Why Spain Is A Long-lived Hot Travel Destination

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Why Spain is long-lived hot travel destination

Oh Spain, the land of incredible scenery, football, hot weather, golden tans, rolling accent and beautiful people.  There are so many reasons why people flock to this country for a holiday and here’s why…


  1. Tapas and wine

The food in Spain is utterly amazing.  I highly suggest you try Tapas, a range of smaller dishes like appetizers and snacks.  The original Spanish tapas experience was to eat it in between meals with a glass of wine or beer, for example midday or before dinner.  Nowadays people have it for their main meals, it’s so delicious how could you not?  The most delicious dish in my eyes is patatas bravas which are potatoes in spicy tomato sauce, it’s amazing!  If you head to the countryside you can experience typical quaint Spanish wineries famous for some of the most famous drops in the world.  Not to mention the sangria.  It’s a mix of wine, fruit, juice and whatever else you can find!


  1. Hot weather and golden tans

The weather is amazing and probably more so if you are from the UK.  The best time to avoid the crowds and to get even cheaper flights is from March – May and September – October.  Take up one of their pastimes and sunbathe to receive that Spanish sun-kissed tan.  Safely, of course!  If you’re anything like me, you can receive it in a bottle beforehand at Boots to save the embarrassment when arriving there.




  1. The siestas


Yes, it’s normal here to take a siesta or afternoon nap to avoid the afternoon heat.  Between the hours of 2-5pm (give or take) all shops will close for their siesta, and most restaurants and cafes will close between the hours of 4-8pm.  The city goes into rest mode, probably one of the best things about the Spanish culture!  When everything opens again it’s like nothing ever happened


  1. Nightlife

Because of the Spanish siesta that normally means dinner is usually later in the evening, so sitting down at a restaurant at 10pm is totally normal.  This leads to very late nights out and coming home after a long night of partying at 7am is also normal.  The nightlife in Spain is definitely a highlight for most holiday goers.


  1. Incredible Islands

Spain is not only a mainland!  There are some beautiful islands that you can visit including Majorca, Tenerife, Lanzarote and party central – Ibiza.  There’s nothing better than an island vibe mixed with Spanish wine and sun.  It’s the perfect combination for any holiday in my opinion.




  1. Easy to get to

Luckily for the United Kingdom, Spain is super easy to get to.  With regular flights leaving from airports all over the country it’s easy to jet for a weekend away for a spectacular price.  It may only take a few hours to get there but you feel like you have just escaped to a faraway paradise.  Make sure you check out Skyscanner to grab the cheap deals.  It’s usually the airlines such as Easyjet or Ryanair that offer the cheapest deals.  If you are booking over summer get in quick though because everybody else might have the same idea!


  1. The Costa del Sol region

The beautiful ‘sunshine coast’ of southern Spain is not to be missed.  It’s not called the coast of sun for nothing.  Here lies some of the most beautiful beaches, delicious food and fascinating culture.   Culturally rich cities like Malaga is where you can really kick your shoes off and enjoy the laidback Mediterranean lifestyle.


There is much more than 7 reasons why people flock here for a holiday.  It’s the perfect location around Europe.  It’s easy to get around with the public transport being efficient and easy to use.


Why Spain is long-lived hot travel destination

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