Saranda Restaurants: The Best Places to Eat in Saranda [Albania]

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The Best Places to Eat in Saranda

It’s always tricky when coming to a new city and looking for a restaurant with great food.  As I have lived in Saranda for a while now, I have my favourite places to eat in Saranda which I can’t recommend enough.  There is so much great Saranda food, the people are extremely friendly and in the summer the city is buzzing with people.




Here are my top recommendations on the best restaurants in Saranda


The Best Places to Eat in Saranda


1. Anchor bar

This restaurant is located right in the centre but a little hidden. It has an amazing view of the boulevard and it’s a fantastic lunch or dinner spot.  Anchor bar specializes in seafood but also has a range of salads and pasta too.  If there’s one thing that you should try in Saranda it’s the seafood.  I never ate seafood until I moved to Saranda because I simply did not like the taste, but after tasting it here it’s so fresh and delicious that now I eat seafood most days!  Check out their Tripadvisor here!



The Best Places to Eat in Saranda The Best Places to Eat in Saranda

2. Taverna Laberia

This little family run restaurant, in my opinion, is one of the top places to eat in the city. It’s located only a 15-minute walk from the centre.  They do great souvlaki here as well as other grilled meat, salads and delicious tzatziki.  I can recommend pork pancetta, greek salad, chicken on the spit, and open souvlaki.

They do the biggest portions I have ever had in Saranda so if you’re hungry then this is the place.  It’s great value for money.  The open souvlaki is 350 lek (2.70 euro) and big salads start from 200 lek (1.50 euro).  You can get a full meal for as little as 3 euro easily here.  Not only is the food good but the family is super friendly.  You will most likely be convinced into trying some raki from their grandfathers home.  Check out their Tripadvisor here!




The Best Places to Eat in Saranda The Best Places to Eat in Saranda

3. A Casa Mia

If you want to try the pizza in Saranda, there’s no better place than Casa Mia.  Best pizza I have tried in Saranda for sure!  It’s located just opposite one of the most popular nightclubs (Mango) so it’s about a 10-minute drive from the centre. It’s well worth making a trip here though.  Albania does amazing pizza as they have learned from Italians.  From my experience I have had better pizza in Albania than I have had in Italy, that’s no lie.  My favourite pizza from this place is the chef’s own creation.  It’s with blue cheese and sundried tomatoes – it’s the most delicious pizza EVER!  Check out their Facebook page here! (The locations on their Facebook page is wrong so use the map above instead.)


accommodation in Saranda


The Best Places to Eat in Saranda The Best Places to Eat in Saranda

4. Cocktail Dreams

This beach bar and restaurant is right on the beach and easily one of the best beaches to hang out in Saranda.  The beaches in the centre are not that flattering but the beaches just outside the centre are lovely.  I highly recommend coming here for the day, hiring out one of their beach chairs for the day and grabbing a meal at the restaurant.  They do fresh seafood, delicious pasta (I highly recommend carbonara and the 4 cheese tortellini) and lots of other dishes too (I can recommend the chicken fillet with mushroom sauce).  The staff is super friendly, and they also do amazing cocktails – hence the name of course!  It’s located about a 20-minute walk from the centre.  Check out their Tripadvisor here!



The Best Places to Eat in Saranda The Best Places to Eat in Saranda

5. Limani

This is by far one of the most popular places in Saranda and the biggest restaurant in the city.  It’s located right in the centre so it’s easy to get to.  They have a lot of different meals.  From meat, pizza, pasta, salads, you name it they will probably have it.  It’s good quality food, reasonably priced and right on the water so it’s a nice setting too.  If you want a ‘commercial’ style restaurant then visit Limani.  Check out their Tripadvisor here!


The Best Places to Eat in Saranda

6. Fishland

Just a 30-minute walk from the centre is the main fishing port for Saranda.  This is where the fishing boats come in at sunset and bring in the fresh catch from the day.  Near the port, there are a couple of fish restaurants, one being Fishland.  It serves GREAT seafood at affordable prices.  The great thing about this restaurant is that it takes the phrase ‘fresh seafood’ to the next level as the seafood comes straight from the boat and onto your dinner plate!   Check out theirTripadvisor here!

accommodation in Saranda

There’s my round-up of the best restaurants in Saranda and some of them are the best restaurants in Albania!  Make sure if you visit them to leave them a review on TripAdvisor too!  A majority of these restaurants are family-run restaurants, so it really helps them by leaving a review and letting more people know about these good quality spots in Saranda!


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The Best Places to Eat in Saranda


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    Camilla Lindeblad
    September 7, 2019 at 7:36 am

    Dear Anita, I just booked a trip to Albania together with a friend. We are going there in the last part of October and will stay in both Berat and Saranda. And in preparations I come across your very detailed an loving blog.

    When we are in Saranda it will be my birthday, so I am looking for a nice restaurant where we could celebrate. But I can see some of the restaurants are closed at that time. So is there a specific one, you could recommend? It would of course has to be a place where we can get a lot of delicious seafood and maybe also a stunning view. I hope you have some ideas.

    All the best,

    • Reply
      Anita Hendrieka
      September 12, 2019 at 8:17 am

      Hello Camilla,

      I would recommend Limani for your birthday. It’s one of the only restaurants that will be open at that time and it has great food as well as a good variety!

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