Sick on Vacation? 9 Tips on What You Need to do!

Last Updated on March 17, 2020

Sick on Vacation? 9 Tips on What You Need to do!

You have been saving for months and have been dreaming of this dream holiday for years and suddenly, you’re sick on vacation!  There is nothing worse than being sick on vacation, we all know that.  Therefore, Here’s 9 important tips and suggestions on what you should and need to do next!


1. Stay hydrated

When you’re sick it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated!  Keep drinking water in little sips as often as you can.  If you have them, electrolytes are a great way to get hydrated fast if you have been throwing up.  You can grab these easily at the local pharmacy.


Sick on Vacation? 9 Tips on What You Need to do!

2. Eat well

It’s also important if you can eat something.  When you’re sick, it can be the last thing you want to do but it is important, so your body has energy.  Try and stay away from anything processed.  Instead, full yourself up with fruits and vegetables to increase your doses of vitamins and nutrients.

What you eat significantly affects how well you sleep, and how well you sleep will affect the length and severity of your sickness.  Soups are also a great food and easy to eat and digest no matter how sick you’re feeling.


3. Keep connected with your family

When you’re overseas it’s important to keep your friends and family in the loop in case you need any other assistance. Give them a quick message to tell them you’re not feeling well and a list of your symptoms.  If you are really sick, then have one contact person in your family that can help organise anything you may need and to tell the rest of the people you care about what is happening.  In serious situations, they can organise medical repatriation to get you back home safe and sound so you can receive healthcare back in your own country.  Some countries don’t have enough resources to treat you in an emergency, so this is always a great backup if need be.


4. Know the warning signs

If you’re in a country which is at risk for some serious diseases such as malaria, then make sure you have researched all about it beforehand, so you know the signs.  If you feel like your symptoms are mild but are the same as a disease which travellers are often prone to in that country, it’s better to get checked quickly than to wait for it to get worse.


Sick on Vacation? 9 Tips on What You Need to do!

5. Visit a pharmacy

One of the first things you should do is visit a pharmacist and tell them your symptoms.  They might give you some medicine to help you feel a bit better or they might advise you to visit the Dr or hospital if they think it might be serious.  You can find your local pharmacy by asking your accommodations reception.  They should always know where the nearest shop is!


6. Find local Drs or go to the hospital

If you feel like you need more help than a pharmacist or need further testing it’s a good idea to see a Dr or in serious situations, the emergency hospital.  Trust your instincts, if you think you are in trouble health wise then don’t doubt it.  It’s better to get to your local hospital and get checked as there might be underlying issues with your illness.


7. Get in touch with your insurance company

Make sure you get in contact with your travel insurance company and tell them what is going on.  They may even be able to advise you to the nearest hospital.  Check what healthcare is covered in your plan (although you should have checked this earlier before purchasing) and give them a heads-up on what is happening.  Make sure you keep all receipts and medical forms you get so you can claim any expenses back.


Sick on Vacation? 9 Tips on What You Need to do!

8. Keep positive

One of the most important tips but usually underestimated is your mindset.  Thinking positive thoughts and imagining a positive outcome can really help while you’re sick.  Imagine sitting on the beach with a coconut healthy as can be. Don’t stop thinking positive.  The mind is an incredible thing and just with some positivity and relaxation, you can help yourself immensely.  Also, if you can try some medication to help calm yourself or any pain if you have any.  Use breathing exercises, take big breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Good breathing exercises are known to reduce pain.


9. Don’t feel guilty

I know when I am on holiday and I get sick I feel guilty for staying in my hotel bed all day instead of enjoying the environment I’m in.  Don’t!  If you’re sick and on vacation, it’s okay to take time off and rest.  You shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so.  Often, we find ourselves planning too many activities and forget to think about resting.  Especially if you’re sick then resting should be your number one!  Find a good series on Netflix or read a book.  Listen to your body!  Chances are you’re on holiday because you want to get away and relax for a bit, right?  Then this is the perfect excuse to relax!


There are my top 9 important tips if you’re sick on vacation.  Tell me below if you can think of any other tips to add to the list.


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Sick on Vacation? 9 Tips on What You Need to do!

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