13 Amazing Things to do in Korca, Albania 2024

Last Updated on April 26, 2024

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The unofficial cultural capital of Albania – Korca (or Korçë) – is only a three-hour drive from Tirana and a beautiful city that tourists from all over the world come to visit. 

Korca Albania is located in southeastern Albania and is recognised for its architectural significance which dates back to the 13th century.

From beautiful churches, mosques, museums and walkways, there is a lot to see and explore and interesting things to do in Korca city. 

Things to do in Korce, grey stone church with segmented towers and domed chancery under a blue sky with green leaves in the foreground

Also known as the City of Serenades, Korca promises to serenade you towards its beauty and charm.

Not a lot of tourists know about this beauty or intend to travel here – but this guide will prove why you should travel to Korca for your next trip to Albania.

Wondering what to do in Korca to learn more about this amazing city? Keep reading!

Below are all the best places to eat, where to stay and things to do in Korce to have an amazing visit.

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Where is Korca? 

What to do in Korca, cobbled street with benches surrounding a well under green trees with covered outdoor seating for restaurants lining the street

Korca is located on the south-eastern border of Albania, a country in Europe. Korca is close to Greece and North Macedonia.

The eighth-most populous city of Albania houses more than 75,000 people and spans an area of just 806 km2.

Korca is a fertile plateau, just 2800 feet above sea level, and is lined by the Morava Mountains.

Korca is known for its wide wheat-growing fields, luscious apple grapes fields, and also has its brewery as well as other food processing units.

In fact, coal mining is also done in the mountains in the Korca, towards the south. 

When is the best time to visit Korca?

What to visit in Korca, street corner with wedge-shaped building with red paint and brickwork next to lampost and potted plant

The weather in Albania is great for a trip during any time of the year, and Korca city is no exception.

Though Korca serves the purpose of an all-season tourist spot, the best time that we recommend is during spring.

Easter is graciously celebrated in Korca, especially during the spring season, and you don’t want to miss that.

The warmer season in Korca breathes life into the city with its numerous festivals and celebrations, making it an amicable destination for tourists.

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Spring is also the busiest season for tourism in Korca, as the neither too cold nor too warm temperature provides the perfect opportunity for tourists to gaze around the cityscapes.

The Korca winter season is also pleasant to travel in as the picturesque snow-covered plateau is a delight to be at.

During Korca in winter are skiing spots that open up and are popular with tourists and locals alike.

Plus, the entire city is lit up with lights to provide a breath-taking view, making Korca in winter extra magical.

How many days to spend in Korca? 

Although a populous city, Korca is a rather compact travel destination and it can be explored within three to four days seamlessly.

Whether you’re a walk and breathe in nature kind of a tourist or prefer local transport, it is possible to witness the scenic and architectural beauty of Korca city within three days.

If you want to visit every destination mentioned on this itinerary and absorb the mesmerizing beauty of Korca, then three days – or two nights and one day – is the perfect amount of time.

It’s not just the sites in Korca that are worth seeing, but the neighbouring areas as well.

Nearby you can take a retreat to the Morava Mountains, or spend a day interacting with the locals engaging in their festivities. 

13 Best Things to do in Korca

Korca is a compact and walkable city, so you can travel and explore the beauty of this cobblestoned city on foot.

Nevertheless, as one of the cultural epicentres of Albania, there are many amazing things to do in Korce.

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If you’re wondering what to do in Korce for history buffs, foodies and everything else in between, you’ll find it below.

Here are some of the best things you can do in Korca Albania. You can easily visit most of these within 3 to 4 days. 

1. Get a panoramic view of Korca City

Places to visit in Korca, top of tall grey building with bright red logo on balcony under an azure blue sky

If you want a spectacular panoramic view of the entire city of Korca, then head to one of the top places to visit in Korca.

So long as you aren’t scared of heights, visiting the Red Tower or the Panoramic Tower should be the first spot on your itinerary.

It is a concrete tower, serving its utilitarian purpose of giving a bird’s eye view of the entire city and the neighbouring countryside.

From here you can see all the best things to do in Korca adn marvel at the beauty of the city.

To reach the top by stairs takes a hefty eight flights of stairs, but Korca’s beauty is worth the climb. However, there is also an elevator that is usually operational.

There is a required ticket to reach the top of the tower which is priced at 50 Lek.

The tower gives an even better view in the evening or at night when buildings surrounding it and the city lights gleam, illuminating Korca’s beauty.

I recommend climbing up to the top of the Red Tower at sunset so you can enjoy the golden hour with the glittering rooftops of buildings.

2. Hang out in Pazari i Vjetër

Things to do in Korca in winter, street front of restaurant with white paint and wood-rimmed windows next to round tables with ornate chairs and black iron street lamps

The Pazari I Vjeter, also known as the Korca Bazaar and the Bazaar of the Serenades, is a must for anyone who is visiting Korca.

You will find some of the most exquisite cultural and traditional items as well as great Albanian souvenirs here.

The bazaar dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries, originating most of its structure and landscape from Roman architecture and a Turkish-style bazaar.

This is not uncommon ass the Albania you see today was once under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

Previously, the Bazaar housed over 1000 stores, and two famous inns – the Old Monastery and the Old Elbasan.

In 2015, the Bazaar was completely renovated to take the form of what you will find today – a vibrant and lively space that is more than just a shopping hub, but also a community.

The cobblestoned streets and rustic architecture emulate the Ottoman era that the Bazaar dates back to.

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And strolling through the Bazaar, its vibrant community and ambiance make one feel like having teleported to a different time.

Some shops sell cultural and traditional Albanian artefacts and pieces like carpets, decoration pieces, and clothes.

The Bazaar also has restaurants and bars for the food you to delve into Albanian cuisine.

The Bazaar serves a different atmosphere particularly in the late hours of the day as locals and tourists step out onto the streets, festive and cheery, making the most of their time with friends and family.

If you are a coffee enthusiast, Albanian coffee is a must to try, as well as the beer named Birra Korca, which is brewed in Korca’s famous brewery.

Other than shops, the Bazaar has cafes and museums like the Komiteti Kafe Muzeum and the Kooperativa.

The Kooperativa is a communist-themed café, bearing witness to the country’s history of communism.

The entire Bazaar is filled with galleries paying homage to Albanian history and art, as well as antique shops and boutiques.

Whether you like shopping or not, the bazaar is definitely one of the best things to do in Korce!

3. Have a raki at Komiteti Kafe Museum

The Komiteti Kafe Museum is a famous tourist destination within the Korca bazaar.

It is an intricately crafted cobblestone cafe with rustic furniture and a cosy ambiance.

Make sure to take a quick break here from roaming the streets of Korca and grab a Birra Korca – a locally brewed beverage.

4. Visit the largest Orthodox church in Korca

If you’re the type of tourist who gravitates towards historical and cultural monuments over contemporary spots like cafes and bars, then the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral is for you!

This is Albania’s largest Orthodox church and is situated in the middle of the Korca – serving as an important landmark.

The church’s architectural inspiration comes from Greece as the process of renovation was patronised by Greece as well as Romania and some Aromanian patrons.

The renovation process began in 1995 after the original cathedral was destroyed during the rule of the Communist Party in 1968 as religion was prohibited all across Albania.

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The interior of the Cathedral is not very flamboyantly decorated, instead, it expands like a cavern. The inner walls are decorated with mosaic art and wooden lamps that are carved into the structure.

A surprising fact: the structure of the Orthodox church in Korca is similar to that in Tirana, and even has the same name.

For those who are intrigued by buildings and monuments that bear a religious significance, there are plenty of Albanian churches on the eastern side of Korca.

Around 24 of the Orthodox churches in Korca were built during the 16th and 18th centuries, and eight are firmly standing on Albanian soil today. 

5. Devour Qofte

Amazing things to do in Korca Albania, Qofte dish with onion and lettuce garnish on white ceramic place

One of the best things to do in Korca is enjoy the local food. And one of the best things to eat here is Qofte.

Qofte, pronounced chof-ta, are meatballs made up of minced meat, spices, and some vegetables.

Though not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, these culinary amazeballs are a perfect delight if you’re visiting Korca and are eager to try local food.

The crispy exterior and the soft meat melt as you devour the juicy blend of Albanian flavours.

It was perhaps one of the best things I tried in Korca’s old bazaar and I am feeling a tad nostalgic as I reminisce about the flavour while I write this.

6. Have Korca in Korca

What to do in Korca, bottle of Korca beer on table next to beach looking out onto blue waters

As I mentioned before, Korca, despite its compact size, has its brewery and well, has its beer brand – with the same name as the city.

The Korca beer is produced in Korca and is widely consumed by locals and tourists.

In fact, there is a high chance you would be served Korca beer on at least one of your food outings in Korca.

The brewery itself is not a top site to see, saying from my own experience. Though every guidebook or travel enthusiast would recommend going there, I don’t.

The service at the brewery is pretty appalling. We waited over 30 minutes for someone to come serve us, asking 2 different waiters for a beer.

After 30 minutes of no one coming or acknowledging us, we just gave up and left.

Upon checking reviews for the brewery online, I realized this is a common practice there and a lot of other visitors had some complaints too.

So rather than spending time driving to the brewery, I recommend visiting a bar or café at the old bazaar and devouring amazing traditional Albanian food with some Korca beer.

7. Take a nightly Gjiro (walk) down Shen Gjergj

Things to do in Korce, people walking along cobbled promenade lined with trees and domed church in the distance

When in Korca, you will realize that walking is one of the favourite things to do for the locals, and also the tourists.

When you step out on the street, next to the Cathedral, you would notice the St. George Boulevard or Shen Gjergj, Korca’s main walkway.

The pathway is lined with bright and lush green apple trees guarding the pedestrians against sunlight.

It is instead diverted into the pathway of those walking from the outdoor cafes, coffee and ice cream shops, and bars that are situated on both sides of the Shen Gjergj.

Shen Gjergj is most commonly used for an evening walk or xhiro, a prized possession of the Albanian culture.

The Bulevardi Fan Noli is also used for walking as it also has a garden situated in its middle – perfect for taking a breather during a stroll.

Doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, these boulevards are filled with people and you will notice a few landmarks along the way.

One of the places you’ll see along the way is the First Albanian School of Language. This is another exciting spot for tourists to visit, but more about that below.

Facing the school is the famous Romanian House, standing upright in a bright canary yellow structure.

This beautiful building serves as a historical landmark between Romania and Korca.

Lastly, if you have the energy to walk up to the Bulevardi Gjergj Kastrioti, you will find yourself at the Rinia Park.

This is the largest park in Korca and is lined with bars and cafes, providing the perfect escape into a fusion of contemporary space and nature in Korca.

8. Visit the museum of medieval art

What to visit in Korca Albania, headless mannequin displaying traditional Albanian dress on the street outside shop

Curious what to visit in Korca for art enthusiasts? Add the Museum of Medieval Art to your itinerary.

Out of all the museums at Korca, the Museum of Medieval Art, with over 7000 artistic pieces is perhaps the one I enjoyed visiting the most.

The museum is located on a road near Birra Korca and is a work of art in itself and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Korca.

It was built in 2016 and the architectural design takes inspiration from certain aspects of iconographic art.

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Of the 7000 artistic pieces, most are Orthodox icons carved from different materials like stone, wood and metal.

The artistic collection also includes the Byzantine icon of the Archangel Michael, which has notoriously been referred to as the “Mona Lisa of the Balkans”.

Artistic pieces crafted by Onufri, an icon painter from Berat, are also placed in this museum.

When you enter the building, right in front of you would be the prestigious Golden Wall – a wall soaring at 9.5m, decorated with 16-century icons that bear cultural and historical significance to Korca.

The structure is so beautifully designed and crafted that it can mesmerize you for hours.

The interior of the museum is lined with open staircases, vast foyers, and narrow hallways, with an interplay of light and colours to dramatize the art placed inside.

The entry ticket is priced at 700 Lek per visitor, which is pretty expensive for Albania, but once you get in there, it’s worth it. 

Places to visit in Korca, cobbled street with restaurant and outdoor seating area and restaurant staff leaning against table

9. Visit the National Education Museum

Korca offers an expansive culture and history to learn, and there’s no place better to educate yourself than the National Education Museum in Korca.

It is one of the most prestigious and significant museums in Albania and provides an amazing opportunity to learn about Albanian culture, history, and language all in one place.

This building opened up as the first school in Albania in 1887 and is definitely one of the best places to visit in Korca.

The history of Albania’s national language is on display in the form of manuscripts, photographs from the archives, and documents.

Intersted in the Albanian language? The museum offers great insight into the linguistic history of Albania.

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It is one of the best places to visit in Korca a future polyglot who wants to study the Albanian language – something I am doing right now!

10. Take a day trip to Voskopoje

Things to see in Korca city, ornate cylindrical tower in front of old stone building

Voskopoje is a rather famous spot for tourists visiting Albania, though I didn’t encounter many international tourists when I visited it.

This is a beautiful place, perfect for a day trip when you’re in Albania, and bonus: it has plenty of churches for you to visit.

The small village of Voskopoje once housed 24 churches – all built during the 16th and 18th centuries. Unfortunately, only eight of these are left behind today.

Only 30 minutes from Korca by car, and you would find yourself in the pleasant Albanian countryside

11. Hike to the top of Morava Mountain and get a view of Korca

Where to visit in Korca winter, street lined with trees at sunset leading into city full of terracotta rooftops and ornate domed churches with mountains in the distance

Remember the Korca beer I mentioned? It is made from natural spring water located near the Morava Mountains.

The Morava Mountains is right above the plateau of Korca and is a breathtaking vantage point of the entire city and its outskirts.

Morava Mountain can be reached by vehicle or even on foot and is a great day trip from Korca.

A lot of tourists prefer cycling their way to the Mountain and some domestic tourists travel from their starting point to the Mountain on a bus.

There is also a hotel near the mountain called Montrelux resort in case you want to spend the night surrounded by hills and mountains.

Among the few attractions in the Morava Mountains is the humongous cross, and a small church with some artefacts on display.

Overall, it is a good destination for getting a bird’s eye view of the red rooftops of Korca clustered amongst green fields.

12. Visit the Iljaz Nirahori mosque

Apart from Greek-inspired churches, Korca is also home to the Iljaz Nirahori Mosque which pays homage to its history of being under the reign of the Ottoman Empire.

This is also one of the oldest Islamic worship places in Albania, so is an important historical site.

The mosque is constructed with beautiful stonework with a grey main dome and one minaret. Sadly, the minaret was destroyed during the Communist rule in the 1990s.

However, similar to the reconstruction of the Cathedral, the minaret was rebuilt to signify Albania’s freedom from the communist regime.

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The interior of the mosque is lined with frescoes that display Mecca and other Islamic sites.

The mosque also has a Madrassah and a clock tower, also called Kulla e Sahatit e Korces, that is constructed using stone.

Overall it is a modestly sized mosque with not a lot to see if you’re not a religious history fan.

13. Do a free walking tour

The Korca Free Walking Tour takes place every day between 10 AM and 6 PM, in front of the Hani I Pazarit Hotel near the Korca Bazaar.

It is like a typical walking tour with a guide, but add the beauty and magnificence of Korca.

The guides show you around the city of Korca, its landmarks, share the history of Korca and Albania with you and leave you with a lot of great recommendations of what to eat or do next in Korca.

It is recommended if you don’t have a lot of time but would love to learn about and see as much of Korca as you can.

Where to eat in Korca?

What to do in Korce, wooden board with toast topped with vegetable salsa and crumbled cheese garnished with cucumber slices on green wooden table surrounded by blue side plates

There’s no travelling journey without the adventure and excitement of devouring new culinary dishes, especially if you’re in a place like Korca.

I recommend trying the traditional food in Korca, like the Lakror pie or Qofte, and there are a few restaurants and cafes that you should check out when visiting Korca for these dishes and more.

The Lakror pie is a leek byrek, but with an Albanian touch. For those who don’t know, a byrek is a pastry that is filled with meat, potatoes, spinach or cheese.

This is a different type of byrek as compared with other ones normally found in the Balkans, as it is less greasy and doesn’t feel heavy.

Speaking of Lakror, every July, there is a Lakror Pie Fest in Korca to portray the love and appreciation for the pastry and other culinary dishes of Korca.

So if you are planning to visit Korca in July, do check out the festival!

Now that we’ve got the culinary dishes aside, let’s talk about the restaurants or cafes you should try out when visiting Korca.

1. Find Four

This café on the Bulevardi Republika offers delicious white bean lakror pies that are too die for and a really tasty homemade pasta.

Other offerings include bacon, almond and bacon risotto. They do have special diet options like vegan and gluten-free food and offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, coffee and drinks.

The cuisines offered are mainly Albanian and Italian, along with some seafood options.

The best part about this café, and the secret behind its name, is that you can enjoy your meal on any of its four floors – the bar, terrace, restaurant or the pizza place.

Of course, every floor offers the same quality experience!

What to eat in Korca Albania, creamy white dip garnished with olive and oil on pale blue plate set on green wooden table with chairs

2. Vila Cofiel

The Vila Cofiel is also one of Korca’s best dine-in spots. They offer European, Mediterranean and Albanian cuisines, and have vegetarian options.

They serve lunch, breakfast and dinner, along with some live music and both indoor and outdoor seating. Be sure to check it out when visiting Korca.

3. Vila 95

Another popular, yet amazing eatery in Korca is Vila 95. They offer European, Albanian and Mediterranean cuisines, along with vegetarian-friendly options.

They don’t offer breakfast but are open for lunch, dinner and late-night food adventures. From pizza and pasta to traditional Albanian dishes, they have a lot to offer. 

Where to stay in Korca?

What to do in Korca Albania, front of hotel on cobbled street with wooden tables and chairs in sunshine under black awnings and hanging plants

Now that you are fully convinced that you have to book a trip to Korca, and know which places to see, let’s discuss one of the most important aspects of any trip – accommodation.

Accommodation in Korca depends on your budget and what type of service you prefer.

After a busy day of exploring all the best things to do in Korca, here are the accommodation options I recommend.

Hani i Pazarit

Fun things to do in Korce, courtyard of white-painted hotel with pillared balcony running around outside underneath dark blue sky

For a boutique-style experience, we recommend staying at the Hani i Pazarit, which is a historical boutique-style inn located inside the Korca Bazaar. The inn has a courtyard and its own restaurant.

The rooms are intricately decorated, with a little Albanian touch with their exposed brick walls.

Villa Ester

What to visit in Korca Albania, courtyard with wooden tables and white wooden chairs outside glass-fronted cafe with bright lights

The next recommendation is the luxurious Villa Ester – truly a work of modern interior design with its wooden ceilings, perfect for a hotel based in Korca.

It has a restaurant, shared lounge, garden as well as a bar and offers family rooms as well.

Some of the rooms also come with a terrace to enjoy the breathtaking view of Korca. Villa Ester has a very hospitable staff and even provides currency exchange for its guests.

Their service comes with everything a modern tourist might need – a safety deposit box, desk, free WiFi and a lot more.

Vila Eden

Places to visit in Korca in winter, brightly lit hotel surrounded with wrought iron fencing covered in green foliage and tall green trees

Another beautiful villa worth staying at is the Vila Eden Boutique Hotel.

The villa is located on a hilly incline and has arched doorways with cobblestone and stonework on the exterior and interior.

This hotel also has a shared lounge, garden, bar and a fitness centre for its guests.

The rooms are fully equipped to meet the needs of modern tourists – television, free WiFi, bathroom fitted with necessary tools and a desk.

Hotel Bujtina e Bardhe

What to do in Korca city, pristine white-painted building with wooden windows and glass fronting with metal balconies

A concrete structure with wooden rooftops and ceilings, the Hotel Bujtina e Bardhe offers all the facilities any tourist might need in Korca.

The best part is its location – it’s situated right behind the Cathedral!

Just like the other hotels, this one offers a bar, shared lounge, free WiFi, air conditioning and an amazing buffet breakfast every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is Korça known for?

Korca Albania is one of the most significant historical and cultural cities in the country. Because of this it is well known for its museums and historical sites.

✅ Is Korça worth visiting?

Yes, absolutely! If you’re even remotely interested in Albanian culture and history, Korca is a must. But even if you’re not interested in the history, Korca city is beautiful and full of charm.

Korca is a magical city to visit. It is filled with so many amazing spots for every type of traveller – the nature lover, culture enthusiast or a fan of trying new cuisines. Korca’s beautiful cobblestone architecture and natural landscapes from the Morava Mountain are perfect for your next trip.

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