Teaching English in Thailand – A Full Guide

Teaching English in Thailand - A Full Guide

Thailand is one of the countries where most people make a living out of teaching English. Teaching English is a big deal in the world because it is the common language that people from different parts of the world use to communicate. Thai is the official language in the country; therefore, the demand to learn English is high. A TEFL Teaching Abroad Course is a plus if you are planning to move to Thailand to teach English.


Teaching English in Thailand - A Full Guide

Why You Should Think About Teaching English in Thailand

Thailand is one of the top countries that have the best culture. The Thai people value happiness and having great times, and thus you should think of teaching in the country for happy moments. The country has so many festivals and holidays, which are lovely, and they are even brought to school where students celebrate with their teachers. Teachers from all over the world teach schools in Thailand, and thus you get the chance to meet and interact with different teachers. Teaching English in Thailand is also fun due to the high diversity of people.

Moreover, you will always have a travel bug when you teach English in Thailand. The lifestyle is cheap in the country; therefore, you will be saving enough for travelling and fun moments. Travelling is cheap in Thailand, for example, Bangkok has airports, multiple train stations, and bus stations that are easily accessible and affordable. The food in Thailand is amazing. Similar to their amazing culture, their food is also interesting. You can find foods from almost all cultures in the world in Thailand. Therefore, you can try out Indian food, Chinese food, or Mediterranean food among others. It is a good country to improve your career and explore the world.


Teaching English in Thailand - A Full Guide

What Qualifications Do I Need to Teach English in Thailand?

The qualifications that you need to teach English in Thailand include being a native speaker, a degree from a four-year university term and a TEFL or TESOL certificate. If you want to teach at the University, you must have a master’s degree in any course, but preferably in Education. Having previous experience is an added advantage, but is not necessary. It is not possible to teach English in Thailand if you do not have a bachelor’s degree. However, you can work as a volunteer English teacher if you do not have a degree. Teaching English in Thailand is also impossible without a bachelor’s degree.

You should consider finding the school that you want to teach before moving to Thailand. This will help you know from the start if you are going to work in a private or government school. Teaching English in Thailand also differs between the private and government sectors. This is because these schools have different timetables and management. Therefore, knowing prior travelling helps you understand the surroundings that you are going to work with and if you can fit in their rules. It is also important to get a work permit if you want to work as an English teacher in Thailand. You will only obtain a teaching license in Thailand if you have your passport with the Non-immigrant B Visa affixed, original copy of your bachelor’s degree, university transcripts, passport photos, certified criminal background check, and Thai work permit.

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Teaching English in Thailand - A Full Guide

How to Find a Teaching Job in Thailand

In the current world, most jobs are applied online before hitting the pavements. Many websites exist to find teaching jobs. The main website used in Thailand is Ajarn.com. Go through the job listings and spot the ones that you want and then sent an email to the particular schools including your cover letter and resume. It is essential to paste your resume on the body because most people do not open attachments. You can attach the cover letter and include your email address and phone number. If you are already in Thailand, mention it and that you are ready for interviews. If you are applying from abroad, make sure you have the means to get to Thailand on time once they call you for an interview.

After applying for a teaching job online, you should also try the traditional way. Print out your resume and cover letter then walk in schools leaving your documents. Go through your emails to see if there is any response. Moreover, grab a copy of The Bangkok Post, the top English newspaper in Thailand. Teaching English in Thailand has also been made easy with newspapers. The newspaper always includes advertisements for English Teachers. Get the numbers and call them to schedule interviews. I guarantee you that after following all these procedures, you will find a job.


What Is Living in Thailand Like While Teaching English?  

Most English teachers in Thailand are given a starting salary of 30,000 Thai Baht or $1,000 USD a month almost similar to those teaching English in Thailand. This is a good salary compared to the easy lifestyle in the country. Cities like Bangkok have affordable apartments with hot water, air conditioning, and a fridge. Your employer is expected to pay half of the health insurance contribution. In most schools, teachers are allowed to teach for the first two years tax-free and then start paying. After your time has ended and you want to travel back to your country, your school can help get back the money. However, most of these lifestyle tips depend on the school and apartment that you get.


Teaching English in Thailand - A Full Guide

Teaching English in Thailand Online (Instead of in a Classroom)

Thailand is one of the best destinations to teach English. Teaching English in Thailand can be both online and in a classroom. Many students in Thailand are taking English lessons online. The English teacher needs to have a good PC/laptop/ Mac with a good webcam and microphone. First internet speed is essential, as you do not want to cut your lessons due to poor connection. You need to have a TEFL certificate to teach English online in Thailand. A TEFL course is excellent to help you improve on the quality of your online lesson when teaching English in Thailand.


Get Qualified With TEFL 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a program that teaches teachers everything they need to know about teaching English in foreign countries. TEFL programs help teachers understand how to deal with different students, learn how to assess students, learn speech and writing, be able to engage in English lessons and manage effectively English classes both classroom and online. The programs of TEFL include fundamental classroom management, teaching techniques and methods, advanced approaches and grammar, and Master TEFL Expert teacher. These courses are vital when teaching English in Thailand. TEFL teaching abroad course is an added advantage when looking for English teaching jobs in foreign countries.


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Other Countries You Can Teach in With a TEFL Course

Other than Thailand, the other countries that you can teach with a TEFL course include South Africa, Argentina, Myanmar, Spain, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Costa Rica.


Teaching English is one of the best jobs that are paying well in the world. Many people are becoming teachers yet they do not have degrees in Education. Once you have a bachelor’s degree, you can be trained and teach English. TEFL certification is important because many schools are looking for teachers who have the qualifications equipped in TEFL programs.  Make sure you check out TEFL and their courses and use ANITA35 at checkout to receive 35% off!


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Teaching English in Thailand - A Full Guide


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