24 Best Places to Visit in Albania in 2024

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

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Some of the main questions for anyone travelling to Albania is “Where should I visit?”, “What are the best holiday destinations in Albania?” or “What to visit in Albania during my holiday?”. 

Albania has many great cities, towns and villages that you shouldn’t miss out on when you come to visit.

Therefore, I have named some of the best places to visit in Albania that you should visit during your time here. 

From quaint Albanian villages to happening Albanian cities and beach towns – there’s something for everyone coming to Albania.

Discover places to visit in Albania, plateau of terracotta rooftop buildings interspersed with green trees and grassy areas leading up to a large stoney mountain under a blue sky
Let’s look into the best places to visit in Albania

There are so many reasons why you should visit Albania. It’s a country that is truly unique and authentic. Around every twist and turn, you will find another beautiful landscape or beach. 

The people are extremely friendly and very hospitable. 

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Over the last several years, it has fast become my favourite country in the world due to its uniqueness and strong traditional ways that no other country in Europe can offer.

So whether you’re wondering what to do in Albania in summer, planning a hiking, or looking for a cultural city visit, this guide of the best places to visit in Albania has you covered.

From Tirana to Ksamil, Saranda to Dhermi, and beyond, let’s take a look at the best Albanian holiday destinations!

Here are the most incredible places to visit in Albania

Experience Albania summer destinations, body of water with grassy shore in front of rising hill covered with brown slate rooftop white buildings leading up towards forested area
Berat is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Albania!

1. Berat

Anyone thinking about where to go on holiday in Albania will definitely start by thinking about Berat.

Berat is also known as the town of one thousand windows due to the Ottoman-style houses that Berat is famous for. It is now a UNESCO site as there are over 2000 years of history to explore so it has a very rich history. 

If you walk to the top of the castle you get amazing views of the city of Berat. Within the castle walls, you will also see everyday homes that people still occupy today. 

There are also four wineries (Çobo, Nurellari, Malinati, Luani), where you can taste some great local wines! You can read my full Berat guide on the best things to do here.

Berat is one of the most beautiful cities in Albania and one of the most famous places in Albania, so you’ll want to make sure you take a visit here!

Where to stay in Berat

See the most beautiful cities in Albania, open room with seating bench covered in white linen running along wall under large square windows with red carpet and table with wooden bowls
An Albania trip wouldn’t be complete without staying in a traditional house!

Traditional Guesthouse 

There is a 300-year-old guest house called Nonaj House which comes highly recommended if you would like a look into and stay in one of the oldest houses in Berat.

Not only will you get to stay in a traditional home, you’ll get all the best of Albania hospitality-wise, making your stay extra special

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Discover what to do in Albania in summer, patio area with brown wooden chairs and tables next to grey stone house with flat screen wall-mounted television screen in front of stone wall and more stone buildings in front of green forest in the distance
Hani i Xheblatit

Recommended Hotels

Some of the most highly recommended hotels include Hotel MangalemiGuesthouse Arben Elezi and Hani i Xheblatit.

Learn about things to see in Albania, upward angle of white stone building covered in creeping green ivy under an azure blue sky with sporadic wispy clouds

Hostel recommendation

There is only one hostel that I recommend you stay in when you visit and that’s Berat backpackers. This is one of my favourite hostels in Albania.

It’s set in one of the old Berat houses and is one of the most beautiful and fun hostels in Albania. 

The breakfast is delicious, and they also offer different tours which you can join. In the summer you also have the option to camp in the backyard.

Find tourist destinations in Albania, harbour with turquoise blue water and sandy beach with wooden jetty next to buildings and forest area with hills and mountains in the distance

2. Himarë

One of the top places to visit Albania has to offer those who want to get off the beaten path is Himare. This is a less busy beach town located a few hours’ drive north of Saranda.

The views in Himare are incredibly pretty and it’s the perfect place if you want to chill out by the beach for a few days. 

There’s a promenade with some really good restaurants to check out. Himare has a more relaxed, chilled vibe than the likes of Saranda which makes it a great spot for a vacation to Albania.

This is one of the best places in Albania to relax but still has options for restaurants and nightlife – perfect for a long weekend in Albania as well as a longer stay.

I highly recommend making a trip to the old part of Himare which is in the hills, next to the castle.

From there you get incredible views of the Riveria and you also get to see a traditional village, it’s so pretty! 

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These are the top Places to Visit in Albania, sundrenched stone-paved street of white buildings with brown wooden doors and window shutters and grey car parked further down
Is Shkoder the most beautiful city in Albania? You’ll have to see it for yourself!

3. Shkodër

Located in the north of Albania, this city is very quaint and a great doorstep to some fantastic hiking in the area. You will notice that Shkodër is the city of bikes, everyone’s biking! 

But is Shkodër worth visiting if you’re on a budget? Yes – actually, it’s an incredibly affordable place.

The architecture is unlike anywhere else in Albania. In fact, I think Shkodër is one of the best Albanian cities to visit.

One of the must-do things to see is Rozafa Castle located just outside of the city.

You may notice that you have stepped back in time into an old-fashioned film – that’s the charm of Shkodër, one of the best locations in Albania!

🌍 Interesting fact! The southern Albanians speak a different dialect to the Albanians in the northern places like Shkodër and in Kosovo.

Picture of the UNESCO city of Gjirokaster with old stone houses and greenery showcasing one of the best places to visit in Albania

4. Gjirokastër – The city of stone

A lot of people either go to Berat or Gjirokastёr because they think because they are both UNESCO cities they will be the same – WRONG!

Make sure you visit Gijrokastёr too – it’s one of the best Albania cities to visit, with cobbled streets and a castle perched at the top. Gijrokastёr is definitely worth the stop.

Make sure you save a few hours for the castle where you can see and climb if you wish on the old army tanks, plus you get some of the best views in Albania.

There is so much to see here including underground tunnels, a weapon museum (you can actually pick up the weapons!) and abandoned rooms of the castle.

Spend an afternoon wandering the streets and people-watching from a café. Gijrokastёr has a lot of character and is one of the best places to see in Albania.

Where to stay in Gjirokastra

Find the best Albania tourist attractions, luxury hillside hotel with painted white walls and grey slate roofs complete with pool and plenty of decking and balconies as well as tables and chairs sat amongst green grassy area with trees and mountains in the distance

Kerculla Resort – Luxury Accommodation Option

This hotel in Gjirokastra came highly recommended by one of my readers and upon research, it’s the top-rated hotel in the town.

It’s a beautiful hotel equipped with a swimming pool and stunning views – perfect for a summer vacation in Albania!

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Stay in all the must visit places in Albania, view looking out across rooftops of buildings and trees towards large looming mountain in the distance under a grey cloudy sky
The view from Guesthouse Mele!

Guesthouse Mele – Mid-range accommodation *My personal favourite!

This guesthouse is a perfect base for exploring the city of Gjirokastra. It’s only a 5-10 minute walk to the old bazaar but far away enough that it’s peaceful & quiet.

The breakfast is fantastic and quite a spread of delicious Albanian food. The hosts of the guesthouse are the real highlight of this guesthouse though!

If you come to Gjirokastra I highly recommend booking this guesthouse. It’s also only a 1-minute walk from the Ethnographic Museum.

P.S. Gjirokaster can be a great day trip from Saranda, so if you’re thinking about basing yourself by the sea instead, take a trip for the day to explore Gjirokastrer’s natural beauty instead.

For the latest prices & availability, click here

Choose your Albania holiday destinations, open room with wooden table and chairs to one side and sofa with cushions and soft stools on a patterned rug on the other in front of stone wall with reading nook to one side
Photo @Stonecity hostel

Stone city – Budget accommodation for Backpackers

The best hostel in Gjirokastra and my favourite one in Albania is Stone City Hostel. This hostel has had some incredible renovations and is possibly the prettiest hostel I have stayed in, ever! 

I highly recommend staying here if you’re a backpacker in Gjirokaster – it’s one of Albania most beautiful places!

➡ Click here for the latest prices & availability

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19 Incredible Things to do in Tirana, Albania 2021, cable car travelling along narrow cable over road lined with green shrubs and mountains in the distance

5. Tiranë – The capital of Albania

Tirana is one of the best cities in Albania for your next holidays and one of the coolest cities in Europe in my opinion.

It has an edge, there are lots of things to see and most importantly for any traveller, the alcohol is cheap. 

In the summer as most people have migrated to the beach of Saranda or Durres the city isn’t as busy but in the winter the city is thriving again. There are some wonderful places to party in Tirana as well. 

Don’t forget to visit the raki bar, Komiteti. You can try all the different flavours of raki here and it’s set in a sort of museum! It’s a cool place to hang out.

You can also look at the old communist leader’s house, Enver Hoxha.  I highly recommend visiting the House of Leaves, which is where you can find out a bit more about what Albania was like in communist times. 

During the evening, locals come to mingle in Skanderbeg Square so it can be a great place to people-watch! Et’hem bey mosque is also nearby and a good place to see as well.

There are lots of things to do in Tirana, including some of the top tourist spots in Albania, so I highly recommend spending a few days in the largest city in the country.

Whilst in Tirana make sure you visit one of the best tourist attractions in Albania – Bunkart 1 & 2.

Tirana is definitely the best city to visit in Albania if you love history and art and culture, but aren’t that keen on the beach.

Where to stay in Tirana

See the best tourist places in Albania, hotel room with soft white bed and writing area with modern style chair and cosier-looking armchair further back by grey curtains

The Plaza Hotel Tirana  – Luxury hotel

This Tirana luxury hotel (5 stars) is not to be missed on your trip to Tirana. It’s got everything you would ever need including spa, gym, breakfast and 3 restaurants on-site.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Find out where to travel in Albania, courtyard with table and chairs under canopy of tree with green plants in pots to the sides

Trip’n Hostel – Best hostel in Tirana

If you’re looking for a good hostel to stay in there is no other option than Trip’n Hostel! I absolutely loved my stay here. The owners are super lovely. 

If you want a fun and chilled hostel then make sure you choose this one, trust me, you won’t be disappointed! 

The breakfast here is amazing, and they have their own bar where they also make their own beer.

This fantastic hostel is also close to some of the top Albania tourist spots.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

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Find the best things to see in Albania, long distance shot of Saranda with coastline showing many tall buildings close together next to waterfront with blue ocean under a cloudy sky
Saranda is one of the best cities to visit in Albania during your holiday

6. Sarandë

Saranda is where I am based in Albania and I think it’s one of the best cities in Albania to visit.

It is one of the most popular Albania summer destinations, but I personally think it’s worth visiting all year round. Is Saranda worth visiting in the spring? Yes! How about in winter? Also yes!

In the summer this is one of the thriving beach cities in Albania and one of the best places to visit in Albania in summer.

Saranda is a great mix of beach life, good restaurants and the main location in Albania for nightlife. 

In the summer a substantial number of Albanians come here to live and work for the tourist season so the nightlife here is very prominent.

When the winter starts it turns into a sleepy beach city but still boasts great weather.

In fact, Saranda itself gets over 300 days of sunshine a year so if you have to spend winter anywhere in Europe I would spend it here! 

Make sure you read my full guide on Saranda which includes the best things to do, best places to eat and where to stay! If you’re wondering where to go in Albania, Saranda can be a great start!

📸 PRO TIP: My go-to camera for all my travels is the Sony A7iii – I highly recommend it!

Where to stay in Saranda

The best tourist destination in Albania, pristine white hotel room with soft white linen bed and white curtains under white ceiling with light grey walls and desk with large flat screen television

Demi hotel – Luxury Hotel

is an amazing beach hotel that is found in Sarandë. The hotel faces the Ionian Sea in possibly the best area to stay in Albania if you enjoy high-end bars and restaurants.

The hotel is 2 km from Saranda Ferry Terminal, and thus it is easily accessible. The four-star hotel is elegant with affordable nightly rates, high-end room service and it is kid-friendly.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Visit Albania attractions, front of Hotel Apollon with white walls and glass doors behind modernist landscaping with blue sea in the background

Hotel Apollon is an incredible four-star hotel found 5 km from the centre. Also, the hotel has private beaches with sun loungers and umbrellas.

Hotel Apollon is kid-friendly, has a bar and restaurant, offers free Wi-Fi and high-quality room service.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

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Popular tourist spots in Albania, aerial shot of seafront with white beaches and built-up area with plenty of buildings connected by winding roads
Ksamil is the best place to visit in Albania for sure!

7. Ksamil

One of the top places in Albania that will leave you speechless is Ksamil. Only a 20-minute bus ride from Saranda is this beautiful paradise.

The only advice I would give is to visit in any other months except for July and August. During those two months, the place is absolutely packed with other people on their Ksamil holidays. 

It’s much nicer to visit in the of the season when most of the summer tourists have left and there are only a few sunbeds left.

White sand and crystal clear water, what more could you want?

There are also a few islands which you can swim out to as well as you can rent a jet ski or paddle boat and spend the day relaxing in the Albanian sun! 

Ksamil is often referred to as the most beautiful place in Albania and for good reason, it’s stunning!

It’s easy to see why Ksamil is one of the top Albania holiday destinations – especially in the summers due to its amazing beaches.

Ksamil is definitely a southern Albania gem.

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See the best cities in Albania, store front with thin tables and chairs placed evenly along the street on grey cobbles with ornate lampposts and brown wooden window frames
Korce is one of the best places to visit in Albania in winter

8. Korçë

When you come to Albania you will no doubt try one of the local beers Korça. Well, you can visit the city where Korça is made and produced.

The best thing about it is that you will get beer for the wholesale price. That means you will pay a pittance for a bottle of beer, that’s insane!

While Korça is definitely one of the best cities in Albania if you want to enjoy the nightlife, it’s also has so much more to offer.

Korça is set in a valley so the city is surrounded by mountains.  It’s one of the best places to visit in Albania during winter. From Korçë you can also do some amazing hikes in the surrounding area.

I want to name this the best city in Albania because it has everything you need and some of the most beautiful architecture in the country.

Where to stay in Korce

Find the best villages in Albania, courtyard with wooden tables and chairs in front of glass-fronted restaurant with lights on

Villa Ester – Hotel recommendation

One of the most recommended places to stay in Korce is Villa Ester. It’s one of the most beautiful accommodation options with the best reviews!

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Places to visit in Albania, large stone courtyard with old well surrounded by building with balcony and warm electric lights

Hani i Pazarit – Boutique Hotel

Hani i Pazarit boutique hotel is a popular pick for many travellers coming to Korca because of its history. It’s located in the old bazaar which means it’s the perfect place to explore nearby sites.

It’s also set in a 350-year-old building and they have done a great job at preserving the history of Albania.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

💡 Top tip: I would highly recommend booking in advance if you do come to Korca, especially at the weekends. Things can get booked up very quickly as Korca is one of the main Albania destinations for locals.

Best Albania summer destinations, aerial shot of stone watchtower surrounded by more modern buildings and streets with trees and mountains in the distance

 9. Kruja

Kruja is a must see in Albania. It’s a small town positioned on the top of a mountain. It’s referred to as the city of Skanderbeg.

Skanderbeg is a national hero who saved the Albanians from being taken over by the Ottoman Empire at one point. 

He tricked the Ottomans and told them that he wanted to go back to Albania to help them take over the country. But in fact, he went back to Albania and rallied the troops against the Ottomans. 

Kruja is so underrated but it is one of the most amazing places in Albania.

In Kruja there is a castle and a big museum which is amazing to learn more about Albanian history.  There are also the most incredible markets which are hundreds of years old. 

Here you will find the most beautiful antiques and unique Albanian souvenirs. The antique shops are filled with little treasures!

It’s only a 45-minute bus ride from Tirana and costs 100lek. Kruja is one of the best towns in Albania and it’s well worth staying here if you have the time.  

Where to stay in Kruja

Learn where to travel in Albania, tall stone tower with series of small stone walls leading up hillside to rocky mountains

Emiliano Rooms – My favourite place to stay!

I highly recommend staying at Emiliano rooms if you do stay. The property is in one of the original houses within the castle walls. The staff are incredibly friendly, and the price is incredible! 

Make sure you have the traditional dinner here even if you don’t end up staying here.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

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24 Incredibly Beautiful Places to Visit in Albania, old stone building with arched doorway in front of hillside covered in green vegetation under a cloudy sky
Qeparo has been named one of the prettiest places in Albania

10. Qeparo – one of the most beautiful towns in albania

There are two parts to Qeparo – old/new or up/down. Upper Qeparo is magical and possibly my favourite place I have been to in Albania.

It’s the perfect place to see a traditional Albanian village, but there’s a twist. This one is half abandoned. 

After communism fell many of the villagers left from here to other countries and therefore the village was completely abandoned.

These days about half of the village has been renovated but many of the old stone houses stay derelict. 

The streets are cobbled, the views are magnificent, and history is rich here. There’s not much to do apart from awe at this beautiful village.

One of the best villages in Albania, Lower Qeparo is situated right on the beach and is a chilled out little beach town.

I highly recommend a visit to these unique Albania villages as they’re some of the top things to see in Albania!

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Things to see in Albania, wooden structure for shade on stony beach in front of blue sea under an azure blue sky

11. Borsh

One of the best places to go in Albania is Borsh. Borsh is also very chilled and holds the longest stretch of beach in Albania, making it one of the best beaches in Albania!

It’s situated in between olive groves and is a nice place to get away from the craziness of Saranda in the summer.

I highly recommend making a trip to Borsh castle which sits on the mountain overlooking the beach.  The castle is in ruins, but it’s often missed by tourists and is completely forgotten and is one of my favourite historical sites to visit in the south.

The views are simply stunning, and it’s easy to see why this is one of the top Albania attractions.

There’s also an old mosque on the castle walls. This was added by the Ottomans!

It’s not a working mosque as it’s nearly completely ruined but it’s beautiful inside and you can still see some of the paintings on the ceiling.

Best things to do in Albania in summer, aerial shot of coast with sandy beach and grassy areas meeting clear blue water

12. Dhermi

Dhermi is becoming one of the most popular places to visit along what has become known as the “Albanian Maldives” – the Albanian Riviera.

There are some great beaches and the town is made for tourists, lots of accommodation and restaurant options here.

You can choose to stay right on the beach or in the village above.

Dhermi is a great place to base yourself as it’s the middle of some great places to visit in Albania. Make sure if you stay in Dhermi to make a trip to Gjipe beach, one of the best Albania vacation spots.

It’s one of the best beaches in Albania which is hidden in between a canyon and hosts some of the top festivals in Albania during the summer.

Where to stay in Dhermi

Top tourist destination in Albania, hotel pool with beach recliners and umbrellas surrounded by green forested area next to sea under a setting sun

Elysium Hotel – luxury Accommodation Option

This hotel is a luxury accommodation option that has a swimming pool, shuttle service right down to the beach and friendly staff.

It’s located just above Dhermi Beach, so you get a view of the beach as well as the mountains above.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

See the best Albanian cities, hotel room with large white bed and white walls with wooden ceiling and wooden chair

Drymades bungalow – Mid-cost accommodation

This is the place to be during the summer. With fantastic accommodation options including bungalows, wooden rooms and stone rooms, friendly staff and a fun vibe throughout.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Nino’s Guesthouse – Budget accommodation

This place has a great view and only a 3-minute walk to the beach. It’s affordable and the staff are incredibly friendly.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

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24 Incredibly Beautiful Places to Visit in Albania, hillside covered with white buildings and green trees under an azure blue sky

13. Vuno

Vuno is off the tourist radar and often missed! It’s a very small village along the Albanian Riviera trail.  There’s a charm to Vuno just like Upper Qeparo.

Vuno was too abandoned but today it’s slowly being revived. Stone houses and cobbled stone paths lead throughout the village.

You gain magnificent views over the olive groves and the beaches of the Albanian Riviera.

Gjipe beach is not too far away from here and is a great thing to go see if you end up basing yourself in Vuno for a night or two.

Albania beaches: Most Beautiful Beaches in Albania, vibrant turquoise waters lapping at rocks and sand next to grassy hillside with small building off to one side

14. Jale

If you are looking for fun things to do in Albania in summer, you must include a visit to at least one beach!

And one of the best places to visit Albania has to offer beach lovers is Jale, a beach town that has become popular in recent years.

This is possibly the best place in Albania for holidays on the beach and there are many accommodation options, beach parties and the perfect place to relax.

You can hire a kayak and visit some of the nearby hidden coves and beaches, Gjipe being one of them!

💡 PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

Where to stay in Jale

Best villages in Albania, hotel pool with perfectly still water next to myriad of sunloungers and shading umbrellas and palm trees under a cloudless blue sky

Folie Marine Beach Hotel & club – Luxury accommodation option

If you’re looking for luxury, then this is it! This is one of the most beautiful places in Albania for a hotel and the Folie Marine Beach hotel also offers 3 restaurants and swimming pool and everything you would need for a real beach getaway.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Hotel Nuanti – Mid-range accommodation

This hotel is closest to that secret beach I talked about on the last page. This accommodation is basic but meets all the needs of a summer getaway.

The staff are incredibly friendly, and they serve delicious fresh seafood too!

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Discover Albania vacation spots, indoor room with white walls and red patterned carpet with woollen seating areas and small low wooden tables with drinking cups
Theth is one of the best places to visit in North Albania

15. Theth

Located in northern Albania, Theth national park is one, if not the most beautiful national park in Albania. It’s truly a must-visit in Albania.

Theth is a picturesque village hidden in a valley surrounded by mountain ranges. From here you can start some great hikes through the Albanian Alps and see some of the best Albania nature attractions.

The area is a haven for lovers of wild animals and beautiful nature. Over 2/3rds of the park is covered in trees. Theth is isolated but slowly tourism is developing.

Theth is the top tourist destination in Albania for outdoor enthusiasts.

There’s an abundance of things to see including the park itself, springs, waterfalls, stone carvings and more. These are some of the most amazing sights in Albania!

Where to stay in Theth

Find the best city to visit in Albania, tall wooden house with accompanying long low wooden house surrounded by green foliage in the foreground and by taller rocky mountains behind
Wondering where to visit in Albania? You must check out Theth!

Bujtina Polia – Mid-range accommodation

This is where we stayed for 2 nights and I highly recommend it. We had a little cabin which was nice and cosy.

It’s located right next to the Theth church and about a 20-minute walk to the centre of Theth (where the mini market is).

The family were friendly, and the food was good. Breakfast was a buffet and was filled with all the right things to prepare for the days hiking.

We also had lunch there (500lek pp) which was a range of dishes like meat, cheese, salad, soup, bread and water.

They have family style dinners which were €10 per person. There was a lot of food and a typical Albanian style of lots of different dishes, so you get a bit of everything.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Discover places to visit Albania, wide shot of built-up areas and hilltop ruins looking out over large body of water with mountains in the distance
Wondering what to see in Albania? Check out the Albanian Riviera from Vlora to Saranda!

16. Vlore

Perhaps one of the most unique tourist destinations in Albania for history buffs and one of the top cities in Albania is the coastal city of Vlore.

Vlore is much bigger than the likes of the more popular Saranda. It’s the start (or end) of the Albanian Riviera.

The city has a special place in history because Vlore is where Albania claimed independence in 1912. This old city was founded in the 6th century BC and used to be named Aulona.

There is plenty to do in and around Vlora.  I highly recommend going to the castle, you get spectacular views of the city from here. Sazan island is also close and is the largest island in Albania. 

It’s a military zone but recently It started opening in the summers for tourists to come see. There are plenty of beaches in Vlore to check out too.

Where to stay in Vlora

Find Albania holiday destinations for you, long wooden balcony with potted plants and chairs looking out across large bay with blue water and cloudy blue sky
Regina Blu

Regina Blu – Luxury Accommodation

This is one of the best luxury places to stay within Vlora. It has a beautiful view of the sea with an incredible pool and facilities.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Visit spots that are a must see in Albania, stairs leading down towards seafront with clear turquoise waters and manmade pool to one side

Hotel Liro – Mid range hotel

is also a popular option as it is located right in the cliff-face with a private beach and friendly staff.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

Find the best towns in Albania, ruins of large stone building with columns and steps surrounded by trees under a blue sky

17. Fier

I must be honest, Fier is not my favourite place in Albania. But it does have one advantage – Apollonia!

Apollonia is a UNESCO world heritage site full of history and one of the best tourist places in Albania! It’s an ancient Illyrian and Greek city.

Less than 5% of Apollonia has been discovered, which is truly incredible because as you walk around the park you will soon understand how much is yet to be discovered!

Apollonia is one of the main attractions within the country.

18. Durres

Durres is a port city and a popular pick for a beach getaway for Albanians living in Tirana as its only 35km from the capital. It’s the most ancient city in Albania with a history going back as far as 3000 years.

The biggest thing to see in Durres is the ancient Amphitheatre which seats over 15,000 people. The theatre is the second largest in the Balkans and is a great thing to see if you end up in Durres. 

From Durres, you can head north for some incredible nature and hiking. Only an hour away is Cape of Rodon which I highly recommend visiting. It’s home to sandy beaches and a 14th-century castle!

Places to visit in Albania, photo of Anita in the Benje hot pools with old bridge in the background
Permet is one of the best places to visit in Albania in winter because of the hot pools!

19. Permet

Permet is near one of Albania’s natural wonders – hot water springs! The town is known to be the cleanest and the greenest being named the city of flowers. 

One of the main features of this town is the enormous rock that lies in the centre called the stone of the city. It is one of the most unique Albania tourist attractions.

There’s also a beautiful old bridge called Katiu which is right next to the springs. Don’t miss out on this very special holiday destination in Albania!

Where to stay in Permet

Tourist places in Albania, window with balcony and red flowers in baskets next to black and white sign for Funky Guest House

Funky Guesthouse – Mid range accommodation option

This guesthouse has fantastic reviews and provides an excursion that I haven’t seen elsewhere in Permet- horseback riding!

If you want to see the springs and local area via horseback, then you’re going to love this place.

The guest house is cosy, clean and equipped rooms with a great buffet breakfast which is included.

The guest house is right in the centre of Permet so it’s close to all the restaurants and sightseeing in this city.

The rooms are clean and up to date so you can enjoy an excellent quality room at a very affordable price.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

📚 Read more: Check out my Permet travel guide here

Things to see in Albania, aerial view looking down on ruins with small stone walls and brown vegetation

20. Finiq/ Phoenice

Finiq is an incredibly under-visited site located just out of Saranda! It’s one of the most underrated tourist places in Albania.

The Finiq archaeological park is still mostly yet to be discovered but there’s a Roman theatre, Hellenistic houses, a small prostylos temple, Byzantine church and lots of relics.

The site was formed in the second half of the 5th century BC.

Many tourists don’t even know this site exists which is such a shame. From the park, you gain amazing views of the surrounding landscape. It’s a very peaceful place. 

I highly recommend taking a picnic up to the site and enjoying the view and history!

See the best tourist places in Albania, aerial view of island with stone fortification structure surrounded by green vegetation and azure blue sea

21. Porto Palermo

The Porto Palermo castle and its beach are a great stopover during a holiday to the Albanian Riviera. The castle was built in the 19th century and belonged to Ali Pasha. 

The castle is unique because it’s in a star shape instead of the usual 4 corners a castle normally has!

You will also see old army barracks beside the castle and nearby there’s also a submarine bunker!

The beach is small and rocky but lovely, nevertheless. I have also seen people camping right on the beach here!

Discover things to see in Albania, aerial view of beachfront with turquoise water to one side and built-up areas with tall buildings and promenade on the other

22. Pogradec

Right on the border of Macedonia is a popular stopover holiday spot for families. Pogradec offers beautiful views of Lake Ohrid which is over 4 million years old. 

The lake is under UNESCO protection as it’s home to as many as 17 aquatic animal species which are majority native to this lake.

The town is one of the must-see places in Albania for nature lovers who are after a peaceful holiday by the lake!

Where to stay in Pogradec

There are many great affordable hotels to stay in the city. The top three hotels are:

As Pogradec is a resort town, there are plentiful hotels here. If you’re looking for a more Vila-type accommodation rather than a large hotel, then try Vila Sigal.

Best place in Albania for holiday, stony mountainsides with grassy areas under a cloudy blue sky
Paragliding in Llogara National Park is one of the best crazy things to do in Albania

23. Llogara national park

Llogara national park is great for a summer or winter getaway. Within the park, you have many options – hiking, paragliding, camping and you’re also close to the sea!

The Llogara pass is one of the most beautiful drives in Europe.

You gain stunning views of the Albanian Riviera, particularly Palase which is the best beach before/after the national park (it’s one of Albania’s best beaches).

If you love hiking, then good news because Llogara is the gateway for the Karaburun Peninsula.

There is still not a lot of information about this peninsula as it’s the most untouched part of the Albanian Riviera.

To get to the hidden coves and beaches – truly some of the best Albania hidden gems – you must hike for 4-6 hours one way and there are no certain tracks yet.

🧳 MUST-HAVE: Before you head out on your trip, make sure you have travel insurance. My #1 recommendation is SafetyWing!

Where to stay in llogara

There are not too many options when it comes to accommodation in Llogara National Park. The top 3 hotels in the park are Llogara Tourist Village, Hotel Alpin and Hotel Restorant Alberti.

Choose the best city to visit in Albania, aerial shot of island covered in green foliage and spaced out buildings with neatly segmented farmland in the distance
Butrint is one of the top places to visit in Albania

24. Butrint National Park

The last place but certainly not the least is Butrint – a UNESCO protected area nearby Saranda and next to Ksamil.

The Greeks inhabited Butrint in the 6th century BC and later the Romans took over. But Butrint was inhabited well before that, in prehistoric times. The earliest evidence of life is from 50,000 years ago!

The park is incredibly big, you can easily spend the whole day here exploring all that it has to offer. There’s one restaurant within the park at the top otherwise there’s also another one down the road. 

I highly recommend looking at Ali Pasha Fortress which is not too far from the main park at Butrint as both are must visit places in Albania.

You can reach it by catching a ride with a local fisherman or walking down from the viewpoint on the road going towards Butrint.

📚 Read more: Visiting Butrint, Albania: One of Albania’s Best UNESCO Sites

There’s a roundup of the best places to visit in Albania that you simply cannot miss. There are plenty more places to visit while you’re in Albania.  Every town, village and city are unique, and none are the same. 

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My advice would be to hire a car and drive around the country. This way you can see a lot more. If you don’t have access to a hire car, make sure you read my guide to transport through Albania!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Which is the most beautiful place in Albania?

This will really come down to personal preference, but most people will -rightly – tell you that Theth is the most beautiful National Park in the country. For me, Shkodër, Berat, Gjirokastёr and Ksamil are also some of the most beautiful places in Albania.

✅ What is the best beach in Albania?

You really can’t visit Albania without visiting the beach. But which one? If you can only visit one, one of my favourites is Dhermi Beach. I also really love Himare Beach, which is a little less touristy.

✅ Where to travel in Albania in the summer?

Definitely the beach! Head to the Albanian Riviera and have your pick of the best towns and cities in Albania for beach bumming. Some of the best places are Saranda, Vlore and Dhermi – these are some of the best coastal towns in Albania.

So there you have it – my 24 top places to go in Albania! Have you been to any of these must-see places in Albania?

Is there somewhere I haven’t mentioned that would make this list up to 25 amazing places to visit in Albania? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Sreekar
    March 3, 2018

    I had always wanted to check out the smaller European countries and Albania has been on the list for far too long. About time I get geeed up and get this done. Good to know that you can fit in so much on short trips too! Tirana is an absolute must I guess!

  • Mei
    March 4, 2018

    I must admit that we’ve never thought about visiting Albania, but after reading your post I’m wondering why not.. 🙂 Some of the towns look like those in Greece, so I’m sure we’d like it there. But how’s Albanian food? What are your specialities? The beach Ksamil looks pretty inviting, so we’d certainly consider going there too. And we’ll follow your advice and avoid going there during summer time. Thanks a lot for sharing this! 😉

  • Michela of Rocky Travel
    March 4, 2018

    I have never been to Albania, being close to Italy, it’s quite convenient, however there aren’t many flights to Tirana as far as I know. The azure waters of Ksamil look like a great spot for beach lovers. Bookmarked this page!

  • Catherine Salvador Mendoza
    March 4, 2018

    When I see or hear Albania, reminds me of the girl from Switzerland that I met at a homestay, her name is Albana! Rhymes, right? lol and also the famous song nowadays, Havana na na na hahaha! And the names of these places have the special character such as ë. Albania looks very peaceful and beautiful. Interesting facts like regions in the Philippines, we have different dialects, too! Ksamil is a gorgeous white sand crystal beach, no wonder why many tourists flock here so good to know when to avoid the area.

  • Claire
    March 4, 2018

    I knew absolutely nothing about Albania before reading this, I had no idea it was so beautiful! Those beaches look gorgeous – I will remember to avoid them in the summer peak season though! I like the sound of Saranda too, I could do with some sun!

  • Danik
    March 4, 2018

    I havent traveled all over Albania yet but I have been to Sarande for a day trip from the island of Corfu and found it to be a nice place to chill out on the beach. I went 10 years ago and the place wasn’t really built up but probably has improved since then with hopefully some good eating places. Great list here. 🙂

  • Marcus and Mel
    March 4, 2018

    We love visiting UNESCO sites and yes both Berat and Gijrokastёr look very interesting. We would like to visit in the Spring or Autumn to avoid the heat and crowds of the summer months.

  • Anne
    March 5, 2018

    We visited most of these sites last year before spending a week in Saranda. We absolutely loved the country and was blown away by the food, scenery and towns. Thanks for sharing. It brought back great memories

  • Megan Jerrard
    March 6, 2018

    I would love to visit Albania at some stage, and as I’m trying to tick off as many UNESCO sites as possible, I would first start in Berat. Himare and Saranda sounds like fabulous cities for the coast though. I love how authentic Albania still appears – can’t wait to visit!

  • Lucy
    March 7, 2018

    Albania looks beautiful, especially Saranda. I like that there is 300 days of sunshine, my kind of place! Ksamil looks stunning, pure paradise. I think I will be looking into going to Albania in the near future.

  • Chaim
    April 8, 2019

    If you would consider buying an apartment in Albania where would you choose the best city? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Chaim
      April 17, 2019

      It totally depends on what you’re into! If you love the beach then Saranda or Vlora might be a good option. If you love city life then Tirana. Keep in mind during the winter in the Albanian Riviera is very quiet and a lot of businesses close. But, this is why I love Saranda because it’s busy in the summer and super quiet in the winter.

  • Pedro
    October 7, 2019

    Thank you very much for the information,
    I’ve been reding most of your articles getting ready to visit Albania.

    Cheers from Chile

  • Eric Olsen
    March 19, 2021

    Thank you so much for this guide! A friend of mine and I are thinking of an impromptu trip in a few weeks to Albania and Macedonia as neither currently requires a PCR test nor has quaratine restrictions. Plus, as they border one another, we can travel via rail between the two.

    I cannot get over how inexpensive lodging is in Sarande and other cities! Unbelievable!

    If you only had 3-4 days in Albania, where would you go? Also, are you for hire as a tour guide?!