Planning is Half the Fun of Travel: Choosing What To Do

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Planning is half the fun of travel: Choosing what to do

You have picked your destination and where you’re going to stay so what’s left?  Choosing what you are going to be doing on your holiday!

Picking what activities to do and places to see is the most exciting part in my opinion.  When you decide what you would like to see is when the holiday becomes more real and not so far in the distance.  Here’s a guide to choosing what to do on your next holiday!

Guides on

When you book your accommodation through, you get the option to learn more about the neighbourhoods and landmarks that are available in that city or area. will show you which landmarks are close to your hotel and the distance, so you can easily plan what to see and do that’s within walking distance, and what you will have to take a day trip for.

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Travel blogs

When I’m searching for things to do I research online.  The best way is to type into Google ‘What to do in London (or wherever you are going) + the keywords ‘travel blogs’.  Google will bring up guides that are featured on travel blogs, which I find are the most helpful because as travel bloggers, we love to recommend less touristy things to do as well as some great hidden gems.

planning is half the fun of travel: choosing what to do

Pinterest search

Another way I love to search for things to do for a destination is by using Pinterest.  Pinterest is another search engine but instead of reading guides Pinterest uses images.  You can make a board called ‘Things to do in London’ and then search things to do in London in the search box.  You will get an excellent selection of images which you can then add to your board and create the perfect list of things to do wherever in the world you are going.

Personal recommendations

If I know someone personally and I know they have been to where I am planning to go, I love to ask for their personal recommendations.  They can often tell you what you shouldn’t miss and what you should avoid.  The bonus is that they know you personally, so they should know what you like and what you dislike.

planning is half the fun of travel: choosing what to do

Facebook Groups

If you don’t know anyone personally that has visited the destination, then search for recommendations on Facebook groups.  My favourite for this is ‘Girls LOVE Travel’.  It’s a Facebook group with over 400,000 members (only girls). You can write on the group wall asking for recommendations on what to do and sometimes you might even be able to link up with locals that are in the destination you are travelling to.  I have found plenty of success through Facebook groups like this.  There are plenty of them out there.  All you have to do to find them is go to Facebook search then type the destination you are going to and add a keyword like ‘travellers’ on the end.  Change your filters to only show groups and you are bound to find a group of travellers specifically for that destination.

Check out my website

I have plenty of local guides and wonderful things to do in a bundle of destinations so don’t forget to look around my website.  Just use the drop-down menu called ‘destinations’ and pick which country you are travelling to!

Sometimes you pick your destination and accommodation based on which activities you want to do.  For example, if you are keen on snorkelling and you want this to be your main activity for your holiday then you will probably choose your destination based on which places are going to be amazing for that activity.  Make sure you read my guide on how to choose your destination and how to choose your accommodation through

I recommend you download app to make it more convenient finding hotels wherever you choose to travel to.  By booking through the app you also get a discount on some of the hotels that are advertised on there too!

Tell me below where you are planning on visiting!

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Planning is half the fun of travel: Choosing what to do

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