5 Reasons To Pick SafetyWing Travel Insurance

Why You Simply Must Pay for Travel Insurance

Everyone loves to talk about their travel wishes and experiences during travel. However, a smart traveller will plan for emergencies and get a backup plan. You can never have certainty regarding your safety and wellbeing; hence, travel medical insurance should be among your essentials.

Travel medical insurance is crucial as digital nomads are becoming popular in the modern world. Consequently, insurance companies have begun offering digital nomad insurance to meet the needs of this growing population. A company like SafetyWing Travel Insurance ensures you remain confident as you explore the world.


5 Reasons To Pick SafetyWing Travel Insurance

5 reasons to pick SafetyWing Travel insurance

SafetyWing Travel Insurance is beneficial to everyone including digital nomads for reasons such as


  1. You can sign up for insurance even when your journey has started

You do not have to worry about getting last-minute coverage. SafetyWing will provide an alternative to such situations as you can sign up for coverage even after you have begun your journey.


  1. The company values everyone including digital nomads

The health insurance plans it offers are diverse as it also provides international health insurance. So, wherever you may go as a digital nomad you can rest easy knowing they prioritise your safety and comfort.


  1. Affordable packages

SafetyWing cares about your health and the safety of your property; thus, you will not lack the nomads travel insurance because it was “too expensive.” For this reason, it offers competitive prices. For example, you can get travel medical coverage for $37 for 4 weeks.


  1. SafetyWing offers global health insurance and home country coverage

The business is available in 180 countries around the globe. This means you can easily access the insurance for nomads. Also, the normal travel insurance service will be accessible from almost anywhere in the world. It is through their commitment and reliability that they can offer travel medical insurance in many countries.


  1. Their packages consider young children

SafetyWing values the safety of children. The insurance plans will include benefits for 1 child (from the age of 14 days to 10 years) for every adult. Also, the plans allow a maximum of 2 children for every family without additional costs.

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5 Reasons To Pick SafetyWing Travel Insurance

The SafetyWing Plan

The coverage includes unique travel medical insurance that meets the expectations of different clients. However, they have an independent medical cover that will not be covered in this article as its purpose is to focus on travel insurance.

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5 Reasons To Pick SafetyWing Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Benefits

The aim of this plan is to protect you from the unforeseeable things that could happen during your travel. For example, natural disasters, personal liability, emergency response, travel delay and lost checked luggage.

The travel insurance coverage will offer:

  1. Trip interruption of up to $5,000. No deductible.
  2. Travel delay of up to $100 a day after a delay period of 12 hours daily that requires an unplanned overnight stay. It will be for a maximum of 2 days. No deductible.
  3. Natural disaster – a new place to stay for up to $100 each day for 5 days. No deductible.
  4. Lost checked luggage of up to $3000 for each certified period and up to $500 for each item. It also includes a lifetime limit of up to $6000. No deductible. Excluded items will include electronics like cameras, phones, and laptops.
  5. Emergency medical evacuation of up to $100,000 with a lifetime maximum. The coverage is not subject to an overall maximum limit or any deductibles.
  6. Political evacuation of up to $10,000 for a lifetime maximum. No deductible.
  7. Personal liability is of various types each with a different maximum limit:
  8. Lifetime maximum with a maximum limit of $25,000
  9. Third person injury with a maximum limit of $25,000
  10. Third person property with a maximum limit of $25,000
  11. Related third person property with a maximum limit of $2,500
  12. h) Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) provide different offers:
  13. Loss of 1 limb $25,000
  14. Loss of 2 limbs $50,000
  15. Lifetime maximum $50,000
  16. Death $50,000


How to make a claim

SafetyWing will expect you to submit a claim before they make any payments. This will include services or treatments billed directly to the company by your medical or service provider. Failure to submit the claim will limit them from making any payments.


Claims are easy to submit as they will require you to follow a simple procedure:

  1. Provide proof of claim – upon receiving a notice of claim, SafetyWing will provide you with documents to fill for proof of claim. The proof of claim can be:
  2. A Claimant’s Statement (completed and signed) and Authorisation form with any attachments required;
  3. Itemised bills from hospitals, physicians, or other medical providers (must be original); and
  4. Original expense receipts paid by you or on your behalf

You must avail the proof of claim within 60 days from the date it has incurred.

  1. Claims corporation – SafetyWing will expect you to provide assistance and corporate with its representatives to get any records they believe are necessary for the claim or incident evaluation.
  2. Access to additional materials – information, medical information, and other documentation should be provided when required until all claims are resolved.
  3. Other insurance – SafetyWing will not make any payments in the case another insurance firm is required to make payments for the specific claim.
  4. Arbitration – whenever there is a claim or controversy because of a breach or in relation to this contract, it will be settled through arbitration by the American Arbitration Association. This is according to the Consumer Arbitration Rules.


SafetyWing or World Nomads Travel Insurance

SafetyWing and World Nomads offer coverage for the unexpected during travel such as overseas death, accidents, and lost property. Where World Nomads covers pregnancy SafetyWing offers a package for children. A single child aged 14 days to 10 years for every adult and a maximum of 2 children for every family without additional costs.

SafetyWing has a low-cost travel medical insurance as compared to World Nomads that offers a higher price. It may not cover many areas as compared to World Nomads, but it provides affordable offers that will meet your immediate needs. SafetyWing charges $37/4 weeks while World Nomads service costs $120+/month.

World Nomads provides comprehensive international health coverage and insurance for nomads. On the other hand, SafetyWing offers a hybrid of travel insurance and health insurance for nomads.

SafetyWing and World Nomads lack a maximum coverage time for the travel medical insurance; hence, you can renew your policy for the period you desire. Nonetheless, SafetyWing allows an automated renewal process, like a subscription, to minimise the need for manual renewal.


Why You Simply Must Pay for Travel Insurance

Price of the Plan

SafetyWing wants you to access travel medical insurance at the most affordable price. A single coverage that lasts 28 days (4 weeks) will cost $36.96 to be automatically renewed every 28 days until 364 days pass, where you will be requested to renew, or when you cancel the coverage.


SafetyWing focuses on keeping all travellers safe and comfortable whenever they travel around the world. The company’s travel insurance plan covers significant areas of emergency that a traveller may face. Digital nomads can entrust their medical and travel safety to SafetyWing Insurance whenever they are outside their countries. At SafetyWing Travel Insurance, they prioritise your safety and well-being and get you covered as you leave home with their insurance for nomads.

You can check out SafetyWing and their plan here


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Why You Simply Must Pay for Travel Insurance


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