several affiliate links may appear in your blog entries or landing pages. This includes popular alternatives that may be more suitable for the buyer.

You can include extra trust-building content in your article (for example, product specifics, reviews, personal experience, and so on).

Ways To Do Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, Overhead shot of some clear desk space with multicoloured paperclips lining the top and bottom edges
Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash

2. Create Content That Leads Directly To Affiliate Links

Affiliates that use Pinterest affiliate marketing must select between two possibilities. You either link directly to the brand’s website from your pins, send traffic to your affiliate website, and then attempt to convert consumers.

But be careful. Several businesses do not permit you to upload your affiliate links to Pinterest directly. The rules of your affiliate or partner programme primarily determine the decision.

Remember that if your pin promotes a product or service with which you are associated, you must disclose this in the description.

How to do Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog

Do you want to know how to make money on Pinterest without having a blog? Not sure if it’s a genuine option or if all the internet experts are simply making things up?

You’re lucky: numerous ways to earn additional money on Pinterest don’t require you to have your website.

Like anything else in online marketing, these tactics will need hard work and hustle, but they can help you build a reliable cash stream.

Below are the best ways to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog:

Create Video Pins Showcasing Products

Pinterest Video Pins enable us to promote a product, tell a story, teach a DIY, or provide a tip or tool from within Pinterest. Viewers are not required to click for more information.

They receive all of the information directly on the Pin. They’re a really popular type of pin, and you’ll see them in your searches and on your Pinterest home feed.

Pinterest Idea Pins differ from similar-looking stories on social media networks such as Instagram.

These platforms tend to focus on what people are doing right now in their lives rather than providing information to teach something or inform about a product.

Consider Pinterest Idea Pins, a tiny catalogue or brief content promoting something from or about your shop. We can share thoughts and tips with up to 20 pages of videos, photos, and text.

These can be made shoppable by including product tags (links) and affiliate links on the pin; they are indestructible (much different from social media).

When generated, they are saved to a board where they can be found, learned from, and saved for later use by searchers.

Don’t let the inability to link to your website deter you from experimenting with Pinterest Idea Pins for your e-Commerce company.

Create Pins Leading To Lead Magnet Pages

Create a standard pin and link it to your landing page to advertise your lead magnet on Pinterest.

Suppose you provide a free one-week low-sugar meal plan. You’d make a conventional pin (a JPEG or PNG picture) with a link underneath it.

Someone may click on that pinned image and end up on the freebie landing page.

Pro Tip: When you do this, make sure to optimise your landing page so that it is appropriate for individuals who are *new to you.*

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Remember that Pinterest affiliate marketing is a terrific way to reach your ideal customers and clients looking for your services and products.

Ensure your landing page gives your visitor context to enhance your conversion rate (the ratio of pinners who land on your page to those who finish opting into the freebie).

A high-converting landing page typically includes the following elements:

  • A headline. This informs people exactly what they will receive. Concentrate on the outcomes they desire.
  • A subheading. This can indicate to folks that they are in the right area and for whom this freebie is intended.
  • A few bullet points communicate what they will learn, know, gain, and be able to accomplish… that they do not already… if they opt-in and consume this.
affiliate marketing using pinterest, black man in white t-shirt sitting in black office chair at desk in front of a micrphone and multiple computer screens
Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

Create Pins Leading To Your Podcast Or Youtube Channel

If you are a podcaster and have not yet integrated Pinterest into your marketing strategy, I strongly advise you to do so.

Simply begin by making some pinnable images. You can use Canva Pro, and you will make the best impression on the visitors to your website.

This is the best method to use Pinterest as a podcaster; produce visuals that will catch pinners’ attention and direct people to your website.

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Make a board with the title of your show on it. Join discussion forums related to your podcast’s niche. Look for places on Pinterest where your podcast would fit!

Learn some easy methods to repurpose your podcast content into pins and other marketing strategies.

In addition, by pinning your YouTube videos, you’ll provide your Pinterest fans with easy-to-follow links to your YouTube channel.

This implies that you will most likely increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Best Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tips

1. Be Consistent

For various reasons, you must maintain a regular presence on Pinterest.

  • It helps followers recognise content from your business
  • Being consistent helps consumers understand your core themes and values
  • It assures a professional level of quality across your content
  • Pinterest learns what consistency means for ‘you’ and your business.

Where you need to be consistent on Pinterest:

  • Your name & bio

All the information you provide on your profile assists Pinterest in reading and indexing your account for search purposes.

This implies that all the words on your Pinterest profile should be consistent and relevant to your business and what your audience is looking for (remember those keyword-rich search terms!).

Make your account name consistent with those you use on other social networking platforms.

Because you never know where a new prospective consumer may find you on social, it’s critical to maintain a consistent brand image across all media – even if you’re not using them.

It helps customers recognise your brand no matter where they find you!

Make sure to include a keyword search term in the name field. Using this keyword description in your name helps Pinterest understand what your Pinterest account is about.

  • Your pins

Consistent with your Pinterest posting benefits you, your followers, and the algorithm.

To begin, consider the work that must be done when you decide to post on Pinterest – and how frequently you’ll publish.

It means you may plan ahead of time (more on that later) and be intentional with your content.

Do what is practical and manageable! Choose how many times per week you will post (one new pin a day is a good place to start).

You are not required to repin anyone else’s material or participate in the platform daily if your time is limited.

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  • Pinterest boards

While creating your boards, remember to go back and change their descriptions to be keyword rich and to indicate the type of information you will submit to them.

If you follow this step consistently, your boards will be more easily indexed for search and will be suggested to other users by Pinterest.

You only have a few seconds to make an impact on a new potential follower that visits your profile for the first time, so make it simple for them to recognise the value in your profile.

  • Business Branding

Don’t be scared to experiment and change the appearance of your pins to test their performance!

When branding on Pinterest, ensure your web address is accessible at the top of your pin and/or your business logo is visible (but not overpowering the pin design).

  • Content planning

Consistency in your planning eliminates the problems of posting on the fly.

Planning allows you to determine the types of content you want to share, the themes you want to cover, and, of course, when you want to post it.

I recommend that you schedule a content planning day once a month. You can spend less time on it as you improve, or maybe just a few hours every week? In any case, scheduling that time is important.

There are various approaches to content planning. You can do it on a Trello board or a spreadsheet, or if you prefer good old pen and paper, you may write ideas on Post-it notes and stick them to a monthly wall planner.

Pinterest affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to be a good student!

To make Pinterest as simple as possible, plan your blog material first, then plan and generate your pins – whether they are static, video, or idea pins

It’s much easier to generate pins that lead from a single piece of core material, and you won’t be left wondering what your pins should be about each week – especially if you’re making the story and video pins.

You may plan your blog material by conducting keyword research and using the Pinterest Trending function to identify when trends emerge on Pinterest and when you should be prepared with relevant content!

2. Don’t Post Content To The Same Url Too Often (Leave A 7-Day Interval)

Pinterest examines your website’s URLs. It recognises when you’ve previously shared data from a specific URL.

Don’t share information on the same day that links to the same URL! Try to space out the same Sites in your itinerary by at least a week.

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3. Seo Optimise Your Account

Effective social media marketing strategies require more than great content to succeed.

Your target audience must also be able to find what you’re putting out there, which will not happen unless you take a proactive approach to search engine optimisation (SEO).

Yet, the principles of great SEO fluctuate slightly depending on the platform you use.

With 431 million monthly active users, Pinterest is an excellent complement to any marketer’s ongoing plan.

Furthermore, it is easy, friendly, and excellent for reaching niche audiences.

Because understanding how to employ SEO strategy to maximise your results is critical, here’s a closer look at some crucial Pinterest SEO techniques.

  • Create an excellent biography
  • Search for other ways to improve your profile
  • Improve the searchability of your boards
  • Make great content 
  • Don’t forget to include video pins in your plan
  • Rich pins can help you add extra detail to your article
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Maintain consistency in your Pinterest SEO activities
affiliate marketing through pinterest,  individually patterned letters spelling out S E O on a white background
Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

4. Seo Optimise Your Boards

Pinterest’s searchable elements include more than just your profile and bio.

People can search the boards you build, so optimise them using the finest Pinterest SEO strategies.

The names and descriptions you create for your boards will appear in search results, so make them as SEO-friendly as possible.

Optimise with keywords linked to the board’s content and your company, niche, or industry. Likewise, make it simple to see what types of pins each board has at a glance. 

5. SEO Optimise Your Content

Whether you’re creating material for your Pinterest affiliate marketing plan, your site, or somewhere else, one effective SEO constant is awesome content.

Search algorithms on the internet are far more sophisticated than they used to be.

They’re better at determining what consumers truly want to look at, and they’re better at distinguishing high-quality information from the rest.

The greatest way to boost your Pinterest SEO is to generate amazing content people can’t stop engaging.

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Pinterest consumers like useful, one-of-a-kind, visually appealing ideas, so work on creating material that corresponds to your business and goals. Create interesting, valuable captions to go with it.

6. Do More Of What’s Working

To be successful, you have to do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t. There might be some keywords that are not helping you rank on Pinterest.

There are various methods exist for locating the most popular Pinterest keywords. Visit Pinterest trends to find some or you can check the Pinterest Keyword Vault.

The Pinterest keyword Vault is the #1 keyword resource that hosts thousands of keywords covering hundreds of niches.

Another saving life tool that you can use is Tailwind. And the best thing is that you can get it with $30 credit using my affiliate link!

Pinterest’s annual report predicts the top trends everyone should try in the coming year. What if you don’t want predictions but only keywords that have been popular in the last year?

If so, Pinterest Trends is an excellent choice.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the greatest ways to earn income.

This means there are opportunities for anyone new to affiliate marketing through Pinterest or wanting to expand their current affiliate business.

That is why knowing how to affiliate market on Pinterest can be an important tool for growing your business.

Focus is the most crucial key in determining whether or not your Pinterest affiliate efforts will be successful.

You must select the appropriate niche, target audience, keywords, and content to reach that audience.

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How visual is your subject? This takes us to possibly the most crucial thing to address when beginning with Pinterest affiliate marketing.

Because Pinterest is such a visual platform, it can cover many themes but is more suited to some than others.

You can see how selling furniture on Pinterest is easier than selling legal services.

On the other hand, rivalry for furnishings is likely to be fierce, whereas competition for legal services may be much lower.

Even though it might be a profitable affiliate industry, it isn’t easy to enter with an affiliate website.

Everything comes down to your imagination and ideas. If you have a brilliant idea for marketing legal services, it might be your holy grail for growing your Pinterest affiliate marketing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Can you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Absolutely! Pinterest affiliate marketing is a great tool for your business and can be quite profitable.

✅ How much do Pinterest affiliate marketers make?

This varies by niche and business and what affiliates you use. Most affiliates offer anywhere from 5-50% in commission for successfully selling their products via your affiliate links. Exactly what you earn will depend on what affiliates you use, how often and effectively you promote them, and your niche, but you can certainly make a living through affiliate sales.

✅ Is Pinterest marketing worth it?

For many businesses, yes Pinterest marketing is a great addition to your general business marketing strategies. First, make sure your niche is popular or successful on Pinterest. But so long as it is, there isn’t any reason to get started with Pinterest affiliate marketing today!

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