That Time I almost Died In Indonesia

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This is the one time I have been travelling and have thought uh-oh, I’m in the shit.  When travelling, your up-most priority should be staying safe but sometimes you can’t help the fact you may, or may have not just risked your life.  Don’t let this post put you off travelling either. This is just a reminder to always stay safe and think twice about something that doesn’t feel quite right and also believe what the travel guides say! Here is my story…

So my near death experience was in Indonesia.  Some people will probably be thinking, ‘oh the good old tourist scooter accident’.  Nope, actually it was on another form of transport, a damn boat. It was on one of those small boats but without the support balance beams on either side, that you normally see in Indonesia.

The island in the distance is Gili Trawangan

The island in the distance is Gili Trawangan

We had been staying on Gili Meno and were wanting to head to Gili Trawangan for New Years as it was known as party central.  One of the locals said he was selling tickets for a return trip to the island.  The public ferries stop before it gets dark because it is usually too dangerous to cross between the two islands, even though you feel like you could swim that distance.  Well, let me tell you, it is actually quite far when you are holding on for dear life.

After our pretty low-key night, we left the island along with the wind and rain and hopped onto the boat to take us back to Gili Meno.  This is the point where we should have thought twice. Because of the weather the sea was horribly rough and hoping onto a small boat with no life jackets in sight was probably not the best idea.

So as we started travelling across the sea, the boat seemed to be swaying from side to side quite a lot and then the yelling and a little bit of screaming started to begin.  The boat was tipping from side to side so much that water was entering the boat.  I then had that moment of ‘shit we are going to fall into the water and die’ similar to the Titanic.  Waves were so rough that the boat driver had to stop accelerating when the boat hit the top of the waves.  I’m usually a person who tries to see the positive in everything but inside I was thinking the worst and freaking out just a little bit!  Needless to say, I was glad to have my feet on the ground again and maybe I will think next time before ignoring the message to not cross the islands at night, from the trusted travel guides.  I have to add that there were no lights on the boat and they were using a handheld torch to see.  So imagine being stuck in a tiny boat, getting saturated with it being pitch black and all you can feel is the front of the boat dropping almost vertically.

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What is your ‘that time I just about died story’?  I would love to hear about when things went wrong overseas.  Make sure you get travel insurance because sometimes things can go wrong and if you’re stuck in a country with no money and can’t afford the hospital bills, then you may be there for a very long time..

Check out my post on ‘How to choose travel insurance’.  I highly recommend World Nomads. They are a great company for travel insurance!  Also, check out Hostelworld and Agoda for accommodation!  They do great deals, especially in Asia.

Leave your bad travel stories below!

That Time I almost Died In Indonesia

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