Take A Break – 7 Popular Weekend Destinations In The UK

Last Updated on November 8, 2023

Take A Break - 7 Popular Weekend Destinations In The UK

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to exploring the world, one of the best ways to get a culture fix is to pack your bags and make a weekend go of it. The UK, especially, has too many options to name, but I’ve somehow managed to whittle it down to just seven.

You’ll notice – I’m leaving London off this list. Not because it isn’t worthy of a weekend jaunt (it indeed is worth that and more), but because it’s a somewhat obvious choice.  London is… well… London. And, by the way, one of my favorite places on earth!

Kick back and read on for seven other must-visit UK spots that are perfect for a quick getaway.

Take A Break - 7 Popular Weekend Destinations In The UK


Known as the “City of Dreaming Spires”, Oxford is home to the prestigious Oxford University, plus a few dozen other colleges.  However, this city offers so much more.  When you visit, you’ll take in the spectacular city views from high atop Carfax Tower and stroll through the Botanic Garden and University parks.  The Bodleian Library is a can’t miss and in between it all, you’ll want to grab takeaway traditional fish and chips perhaps before shopping in the world-class Covered Market.

Take A Break - 7 Popular Weekend Destinations In The UK


The sand and water will serve as a great place to catch a beautiful sunrise followed by a beach cruiser ride. Amusements won’t fail to entertain along with a relaxing walk along the famous Brighton Pier. When you’re done with the beach, you won’t want to miss snapshots of the Royal Palace along with a unique shopping experience in The Lanes. To fuel up for the rest of your weekend, you’ll have a wide range of international cuisines from which to choose or seek out the more traditional fare in local, nearby restaurants.


If you want a weekend of shopping, this destination is your best bet.  You’ll find a plethora of big brand names, but especially on Buchanan Street (aka Style Mile) and in Merchant City. The city is also home to The Glasgow School of Art, which is a must-see. In the evening, head to the West End to one of the great bars and cafés for a quick bite, while you discover even more hidden gems throughout the city.


History buffs, rejoice! You’ll love Birmingham, with its miles and miles of canals to see the sights from the most special of angles via boat. The second largest city in the UK is home to hundreds of fun cafés and bars, so don’t miss those. Even better, time up your trip with one of the many festivals the city hosts year-round.

Take A Break - 7 Popular Weekend Destinations In The UK


Have another go at the beach by visiting Cornwall.  Majestic beauty will fulfill your thoughts of paradise, while Saint Ives serves as the must-see spot of your trip. You also can’t go to Cornwall without seeing The Eden Project too, which is the world largest rainforest in captivity open year-round.

Edinburgh (Scotland)

The Edinburgh Castle will top your list of attractions in the capital of Scotland, if for nothing else than to view The Stone of Destiny and Crown Jewels all in one visit. You’ll also want to see the Museum of Scotland along with Royal Botanic Garden, which is second oldest in the UK, coming in just behind the one in Oxford.


Rest, relaxation and wellness are what’s its all about at this destination. The biggest attractions have and still do lie in the waters, which include the ancient Roman Baths and the more modern Thermae Bath Spa. Once you’ve met your R&R threshold, head out to get your fill with delicious food and drinks will strolling through the town’s many museums and galleries.

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Take A Break - 7 Popular Weekend Destinations In The UK

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