10 Things to do Around the Elaphiti Islands, Croatia

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10 Things to do Around the Elaphiti Islands

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Croatia became really popular in recent years thanks to the famous TV series called Game of Thrones, which shot many scenes in the country. Dubrovnik is packed with tourists, especially in the high season. There is however a little piece of paradise not so far from the crowded city walls of Dubrovnik. The Elaphiti Islands consist of several islands and they are situated northwest of  Dubrovnik. The 3 habited islands are Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan. You can reach all three of these islands by ferry from the port of Dubrovnik. You don’t need to book a ticket ahead, just show up at the terminal and buy it at the ticket office. Check the timetable ahead of time, to ensure you don’t need to wait for too long. You can also book a private charter with a skipper, but this comes at a high cost!


The Elaphiti Islands offer a wide variety of activities. It has quiet beaches, delicious Croatian food and several possibilities for water sports. Lopud and Kolocep Islands are car-free. As you can imagine this provides a very peaceful environment. Everything can be reached by simply walking, as both islands are very small. However, if you don’t fancy walking in the summer heat there is a possibility to use a local taxi. They are golf carts. Aren’t they just the best? Cycling is another way to get around. You will have the chance to rent some bikes from the locals.

10 Things to do around the Elaphiti Island

 10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands

1. Kayak around the islands

One of the best things you can do is go kayaking around the Elaphiti Islands. It is the best way to explore the coastline while being as kind as possible to the surrounding environment, as they are powered by your arm muscles. Kayaking is a great exercise, which can also be very relaxing. You become one with nature as you paddle next to the coastline in the Adriatic Sea. You can find secluded beaches, hidden bays and underwater caves. It will give you an opportunity to see some of the uninhabited islands up close, such as Ruda Island, which has a hidden cave as well. 


10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands


2. Snorkel at Sipan Island

The beach at Sipan Island is perfect for snorkelling. You will find a rich marine life here with lots of different fishes, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and shells. If you don’t have snorkelling gear, you can also buy one in the local village at the souvenir shop. This is a fun activity, which will keep you occupied for hours.


10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands

3. Discover the Green Cave 

A truly unique experience is entering the secret underwater cave off the coast of Sipan Island. This hidden place can only be reached by kayak or swimming. When you enter the cave everything will be very dark. However, in a few minutes, your eyes will get adjusted and you will see the lovely green colour around you. Since the cave isn’t easily approachable you can often have the place all to yourself. A truly special experience, which can be the highlight of your holiday in Croatia.


10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands

4. Go Cliff jumping

Each island comes with some awesome cliff jumping spots. This is a fun activity, which can be dangerous if you are not doing it sensibly. Only jump if you have made sure the water was deep enough and there was no one under you. 


10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands

5. Relax at Sunj Beach

Croatia has many beautiful beaches, but it is very rare to find a sandy beach. Even the famous symbol of Croatia, the Golden Horn is a pebbly beach, not a sandy one as it may appear on the photos. Sunj Beach however, has a fantastic sandy beach. It is perfect for families, as the beach is very shallow. There are several sun loungers and umbrellas to use. There are also two restaurants, so you can grab lunch or some refreshments. There is a possibility to rent jet skis here if you are into watersports. 


10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands6. Go Sailing 

Sailing is another great way to explore the coastline of the Elaphiti Islands. Sipanska Luka is the main port at Sipan. It is a popular destination for sailors because of its well-protected harbour. Sailing will give you a lot of freedom. You can anchor in hidden bays and go for a swim without other people.


10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands

7. Explore the islands on foot

Going for a walk on the islands can also be a good way to discover something new. There are several lookout points, and if you don’t mind the heat, you can head up there to get a nice view of the surrounding area. Đorđić-Mayneri family park on Lopud offers a great place for an afternoon stroll as you walk in the shade of palm and olive trees.


10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands

8. Enjoy your morning coffee with gorgeous views

The Elaphiti Islands have a population of 850 inhabitants. Most of these people live from tourism in the summer and offer their homes on airbnb. It is a good idea to support the local economy and stay at independent guest houses while visiting the islands. Each place has its own charm. You can have a room with a balcony overlooking the village and the Adriatic Sea. Can you imagine anything better, than waking up to this view every day and sipping your morning coffee? 


10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands

9. Enjoy glorious sunsets

There is no better way to end a day than watching a beautiful sunset. There is no shortage of lovely sunsets in Croatia. You can head out for an evening stroll or stay at your accommodation and watch it from your balcony. Either way, relax and take it all in! 


10 things to do around the Elaphiti Islands

10. Enjoy Croatian food

Croatia is famous for its seafood. Most local restaurants will take great pride of the dish they cook from the catch of the day. Peka is a popular method to prepare food in Croatia. It is done by putting the pot into the embers of a fireplace. The dish can be prepared from fish, octopus or meat and always contain potatoes which suck up the juice. A must try on your Croatian holiday. 

Cevapcici sausages are also very popular and you will find them on any menu in the country. The Elaphiti Islands have many great restaurants. Visiting them is a great way to help grow the local economy and fill your belly with tasty local food!


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