How To Find The Best Pinterest Trends To Create On

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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Pinterest, like Instagram, is a visual-focused social media platform. This is why keeping up with Pinterest trends can help you succeed on the platform.

Fortunately, unlike Instagram and other social media sites, Pinterest wishes to assist users in finding inspiration and discovering new ideas and items.

How? Pinners can use Pinterest to create Boards, share and save pins, and even shop.

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And while you may believe that Pinterest is exclusively for designing the interiors of your new home or finding tasty food ideas, Pinterest is an excellent platform for growing your business online.

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And if you ever wondered how to find trends on Pinterest and grow your business on autopilot with Pinterest, this blog post will help you!

What Is The Pinterest Trend Tool?

Wondering how to find what’s trending on Pinterest and keep on top of these trends? Simple, use the Pinterest Trends Tool.

Pinterest Trends was first made available to the general public in December 2019 to allow marketers to identify search traffic trends generated on Pinterest.

Pinterest released the feature in 2019 with solely US-based searches. Pinterest Trends has since included trend searches from Canada and the United Kingdom in the feature.

Pinterest contains a lot of user behavioral data from the pins and boards their users generate to enable the tool as an alternative search engine and social media for discovering new ideas.

Assume you actively utilise Pinterest to drive sales or social media traffic to your landing pages or to increase your following and monthly views.

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In that scenario, you’ll want to grasp what’s popular on Pinterest at any given time to keep your results rising.

Being a relatively new web analytics tool, you can’t go beyond search terms data beyond a year.

However, it’s still extremely valuable for marketers to understand what patterns they should be searching for next.

Whether for planning social media posts and advertising or establishing a digital marketing strategy, keeping up with trends is key for businesses.

And the data that Pinterest Trends displays are the relative search volumes each search phrase generates.

If users search for these on Pinterest, they are likely to use the search phrases on other social networking platforms and search engines.

As a result, it offers far more advantages than simply growing your Pinterest followers and viewers.

How to Find Pinterest Trends, Webpage of Pinterest Trends showing different popular trends currently popular on Pinterest in the US (nails, spring nails, self care, dinner recipes and dinner ideas)

How To Use The Pinterest Trends Tool?

With a little imagination, trend data can be useful for whatever you’re attempting to do. After all, trends create income for many businesses.

It could be business-related: increasing sales, brand awareness, or traffic. But you can utilise it for research purposes to learn more about Pinterest users.

But here is a list of some initial thoughts on using Pinterest Trends data in the future.

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  • Learning about the seasonality of ideas and concepts
  • Discovering new markets (especially from the Pinterest 100 report)
  • What’s popular and where it’s popular
  • Content marketing topics
  • Get new product ideas for your online store

How To Know What Topics Of Content You Should Create For The Best Results?

Okay, so you know what is trending on Pinterest, but how do you make content that will convert?

The greatest strategy for a content marketer to offer appealing content is to think about your customers and ideal clients and construct boards around what they would be interested in.

Thus, while you may want to use Pinterest to share your favourite organic smoothie recipes or to gather décor ideas for your baby’s room, try to avoid building boards that are only focused on what you are personally interested in.

If you want to know how to use Pinterest trends ideas for content marketers, as well as ways they may use Pinterest to create valuable material for their customers, take a look:

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1. Share videos

While videos are not as popular as photographs on Pinterest (yet), creating a video board is a terrific method to enhance engagement with your followers.

2. Feature your clients

Do you want to show your clients and consumers how much you appreciate them? Why not form a board to recognise them and their businesses or accomplishments?

This is an excellent method to deepen your relationships while highlighting your business.

3. Highlight books worth reading

Sharing knowledge to educate your audience is one of your primary marketing methods as a content marketer.

Create a Pinterest board centred on relevant books that your target audience will find beneficial.

4. Provide advice and how-tos

Tips and how-tos are two of the most popular Pinterest pins. Collect useful materials, consider the type of advice your audience is looking for, then establish a Pinterest board around it.

5. Share your favourite resources

If you find anything valuable, chances are your ideal consumer will also. Creating a board with relevant resources shows you as an expert in your subject and adds value to your followers’ lives.

6. Highlight your peers

This is an excellent approach to network with your peers (who can become affiliates and support your efforts) while sharing their information with your viewers.

7. Spread the word about upcoming events and conferences

Whether you pin future conferences or share photographs and videos from previous conferences, this is an excellent way to show your audience that you are current on industry happenings.

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How To Know When To Create Fresh Pins For Old Content?

Pinterest describes new Pins as previously unseen photos or videos. It could be a new image connected to a new blog post or an old one you posted.

Pinterest suggests making at least one new pin per week. If you’ve had that pin for a few months (2-3), you should make some fresh ones.

Yet, to see the finest results, you should attempt to publish new pins on Pinterest daily.

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After you’re up and running with your account and acquainted with the platform, we recommend aiming for 2-5 pins daily.

If you’re new to Pinterest marketing, keep your daily pinning to a minimum until you build that consistently, then add more content as you get faster and better at it.

How Does The Pinterest Trends Tool Work?

The Pinterest Trends tool provides a historical overview of the top search phrases in various areas and countries.

You may use it to understand when people search for specific keywords, see what’s popular on Pinterest, and keep up to date on what is trending on Pinterest among your target demographic.

What Is Pinterest Predicts?

Pinterest has over 445 million monthly active users, growing at over 30% annually. As a result, it has established itself as the premier platform for visual discovery and inspiration.

In this scenario, a prediction report like Pinterest Predicts can be especially useful for advertisers to spot popular subjects and reach their target audience ahead of time.

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These results from the Pinterest trends report also enable brands to anticipate trends to develop strategies for Pinterest business users.

With more than 80% of Pinterest users having larger shopping carts than other platforms and most users seeking to plan their purchases based on the material they view, you should explore Pinterest for your business.

What Are The Top Niches On Pinterest?

In no particular order, here are the top ten most popular Pinterest categories. These are based on the everyday Pinterest searches and trends that people look for on the site.

If you are hoping to have the top trending pins on Pinterest, you should consider pins that fit into these categories:

1. Food and Beverage

Simple searches always include some food-related trending pins, as do many of the most popular pins on Pinterest. After all, everyone’s gotta eat!

Pinterest contains everything people look for in this category, from healthy food options to foods to match moods and easy-to-prepare meals.

2. Fashion for Ladies

Every day of the year, everyone puts on clothes right?! So it just makes sense that fashion is a top category for Pinterest!

One way to always stay on top of the current Pinterest trends for fashion is to promote seasonal content.

3. Beauty

Caring for your body is something you do daily, so again it makes sense for this to be one of the top Pinterest searches.

4. Do-it-yourself and crafts

Over the last few years, DIY projects and crafts have become one of the top trends on Pinterest.

Times have been tough for many, so individuals are resorting to do-it-yourself and creative projects to reclaim sanity and control over their lives.

5. Vacations

Every month, there is something to celebrate. People also turn to Pinterest for quick and innovative ideas to make every event distinctive.

What Are The Top Niches On Pinterest, person walking down a road looking back over their shoulder with mountains and bushes on either side and in distance on a sunny day

6. Travel

Many people enjoy travelling to new places and while specific Pinterest travel trends are always changing, this niche is always popular.

I can personally attest to this category as being one of the best niches for Pinterest since I have a travel creator business myself.

7. Art

From classical artwork to urban photography, art is a top trending Pinterest category for Pinterest users.

8. Design

The design category includes everything from handwriting, designing houses, graphic design and more.


Humans are continuously looking for inspirational quotes that they can read and share and relate to. So quotes are one of the most evergreen pin trends and niches.

10. Education

Whether it’s education or children or education for adults, this category is big for Pinterest users too. Everyone wants to learn about a specific topic or know how to do something.

If you’re a coach or course creator you’ll be happy to know this is one of the most popular Pinterest search trends.

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Engage your audience by creating Pinterest content that your users are actively searching for. With proper Pinterest keyword research, brands may generate innovative concepts for each platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How do you find what’s trending on Pinterest?

Go to Pinterest Trends and check out what is trending in your preferred location. You can also search fro specific trends related to your niche and see how they are performing and what specific related topics are popular right now on Pinterest.

✅ Is Pinterest Trends free?

Yes, Pinterest Trends is a free tool and app for everyone to use!

✅ How can I trend on Pinterest?

To figure out how to trend on Pinterest, you need to stay on top of what is popular and trending in your area and with your target demographic. It will also help if you are pinning about one of the 10 most popular niches. You can track this with Pinterest Trends.

✅ How many people are on Pinterest?

There are over 440 million active users on Pinterest! With so many users, finding trends that generate income is pretty easy if you follow the data.

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