A Quick Guide to Spending Summer Holidays in Malta

Last Updated on June 29, 2021

A Quick Guide to Spending Summer Holidays in Malta

Are you planning on spending a vacation on Malta? This article outlines a few aspects about Malta as well as giving a guideline on numerous things to do while in Malta. Some of the things you must not fail to do while in Malta include, but are not limited to, visiting Valletta and islands of Comino and Gozo among others that are listed on this article.

Here is a quick guide to spending summer holidays in Malta


Why you should Visit Malta

Malta is fame of being the best in Britain. It has received the credit because of its uniqueness as a sun and sea destination which are found in plenty. Every year, Malta has at least 300 sunny days in addition to been surrounded by clear blue waters. This makes it the cleanest in Mediterranean something that makes it draw numerous swimmers, divers, and snorkelers among others.


Malta is known to contain many historical sights than any other country which include unique prehistoric temples, Roman catacombs, medieval towns, some of the oldest stone buildings in the entire world, and architectural legacy among many others.

Something worth noting is that the British left phone booths, language, and red letter boxes but Malta but this didn’t have a lasting impact on Malta which has remained thoroughly Maltese to date. Malta is home to excellent restaurants which specialize in Mediterranean food. The magnificence of the surroundings are incredible, they have made many people visit the country at different times to have a view of its beauty.


A Quick Guide to Spending Summer Holidays in Malta

Best Time to Visit

Anyone may visit Malta at any time of the year. Summers are usually delightful something which results from bright blue skies and beautiful the Mediterranean Sea. As such, summers present a good time for diving, boat trips, swimming and local festivals others.

On the other hand, autumn and spring are usually ideal for adventure and sightseeing with beautiful weather and temperatures working in favor of adventure lovers which is ideal for spending time in Malta beaches.


The winter is, however, not friendly and there are chances of experiencing cold weather every other day. During the winter, the daytime high is usually 15C. The winter season is the best time for those people that are budget conscious because flights and accommodation charges are generally low.


Reasons to visit Malta

Apart from the outlined reasons to choose Malta as your holiday destination, there are numerous other reasons why an individual should visit Malta.


Here are some of them:

  • Good quality hotels and holiday accommodation
  • Cheap flights to Malta
  • Easy accessibility to means of transport while getting around Malta
  • Rich cultural heritage
  • Numerous sports and leisure activities
  • Great nightlife


In conclusion, Malta is the country in Europe that anyone who dreams of spending the holiday in a great way must visit. This is a credit it has received because of having the best beaches in Europe which additionally are sunny for the better part of the year meaning that individuals may enjoy themselves throughout the year by visiting St George’s, St Paul’s Bays and Paradise Bay among the many others that are mentioned in this article.


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A Quick Guide to Spending Summer Holidays in Malta

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