Pinterest for Coaches: A Complete Guide

Last Updated on April 20, 2023

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Many digital marketing experts misconceive the relevance of Pinterest for e-commerce and lead generation for online businesses and blogs.

However, others like brand consultants and business growth coaches have sworn by the importance of Pinterest.

Pinterst for coaches can be used for finding the right leads, generating traffic, and increasing revenue for their clients and businesses.

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From brand strategists, mindset, life, and productivity niches, there are many tools and ways to attract target clients on Pinterest for coaches.

This blog covers all you need to know about starting your journey as a coach on Pinterest.

Pinterest for Coaches: A Complete Guide, person typing on macbook with a phone, pencils, glasses and plant next to laptop
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Whether you need Pinterest for your life coaching business or a social media marketing business, there are many tools and features to explore and give your best!

Why is Pinterest great for coaches?

With a user base of 433 million people, out of which 60% are women, and more than 40% of Pinners belong to high-income households, there are tons of opportunities on Pinterest for coaches.

Specifically, Pinterest marketing for coaches in e-commerce, blogging, and business niches can do wonders for lead generation.

A ton of Pinterest users create boards around their aspirations and wish lists. It is a great way to target those audiences who hop on Pinterest before making a buying decision.

If you’re not sure what lead generation is, it is the process of gaining traction for your business or blog.

Through nurturing and engaging content, you can attract potential customers. It could be in the form of helpful blog posts, creative reels, live events, or other forms of online content.

There are many content types (story Pins, idea Pins, videos, etc.) on Pinterest for coaches to attract their target audience.

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Perhaps your business’ audience is not too keen to enjoy a video Pin, and then you would resort to other forms of content they might want to check out.

The best feature on Pinterest for coaches is attracting, converting, and closing deals with clients. Through creative and visually inspiring Pins, you can gain their attention.

Once a prospect becomes fond of the content you have shared, they will become curious about other things you have on offer. It is where a call to action (CTA) is useful.

When uploading a Pin on your newest blog post on “how to do SEO for Pinterest”, include a CTA like “check out the blog for more tips on Pinterest for business coaches”.

Suppose a prospect comes across your Pin. With a zeal to learn more about your business and what you do, they would click on the link attached with the Pin, and voila! They have landed on your website.

Create CTAs for your website as well. Through pop-ups like “Sign up for the newsletter”.

Signing up for your email newsletter or following your social media accounts transforms a visitor into a potential customer. Pinterest marketing for coaches can help get more traction and increase revenue.

Besides the basics of what Pinterest for coaches does for lead generation and your brand’s growth, there are a couple of reasons why you must consider Pinterest if you’re a coach.

Why is Pinterest great for coaches?

1. Your target audience lives on Pinterest

Well, figuratively, it does. Take any coaching niche – business, lifestyle, or relationships.

Type a keyword in Pinterest’s search bar, and you’ll notice a couple of suggestive keywords next to it, like the following when you type lifestyle:

Pinterest for business coaches, Screen Shot of Pinterest Lifestyle Search

With these search results, you can see that many prospects in the lifestyle niche use Pinterest for inspiration to improve their way of living.

These search results are a great way of creating a content strategy for Pinterest for life coaches.

Of course, you need some online presence to gain traction from those you seek to help. And with these search results, you will better understand what content to create.  

2. Long-term growth prospects

While keyword results are imperative to content creation on Pinterest for coaches, the real benefit of Pinterest for coaches is in the long-term growth from Pinterest marketing. 

If you have spent considerable time creating social media content, you would know that after a certain amount of time has passed, the reach or impressions on that post or piece would not grow beyond a specific metric.

It’s because every post has a shelf-life on social media. Trends only last long for as long as people are intrigued by them.

After some time, people would start looking for new content, for new reels or posts. 

However, this is the case for most social media platforms but not Pinterest. On Pinterest, coaches have no shelf-life attached to their content.

That’s because even after months or years of creating a Pin, your target audience might be able to reach out to it and land on your blog or website.

How to make money from Pinterest for coaches, image of blog analytics
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Remember that Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform! Due to this long-term growth factor, Pinterest for coaches is a commendable option.

Especially with evergreen coaching niches like business or relationships, there will always be someone looking for inspiration or guidance from a coach.

3. You don’t need to babysit Pinterest

Unlike other platforms, where you need to engage with your followers and clients and keep posting actively, Pinterest is different.

All that needs to be done on Pinterest for coaches is to create content, publish it and engage. Your ideal audience will land on your website or inbox without your active effort. 

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4. More website traffic

I recommend Pinterest for coaches because other platforms are much slower than directing traffic to your website or blog, but not Pinterest.

It isn’t easy to get a prospect who viewed your story or post on Instagram to check out your profile, click on your website, and sign up for your newsletter. 

However, it’s a much easy process with Pinterest. Other platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are slow at directing traffic to your website.

But, with Pinterest, you can focus on one content strategy and pour your heart into one platform for maximum gains.

6 steps to get your coaching business on Pinterest

Enough talk about the wonders of Pinterest for coaches. Let’s move on to how to use Pinterest for your coaching business. 

Get a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest for coaches is nothing without a Pinterest Business Account. A Business Account separates a business owner or blogger’s presence from that of a normal Pinterest user.

If you are considering switching to Pinterest to expand your coaching business, you need a Business Account. The good thing is that making one isn’t a hassle at all.

Follow these steps to make your Business Account:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on Sign Up in the top right corner.
  3. A prompt will appear on your screen; click on Create a Business Account
  4. Enter your credentials, email, and password, and click on Create Account
  5. Next, you must enter your business details in the Build your profile section. Click on Next when done. 
  6. Fill in the Describe your business field, and you’re pretty much done with the sign-up. 

Once you have gone through the entire setup process, like choosing whether you want to run ads or not, focus on creating boards and adding Pins to your profile. 

Since it’s Pinterest for coaches now and not for regular users, you must add your website or blog’s link in the main description. 

Keep in mind that your business name and website reflect what you do. Choose a nice photo and start Pinning!

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Verify your domain

A website is necessary to use Pinterest for coaches. When setting up a Pinterest Business Account, you can link your website to it.

A website helps showcase the work you have done in the past, blog posts to attract prospects from direct search results, and display client testimonials.

Think of your website as your online CV or resume! Your website is what every prospect will see before they book a call or sign up for your newsletter.

Speaking of newsletters. You can add CTAs like “Sign up for my newsletter” or sell digital products like courses and one-on-sessions on your website. 

But that’s not it. You must verify your domain with Pinterest before moving ahead. 

Alongside the website, you will claim other social media handles, if any. 

To verify:

  1. Go to Account Settings.
  2. Click on Claim.
  3. Next to Website, Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube, click on Claim to link all of these accounts with your Pinterest Business Account. 

 For now, I’ll walk you through the website part only.

To claim your website:

  1. Click on Claim right next to the website
  2. A window will appear on your screen. You can verify your website in three ways: add an HTML tag, upload an HTML file, or add a TXT record. 

Add HTML tag

For this option, you must paste the HTML tag into your website’s <head> section. Depending on how you created your website, this option might be different for everyone. 

Upload HTML file 

This option will upload the HTML tag to the website’s root directory. 

Add TXT record

A TXT record is added to the service hosting your website. If you have some tech experience, you can add the TXT record to the DNS records of your website’s hosting platform.

Optimize your profile 

Now that you are ready to upload content, let’s cover essential marketing tips on Pinterest for coaches. 

Here are some ways to optimize your profile:

  • Write a catchy and relevant display name – It is advisable to include keywords relevant to your business, like Name – Business Coach, so that your profile shows up when a prospect looks for a business coach.
  • Profile Picture – Upload a professional headshot or the logo of your business.  
  • About Section – Talk about yourself and your business in the About section. Use colloquial language so as not to sound too formal. You should use keywords here as well.
  • Keywords – Pinterest is a visual search engine, like Google. Pinterest SEO is essential for making your content work even if you are not active on the platform. With keywords, creating appropriate Pin titles, boards, and descriptions, you can optimize your Pinterest profile to reach your target audience. You can look for keywords using Google Trends, Pinterest search bar, or other tools.

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Set up your boards

Pinterest boards are where you save your content at. When using Pinterest for coaches, ensure every board is relevant to your business.

You can categorize every board according to your coaching business or your services. Even with boards, use keywords in their names, titles, and descriptions.

Learn more about how to use Pinterest group boards and choosing the best names for Pinterest boards.

Tips for using Pinterest for coaches, blue neon sign reading
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Start creating your content

Once you have created your profile and the boards, start uploading Pins. There are plenty of ways to upload content on Pinterest.

You can create story Pins, idea Pins, and videos, among other content types. Content creation also requires keyword research and research about your target audience. 

One of the best ways to use Pinterest for coaches is to incorporate keywords and relevant information regarding the target audience in their content so that you reach the maximum number of people. 

Make sure you follow the best Pinterest practices for creating Pins as well. Vertical images are recommended for creating Pins.

Don’t forget to add text to your Pin, make it relevant to your brand kit and give it a keyword-optimized description. Also, attach a link to your website or blog next to the Pin.

Schedule the content

Once you have researched for and created content, it’s time for publishing.

As mentioned before, Pinterest doesn’t demand much of your time, and with automation tools like Tailwind, it’s even easier. You can create content and schedule it for publishing on Tailwind. 

Tailwind posts your content for you on the date and time you decide. It’s one of the best tools used for Pinterest for coaches, bloggers, and business owners.  

Now, it’s time for you to build that coaching business and use all features of Pinterest for coaches. Pinterest is ideal for bloggers, Etsy business owners, and coaches. It’s a great dig at creating your community, engaging with your target audience through visually compelling graphics, and directing them to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is Pinterest good for coaches?

Yes, absolutely! If utilised correctly, Pinterest is a fantastic tool for coaches of every niche.

✅ How do coaches attract clients on Pinterest?

Keywords are very important on Pinterest and can help connect you to your ideal audience. Attractive pins, group boards and active pinning are also key components.

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