How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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Over the years, since the boom of the gig economy, the demand for virtual assistants has increased.

You can become a social media manager for a small business owner thousands of miles away or a Pinterest virtual assistant for a travel blogger roaming the Balkans.

As a virtual assistant, you might have been juggling administrative roles like writing copy for the blog, checking emails, or updating the task manager.

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But did you know that you can also add Pinterest marketing to your services?

And it’s more than just designing and uploading Pins. Pinterest marketing is a branch of social media marketing like Instagram and Facebook.

In fact, if you have experience working as a virtual assistant for Instagram or Facebook, you should take some Pinterest virtual assistant courses and make the – very lucrative – switch.

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you would do everything from designing Pins to overlooking analytics to help businesses scale up with Pinterest.

If you’re unsure about starting as a Pinterest virtual assistant, this blog is for you. Pinterest is a lucrative platform for businesses and bloggers.

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And being comfortable using Pinterest for business is a valuable skill as it has a range of opportunities for e-commerce and blogs to help drive traffic.

Therefore, a business owner or blogger would naturally thank you for your knowledge and services as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

What is a Pinterest virtual assistant?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant will transform your business from a few hundred monthly prospects to thousands of dollars in revenue.

And if you’re unsure about what Pinterest can do for a business owner or a blogger, don’t take my word for it. Look at the statistics!

Pinterest is one of the most established and most popular visual search engines.

With over 400 million users on the platform every month, most of which have a higher personal disposable income, businesses and brands have so much room to grow!

Hopefully, now you’re convinced to hear more about becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant.

It is a lucrative gig but isn’t just looking at monthly Pinterest stats and making a bunch of Pins on Canva.

Read my full Canva Pro review to learn more about the benefits of the platform.

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As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you should be able to do the following:

  • Pinterest SEO 
  • Design Pins
  • Create Pinterest Boards 
  • Optimise Pinterest profile, Pins and boards
  • Posting and scheduling Pins
  • Understanding Pinterest Analytics
  • Creating a Pinterest marketing strategy 

We’ll talk more about these tasks in detail ahead.

Whether you are planning to ditch your nine-to-five for a lucrative, work-from-home career or have been wanting to expand your services as a virtual assistant, becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant could be a gamechanger for you!

What’s the difference between a Pinterest virtual assistant & a Pinterest manager?

Those of you scratching your heads out of perplexity, unsure between Pinterest manager and Pinterest virtual assistant, there’s a slight difference between the two.

A Pinterest manager is solely responsible for tasks like designing Pins and graphics, scheduling them for going live, overlooking statistics and helping keep the business running.

A Pinterest virtual assistant is someone with a keen sense and interest in social media analytics and marketing, along with designing Pins and scheduling them.

Someone who wants to help you create something unique, build a presence on Pinterest within your niche and help drive traffic to your business.

It’s the job of a Pinterest manager and Pinterest marketing strategist with a couple of other roles as well.

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A Pinterest virtual assistant helps bloggers, influencers, business owners, and brands manage their Pinterest Business Accounts.

Essentially, you can begin working as a Pinterest manager and gradually upskill to become a full-time Pinterest virtual assistant.

How much can you make as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Whether you want to become a Pinterest VA that works full-time, works as a part-time virtual assistant, or offers it as one of your VA services, it is a lucrative side hustle.

This is especially true for those with a bit of a knack for designing and marketing.

Though there isn’t a fixed rate that you can charge for offering Pinterest services, there is an upper and lower cap that most Pinterest virtual assistants charge.

Depending on whether you want to charge on a project or hourly basis, take a look at the following rates for a rough estimate:

  • New Pinterest virtual assistants charge $15 per hour
  • Intermediate or experienced Pinterest Vas charge anywhere between $25 to $75 per hour

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The variation in hourly rates depends on your experience, skills, tools and software, and how quickly you can deliver results. Sometimes it also varies for individual virtual assistant niches.

Some people opt to take a Pinterest virtual assistant course to make themselves more desirable to prospective clients, though this isn’t essential if you build a good portfolio.

Many full-time virtual assistants can charge between $500-$1000 per month solely from Pinterest virtual assistant services.

For billing, you can choose between monthly billing or being paid for each project.

Since Pinterest marketing, like most other social media platforms, requires consistent publishing and maintenance of the Pinterest Business Account, most Pinterest virtual assistants charge every month.

Every Pinterest virtual assistant would have a different contract and terms with every client; thus, the range and quantity of tasks would differ.

Tasks that a Pinterest Virtual Assistant will do

As mentioned, Pinterest virtual assistants do everything from designing and scheduling Pins to deriving insights from Pinterest Analytics.

What you charge as a Pinterest VA depends on the breadth of your knowledge and expertise in Pinterest marketing.

While you can cherry-pick Pinterest services when starting, getting a firm grip on Pinterest marketing is essential for the long run.

The following Pinterest services are a must to get hold of:

Pin Scheduling

Pinterest management is not the only valuable service but is among the most important ones. Knowing how to schedule Pins for a Pinterest Business Account differs from what you did on your account.

You cannot upload a few random Pins here and there and forget about it for a week.

Running a Pinterest Business Account means deciding when to post a Pin. It depends on your content strategy and your understanding of Pinterest SEO, analytics and best practices for optimisation.

Once you have understood which keywords to use, how to optimise the Pinterest Business Account and choose the best time for uploading, you can use Tailwind to schedule posts in advance.

I have used Tailwind for years (read my full Tailwind review), and it’s one of the most effective tools in my Pinterest workflow.

With Tailwind, I can plan, create and schedule in advance, so there is more time for other high-value tasks.

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Pin Design

Often businesses and brands are not looking for someone who can schedule their Pins or go over the analytics, but they want someone to do the artsy work.

More and more people are looking to hire people who offer a Pinterest pin design service as part of their PA packages.

Alternatively, some people exclusively offer Pinterest graphic design job package options.

Designing Pins is a very valuable Pinterest service. It was acceptable in the past to use the same design for every Pin, but not anymore.

Pinterest is a visual search engine and is big on compelling graphics and consistency. After all, consistent and conscious branding sets apart a successful business or blog from a flailing one.

Previously, you might have had to use complex design software like Adobe Photoshop, but now, Canva is the real deal.

Canva is an image creation tool offered as an application and web platform that is far easier to use.

It has a free and paid version, so you don’t have to spend a couple of hundred bucks on design software to become a Pinterest VA.

Pinterest Best Practices

Pinterest SEO is a massive part of becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant. Pinterest has an algorithm like most other social media platforms.

Whatever you post and see on Pinterest goes through that algorithm. You only see content familiar to what you have pinned or liked in the past.

Most Pinterest virtual assistants have to optimise a Pinterest Business Account.

It’s more than just designing and scheduling Pins.

Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest gives you tips to fix your Business profile to make it more algorithm-friendly.

Some of the ways to do that and what we call Pinterest best practices are:

  • Posting new content consistently
  • Researching recent trends and topics within your niche and on the platform
  • Researching for keywords that your target audience might be using 
  • Optimising Pins, boards and the profile according to niche-specific keywords 
  • Designing graphically compelling posts
Learn to use the best Pinterest keywords finder, screens of various electronic devices displaying different aspects of the Pinterest Keyword Vault

Pinterest Keyword Research

SEO is one of the most in-demand virtual assistant services. Keywords define your brand and separate your target audience from other niches.

Keywords are so important for a brand, that you can make your entire living from just doing SEO virtual assistant jobs.

If you have an art business, your target audience might be looking for something different than someone on Pinterest for food recipes.

Keywords help you better understand your target audience and create the content they want to see.

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, your client would expect you to have a firm grip on working your way around keywords and generating content-worthy ideas.

Virtual assistants can use a variety of ways to look for keywords and write keyword-optimised titles and board descriptions.

Unfortunately, most keyword tools and software are expensive and aren’t promisingly valuable.

If you’re in a bit of a pickle with keyword research for Pinterest, I have the right resource.

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After struggling with Pinterest marketing and keyword research, I designed my keyword database: Pinterest Keyword Vault.

With more than 7000 keywords and hundreds of niches and categories, there’s everything you need to begin offering Pinterest services.

The Pinterest Keyword Vault is perfect for virtual assistants like you who want to save the hassle of looking for keywords and coming up with ideas.

There’s everything done for you in the Keyword Vault!

Pinterest Analytics

Like Pinterest best practices and keyword research, understanding Pinterest analytics is essential for becoming a Pinterest VA.

Using the Pinterest analytics tool help decide which components of your strategy need improvement and what brought gains.

Pinterest Advertising

A Pinterest Business Account can also use the Promoted Pins feature besides the regular Pinterest content.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest ads are relatively inexpensive and easier to learn. And the best part is that your Pins stay on your account even after the promotion period has ended!

Pinterest advertising is excellent for businesses, bloggers, and content creators offering services or online courses. With an ad, you can target your specific audience.

To budget for the cost of Pinterest ads, you can expect to pay from $2-5.00 per 1000 clicks.

How can I learn all about Pinterest marketing for my clients?

Enough about the amazing things you can do as a Pinterest virtual assistant! As a beginner Pinterest virtual assistant, let’s discuss how you can learn everything.

Even if you are an intermediate-level VA, fluent in working with other social media platforms, Pinterest is different.

Setting out on your own without any prior guidance can only bring you closer to risks and downfalls.

While there are plenty of online resources like free blogs, and YouTube videos, you can’t guarantee you will learn everything you need to know.

Similarly, paid resources can be expensive and not offer much value. You do NOT need virtual assistant training with certificate to succeed.

But one resource offers tons of value and isn’t too hefty on the pocket: Passive Profit with Pinterest!

If you want to grow as VA and venture into Pinterest services, Passive Profit with Pinterest promises to hold your hand along the journey.

I mentioned earlier that I have been using Pinterest to drive my blog and business traffic for years.

When I started, there were not enough resources on keywords, Pinterest SEO, analytics or any geeky stuff.

I had to navigate through the platform and learn every tactic. Eventually, through trial and error, I could derive a Pinterest marketing strategy that was lucrative and effective for my business.

Once I had a clear strategy in place, I stopped feeling stuck about what new Pins to design, how to promote my blogs or keep my business from failing.

Now, with years of experience under my belt, I am here to help YOU! I will teach you all the most important virtual assistant tools, resources and more!

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Whether you are a novice Pinterest virtual assistant or someone who gets excited with the mention of Pinterest services, Passive Profit with Pinterest will help you:

  • Reduce time spent on Pinterest marketing to only three hours per month
  • Build a strategy that generates leads and drives traffic to your website 
  • Increase email subscriptions
  • Take the weight off your shoulders and mind of churning a new set of Pins and content every week

Passive Profit with Pinterest offers bogus-free strategies and practices that work for you and your business. It is even helpful as a Pinterest virtual assistant training course.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Have a fully optimised Pinterest Business Account to attract your dream clients
  • A rich Pinterest content library with visually compelling graphics and keyword-optimised descriptions and titles 
  • Have a strong Pinterest strategy in place

While this is for coaches and course creators, it can also work as a free online course for virtual assistant hopefuls.

How to find Pinterest Virtual Assistant jobs?

First, be clear that you are looking for clients – business owners and bloggers who want to outsource their Pinterest tasks – and not a job!

You are working for your client and their business, helping them grow and sustain a presence on Pinterest. Shifting your mindset will help you know your worth and find your dream clients.

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Join Pinterest Communities

Online communities are one of the first few ways most Pinterest virtual assistants get their clients.

There are plenty of VA groups and communities on various forums and social media platforms. Most projects posted in such groups and communities are vetted for and of high quality.

Those who join these communities are looking for serious Pinterest virtual assistants who can add value to their business.

These communities often work as a virtual assistant finder database, and sometimes people will even seek you out if you your posts show that you are knowledgeable and have good energy.

Send Cold Emails

Cold-pitching or sending cold emails is one of the best ways of landing a project in any industry, specifically creative ones.

Cold pitch emails can not only help you land your first client but introduce you to a new network.

There’s a lot of room for growth and finding the right projects when cold-pitching. It can be slow but worth trying.

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Lastly, referrals are the best way to find clients for your VA business. Once you have made a name for yourself, opportunities will start kicking in.

Those who have previously worked with you are likely to refer you to others in the business.

Setting the right business tone and goals from the start can help you find some of the best clients and projects through referrals.

Additionally, if you work as VA in another capacity for someone (such as a Kajabi virtual assistant, or blog assistant), don’t be afraid to let them know you are branching out.

They might prefer to work with someone they already know and trust even if you are less experienced, or be able to refer you to colleagues.

Organic Leads

Organic leads from search engines are the best way of landing VA clients. Many professionals now have virtual assistant websites detailing their skills and packages.

If you optimise your website for Pinterest virtual assistant services, you are likely to get clients who are looking for Pinterest VAs.

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It is the same as having a blog to attract copywriting clients. It would be best to show your prospects what you have done in the past and how you can help them.

Final Verdict

Starting your journey as a Pinterest virtual assistant can open up many opportunities for you.

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with room for businesses and bloggers to grow.

You can help business owners, brands, and bloggers get their Pinterest marketing in form and scale up their revenue.

Through resources like Passive Profit with Pinterest, you can upskill as a virtual assistant and build the Pinterest presence of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What does a Pinterest virtual assistant do?

A Pinterest virtual assistant is responsible for managing the Pinterest business accounts for businesses (which can include anyone from corporate brands to small bloggers).

✅ How do Pinterest virtual assistants make money?

Pinterest VAs charge based on their skill set and experience. While some charge a set rate by the hour, many offer package rates depending on each client’s needs. Many Pinterest VAs make a full-time living.

✅ How do I become a Pinterest virtual assistant?

Before you become a Pinterest virtual assistant, you need to make sure you know the ins-and-outs of Pinterest. Once you do, the best ways to find Pinterest VA jobs is through online Pinterest communities, cold pitches, referrals and your own, SEO-optimised website advertising your services.

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