Why You Simply Must Pay for Travel Insurance

Last Updated on June 8, 2018

 Why You Simply Must Pay for Travel Insurance


When it comes to insurance there are many people who don’t believe it is worthwhile, an understandable point of view, but one which could end up costing you a great deal of money. One insurance which very few people take advantage of is travel insurance, and like any other insurance, it can be frustrating if you don’t need it, and you will consider it money lost. This however should not be the case and it is always better to have travel insurance, because there are many things which can go wrong. If you aren’t sure that you want to be covered when you go on vacation, here are a handful of reasons why you most certainly should.



 Should you have a medical emergency, a family bereavement or if there are any other reasons why you will not be able to make your flight, you will not be refunded for cancellations, unless you have selected cover with the airline, a cost which few of us pay. Equally the airline may very well cancel your flight for a variety of reasons, leaving you late to your vacation or worse still, stranded. With travel insurance however, you will be able to recoup all of your flight cost in the event that any of these two situations arise.


Missed Connection

 In the same way that flights can be cancelled, they can also be delayed, forcing you to miss your connection. Should you have to pay any additional money for a different flight, your travel insurance will be able to reimburse you for the extra costs.


Illness or Injury

 The risk of illness or injury is heightened when you travel because of the extra activities which you will be doing, plus the new foods, and bacteria which you will be exposed to. Should something happen whilst you are abroad that requires medical care, you will find the costs to be very high, especially if it’s severe. This is yet another reason why you should have travel insurance, as they will pay for your care and treatment.


Why You Simply Must Pay for Travel Insurance

Lost or Delayed Baggage

 Bags are lost and delayed all of the time, and let’s say your baggage doesn’t arrive until 3 days into your trip, or even longer, you will need to buy new clothing and equipment. In this situation you will be able to claim all costs back from your travel insurance.


Natural Disaster or Terrorism

 We live in a dangerous world which is regularly threatened by natural disasters or even terrorist activity.  In such an event, you naturally will want to change your travel plans and opt for a different location, something which you travel insurance provider will be able to help you with financially, and you can recoup all of the costs which you will lose.


Wherever you are going, be sure to take out a travel insurance policy to protect you against these common travel issues.




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