The Best Gelato In Florence, Italy

Last Updated on November 10, 2019

The Best Gelato In Florence, Italy


The romantic city of Florence is a popular stopover for many tourists coming to Italy.  With its historic city, mouth-watering food and beautiful places to stay, Florence should be a firm yes when planning your holiday around Italy.

Italy is known for its finger-licking gelato.  When I travelled to Italy I tried my fair share of it.  I was told that you can tell if it’s a good gelateria (ice-cream shop) if it is stored in vats so it is kept to the right temperature.  Most of the little stalls on the side of the road don’t.  They are exposed to sunlight, often getting heated then chilled with that process repeating over and over again.


The best gelato in Florence?

Riva Reno was next level and was made the authentic Italian way.  They have a window into the room where you can watch them make the gelato.  If you look at the counter they are all stored in vats, chilled at a certain temperature and hidden under a metal lid. travel blog


We visited Florence in the midst of summer.  The temperatures were getting close to 40 degrees Celsius.  This a great place to have gelato and cool down for a bit as the store is nice and chilly too!  Riva Reno has many stores including Rome, Milan and many more around Italy.  They have even opened stores in Australia now!


The Best Gelato In Florence, Italy


They offer over 20 different flavours and still my favourites are plain lemon and of course, chocolate.  Rivareno will also let you try before you buy so if you see a flavour your not to sure about, try it!  You NEED to taste the pistachio, it’s amazing!


How do I get there?

Read the map below.  It is only a 5-minute walk from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore!

The Best Gelato In Florence, Italy


If you are in Florence make sure you stop here for a taste of real Italian gelato.  Nothing compares!  If you are needing accommodation in Italy then make sure you check out Hostelworld.  They have great deals on Hostels around the world.


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The Best Gelato In Florence, Italy

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