Tep Wireless: The Best International WiFi Hotspot

Tep Wireless: The Best International WiFi Hotspot

Looking for a device that can provide a secure Wi-Fi connection from just about anywhere on land?

Well, look no further than the TEP Wireless Wi-Fi — a personal mobile Wi-Fi hotspot offered by one of the leading providers of internet services worldwide.
What’s TEP Wireless and why is It Important for You to Get One?

As already mentioned, TEP Wireless or teppy as it’s also referred is a portable mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot that gets to act as a perfect companion for those with a peripatetic lifestyle or wish to maintain a stable internet connection regardless of where they are on land.

You’re simply offered a chance to either buy or rent a simple TEP Wireless Hotspot, a pocket-size device that allows you to purchase unlimited data that will be running for a time-stretch of 24 hours.

So every time a new day start, you simply turn on your TEP device and click on start. This will grant you access to an unlimited Wi-Fi connection that you can connect up to 5 different devices at a go.

It’s therefore an ideal choice of international mobile Wi-Fi device for those travelling with their family, friends, or in a group.
Internet prices are super-competitive with the device, going as low as 8 USD per day in some countries and sometimes even lower than the price of buying a SIM card with data.

Read this bearing in mind that, with the device, the price for purchasing unlimited data tend to vary depending on the country you’re visiting. So you might want to check out with the list of countries the device covers and find out about the amount they charge for mobile data before you can go ahead and decide on whether it’s a smart move to purchase one.


 Tep Wireless: The Best International WiFi Hotspot

How fast is their internet connection?

The internet speed offered by the device is decently fast. But it’s safe to mention it will be varying depending on the country you’re visiting.
With some countries, internet speed will be relatively faster. However on the overall, the standard 7.2 Mbps download and 5.8 Mbps upload is pretty impressive, allowing you to do virtually everything you’d want to do online.

For instance, you can trust the internet speed to be fast enough to stream your choice of movie at Netflix or watch YouTube videos. Suffice it to say the internet speed doesn’t limit what you can do in any way.


Tep Wireless: The Best International WiFi Hotspot

So is the Device worth the Money?

With Teppy, you don’t have to worry about Roaming charges. That’s basically because it allows you to enjoy unlimited mobile data from any corner of the world for less.

Whether your itinerary involves a number of countries in a day, a single 24-hour pay for data will cover all your internet needs without letting you incur roaming charges.


Tep Wireless: The Best International WiFi Hotspot

In Which Countries is the Teppy Device Available?

The TEP Wireless Hotspot wireless device works in a great majority of the countries in the World.

In Africa, the network operates pretty well in South Africa, Kenya and Egypt. For Asia, the devices covers pretty much every country in the continent including Japan, India, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Taiwan and Sri Lanka to mention a few.

Needless to say, the connection covers all parts of North America including Canada, United States of America, and Mexico.

Goes without mention Central and South America — where the network stretches as far as the Caribbean Islands, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico for Central America, and Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Peru and Columbia for South America.

Lastly, in Europe, the wireless network has been tested and found to be reliable in regions such as Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican, Norway, Netherlands and Monaco to name a few.


Tep Wireless: The Best International WiFi Hotspot

TEP Wireless vs. Skyroam

TEP Wireless and Skyroom are two of the most popular wireless roaming hotspots. But if you were to break down the two or stack them up against each other, which one do you believe will come off as the absolute winner?


1. Devices

Skyroom’s mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device has been designed to also double as a power bank of 6000 mAh. The device can power up to 5 devices all at once, while at the same time allowing them to charge. And once fully charged, the device can last more than 16 hours when it’s NOT charging another device.

For TEP Wireless, the device can last up to 6 hours and connect at most 5 different devices at once.

So as far as the device goes, Skyroam is the absolute winner for the extended battery life and for doubling as a power bank.

2. Price

Solis Device is currently going at $149.99 plus shipping fee, after which you’ll be paying $9 per to continue enjoying unlimited data.

To rent the device, you’ll be required to shell out $9.95 per day plus the shipping fee. The amount covers both the device and the amount to pay for unlimited internet access.

For Teppy, the device is currently going for $129 plus a 9.95 shipping fee, followed by $8 per day to continue using unlimited data.

To rent the device, you’ll only be required to pay $8.95 per day, which covers both the device and the amount you’ll be paying for unlimited internet access.


Tep Wireless: The Best International WiFi Hotspot

Buying vs. Renting

You have the option to either buy or rent the device. But taking into account the cost of shipping, it’s both wise and cost effective to buy the device if you’re planning on using the device on more than 3 trips. This will save you from incurring unnecessary shipping charges, unless otherwise.


However, if you’re planning for a single trip, then you might want to look into renting the device instead. The extra dollar added when renting the device doesn’t carry much weight, but you’re certainly going to feel the impact when the shipping fees start to pile up on you.


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Tep Wireless: The Best International WiFi Hotspot

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