Tailwind Review: Best Pinterest scheduler?

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

Let’s get into this comprehensive Tailwind review

If you are new to the world of blogging, an experienced blogger, or have just started exploring various ways you can make money online as an online business owner, there is a high probability that you came across Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest is perhaps one of the first few places to have formally begun content marketing and with time a lot of bloggers, content creators, Etsy shop owners, and business owners use Pinterest and its plethora of marketing tools for increasing consumer outreach and revenue.

Since business accounts on Pinterest have increased, its algorithm has also evolved, putting pressure on content creators to consistently upload new content.

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Given the time and financial constraints in a creator’s life, putting out new and fresh content can be a tedious task – but there is one tool that can be used to alleviate that hurdle – Tailwind.

Using Tailwind for Pinterest might not solve all of your life’s problems but will take away the stress of creating a schedule every week for uploading posts which we will go over in this Tailwind review.

All you have to do is batch create pins or whatever content will be uploaded on your Pinterest and create a posting schedule using Tailwind.

Tailwind will automatically post all your designated posts on Pinterest on the assigned date and time so that you can focus on other important things.

Let’s get into this comprehensive Tailwind Review

What is Tailwind?


Tailwind was designed to help creators and online business owners schedule their content and assess analytics for Pinterest and Instagram posts.

Though it is only integrated with these two platforms right now, it does offer a lot of value for creators and business owners whose main source of traffic and income comes from these platforms.

Given the fast pace of social media networks, content that is posted on these refreshes every second, and as a content creator, blogger, or business owner, you want to stay ahead of your competitors, and this means regularly come out with good content.

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Tailwind will make the process of uploading that content easier so that you only have to worry about the creative aspect and not the more administrative side of it which we will deeper into in this Tailwind review.

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest?

Before we begin talking about Tailwind for Pinterest, we are assuming you, as a new or experienced blogger or business owner, have a general idea of what Pinterest is and how it functions.

For those of you who don’t, Pinterest has always been used as a secondary search engine for gathering ideas on various projects by millions of users online. It is a creative way of visualizing your ideas and pinning them together on a digital board for future reference.

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But now you can use it for making money, more specifically directing traffic to your main business site or page, whether it is a website, blog, Facebook group, or your Etsy shop. This is exactly what I teach inside of my Pinterest course Passive Profit with Pinterest.

How to use Tailwind?


Tailwind has a bunch of features and tools that can be used to get the most out of this service-based platform for marketing your business or blog on Pinterest.

Most users make use of the browser extension of Tailwind so that they can directly work from there, but you can integrate it anywhere and work from there.

The starting process is fairly easy – you only need to link your Pinterest account with the Tailwind account and from there Tailwind will conduct a brief analysis on your account, the industry you are working within and find out the best times for you to post on Pinterest for maximum engagement.

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All you need to do is, designate the number of posts you would like to upload each day with Tailwind on Pinterest, this also depends on your pricing plan.

Primarily, users have three options to go about with Tailwind:

  1. Use Tailwind for scheduling posts on Pinterest
  2. Use Tailwind to schedule posts for your website
  3. Directly upload Pins on Tailwind and schedule from there

Apart from scheduling, there are other features offered within Tailwind, making it a full-fledged marketing tool.

With Tailwind, your business has an increased chance of growing through Pinterest as it helps in maintaining a consistent posting schedule and this helps with brand image. The consistency in scheduling also keeps your mind off unnecessary things so you can focus on bigger and better things for your business.

Tailwind also helps in timely spacing out your posts so that the algorithm does not consider excessive posting as a spam alert. Apart from these features, Tailwind offers access to Tailwind Communities where you can interact with other members and share each other’s content.

Tailwind Scheduler

Tailwind review: In this picture you can see my Pinterest schedule

Since Tailwind was initially designed for scheduling posts, it is mostly known for its Scheduler.

This handy tool is a time-saver for busy entrepreneurs and bloggers who like to stay organized and ahead of their competitors. Instead of uploading one pin at a time, with Tailwind, you can bulk upload all the necessary content in one go and schedule every post for a specific time and date.

Let’s get into scheduling with this Tailwind review.

Tailwind review: Uploading and scheduling pins is super simple.

Upload content

First of all, you need to upload your desired content to Tailwind, this can be done through the browser extension – you can save images as you surf the web.

This directly saves everything to Tailwind and not to Pinterest, so when you have to post it on Pinterest, instead of posting it in one group at a time, you can use Tailwind to post the same pin on multiple boards at once.

This feature also allows saving certain pins as drafts which can be accessed later to schedule posting.

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Sharing the content

There are two ways of sharing the content through Tailwind.

You can either use the social sharing button and which means you have to individually post the same pin on multiple boards, which is a bit time-consuming, and the algorithm may suspect it as a spam activity.

The next option is to use the Tailwind browser extension and either click on the “save for later” option to save the image in drafts, or the “schedule now” option to instantly choose the boards you want to save the posts on.

The latter option will also allow you to set a time interval between the posting of each pin to avoid arising suspicion for the algorithm.

Creating a schedule

Tailwind review: Creating a schedule is easy within Tailwind!

To create a schedule on Tailwind you can use the Smart Scheduler, where specific days and times can be set when you want your pins to be published on Pinterest.

Tailwind also gives you suggestions on what times it deems appropriate for publishing in case you are clueless.

Tailwind Create


Tailwind Create is an additional feature that is designed to help you create visually attractive posts for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Let’s go deeper into the create feature within this Tailwind review.

It is a perfect substitute for those of you who lack the creative skills required to make your image posts stand out, or those who don’t have the extra budget to hire a graphic designer or another software to create these posts.

This tool can generate thousands of designs for you to pick from or customize as per your liking.

How to use Tailwind Create?


Before starting the designing process, you need to work on branding for your business. Setting your business or brand’s preferences is important. This includes deciding what colour palette will be used, brand name, logos, font, styles, any mottos or taglines that go with the logo, etc.

Once the branding is done, you can set these in Tailwind Create for future use so that you don’t have to enter these details again and again.

Next, start creating.

You need to add a destination link and create a title for your pin, upload a couple of photos, normally three or more. You can also select photos from the stock library available within Tailwind.

Once that’s done, Tailwind Create will design a bunch of pins for you within a few clicks.

From there ahead, these pins can be published on your Pinterest.

Pins chosen to be published can still be edited or customized according to your brand’s requirements, like changing the font style, size, colour, adding or discarding headlines, etc.

Even after this if you think your pins need more work done, you can edit the pins in the Advanced Editor provided within Tailwind.

You can change the font, image, edit the text size, colour, or remove and add elements from the post. After this, pins can be either downloaded or saved to the online database.

From there, it is easy to send your desired pins to the scheduler, as everything is within the same system. Just click on “go schedule” and you will be taken to the drafts section where you can begin assigning dates and times for each pin.

Tailwind Analytics


Tailwind employs Pinterest API to help you assess the progress and reach of your pins posted through it. Tailwind analytics show the trends of your pins, profile, and individual board.

Profile performance allows users to gauge how well their overall Pinterest profile is doing, this includes the number of followers they have, monthly visitors on the page, pins, comments, and re-pins. You can also check under “virality” and “engagement” metrics how well other Pinterest users have been interacting with your pins or other content on Pinterest

. This score helps assess which aspect of your Pinterest profile needs improvement.

The board analytics gives insights into the overall performance of one Pinterest board. Tailwind analytics help in checking the insights for the last week and overall total for comments, pins, re-pins, and followers, as well as how viral the posts went and engagement metrics. Further sorting and division can also be done for easier visualization and depiction of data.

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The Pin Inspector, on the other hand, allows creators to break down the performance of individual Pinterest posts, just the way it did for boards.

With this feature, you can see how many times a certain pin was pinned to other boards, what type of boards, what comments were left underneath it, and the dates it was pinned. This search can be further narrowed according to different settings like a board, category, or website.

You can also reschedule a pin through Tailwind scheduler after going through the insights section, add it to a different Pinterest community or find related content to that pin.

Apart from individual analytics, Tailwind also gives access to weekly reports which are sent to your mailbox.

These analytics make it far easier and more efficient to work as a content creator, blogger, or businessperson. You know how well your content is doing online, its engagement scores, and click-through rates.

Lastly, Tailwind Analytics can also be integrated with your Google Analytics account which you are more than likely using to track your website’s traffic and performance.

This is a useful feature as it amalgamates all your user data into one place and makes it easier to observe from there.

Tailwind for Instagram


Tailwind can also be used for Instagram, other than Pinterest. A lot of successful bloggers and entrepreneurs have seen their audience and engagement scores boost after using Tailwind for scheduling social media posts.

Just like for Pinterest, Tailwind can be used in scheduling Instagram posts rather than individually posting each one of these when you can spend that time doing something else more productive and conducive to your business’ growth.

Similar to the log-in process for Pinterest, when you connect your Instagram account with Tailwind, a message prompt asks you to assign the number of times you want to post every day. Choose an appropriate number depending on your marketing strategy and feasibility.

From there onwards, Tailwind is going to track necessary information and data regarding your audience to decide what times are posted for you to post.

Other than scheduling, Tailwind helps in choosing appropriate hashtags for your Instagram posts. Hashtags have become a necessity for marketing and engagement on Instagram, therefore, Tailwind makes it easy for you to decide which hashtags to use.

These don’t have to be excessively wordy hashtags Tailwind advises you to choose a few main hashtags, just like focus keywords, which are well-suited for your niche and Instagram account.

This isn’t it.

After going through your Instagram account, Tailwind will suggest other hashtags that you can rank for, these are colour-coded to depict their usefulness and quality.

Tailwind also helps users in “grid planning” where you can upload several photos at once and store them as drafts for later posting. This helps in planning the overall look of the Instagram grid.

Aesthetic and visual appeal is necessary for keeping branding consistent and to create an impact on the customer or audience, therefore, this feature can be of tremendous help in keeping your audience engaged.

Tailwind Communities


Tailwind Communities is an opportunity for you and other Tailwind members to interact with each other, share each other’s Pinterest posts and other content, all while helping each other grow. You can share their members’ content and they can share yours, helping each other make progress together.

Collaborations within the Tailwind Community help in keeping the content fresh and coming in at all times, especially from people you share thoughts and values with. Together you can help each other improve and grow.

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Since all the members within the communities interact, they provide opportunities for their shared audiences to grow, thus creating a win-win situation for all.

Most importantly, Tailwind Communities are free to become a part of, no matter which pricing plan you choose, you can interact with a community of like-minded individuals.

However, there is a limit on the number of communities you can join with the Forever Free and Pro Plans, up to five only. For an unlimited excess, you can upgrade your pricing plan.

Tailwind Pricing


With the plethora of features that it offers, Tailwind’s cost is surely affordable, given its variety of pricing plans.

Tailwind offers four pricing plans, details of which are as follows:

Free Forever

The free forever plan, as the name suggests, is a completely free Tailwind plan which gives access to one user, one Pinterest, and one Instagram profile, allows posting of 20 posts per month, with 20 post designs and access to five Tailwind Communities.

Like other plans, this also allows the creation of a Smart.bio custom link but gives only basic analytics.

Pro Plan

Tailwind’s Pro Plan starts at $9.99 per month and costs around $119 for annual billing. This plan offers integration with one Instagram and one Pinterest profile only, along with the publishing of 100 posts per month on each platform.

It also offers up to 200 post designs for every month, access to 5 Tailwind Communities, a Smart. bio custom link for business purposes, access to Advanced Analytics, and access to only 1 user.


Advanced Plan

The Advanced plan starts at $19.99 per month and $239.88 for annual payment. This plan is essentially designed for relatively established bloggers and business owners who want to grow their brand or business further.

This plan allows access to 2 users, integration with 2 Pinterest and 2 Instagram profiles, posting 1000 posts every month, across both platforms, and unlimited designs for posts.

Moreover, there is unlimited access to Tailwind Communities, no matter how many you wish to join. This plan also gives access to view Advanced Analytics and create a Smart. bio custom link for your business.

Max Plan

The Max Plan starts at $39.99 per month and is billed at $479.88 annually. This plan allows access to five users, and integration with 3 Pinterest and 3 Instagram profiles, with unlimited posting schedule on both platforms, unlimited designs for posts, and unlimited access to Tailwind Communities.

This plan, like the others, also offers the creation of a Smart.bio custom link and access to Advanced Analytics.

All Tailwind plans are catered to meet a specific type of business or blogger, starting from the Free Forever plan, this is well-suited for beginners, following this, the Pro Plan is suitable for those looking to grow their brand, then the Advanced plan is for those who want to expand further and seek new opportunities for their business.

Lastly, the Max plan is for established business owners or bloggers.


Tailwind alternatives

Online marketing and management is a relatively new field and despite Tailwind affirming its ground in this field, there are many commonly found alternatives to this scheduling tool.

Before you question,

“Is Tailwind worth it?”

…this Tailwind review will also acquaint you with a few Tailwind alternatives and their limitations.

In search of reliable and secure software for social media management, people often come across tools other than Tailwind, some prefer these in terms of cheap pricing plans, but end up losing due to the unavailability of certain features that Tailwind promises at a lesser price.

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Some of these alternate tools are Hootsuite, Zoho Social, and Sprout Social.

Hootsuite is considered a leading tool in social media marketing and management, often sought by marketers, bloggers, and business owners. Hootsuite promises to serve its more than 18 million customers through services like post scheduling and keeping a track of social performance, however, it is slower in terms of reach ROI, as compared with Tailwind.

Zoho Social is also used for managing social media accounts and conversations through one dashboard. It is considered easier to set up than Tailwind, though it does not offer as many features as Tailwind.

Sprout Social is another all-in-one social media marketing and management tool that helps in posting on platforms as well as connect with the audience, however, it is considered slower than Tailwind and more expensive.

I hope you have enjoyed this Tailwind review!

Final Verdict

Spending money on the right tools and investing in the right marketing strategies from the start can determine the overall trajectory of a business.

Tailwind is undoubtedly one of the best social media management tools out there that deliver only quality service for what you pay, or don’t pay, as it does have a free plan for those of you who are just starting as bloggers or business owners.

From designing and scheduling posts within your browser to uploading fresh content from integrated cloud services, Tailwind can help you with anything.

You can even connect with Tailwind’s community of like-minded individuals like you and grow not your business, but your networks and build meaningful relationships.

This Tailwind review was designed to give you an idea of the gems hidden within this service-based tool and how you can transform your social media game with it. Make sure you try Tailwind & get your $30 Tailwind coupon here.

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