Incredible Things to do in Gjirokastra, Albania

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Incredible Things to do in Gjirokastra, Albania

The charming UNESCO town of Gjirokastra, Albania is a great destination for a night or two when visiting Albania.  You may also know Gjirokastra as the city of stone or by its Albanian name, Gjirokastër (also spelled Gjirokaster). Often Gjirokastër is said to be the same as the other Albanian UNESCO town Berat but in fact, it deserves a visit as the two towns are very different although the style of the houses might be similar.

Unlike Berat, Gjirokastra sits on top of a hill overlooking the mountains and valley below.  Gjirokaster Castle is also one of the best-preserved castles in Albania and still has many weapons which are on display today.  In my eyes, Gjirokastra Castle is the best castle in Albania.

If you are looking to visit this beautiful town here’s your full Gjirokastra guide. It covers all the best things to do, where to eat and the best hotels in Gjirokaster.


How to get to Gjirokastra, Albania

You can reach Gjirokaster relatively easy from any major city or town in Albania via bus (see timetables here).

One thing to note is that the bus stop does not go all the way up the hill into Gjirokaster Old Town.  It will drop you off at the bottom where you can either walk, catch another bus or catch a taxi to the Old Town.  In the summer, this can be quite the mission as the temperatures in Gjirokastra (and throughout Albania) are high.  So, during those times I would definitely catch a bus/taxi up or you could even try hitchhiking, it’s very popular in Albania!


Incredible Things to do in Gjirokastra, Albania

Things to do in Gjirokastra


1. Visit Gjirokaster Castle

If you don’t visit Gjirokaster Castle, you haven’t been to Gjirokastra!  It’s easy to get to the castle, you can either drive, catch a taxi or walk like I normally do.  It’s a little uphill but will only take you 5 minutes to reach from Gjirokastra Old Town.  It’s worth it!  You could spend at least a couple of hours roaming around the castle. 

Within Gjirokaster Castle is a weapon museum and prison too which you have to pay extra for (200 lek) but you can pick up and observe the old weapons found here. I definitely think it’s worth it! They have a lot of really useful information up there too. Otherwise, you can roam all of the rooms, tunnels and admire the view from the top!  The clock tower is a must-see which sits on the furthest side of Gjirokastra Castle from the entrance.


Incredible Things to do in Gjirokastra, Albania

2. Wonder the Gjirokastra Bazaar

*As of the summer of 2019 they are currently reconstructing the old cobbled roads and replacing them so expect some dirt and dust!

Just around the corner from Gjirokaster Castle is the bazaar. One of the best things to do in Gjirokaster is wander through the bazaar and admire the architecture of the traditional buildings. There’s plenty of great shopping you can do in in the bazaar too including old second-hand shops where you will find some interesting treasures!


3. Visit the Ethnographic Museum

The old dictator of the communist period Enver Hoxha was born in Gjirokaster, Albania.  Nowadays the house where he was born has been turned into a museum so you can see what a traditional Gjirokastra family home would have looked like back then.


Incredible Things to do in Gjirokastra, Albania

4. Visit Zekati Family House

Another great house to visit in Gjirokaster is the Zekati House which was built in 1811-1812.  This house has undergone restoration and is one of the most incredible traditional houses within Gjirokastra today. With three floors, wooden carved ceilings, two twin towers and a magnificent view of the town, this is a must-see when visiting Gjirokastra. You will want to drive or take a taxi to reach here as it’s further up the hill from the bazaar.


5. Skenduli House

Between Gjirokastra Castle and the Ethnographic Museum is the Skenduli House. This is another perfect example of the traditional architecture of Gjirokastra.  This house was said to built around the 1700’s!


6. Discover the Underground of Gjirokastra

Underneath Gjirokaster Castle and Gjirokastra Old Town is an underground bunker which is now possible to explore!  One of the best things to do in Gjirokastra is visit the underground city, especially in the summer to cool off below ground.  It goes down more than 80 meters deep and is over 1km long.  This underground city has over 100 rooms including interrogation rooms, offices and so on as well as multiple escape routes.  This is a stark reminder of the dark communist era that loomed over Albania from 1944 until 1992.


Traditional Albanian Food: 39 Delicious Albanian Dishes to Try!

Where to Eat in Gjirokastra

The Barrels – Te Fucite:  This Gjirokastra restaurant came highly recommended by one of my readers and does amazing red wine as well as the best traditional Albanian food with the setting of a vineyard.

Taverna Kuka: I have eaten here once and enjoyed the food thoroughly.  You can find a lot of different meals to try!

Taverna Mugana:  Usually when I visit Gjirokaster I always go to this restaurant because it’s super quiet and off the path of most of the restaurants.  It’s not far from the entrance to the Gjirokaster Castle and serves some amazing traditional food.  I love the qofte (Albanian food) here!  It’s also very affordable, sits right next to the mosque and offers some of the best views of Gjirokastra.


Incredible Things to do in Gjirokastra, Albania

The Best Hotels in in Gjirokaster, Albania

There are some stunning homestays and hotels in Gjirokaster where you can get an insight into the beautiful architecture within the town.


Kerculla Resort: This hotel in Gjirokastra came highly recommended from one of my readers and upon research, it’s the top-rated hotel in the town. It’s a beautiful hotel equipped with a swimming pool and stunning views.


There are a bunch of other great homestays and hotels in Gjirokaster on Booking.com which I recommend looking at.


Airbnb: You can find incredible properties in Gjirokastra also on Airbnb.  Sign up and get your $35 credit from me!


Hostel:  The best hostel in Gjirokastra and my favourite one in Albania is Stone City Hostel.  It’s a hostel which has had some incredible renovations and is possibly the most beautiful ever!  I highly recommend staying here if you’re a backpacker in Gjirokaster, Albania.


Incredible Things to do in Gjirokastra, Albania

Tours in Gjirokaster

There are several great tours which can teach you more about Gjirokastra, Albania’s history as well as tours to take you to some of the surrounding sites.  Check out the link below to see the latest tours.

Tours in gjirokastra


I hope you visit Gjirokastra when visiting Albania.  This small UNESCO town has a lot to offer!


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Incredible Things to do in Gjirokastra, Albania Incredible Things to do in Gjirokastra, Albania



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