Pinterest SEO: Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use

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Pinterest SEO: Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use

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Many Pinterest users are using the platform in a completely wrong way. Pinterest is not a social media platform, it’s a search engine so it has to be treated differently than Instagram and Facebook. That’s why it’s important to have some knowledge of Pinterest SEO and why Pinterest keywords you should use.


How Pinterest works

SEO stands for search engine optimization. For your blogs post to be seen on Google, you optimize it for Google. The same with Pinterest. For your pin to be at the top when someone types in a search term that relates to your pin, you need to make sure you are using keywords in your pins.

Pinterest is different from Google, however. Google is HUGE compared to Pinterest and Google focuses on words, Pinterest is a visual platform and focuses on images. It’s a visual search engine.


Why you need keywords on Pinterest

You need to use the right keywords within your pins for your pins to be seen and clicked on by others. What is a keyword? A keyword is just a word (or phrase) that someone types in to find information on that topic. For example, if I want to know the best vegan scone recipes I am going to type onto Pinterest or Google: best vegan scone recipe, vegan scones or vegan scone recipe.

There are lots of different ways that someone can type into a search engine to get one end result.

For your pin to be seen you need to input keywords that people are searching for.


How to find keywords on Pinterest

You need to do some Pinterest keyword research! You need to find out what people are typing into the Pinterest search bar most often.

You can do this by going onto Pinterest and typing in a word that relates to your pin. If you are doing a pin on vegan scone recipes, type in ‘scone’ and see what comes up in two different places.

Pinterest SEO_ Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use

1. There’s going to be some search terms appearing before you even hit enter. Those are some great keywords to use in your pin.


Pinterest SEO: Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use

2. When you press enter you will see a bunch of coloured tiles below. These are also common search terms that people are typing into Pinterest.


I would not use a keyword research tool like Keysearch (which is incredible for Google SEO) for Pinterest as that is targeted to what people are searching for on Google and not Pinterest.

Pinterest and Google are different platforms, people will be tying in different terms in each platform. What might do well on Google might not do well on Pinterest and vice versa. Google is supersaturated and Pinterest is not yet.

For example, if you were to try and rank for ‘things to do in London’ on Google it would be near impossible. However, if you went after ‘things to do in London’ on Pinterest you have a good chance as long as you are using great keywords and your pin is beautiful and clickable.

Remember Pinterest is a visual platform, so you NEED to have beautiful eye-catching pins to do well on Pinterest. If your pins are hard to read, dark and don’t pop, then don’t bother with Pinterest because it’s not going to work.


Pinterest SEO: Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use

The easiest way to find viral Pinterest keywords

There is a 3rd way to find keywords and this way is by far the EASIEST way. And that is to gain access to my Pinterest Keyword Vault. This Vault contains 1100+ viral Pinterest keywords which range in 61 categories. It’s done-for-you Pinterest keyword research, and will save you so much time!

The people who have got the Pinterest keyword vault are already seeing an increase in page views to their businesses after implementing these viral keywords.

Get access to the vault here.

The great thing about the vault is that you can request for categories to be added. If you have a pin about a very specific niche on Pinterest then you can request for me to do Keyword research and for viral keywords to be added to the vault, which means that it’s the product that keeps on giving!



Pinterest SEO: Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use

Where to put Pinterest keywords

Now, you might be like “where do I put these keywords?”. Here are 5 places to put these viral Pinterest keywords:


1. Pinterest profile name

I don’t just have ‘Anita Hendrieka’ as my profile name on Pinterest. I have “Anita Hendrieka / New Zealand Travel Blogger & Travel Blog Coach”. My keywords are New Zealand, Travel blogger, Travel blog, Travel blog coach, coach, travel. Do you see how many keywords I have managed to squeeze in my profile title?!


2. Pinterest profile bio

You get 160 characters in your Pinterest profile so make it count! You can change your bio from time to time too. If you have a particular offer, like a freebie or a blog post then don’t be afraid to change the last sentence up from time to time to test different links. Here’s my bio currently

“Top NZ travel blog on underrated travel destinations (mostly Albania)🌴I also help struggling travel bloggers grow their blogs in 90 days http://bit.ly/38I2ESm

Another version of this that I change it to sometimes is

“Top travel blog on underrated travel destinations, mostly Albania. Get access to 1100+ viral Pinterest keywords perfect for Pinterest SEO https://bit.ly/2TguWyw 


3. Pin title

Your pin title counts and should have your main Pinterest keyword in there!


4. Pin description

You get 500 characters in your Pin, try and use it all! But don’t keyword stuff, make sure you naturally add them within your pin description, do not just stuff all of the keywords in one place.


Pinterest SEO: Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash


5. Pinterest board descriptions

If you do not have board descriptions, do that now! You need board descriptions for your account and boards to be seen. You get 500 characters, so fill that description up with lots of viral Pinterest keywords!

Those are 5 different places to put some viral Pinterest keywords. Make sure you put keywords that people are searching for in those 5 spots within your pins and account.

Remember if you want to know the best viral Pinterest keywords to use then go grab access to my Pinterest keyword Vault, it’s going to save you so much time and accelerate your page views and sales!

If you want to automate your Pinterest account growth and do it the right way you really need to use Tailwind. Pinterest is hard to grow if you are not using this tool to schedule multiple pins per day to your account. They are also partners with Pinterest so it’s a totally safe tool to use to grow your Pinterest account.

If you have any questions, make sure you leave them below! Pinterest can take some time getting used to but it’s an incredible platform to use to drive page views to your blog, or sales to your online business. Pinterest is invaluable for all online businesses!



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Pinterest SEO: Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use  Pinterest SEO: Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use Pinterest SEO: Which Pinterest Keywords You Should Use



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