6 Best Dubai Souvenirs to Take Home With You

Last Updated on December 6, 2023

6 Best Dubai Souvenirs to Take Home With You

Travellers, rather explorers know the worth of getting the things along as a token of memory that would invigorate and cherish the extant moment with beautiful footprints of the visit. Specifically, in India, if you are travelling abroad, then you will surely receive a list of items that are to be bought out for friends, relatives, loved ones and yes colleagues too. Here, we have summed up some things that you could get back from Dubai. Trust us; the list will surely help you to fill your bags and your hearts, without much burden on your wallet. Why don’t you book flight tickets from Chennai to Dubai and go on a nice little vacation!?

Here’s 6 of the Best Dubai Souvenirs!

1) Gold Jewels

Gold is the best gift that suits every occasion irrespective of whom to be gifted. Indian markets usually run pretty high with gold prices. But, Dubai is one of the largest markets for gold trading. According to market surveys, Dubai market has cheaper gold than most of the other parts of the world. Like every market, bargaining can turn out, pretty much profitable for you, as it may get you gold at around 30-40 % cheaper than the quoted price. Gold Souk, Joyalukkas outlets can serve your gold shopping needs for sure.

2) Dried Fruits

In India, dried fruits are not really accessible for all of the natives, as prices of the dried fruits in India are pretty high, which have potential to disturb middle-class budget. In Dubai, prices of those dried fruits are not that low too, but yes the quality is exceptional. The city has numerous shops that could help you out to shop those, with a wide range of dried fruits. Undoubtedly, those dried fruits make the best gift that could be shared with anyone.

3) Liquor

Liquor is among the most sophisticated gifts that are shared with colleagues or even with relatives. In Dubai, if you want to buy and consume alcohol, then it’s quite difficult as Dubai is having certain rules and regulations regarding alcohol consumption. But yes, there is a duty-free outlet at Dubai Airport itself, where you can buy alcohol at a lesser price than any other place in the world. But again, there are limitations over buying quantity, and the airlines also have certain rules over alcohol carrying in flights. So, better be confirmed before buying stock.

6 Best Dubai Souvenirs to Take Home With You

4) Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets have become a necessity of lives, as those gadgets have certainly given a touch of ease to human lives. If you are in Dubai and want to upgrade your existing gadget, then you are at the very right place. Dubai has the gadgets which run on latest technologies with real-time updates. Secondly, there are some shops and malls that offer those devices with heavy discounts and combo offers. So, don’t just window shop, go and get one that will keep you running with the world.

5) Camel Milk Chocolates

Chocolates are among those few gifts which are really affordable and worth sweet for gifting. If you are having children inheritors waiting for your come back, then Camel Milk Chocolates are a must buy for you. Several brands manufacture and trade those, but if you want to go for original one, then it is only manufactured by ‘Al Nassma’, company. The brand can be seen in European and Asian countries also, but yes the prices do differ. You can easily buy those from numerous local shops and malls, as it is widely available in Dubai market.

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6) Persian Carpets and Rugs

If you are interested in investing money in some authentic shopping, then Persian Carpets and Rugs are for you. The prices of those are on quite a higher side, with the risk of authenticity associated with it. You can get those, at Dubai Souk, Souq Madinat Jumeirah, and several prominent malls across Dubai.

Shopping cravings are good, as it lifts up the mood of one’s. And, when it comes to travel shopping, the criteria are totally different here. Involving into such shopping may create beautiful memories and also on the other hand, may lead to horrible experiences. So, be aware of spending, and make most of it.

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