How to Rent a Boat in Split, Croatia

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How to Rent a Boat in Split, Croatia

‘’Sea’’ it to believe it  

On Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, Split, is known for its liveliness and has become one of the most popular cities to visit on the Adriatic Sea. With its speedy economic growth and investments in tourism, there are dozens of bars, restaurants, and shops booming within the distinctive old walls so you will be sure to stay entertained and keep busy while here.

Positioned between the mountains and the sea, Split, is admired for its architecture and beauty in the city and its surrounding areas making it a perfect weekend trip or gateway for the islands near in the region.

After spending time in the beautiful city with all its entertainment and history that it offers, why not enjoy the nature and the world-famous beaches within a short distance from the coast. Although Split has its very own beaches, each with their own and unique special traits, they can sometimes become overcrowded with travellers during the peak season.

Experience the surroundings that Split has to offer with just one trip of the Mediterranean’s most famously beautiful sites, its amazing clear sea, isolated islands, watersports hotspots, historic havens, hidden beaches and its mild climate with just one comforting boat trip.

With sweeping beaches, rocky coves and its climate consisting of very hot summers and receiving more than 2600 hours of sunshine annually, you can find refreshment, unwind and sail through the sparkling blue waters of the sun-kissed coastline, Adriatic…sounds perfect, right? So, what are you waiting for?


Here’s how to rent a boat in Split


How to Rent a Boat in Split, Croatia

What type of rental is for you?

There is a variety of factors that dictates the type of rental that you need. Do you want to rent a boat in split for a day or for several days? Do you need a boat with or without the skipper? What type of boat would you like to get? …and in the end, it all comes down to your budget.


One day rental (with the skipper)

As the Adriatic Sea offers secluded bays, natural wilderness, and unbelievable turquoise waters, Split is the perfect starting point to discover all of this.

With nautical tourism thriving, you can now rent your own boat, but by Croatian Law, you need to be licensed. Specifically, the licence you’ll need is “Boat leader licence category B”. To get a licence you need to complete the course and examination at the Harbour Office after which you will receive a Boat Leader’s License Category B issued by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia.

Although getting a licence is not super complicated, why bother with it if there is an adequate alternative available? The alternative is: renting a boat with a skipper. Not only you’ll avoid all that licence acquisition process, but you’ll also get a professional who is familiar with the boat, its equipment and manoeuvring abilities.

So, why worry about all the struggles and hassle when you can rent a boat in Split with a skipper through a local agency? Renting a boat in Croatia with a skipper brings a variety of advantages to the table. The most obvious of which being the local knowledge and privileged insights to show you and your group a side of maritime Croatia you may otherwise overlook entirely.

Getting away from the beaten path from the comfort and luxury of your own private boat is what unforgettable Croatian adventures are all about.

In addition, when you rent a boat in Split (and Croatia) with a captain, you and your guests have all the time in the world to relax, soak up your surroundings and indulge in whatever takes your fancy.


How to Rent a Boat in Split, Croatia

Most popular predefined day tours

Renting a boat and taking a day trip with a local agency provides you with the best possible experience as you get to see some of the rarest locations and untouched parts that you may not have been able to discover on your own.


Blue Cave and 5 islands tour:

The most popular and requested day tour is the Blue Cave and 5 island tour. On this tour, you get to experience the natural phenomenon of the Blue Cave on Biševo Island, Vis, Budikovac, Paklinski, and Hvar. The experienced skipper can show you sunken old ships, American bomber plane remaining’s from World War II, home of the endangered monk seals and filming locations of TV shows like Mama Mia. If you’re lucky enough, you can expect to experience dolphin watching during the tour. Skipper always gives his best to find a way to meet them and does shortstop so you can take amazing photos and enjoy the moment.


Blue Lagoon and 3 islands tour:

In addition to the Blue Cave and 5 islands tour, there are also 3 Island tour and Blue Lagoon tour. Tree island tour offers you something new, the island of Brač and the world’s famous Zlatni rat beach (Golden Horn), an ideal place for swimming and snorkelling and Blue lagoon’s crystal clear waters are ideal for relaxed swimming and snorkelling.

When doing a day tour in the arrangement with the local agency you get tour tailored just for you. You get to combine places, activities, and the attractions while having zero worries on your mind. There is plenty to miss if you choose to go on your own, but nothing when you let experienced locals do!


How to Rent a Boat in Split, Croatia

One week or longer (nautical marinas in Split)

Having a rich nautical history like Split has means that there is a great offer for any taste. There are 4 nautical marinas in Split area, ACI Marina Split, Marina Zenta, Marina Spinut, and Marina Kastela. ACI Marina Split is situated in the city centre and it’s within a walking distance from Diocletian Palace. It has the widest offer of all boat types available for charter. Boats range from smallest to the largest 30+ meters long new yacht fully equipped.

You also have available sailing boats, motor yachts, catamarans, and cruising gulets. Next, the best rental spot is Marina Kastela, with a wide selection of all boat types available for bareboat and crewed rental. Marina Zenta and Marina Spinut have a slightly lower offer of yachts and sailboats available for rental but they are still a great place to check.

Spending a week or more on the Adriatic Sea is a lifetime memory that you can’t put the price on. There are numerous spectacular places to visit, so wherever you decide to go you won’t regret it. The most popular and interesting route is a one-way route from Split to Dubrovnik. It includes visiting places like Hvar, Korcula, National Park Mljet and the Pearl of Adriatic – Dubrovnik.


How to Rent a Boat in Split, Croatia

Dalmatian’s beloved bond

If you have the opportunity to take a trip out on the crystal-clear sea, there is no better place to do so than on the Croatian coast as it is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the Mediterranean.

This coast is one of the safest to navigate in and offers plentiful locations to explore.

With the waters being calm and shark free, you will be sure to have a relaxing time while taking on the views and enjoying your favourite glass of wine and possibly spotting dolphins along the way, who doesn’t love a good show?

Dalmatian’s long history of sailing proves that whether you are an amateur or professional you have plenty of opportunities to explore the coastline.

If you have less experience in sailing, merely rent a boat in Split with a knowledgeable skipper who can teach you the ins and outs.

Courses are also available to improve your skills. If you have the skills to manage sailing on your own there are many licensed agencies available for you to rent your own boat according to your desires. But with the help of a skipper, it allows you to enjoy your free time all while taking the most spectacular pictures.

If you prefer to take out a small fishing boat, extravagant yacht or a sailboat they are all readily available. Again including a skipper who is there to alter and make recommendations on different routes in case of bad weather.

The Croatian love for the sea is plentiful and ready to be shared among everyone who wants to experience firsthand what the salty Mediterranean Sea has to offer. As well as its history including fun facts such as how the renowned traveller, Marco Polo, was born in Korcula, an island on the Adriatic Sea.



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