How To Become A Pinterest Manager?

Last Updated on April 5, 2023

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A Pinterest manager is a professional who works with businesses to promote their content, products, and services on Pinterest.

They help clients in the service, e-commerce, and in-store industries reach their digital marketing objectives.

Clicks, traffic, and organic sales growth are all important deliverables for a Pinterest manager.

So what is a Pinterest manager? Well, despite it appearing to be similar to being a social media manager, there are a few important differences.

This article will delve into not only what exactly a Pinterest manager is and does, but also how to become a Pinterest manager for those interested.

Difference Between Social Media Managers And Pinterest Managers

Social media managers are experts in social media platforms, strategy, and content creation (like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) They’ll do the following:

  • Generate captions as well as static/video creative.
  • Comment on other accounts, like them, and interact with them.
  • Make use of scheduling apps such as Later and Hootsuite.
  • Monitor the community and moderate audience behavior like comments and direct messages.
  • Manage social media partnerships with other brands and engage with brands and sponsorships to ensure goals are met/run smoothly.

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Pinterest managers have advanced knowledge of the platform, strategy, and content creation. They will:

  • Generate infographics and pins regularly.
  • Have a thorough understanding of SEO and Rich Pins.
  • Utilize scheduling software such as Tailwind (⮕ get $30 credit with this link)
  • Find and research keywords
  • Boards, profiles, and Pins should all be optimized.

The most significant distinction between social media managers and Pinterest managers is an incredibly aware, strategic, and creative understanding of their respective platforms.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, not a social media site, hence the task demands more SEO understanding.

What Does A Pinterest Manager Do?

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1. Keyword Research

Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a major (and rewarding) aspect of a Pinterest manager’s job.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Yes, eye-catching Pins get attention, but without proper keyword research to support the content, clicks slip between the gaps.

This is why SEO research is such an important aspect of a Pinterest manager’s job.

It assists a business in being found, categorizes its information in a relevant manner, and then links them to its ideal clients.

A Pinterest manager should be well-versed in their client’s audience, product, and goals.

To optimize reach, they will discover methods to capitalize on trends, position the brand as the best answer to a searched problem, and strategically combine keyword-rich Pin descriptions, board titles, image text, and profile bios.

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2. Blog Management

Pinterest and blog material, both rich in organic content and keywords, offer a unique synergy for attracting traffic to your site.

Pinterest managers frequently include this service to spare clients the time and effort required to develop long-form organic written content.

3. Graphic creation

What would this list be without Pin creation, when it comes to Pinterest strategy?

With Pinterest emphasizing freshness, consistency, and relevance, a Pinterest manager’s primary focus (apart from SEO) will be providing new scroll-stopping, clickable content for searchers.

Pinterest, like any other search engine, strives to serve its users and offer them the correct information at the appropriate moment.

That means it’s critical to use the correct colors, headlines, and images to stand out on the search results page.

When creating, a Pinterest manager will be comprehensive. They will often use Canva and Adobe to create the ultimate Pin package.

They’ll also write the keyword descriptions to go with them. Following approval, a Pinterest manager will curate the board and schedule it using tools such as Tailwind.

This contributes to the end-to-end management and stability that Pinterest and businesses value!

4. Ongoing audits and optimisation

Setting up a Pinterest business account is a minefield, so getting it right from the start might save you a slew of headaches later on.

A Pinterest manager will assist businesses in setting up their profiles, loading content, linking to Tailwind and their website, and optimizing it for search.

They may also audit an existing Pinterest account to ensure that it is working well.

Even better, they’ll return at least once a month to make essential improvements following the company’s goals and algorithm changes.

This entails staying current on Pinterest trends and updates, monitoring and reporting on account and group board performance, and adjusting content as needed.

Additional Roles Of A Pinterest Manager

In addition to all the magic-making in those top four roles, a Pinterest manager may also:

  • Review existing Pinterest accounts and adopt new techniques
  • Using Pinterest and Google Analytics, delve deep into the data to identify unique user behavioral insights.
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Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Pinterest Manager

If you believe being a Pinterest manager fits your skills, here’s the reality of the role (the good and the less good).

  • Flexible. You choose your hours and location.
  • Creative. Create content about which you are enthusiastic.
  • Every day is a new adventure. Work with a variety of clients who have varying services, audiences, and ambitions.
  • Explore and be creative. Consider innovative methods to increase traffic and sales.
  • In high demand. Make a good living and get infinite recommendations.

However, there are a few drawbacks:

Constantly changing algorithms. Luckily, Pinterest remains pretty transparent about its changes.

Keeps you on your toes. Just like any business, being your boss brings with it its own set of challenges.

Overall, being a Pinterest manager is one of the most exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding jobs if you’re looking to enter or expand in the online space.

How To Become A Pinterest Manager

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole. Sometimes you just need to get on Pinterest, look up what you’re searching for, and get out.

Other times, you realize it’s been hours and you’ve made a gardening board when you don’t even have a garden.

If this describes you, you’ve come to the correct place. I’m about to show you how to turn your Pinterest obsession into a profitable business.

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1. Prove Your Results And Test Your Strategy

You must now put your new talents to the test to impress potential clients and become a true Pinterest expert.

Customers want to see results, thus I strongly advise you to start establishing your own Pinterest account.

Potential clients will undoubtedly check out your business account to see what you can do to get a sense of your company.

Pinterest marketing is a constantly evolving process, with several updated and new features added to the site regularly.

Maintain your Pinterest service and continue to study to get the greatest results for your clients.

When it comes to becoming a successful Pinterest manager, it is critical to keep your current clients pleased with fantastic results and exceptional customer service.

When you sign your first client, make sure to go above and above to make a good first impression.

If your clients are pleased with your job, word of mouth will spread and you will never run out of new clients.

Ask your clients for feedback on your Pinterest VA services regularly and if there is anything you can do better.

Testimonials can help your marketing efforts, so ask your top customers whether you can use them as references.

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2. Create 1-3 Pinterest Manager Packages

Once you’ve established yourself and your Pinterest management services, it’s time to figure out which Pinterest marketing packages and pricing work best for you.

A Pinterest Manager can charge per hour for duties, but most prefer to put up packages with flat pricing for specific activities.

Whichever packages or prices you provide, it’s critical to maintain a professional approach and keep track of the hours you spend on clients’ accounts.

We recommend developing 1-3 Pinterest manager packages.

It’s a good idea to research your competition before you start pricing. Examine Pinterest managers with varying levels of expertise and experience.

This not only helps you decide how much to charge right now, but it also offers you an estimate of how much money you may anticipate generating in the future.

 It’s usually preferable to price in the middle, so avoid charging the lowest or highest costs. Instead, strive for a balance between the two. Yet, remember to charge what you are worth.

You’re ready to start seeking clients and assisting businesses in their success on Pinterest if you have the correct mindset and understanding of what it takes to be a Pinterest manager!

To differentiate yourself from the competition, emphasize the distinct value proposition you provide. For example, you could promise to assist businesses in increasing website traffic or online sales.

Some organizations may pay more than others, so comprehensive research is a crucial Pinterest marketing technique before picking potential clients.

3. Promote your Services

If you currently have a website as a virtual assistant, it’s time to expand your services to include Pinterest project management. If, on the other hand, you’re just starting, you’ll need to build a website.

Add your expertise as well as links to your Pinterest portfolio to demonstrate the type of work you can provide potential clients.

You should also show off any qualifications you have (including any Pinterest VA certifications you’ve obtained!) and, once you have previous clients, analytics, and testimonials as proof of your success.

Creating a Pinterest portfolio is also a terrific method to demonstrate your Pinterest management abilities.

If you haven’t already built a Pinterest page, now is the time. If you already have a page, now is the moment to give more effort to it.

Manage and expand your page. Keep an eye on the metrics. Your page’s performance should improve over time. This demonstrates to potential clients your Pinterest management abilities.

The Best Pinterest Manager Course

So you have a business and you’re ready to start making more passive sales.

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What is the most efficient strategy to generate high-quality traffic on autopilot? Well, duh Pinterest!

Since I have been in your position and I too didn’t know where to start, I want to help get set up and start driving high-quality traffic so you can make more passive income without doing more.

That is why I put together the most comprehensive Pinterest course. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a Pinterest manager course, or just to learn about the best Pinterest strategies for themselves.

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Within this course, I teach you:

  1. While sipping a mimosa in Santorini or Mykonos, you will learn how to drive a consistent stream of high-quality traffic to your website.
  2. You will discover how to build your email list with DREAM leads (without having to pay for FB Ads).
  3. Finally, you’ll realize how to sell your courses and coaching programs on autopilot.
  4. You will be able to spend less time on social media.

Driving hundreds of thousands of fresh people to your website each week can be automatic and set up to work for you while you sleep, eat, and relax on the beach… I’ll show you how to 10x your traffic on autopilot in under 3 hours every month.

After we are done with the  Passive Profit with Pinterest course, you will be able to:

  1. Create an effective Pinterest profile that attracts and converts your potential clients into lifetime customers.
  2. Without wasting hours on Canva trying to figure it out on your own, create content that freezes the scroll and inspires high-quality leads to take any action.
  3. Create a comprehensive Pinterest framework and game plan so you know what material to post and when, and watch your engagement and visibility increase.
  4. Control your account and understand how to read and adjust your approach for the best results, scalability, and LONG-TERM GROWTH.

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If you’re not quite ready for the course, but want to start publishing content then you need to grab access to The Pinterest Keyword Vault, which is the most popular keyword tool, hosting over 7000 keywords over 200 categories.

This tool will allow you to save time when finding the perfect keywords to use within your content.

Forget time-consuming Pinterest keyword research and gain access to keywords for your pins with the touch of a button.

Whether you want to use this new talent and offer it as a tiny, extra paycheck to the right clients on occasion, or you want to go all-in and develop a Pinterest Management business that you can grow and extend indefinitely, you now have the means to do so.

Simply begin by learning everything you can about Pinterest marketing from a trustworthy source, and then put in the effort to find as many clients as you want.

This takes time and effort, but it will be worthwhile in the long run if you want to become a freelance Pinterest Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What does a Pinterest manager do?

Pinterest managers are professionals who specialise in Pinterest strategies and marketing and use this knowledge to help other businesses promote their content, products, and services on Pinterest.

✅ Is it hard to be a Pinterest manager?

Like any client-based online job, it’s all about marketing yourself and keeping constantly up to date with trends, updates, etc. While starting out, it can also be incredibly time-consuming and sometimes for not much pay as you build experience and a client base.

✅ Can you make a living as a Pinterest manager?

Yes, once you feel you know Pinterest well enough to market your skills, you can build a successful business as a Pinterest manager. Many Pinterest manager makes decent yearly salaries from a range of clients by offering different services and packages depending on the clients’ needs.

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