The Most Shocking Hostel Stories From Around The World

Last Updated on November 10, 2019

The Most Shocking Hostel Stories From Around The World


Sometimes shared accommodation has it’s ups and down, it’s funny moments, its disgusting moments and some pretty outrageous moments.

Here are the most shocking hostel stories


Hostel Stories #1 – Thrust from above

Gemma Cleaver from Gemma Jane Adventures

The 6 of us had only just met in the small hostel in Leon, Granada. Thrilled to be in a big city after spending time in smaller towns, I tagged along when someone suggested going clubbing. Our group of 4 guys and 2 girls managed to find a funky club filled with locals, where one of the guys and girls wasted no time in getting together. The rest of us danced, drank, talked, and a second guy, (let’s call him Dirk) soon found a local girl to dance with. They did a little bit more too, as I found out upon returning to the hostel and discovering one new friend sat outside the dorm room as Dirk had brought back the local chica to get more intimate with. We sat outside waiting until they finished and she left so we could go to bed…

Despite their conversation being limited, and possible only thanks to google translate the next night, after we had all gone to bed and were drifting off I felt the bed move as Dirk climbed down. In the darkness, he cracked open the door and there was some muted female giggling before the bed rocked twice as they climbed up. To their credit, they were very quiet, and I wasn’t sure if anyone else noticed. On the other hand, the bed was pretty flimsy, so I could definitely feel every thrust from above in the rocking of the bed. In amusement, I considered rocking with them, in cheekiness I thought about fidgeting lots and disturbing the rhythm. In reality, I did neither, and actually fell asleep to their gentle rocking!


Hostel Stories #2 – Banjo accident


My friend Tim was staying in a hostel in Budapest.  As everyone was going to sleep one couple came back to the room and started having really loud sex.  In the middle of this happening the guys, banjo string snapped and blood started flying around the room!  He was just screaming and an ambulance had to come.  He said there was so much blood that housekeeping had to come and clean everything in the middle of the night!



Hostel Stories #3 – Horror in the making

Danielle Desir from The Thought Card

I recently had a very odd experience at an Airbnb accommodation in Philadelphia. During the middle of the night, I found my housemate sitting on the kitchen floor. She was unresponsive and her hair was completely covering her face. Since we were strangers, I hurried back to my room to avoid being part of a horror flick.

Later that night when I thought the coast was clear, I went back to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Within seconds, my housemate stormed into the kitchen in a very modest nightgown and grabbed a bag of chips from the counter. I was shocked by her unpredictable behaviour and made a mental note to start expecting the unexpected when sharing accommodations.



The Most Shocking Hostel Stories From Around The World

Hostel Stories #4 – Trouble in Moscow 

Stefan and Sebastien from Nomadic Boys

We travelled on the Trans Siberian in summer 2014 through Russia and made numerous stops along the way to see the country. This was before the ruble crashed in December 2014 so was an expensive destination.

To keep within budget, we stayed in a dorm in Moscow. All was going well until one evening, a drunk Ukrainian couple checked in. They stormed in after lights out at midnight. Switching on/off the light at night in a dorm is already a nuisance.

To top it off they stank of alcohol and cigarettes and decided two bunks wouldn’t do and would share their bunk. They were giggling noisily and making other noises well into the night until we plucked up the courage to tell them to shut up or get out. Reception were useless of course but they eventually got them to quiet down.

That was definitely the end of hostel dorm experiences for us!



Hostel Stories #5 – Awkward breakfast

Luke from Back Street Nomad

A group of about 5 friends and I were staying in a Dublin hostel room of about 12 beds. The hostel had a big stairwell and 3 floors and our room was on the third. After a big night out in Temple Bar, we were walking up the stairs to our room and we saw this suspicious man who looked about 60, had a massive beard and very old looking clothes. He looked more homeless than most homeless people and looked like he was trying to break into level 2.

As we were entering our room he followed us in and one of my friends tried to shut the door on him. After a bit of a door wrestle he got in and walked over to bed 7 where he woke the kid up who was sleeping and said “you’re in my bed”. At this we were like “Alright, this bum here is totally trying to get a free night’s sleep and has the guts to actually kick someone out of their bed”. Turns out Father Time was legit, he slept in our room, and sleeping guy was moved to another room in the middle of the night. Let me tell you it made for some very awkward chit chat at the breakfast table in the morning.



Hostel Stories #6 – Bodily Fluids

Kaley Portier 

I have two pretty gross hostel stories that, happened at the same hostel. I went to Hanoi, Vietnam this past spring. The city was awesome, busy and loud and so very different from Japan. The hostel my friend and I decided to stay at was cheap at $5 a night for a mixed dorm, so I really didn’t have the highest of expectations. Little did I know what was really in store for me! We were trying to fit six cities into our two week vacation so we weren’t really into “travel party mode” like… pretty much everyone else in our hostel. I had NO idea when I booked our hostel that it was going to be so heavily gauged towards partying, and if I did I would most likely not have booked there.

Well, the second night my friend and I get back from being out at Ha Long Bay and promptly pass out. I get woken up sometime in the middle of the night by the sound of puking in the bathroom. Great, someone is sick! These things happen in hostels, people drink too much or eat bad food. But then I realize it is the girl who is sleeping in the bed above me! I get woken up a few more times by her climbing down to vomit and I just keep thinking “girl, please just sleep in there!” Needless to say, I get very little sleep that night because I am worried on her NOT making it to the bathroom and gravity. Thankfully that never happened.

The second story is also pretty gross and involves bodily fluids. We were staying at that hostel for four nights. And during our second day we hear some people talking about their water not working. Apparently they had just redone the building and were having some plumping issues. We’re in an old part of Hanoi and I mean, it’s $5 a night. We were on the ground floor and had little issues with our water, until the last night there. No water for a shower and no water for the toilet, which meant everyone’s business is just there.

We are flying out to Cambodia the next day and all I want is a shower and to not be woken up by drunk girls puking! We ask them if they have any rooms with water and they did, so we ended up moving rooms and it was a really nice room. But still, no water in the hostel is gross, especially when you’re sharing a toilet with strangers.


The Most Shocking Hostel Stories From Around The World


Hostel Stories #7 – Human Pinball

Anita Hendrieka

I was in Dublin with a couple of friends for the weekend and we stayed at this cool hostel near the Temple Bar area.  Because we were broke travellers we ended up buying some drinks to drink in our room which also hosted 3 boys from England.  They seemed nice and we were in tears listening to their tales from their drunken weekend so far.  After sharing stories, us girls went out for a good Irish night out at the buzzing pubs and bars.

When we came back the 3 boys were still awake.  One of the boys had his jeans around his knees and was swaying around the room because he was super drunk.  In the end we all ended up drawing on him with lipstick, but suddenly things got a little gross. He started to piss himself in the middle of the room and then was trying to go from person to person to try and hop into our beds.  He ended up being a human-like pinball machine as we would scream for him to get away and push him onto the next person.  The sad thing is, he only had one pair of jeans which he then had to wear on the plane ride back to England early that morning.



I hope you had a little laugh at the stories above, I sure did!  Make sure you check their websites, they have amazing travel blogs as well!


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The Most Shocking Hostel Stories From Around The World


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The Comments

  • Sabine
    January 2, 2016

    Haha, love this post. When travelling these are the things that can happen and has happened, so it all sounds so familiar. Thanks for sharing this awesome post!!

  • Roaming Renegades (@Travel_Explore1)
    January 3, 2016

    Ha ha, some great stories here! Fortunately we have been lucky with our hostel experiences although I didn’t get much sleep in a dorm in Basel this year after a Chinese couple decided to sit in the middle of the room on their laptops at 4:30am…

  • Mark Williams
    January 3, 2016

    Horror or hilarious, when these things happen you can dine off them for years to come.

  • trucosviajeros
    January 4, 2016

    Fun read, thanks for sharing 😀

  • Melody Pittman
    January 4, 2016

    oh gross! of course i had to keep reading all the way to the end. LOL those may be great reasons why i would never, for any reason, ever stay in a hostel. that and i’m too spoiled and old. thanks for sharing. that was amusing.

  • Lucy
    January 5, 2016

    Omg! But even the worst stories make good memories (or sort of))) at least you have what to laugh of back home..
    I feel lucky .. The few times I chose hostels.. Those were good ones 🙂 without puking girls or rocking beds.. Thank God!))

  • Matt
    January 15, 2016

    I remember staying at a hostel on a solo trip to San Francisco about 10 years ago. Met a solo traveler from Australia and started drinking. I’m not a drinker at all, but on rare occasions, I can hang, even if the aftermath is ugly.

    Whole experience was a blur, but do remember making multiple trips to the liquor store for Budweiser. Anyway, totally blacked out, made it to my room. Tried to find bathroom middle of the night, couldn’t find it. Ended up urinating and dedicating in the hallway, or so I was told as I was being kicked out. Vague memories of roaming the hallways halfway naked. Felt so bad for hostel staff, thought about offering to help clean up, but I was so hung over and just wanted to get out of there.

    Moral of the story, don’t try to hang with Australians when drinking, especially if you’re not a drinker.

  • Ida
    June 13, 2016

    I’ve had similar experiences when I was homeless for 3 months after graduating from France, hostel hopping from one to another.

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Ida
      June 15, 2016

      Oh wow! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • BC
    January 4, 2023

    Got back recently from a trip to Southern California. Stayed at hostels since I’m temporarily solo right now and am trying to stretch my budget. Plus I’ve had fun experiences. Sometimes roommates barely talk and other times they’re good for conversations. But on NYE I finally got my first bizarre situation where I was thinking maybe my safety was at risk.

    It was also my first time in any mixed dorm. I think I’ve booked mixed dorms when it was my only option, but this was the first time there were women in the same room. I wore shorts to bed so I think I was good, and the other roommates barely acknowledged me. At least until the “incident”. I just got back after NYE festivities before 1 AM and most of the other roommates are asleep. I do my best to keep quiet and then hit the bed. I wake up maybe at 5:15 when someone starts removing my blanket. Looks like a new roommate who checked in overnight. I ask him what he thinks he’s doing and he constantly denies that he’s taking my blanket, even though he’s got hands on it and is pulling it away. He also seems kind of disoriented but I don’t smell any alcohol. He didn’t make any sudden moves towards me and otherwise seems calm. I was thinking of calling 911 but instead call the front desk, and security is sent.

    Then when security came in, I explain the situation – that I was sleeping when this clown started removing my blanket. And looking at it, he’s got two blankets on his bed and I have none. One would think case closed – they’re going to toss this guy out. The bizarre roomie says something barely coherent about being tossed from a place that closed around 2:30 AM. But security says that they have no more beds available (there’s one unoccupied bed in this room and it’s the bunk on top of my bed) and that we either get along or one of us has to voluntarily leave. I point out my lack of a blanket and the security guard offers to bring one in, despite the obvious thing which is to get mine back. So I’m stuck in this awkward situation and this guy leaves the room. I don’t think he had grabbed his stuff from his car. Then I’m thinking I’m not particularly safe and I start packing even though I could use more sleep. The other roommates (all women) say a few things about this guy being really bizarre. I finish packing and then head for the front desk, but I don’t see anyone (probably in an office) and the door is locked. I just kind of wait to turn in my key when the clerk pops out and opens the door. I mentioned my situation and he says that the guy already checked out. I did mention that I didn’t feel particularly safe, but he says the guy isn’t coming back and I head back to the room and didn’t check out until just before checkout time. And when I check out I mentioned that this guy had left a hat in the room, and she says that she heard about what happened and that he had left quickly (I’m thinking that he was concerned that he might have to deal with the police).

    Still – I’m a bit peeved about security not applying basic logic and tossing him immediately. If this guy had done the same to any of the women in the room, I’m thinking they would have called police in if he didn’t leave.