Saranda Restaurants: The Best Places to Eat in Saranda, Albania

Last Updated on May 13, 2024

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It’s always tricky when coming to a new city and looking for a restaurant with great food. Luckily, there are many great Saranda restaurants.

As I have lived in Saranda for a while now, I have my favourite places to eat in Saranda which I can’t recommend enough.

There is so much great Saranda food, the people are extremely friendly and in the summer the city is buzzing with people.

In recent years, there has been an abundance of new restaurants in Saranda and bars so I’ve made it my mission to visit as many as possible.

Below, I have included all the wonderful Saranda restaurants, bars, beach bars and cafes that I recommend for where to eat in Saranda.

Saranda Restaurants: The Best Places to Eat in Saranda, Albania, view of Saranda with large built up areas lining the coast next to wide open ocean with rolling rocky mountains behind

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Do I have to tip in Albania?

Tipping is not compulsory in Albania, however it is recommended and greatly appreciated.

Albanian wages are extremely low and some businesses try to make their money for the entire year from just the summer since Saranda is known as a summer destination for tourists (but thankfully that is slowly changing!).

If you can, leave a tip if you feel you had a great meal and service at any of the Saranda restaurants you visit – it is highly appreciated here!

Here are my top recommendations on the best restaurants in Saranda

Enjoy these saranda best restaurants, overhead shot of plate of food with meat, bread, chips, vegetables and dip on a white tablecloth
Learn where to eat in saranda, several plates of food including vegetable salad, shredded meat and dip with metal serving tongs and bottles of water

1. Taverna Laberia – Best meat in Saranda

  • Open all year
  • Delivery is available for orders over 1000lek (+355695322026)
  • Cash only

This little family-run restaurant, in my opinion, is one of the top places to eat Saranda It’s located only a 15-minute walk from the centre.

They do great souvlaki here as well as other grilled meat, salads and delicious tzatziki. I can recommend pork pancetta, greek salad, chicken on the spit, and open souvlaki.

However everything on their menu is absolutely delicious, which is why it’s one of my favourite Saranda restaurants.

They do the biggest portions I have ever had in Saranda so if you’re hungry then this is the place. It’s great value for money.

The open souvlaki is 400lek (3.30 euro) and big salads start from 200 lek (1.50 euro). You can get a full meal for as little as 3 euro easily here.

Not only is the food good but the family is super friendly. You will most likely be convinced into trying some raki from their grandfathers home.

If you’re looking for a place that does Saranda food delivery, Taverna Laberia is the restaurant in saranda for you!

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Discover the best restaurants in sarande, close up of bowl of foods with cucumbers, broccoli, shredded carrots, nuts and pieces of meat in sauce

2. Maria Magdelenla – Best pizza in Saranda

  • Only open in summer
  • Cash only

If you’re a pizza lover like me then you will love Maria Magdalena. They do the best pizzas I have ever tasted. So it’s no surprise this is one of my favourite Saranda restaurants.

One of the reasons I love it in Albania is they have a big Italian influence which means they nail Italian food right on the head! My favourite pizza is Analiz (with tomatoes and anchovies)!

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Find out which is the best restaurant in saranda, close up shot of shredded barbecued meat on a plate with creamy peppercorn sauce
Try all the best food in saranda, close up shot of a plate with a burger in a bun and chips with tomato sauce

3. Nomad Burgers & steak – Best burgers in Saranda

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

This is Saranda’s first and only burger spot and it’s absolutely delicious, some of the best burgers I’ve had!

Not only that, but they also do steak, stuffed potatoes, and other menu items you won’t usually see in Saranda.

If you need a break from Albanian and greek food and want to try something different then I highly recommend a visit. I highly recommend the ‘Big mama’ burger, The classic burger and picanha steak!

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Tuck in to the best breakfast saranda has to offer, close up shot of large plate of prawns in yellow saffron sauce with herbs
Find your favourite gourmet restaurant in saranda, laptop and cocktail drink set on a table with view of ocean and coastline of Saranda behind

4. Demi Hotel – Quality food and beautiful view

  • Open all year
  • Can pay by card

Demi lounge has one of the largest menus of all the Saranda restaurants. I would highly recommend checking out this place at least once during your time in Saranda.

Every dish I have tried here has been quality, delicious and fulfilling. It’s also a great place to work from as they have power outlets outside and a beautiful view right on the water.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Don't forget to try out all the best saranda bars, view of dinner table with two plates of finger food with large glasses of wine nearby

5. Manxurane – French-inspired restaurant

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

This is a french inspired restaurant which has some of the best contemporary food in the city.

Here you can find items that you won’t find on other menus in the city so if you are looking for a different food choice in Saranda, come visit this place.

They also have some of the best wines I’ve tasted in Saranda! This is one fo the best Saranda restaurants for any wine afficianado.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Discover the delights of saranda traditional food, outdoor restaurant seating area with tables and chairs arranged underneath awnings with a view out to sea behind
saranda food delivery is also a great option, view of plate of sliced meat and salad on an outdoor restaurant bench with the menu to one side

6. Cocktail Dreams – Beach bar in Saranda

  • Open in the summer only
  • Card payments available
  • 2 sunloungers + umbrella 800Lek for the day

This beach bar and restaurant is right on the beach and easily one of the best Saranda bars to hang out in the city.

The beaches in the centre are not that flattering but the beaches just outside the centre are lovely.

I highly recommend coming here for the day, hiring out one of their beach chairs for the day and grabbing a meal at the restaurant.

They do fresh seafood, delicious pasta (I highly recommend carbonara and the 4 cheese tortellini) and lots of other dishes too (I recommend the chicken fillet with mushroom sauce).

The staff is super friendly, and they also do amazing cocktails – hence the name of course! It’s located about a 20-minute walk from the centre.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Wake up to a refreshing saranda breakfast, several plates of hot food on a table with a bottle of water and a wine glass nearby

7. Paradise

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

This restaurant is located right at the end of the boulevard and sits right on the water. It’s one of the best restaurants in Sarande for a seaview.

The dish I recommend trying here is the shrimp saganaki. It’s the best I’ve tasted in Saranda! They also do other delicious seafood.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

8. Balbi 34 – Best pasta in Saranda

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

Balbi 34 is one of the newer Saranda restaurants, and it does not disappoint. This is the only place in Saranda that handmakes their pasta and WOW, it’s mouth-watering.

The owners lived in Italy for many years so you know that the quality of food is superb. They also have a wide range of wines and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of food and service.

My favourite dishes were the tagliatelle with pork cheek and truffle sauce and the crab ravioli with Balbi sauce.

If you love Italian food as much as I do, this is definitely some of the best food in Saranda!

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Enjoy the tastiest food from these Saranda restaurants, close up of hand holding a cup of hot drink in front of a view of the sea with rolling hills behind
Find out where to eat in saranda, view of a restaurant table with plates of fried fish and vegetables in an outdoor seating area

9. Limani – Biggest commercial restaurant

  • Open all year
  • Card payments are available on orders over 1000lek

This is by far one of the most popular places in Saranda to eat and the biggest restaurant in the city. It’s located right in the centre so it’s easy to get to.

They have a lot of different meals – from meat, pizza, pasta, salads, you name it they will probably have it.

It’s good quality food, reasonably priced and right on the water so it’s a nice setting too. If you want a ‘commercial’ style restaurant then visit Limani.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

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10. Fishland – Seafood right at the fishing port!

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

Just a 30-minute walk from the centre is the main fishing port for Saranda. This is where the fishing boats come in at sunset and bring in the fresh catch from the day.

Near the port, there are a couple of fish restaurants, one being Fishland. It serves GREAT seafood at affordable prices.

The great thing about this restaurant is that it takes the phrase ‘fresh seafood’ to the next level as the seafood comes straight from the boat and onto your dinner plate!

Check out theirTripadvisor here

Pick your favourite of the best restaurants in sarande, close up shot of a plate of shellfish with a large wedge of lemon in front of the sea with a forested hill behind

11. The Mussel house – Eat fresh mussels where they catch them!

  • Open most of the year
  • Cash only

The mussel house experience is a must if you’re a seafood lover. You can not only eat fresh mussels at the restaurant but actually, take a boat tour to see the farms where they grow.

This means that not only is it one of the top Saranda restaurants, it’s also an unique experience!

Mussel house is between Saranda and Ksamil so you can either drive or take a taxi. The mussels are incredible. They supply most of the restaurants within Saranda so here you’re eating at the source!

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Eat all of the best food in saranda this summer, close up of a cocktail in a wooden cup sitting on a table in front of other tables and chairs in an outdoor seating area of a restaurant

12. Hou Nalu

  • Open in the summer only
  • Cash only

This is by far the best bar in Saranda! It’s located right above Nomad burgers and is one of the best spots for a delicious cocktail.

They have quality cocktails with unique flavours. You won’t find the common cocktail menu here, Hou Nalu really takes pride in their drinks and has a unique menu.

This bar has local DJ’s come in every week so go to enjoy a drink and some great music!

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Enjoy the best restaurant in saranda on your next vacation, close up shot of sushi rolls laid out on a table with some wasabi nearby
Check out these saranda bars, view of an outdoor seating area with wicker chairs and sofas as well as beach umbrellas and a view of the sea behind

13. Lost

  • Open in the summer only
  • Cash only

Lost has probably the most beautiful decor out of all the beach clubs in Saranda. They have unique dishes, some of which you won’t find in Saranda. They also do great sushi and cocktails.

If you’re looking for a trendy spot for a bite to eat, a drink or looking to relax in the water for the day then lost is a great option!

14. Old Story – Albanian – Macedonian Fusion

  • Open in the summer only
  • Cash only

Old Story has a Macedonian chef which means you can find a fusion between both cultures here. The food is absolutely delicious and so is the wine!

If you’re walking the boulevard, make a stop here for a bite to eat and you won’t be disappointed.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Enjoy saranda traditional food this fall, close up shot of a wooden plate covered in a ring of sushi rolls and a container of soy sauce

15. Tipsy Drinks & More – Saranda’s first sushi bar

  • Open in the summer only
  • Cash only

Tipsy drinks & More is located right on the boulevard and hosts a beautiful view over Saranda. This is Saranda’s first sushi bar.

They offer a simple sushi menu which is usually available in the evening as well as delicious cocktails of course.

If you’re looking for Saranda restaurants that offer something a little different, be sure to stop into Tipsy Drinks & More.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

16. Fish Filipi

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

If you’re looking for local seafood at affordable prices then check out Fish Fillipi. It’s one of the best Saranda restaurants for seafood.

This restaurant is super popular with the locals because of its great prices and good quality seafood.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

💡PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

17. Wine Bar Kristiano – Best View of Saranda

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

This wine bar is a great spot for a glass of wine overlooking the city of Saranda. The location is stunning, right near the monastery of the 40 saints which is a personal favourite of mine.

To get here you will most likely drive or catch a taxi. You can walk which I normally do when visiting the monastery but just keep in mind it’s an uphill walk which will take you around 40-50 minutes!

Check out their Tripadvisor here

18. Te Bequa – Traditional Albanian food

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

Te Bequa is a small restaurant that serves homemade Albanian food at local prices. This is not a tourist restaurant at all and serves Saranda traditional food.

So if you want to try authentic Albanian food that tastes homecooked, come to this restaurant as it’s the top restaurant in Saranda for local food.

There are two restaurants in Saranda – one in the centre next to the friendship park, and the other is near the Bougainville Bay hotel.

Check out the Tripadvisor here for the central restaurant and the Te Bequa 2 can be found here.

19. Taverna Kapiteni – Local seafood restaurant

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

Kapiteni is located next to the stadium of Saranda and has real local seafood. This is truly a local’s restaurant with fresh seafood caught the day of.

If you love seafood, this the best restaurant in Saranda and a must!

I highly recommend trying the calamari and risotto, it’s some of the best. This restaurant has its own fishing boat so you can rest assured that you’re truly getting fresh seafood, not frozen!

Check out their Tripadvisor here

20. Kasandro – Quality food at affordable prices

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

When I first moved to Saranda, I used to come here for a souvlaki every single day and still consider it one of the Saranda best restaurants.

Plus, now they have extended and renovated the restaurant and it’s absolutely beautiful to sit and enjoy a meal here.

Ksasndro is one of those places where you know you will get quality food at affordable prices. The family who runs it are also lovely! This is a popular hangout for travellers and ex-pats too.

They are currently building a coworking space just opposite the restaurant which is exciting.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Try out saranda best restaurants on your next visit, ourdoor seating area with tables and chairs underneath beach umbrellas and wooden awnings with the sea behind

21. Epirus – Beautiful beach bar

  • Open in the summer only
  • Cash only

This is one of the best beach bars in the Kodrra area of Saranda. The interior design is beautiful within the beach bar too.

They have a simple menu so come here, grab a beach chair and umbrella and spend the day relaxing and enjoying the food in the restaurant.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

22. Oxhaku – Delicious seafood and meat!

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

This is yet another great restaurant to try the local seafood at affordable prices. Oxhaku has a large seafood menu and something for everyone.

Even if you’re not into seafood they do have other options available like pork chops.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

23. Taverna Garden – Hole in the wall restaurant on the boulevard

  • Open in the summer only
  • Cash only

This small restaurant sits right on the boulevard is also a great pick for authentic Albanian food at affordable prices. My top pick here is the fish soup!

Check out their Tripadvisor here

24. City Lounge – One of the best bars in Saranda

  • Open in the summer
  • Cash only

City lounge is one of the most popular bars in town and one of the most trendy. In the summer, you will find this place packed with people because it’s a favourite for many.

At the weekends, they do brunch too with vegetarian options available.

25. Jericho – Quality cocktails

  • Open summer only
  • Cash only

Jericho is a quality cocktail and coffee bar set right on the new boulevard. This is not only a great spot in the evening for a drink but also during the day as they do coffee and tea.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

Take advantage of saranda food delivery, plate of breakfast food including pancakes with sausages, fried eggs, tomatoes, maple syrup and strawberries
Perhaps saranda breakfast is your new favourite, heavily laden plate of food with calamari, shrimps, dips and more

26. Marini – Best breakfast place in Saranda

  • Open all year
  • Cash only

Marini is one of my new favourite restaurants in Saranda because of its different flavours and quality food at affordable prices.

Marini offers a slightly different take don’t the food that’s commonly found in Saranda, plus they actually do breakfast which is a hard find in Saranda.

For those that want to go out and do breakfast Saranda style, this is the place to be!

But if you come for lunch or dinner, I also highly recommend the seafood platter for 2 people so you get to try all sorts of seafood that is found here in Saranda.

The family who runs this place is from Albania but lived many years in the USA, so if you want some dishes that are familiar to enjoy a delicious Saranda breakfast, then come to Marini.

Check out their Tripadvisor here

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There’s my round-up of the best restaurants in Saranda and some of them are the best restaurants in Albania!

Make sure if you visit them to leave them a review on TripAdvisor too!

A majority of these restaurants are family-run restaurants, so it really helps them by leaving a review and letting more people know about these good quality spots in Saranda.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What are the best restaurants in Saranda for seafood?

You’ll find a lot of great Saranda restaurants that serve delicious seafood. But my top recommendations are Fish Filipi, Fishland and The Mussel House.

✅ What are the best restaurants in Saranda for traditional Albanian food?

Some of my favourite Saranda restaurants for local Albanian food are Te Bequa and Taverna Garden.

✅ What are the best restaurants in Saranda for Italian food?

Hands down, the best Italian food in Saranda is Balbi 34. However, if it’s pizza you are specifically after, Maria Magdelenla is the best restaurant in Saranda for you.

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  • Camilla Lindeblad
    September 7, 2019

    Dear Anita, I just booked a trip to Albania together with a friend. We are going there in the last part of October and will stay in both Berat and Saranda. And in preparations I come across your very detailed an loving blog.

    When we are in Saranda it will be my birthday, so I am looking for a nice restaurant where we could celebrate. But I can see some of the restaurants are closed at that time. So is there a specific one, you could recommend? It would of course has to be a place where we can get a lot of delicious seafood and maybe also a stunning view. I hope you have some ideas.

    All the best,

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Camilla Lindeblad
      September 12, 2019

      Hello Camilla,

      I would recommend Limani for your birthday. It’s one of the only restaurants that will be open at that time and it has great food as well as a good variety!

  • Susan Diekmann
    June 2, 2022

    Anita, there are several restaurants listed that accept cash only. Do they accept Euros or only Lek? Thank you for all of the information you provide!

  • Karina Rook
    September 7, 2022

    This is a very useful list, thank you! We went to The Nomad Burgers & Steak and really enjoyed their burgers. So juicy and tasty!

  • Filip Thoen
    July 12, 2023

    Hoi Anita – thanks for your nice write up on Sarande restaurants. We’ve been touring Albania for a week now, and enjoying this lovely country & its fabulous cuisine, rich in different influences.

    We tried TAVERNA LABERIA tonight & sad to say it was the biggest culinarily disappointment of our trip. “Best meat in Sarande” sounded promising, plus the offering of great souvlaki.

    Unfortunately they don’t serve souvlaki anymore, and my teenage son opted for lamb on the grill instead. This was the worst piece of meat I’ve ever been served, mostly bone, connected tissue & fat – the meat was cold & extremely tough! It looked like it was reheated to be honest. When asked about this we got the response that “it is the culture to eat with the hands”. When asked again when asking for the check the waitress indicated “this is our culture, I cannot help it!” – we settled on not having to pay for the dish as we sent it back to the kitchen.

    On the upside, my shelled mussels were good, but this is not the hardest dish to prepare.

    I don’t understand the discrepancy between your raving review / recommendation $ our experience tonite. I can only suspect the restaurant changed owners.

    Hope this helps other people,

    Groetjes vanuit Sarande,


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    Thank you for this really helpful guide. Very much appreciated.

  • Linda S
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    Hi Anita,
    I just found your blog and am happy to get all the useful info about Saranda. We are taking the ferry from Corfu to Saranda and are looking for a good restaurant to have lunch while we wait for a friend to come pick us up and drive us to Tirana. Are any of these restaurants right by the ferry terminal? Thank you so much for any info you might share with us.
    (My Grandparents were born in Albania so I am excited to have a chance to visit there.(