What a Pinterest Coach can do for your Business

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Business consulting may be the last thing on your mind as a new entrepreneur.

These positions can be lonely – as you advance in corporate executive ranks, your possibilities for mentoring and coaching become more limited.

On the other hand, demands on your time and attention increase.

It can be even more difficult for small business owners, who sometimes operate in isolation without expert guidance or criticism.

So, how do entrepreneurs and corporate executives advance as their jobs and firms grow? Pinterest coaching may be the solution for you!

Pinterest marketing strategists are experienced coaches who provide advice and comments to startups, entrepreneurs, and leaders based on their marketing needs.

The most effective coaches combine real-world company expertise with coaching skills such as active listening and the ability to ask probing questions.

Furthermore, a business coach can serve as a catalyst for developing and implementing action plans.

They can also assist with key performance indicators (KPIs) that create accountability, real-world results, and success.

What’s A Pinterest Coach?

A Pinterest coach helps you develop a Pinterest marketing strategy that grows your leads, sales and visibility.

Before you ask, “Is a Pinterest management service worth it?” the answer is a resounding YES!

But you should also learn about how Pinterest works first, so you know what to look for when hiring someone to help you manage it.

Pinterest is an excellent platform for expanding your audience and driving new traffic and leads to your brand.

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It’s no longer merely a place to research new recipes or plan parties and weddings. Pinterest coaching is used by many organizations to expand and meet new potential clients.

Working with a Pinterest coach might be compared to hiring a business partner or developing a reliable connection.

You should use Pinterest as a business owner for two main reasons: to boost brand awareness and drive traffic to your website or blog.

You are passing up a tremendous opportunity to build your business without using Pinterest. Pinterest is an essential marketing tool for any business in the twenty-first century.

To summarize, a Pinterest coach may assist you in growing your brand and increasing product or service recognition.

A Pinterest coach will also guide you on how to create pins, boards, do keyword research, and campaigns tailored to your specific audience.

But you can skip the keyword research on Pinterest and instead get instant access to thousands of keywords.

Get my Pinterest keyword vault with done-for-you keyword research! This will allow you to reach more individuals with your message and build your business.

Let’s answer the question, “What precisely does a Pinterest coach/ strategist do for your business?” so you can completely comprehend what working with a Pinterest strategist entails.

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Six Things A Pinterest Coach Can Do For Your Business

As someone who invests time in Pinterest to promote your business, remember that it’s not only about gaining views on your stuff.

We want people to visit your website, read your blog content, join your list and purchase your products or services.

With that in mind, the Pinterest coach must devise a specific approach to achieve this. So, in general, they should focus on the following points:

  1. On the Pinterest platform, this will entail having your account and boards properly set up. Because Pinterest is a search engine, keep this in mind when writing your bio, building your boards, and their descriptions.
  2. Planning your blog content – using Pinterest search terms and your content categories
  3. Create a focused freebie/lead magnet on your web page so that if someone clicks through to your website, they have a compelling reason to join your mailing list.
  4. On your list – Once they’re on your list, the final step is to nurture them, through an email sequence.

This core plan makes sense if you want to employ a Pinterest coach to help you expand your business on the site.

So, let’s dive into the specifics of what a Pinterest coach can do for your business:

1. Grow your email list

Do you want to understand how to use Pinterest to expand your email list? It’s not tough, but it does require some work.

This post will show how Pinterest coaches leverage this platform to grow your email list.

Pinterest is an excellent tool for growing an email list since it allows you to publish visually appealing images and videos with your target audience.

Furthermore, it is simple to develop lead magnets that entice email subscribers!

A Pinterest coach should advise you on the various ways Pinterest can be used for email marketing.

The first method is to use Pinterest to direct traffic to your website or blog, which contains an email capture form. Coaches most commonly utilize Pinterest for email marketing in this manner.

The second method is to use Pinterest to direct traffic to a landing page where people may subscribe to your email list.

Your landing page should be configured to accept one of your lead magnets in return for one of your products.

The third method is to promote your email newsletter on Pinterest. The coaches generate graphics that link directly to your email newsletter or share links to your email newsletter in your pin captions.

Creating a lead magnet is the quickest approach to building an email list from scratch.

A lead magnet is a marketing tool that creates leads by providing a lengthy resource in exchange for a prospect’s contact information.

Lead magnets can be ebooks, email courses, templates, or other downloaded assets.

There are lots of options when it comes to picking a lead magnet but creating the right one is key here.

Your coach will educate you on how to construct a lead magnet that entices your audience enough to swap their email for your free product to build an email list from scratch.

Promote your lead magnet on Pinterest and other social media networks, as well as wherever your target demographic spends their time online.

The fastest approach to expanding your email list is to create a lead magnet, which allows you to collect email addresses from individuals who are interested in what you have to offer.

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2. Make Pinterest Less Overwhelming

Pinterest users are equally driven to save goods for themselves as they are to share them with others, making it, unlike any other platform.

It has remarkable selling power, especially for an online store.

To thrive on Pinterest, you must first define the clients you want to attract, be consistent with your pins, profile, and boards, and stay current on best practices and platform changes.

And while many have “hire Pinterest manager,” on their to-do list, having a Pinterest coach can actually help your business even more as they help you figure out what YOUR business needs.

A Pinterest coach will make this platform easy to use by teaching you how to be successful:

  • Keep the order and structure of your Pinterest boards!
  • Create traffic-generating Pinterest photos.
  • To be successful on Pinterest, every blog article must include four elements – The Perfect Pinnable Post!
  • Don’t be scared to go into your Pinterest analytics to find out what your specific audience is looking for.
  • The perfect amount of times per day to pin — quality above quantity! I highly recommend using: Tailwind for pin creation (Click here for $30 Tailwind credit!). Also, when creating pins, I personally recommend Canva Pro.

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3. Show Your Team How To Do It

Pinterest for business coaches can also guide or advise you on how you can implement a team to scale your Pinterest marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in outsourcing, usually your Pinterest coach can give you some tips on how to best do that for the best results.

A Pinterest coach can even help you set up your own coaching business and teach you how to attract life coaching clients, or blogging clients of your own.

4. Get More Sales To Online Courses

Do you have extensive knowledge of a subject you believe would benefit others? You should seriously consider developing an online course if this is the case. Even better, promote it on Pinterest.

As more people use the internet for job and skill development, the online course market continues to expand yearly.

According to research, the online education business will exceed $325 billion by 2025.

Furthermore, on average, courses generate more cash than blogging or being a YouTube vlogger. That being stated, now is a perfect moment to learn how to design an online course.

Not sure where to begin? Continue reading to learn some of my best tips to developing a valuable online course that people will want to buy.

And if you already have a course, then great, you can skip to the next step.

Use Testimonials to Increase Social Proof

Your current and prior customers’ testimonials are some of your strongest tools for demonstrating and proving the value of your course to potential clients.

You should be collecting customer testimonials as an ongoing task. It is simple to automate this procedure using automated emails and display these testimonials on your website or landing page.

You can get a VA to add them to your sales page too if you’re stuck on time.

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Showcase your expertise

Your qualifications or experience may be influenced by the type of course you teach.

Tell people what you have achieved or overcome using the strategies you teach on your course landing page, website, or in another spot where people are likely to see them.

  1. Qualifications in education
  2. Years of expertise
  3. Projects completed Professional recognition
  4. Collaborations with well-known industrial figures

Make Free Downloadable Content Available

Getting the attention of more potential customers is one approach to boosting online course revenues.

This is an effective method for increasing the conversion rate of prospective clients to actual clients.

Email marketing can help you convert more leads

We already discussed this, but you may increase your online course sales with an email marketing connection to your leads.

Email marketing methods will aid in highlighting the benefits and characteristics of your course.

This will also help show your leads how your course might benefit them and persuade them to buy.

Think about the content of your emails carefully.

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Use Your Own Website

You might offer your course on an already established platform or on your own website. A pre-existing platform could reduce your revenue.It may, however, expose your course to the platform’s audience.

Offering your course on your own website allows you to keep your revenue and gain more control, but you won’t have access to the audience of a pre-existing platform.

You could also employ both of these ways if you can do so. This is another approach for getting people to notice your online course even faster.

The other option is using a all-in-one platform like Kajabi or Kartra.

I personally use Kajabi for convenience as it has (just about) all the tools I need to use in business – including sales pages, checkouts, email marketing, course hubs, affiliate center and more.

Click here to get your free trial of Kajabi

Create a Social Media Strategy

When used strategically, social media may connect your course with your target audience.

You should be consistently talking about your course in front of your audience get them warmed up for purchasing.

5. Customize A Strategy That Works For Your Business

Pinterest coaches can provide personalized advice and concrete plans. This personalization is a catalyst for the business owner.

It eventually leads to exponential personal and business growth.

6. Take Back Your Marketing Time

As your Pinterest coach will tell you, you should use tools to manage, utilize, and organize your time.

Numerous tools and technologies are available to help you streamline and automate your Pinterest marketing.

However, it is critical that you just use things that will benefit you. It’s possible to utilize so many different tools that you and your team become bogged down.

To get your marketing strategies back on track, go over all the tools you’re using and identify any places or processes where you might need to use other tools.

You should use tools and technologies to streamline your marketing and avoid wasting time like:

  • Project management
  • Time tracking
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Social media scheduling and monitoring

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Using these tools correctly, you can reclaim your marketing time and operate your Pinterest account properly.

Pinterest coaching can be crucial for success on Pinterest for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders.

It can propel your results and ensure that you’re on the right track with your Pinterest marketing and not wasting your time on bad or outdated strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is a Pinterest coach worth it?

Yes, absolutely, especially if you are serious about your business, but struggling to get traction on Pinterest. A Pinterest coach can really help take your Pinterest – and therefore your business – to the next level.

✅ What does a Pinterest coach do?

A Pinterest coach helps you develop a Pinterest marketing strategy that grows your leads, sales and visibility. While they can help you learn Pinterest (for a fee), this isn’t really their job, and their real function is to help you better navigate the platform to suit your business needs.

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