11 Incredible Things to do in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

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11 Incredible Things to do in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

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There are times when I wish I could just stop the time and stay in these happy moments forever where my spirit is free. Phi Phi Island, for sure is one of that place where anyone would love to stay a little more. Thanks to its amazing palm-fringed beaches, hard-to-forget nightlife, fire shows, and much more. The place has definitely something for everyone.

The place is primarily loved by the young crowd because it allows them to participate in a lot of things and discover their real side. So, after spending a few days in this paradise, I felt like compiling a list of things to do in Phi Phi Island for you. If you know more about the unexplored places of Phi Phi or any other destination, you can visit routeprints.


Here’s 11 incredible things to do in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Things to do in Phi Phi Island Things to do in Phi Phi Island

1. Beach Hopping

Well, there are a number of beaches you can explore when in Phi Phi Island but it’s been seen that people usually stay at one place and miss to explore other gorgeous beaches that Kho Phi Phi has to offer. Many popular beaches are in between of Phi Phi island and Phuket. There are a few best of the spots you can wander around for long hours and hey, these places are even ideal to tan in peace. Phak Nam Bay, Ao Toh Ko, Ao Lo Moo Dee, Long Beach, Ao Poh that can only be reached by boat, and Laem Tong Beach where you can only reach by long trail are must-visit places.

To reach these beaches is really very accessible, you can either go on a long hike through jungles or a long tail boat. Remember your hard work always pays off that means end results are really worth it. And a tip I would love to share that take a water bottle, mosquito lotion, and sunblock with you on your way to explore the hidden gems of Phi Phi.


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

2. Hike the View Point

Before I start with this make sure you don’t hike to the viewpoint when drunk or hungover. There may be times when you’re just done with exploring beautiful beaches and islands, and then comes the time when you can go hiking in Phi Phi to witness some really mesmerizing viewpoints in Thailand. Each and every peak will allow you to watch some wild views of clear waters and the lush green of Kho Phi Phi. Remember viewpoint 1, 2, and 3 are all incline climbs and can be back-breaking. Hike with great care.

After this, comes the best part, which is the summit. From there, you’ll be going through 4 different trails that will lead you to some fantastic unknown beaches on the Eastern side of the island. And if there’s a true adventurer hidden inside you, these trails can take you to Ao Tokho, Lo Bakao or Paknam i.e. mere half an hour from the summit. Trust me this is one of the best things to do in Phi Phi Island. I am sure you’ll thank me later.


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

3. Cooking Class

Who attends a cooking class while exploring a city? Well, I did and I think even you must attend one. Thailand offers you with world class food and its one of the best part about the place. The place has everything for everyone, be it tempting tom yum, good old pad thai, or massaman curries and what not. Hey, why not take a skill back home from a new place and not just materialistic things. Attending a cooking class can be one of the best decisions you take and that too remain with you forever. There are a few cooking classes available in Kho Phi Phi that should be tried at least once when you’re on the island. Not just it will allow you to learn something new but also helps you to learn more about their culture.


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

4. Rock Climbing

Here comes the best sport you can add in your list of ‘things to do in Phi Phi Island’. If you’re the one who loves climbing or maybe just wants to enhance your skills, go on climbing the limestone boulder peaks that are found on almost every island out there. Are you going out with your own equipment? Well, there’s something for you as well. Try the Ton Sai Tower near the Ton Sai Beach with marked routes that make it really easy-to-follow. If not this, you may contact a rock climbing tour provider and book for a tour or lesson.


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

5. Anyone up for Kayaking?

If I am on my go to explore a new place, I never prefer just lying down on a beach and tan myself. Holding my glass of margarita and lazing by the beach for almost half of the day can make the day boring and unproductive. Then why not try something exciting? Kayaking can be on the best go-to activity that a person can try while thinking about different things to do in Phi Phi Island. The activity is absolute fun and allows you to experience some great things out there. If there, you might see a number of people heading towards the Monkey Beach, which is about 40-50 minute ride. You can also join them. Just go there, sit back, and relax your body under the shade. And if there’s any water baby out there, you can go for a swim as well. Also, as the name of the beach suggests, get ready to meet a few monkeys wandering around the beach and the island’s greenery.


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

6. Maya Bay

Going on a boat tour is certainly my favorite part about being on the Phi Phi Island. You’ll be offered numerous tours, so pick that one that suits you and your pocket. Some of the popular sites and two of them, which I would love to suggest, is Monkey Beach and Maya bay because they allow you to cliff jump and snorkel. (Also, I learned I can’t backflip).

But wait, if you have already made a picture of the clear beach at Maya Bay in your mind, I am sorry but you’ll get little disheartened. No worries, there’s a company that provides tourists with the facility to witness the beauty of Maya Bay after everyone has left. You can enjoy your beauty sleep on the boat tied up a few meters away from the shore. Sounds like a romantic scene of a movie?


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

7. Muay Thai Fight

Before I left for my vacation, it was pretty clear in my mind to see a Muay Thai Fight. Phi Phi helped me with my wish to come true. You can watch out for Reggae Bar, where you can see a small boxing ring and the fights are daily organized at around 8:00 pm with a huge crowd present there to see the show. Do you know what is so special about the fight that they proffer you with large buckets of booze on a 2-1 promo? Also, besides just enjoying the fight, you can indulge yourself in one of them. I know that sounds very crazy but make sure you don’t go there drunk.


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

8. Party all night

Oh! Here comes the actual fun. Your list of things to do in Phi Phi Island will remain incomplete if you don’t mention partying on the island. What I believe is that missing out the island’s nightlife is definitely the sign of stupidity. Get your drinks and take the air around the beach because you’ll be experiencing some amazing fire dancing shows and of course, partying and dancing at the main clubs and bars. Also, there’s one thing I always craved for and that is dancing all around till the sunrise and believe it or not, there is no better place than Kho Phi Phi to get this wish fulfilled.


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

9. Get wild in a Pool Party

Kho Phi Phi is known for its ultimate daytime pool parties. You can check out for the hotels that organize big pool parties where you enjoy boozing all day, participate in drinking games, and amazing music from Dj’s. Attending a pool party is surely the ideal way to spend the afternoons and if possible, try out the Ibiza Pool party, which is the finest and pretty famous choice of maximum people out there.


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

10. Scuba Diving

If you’re the one who loves diving into deep water and watch out the inside beauty (coral reef), you have to try scuba diving in Phi Phi that is available with some outstanding dive sites. Make sure you select your dive school smartly and most importantly you should feel comfortable with the same. The best part about the dive schools in Kho Phi Phi is that they have a standardized price so you don’t have to Google the best school that fits in your budget. Also, in Kho Phi Phi, you’ll to see a number of macro dive sites, reef sharks, and turtles. The most visited dive sites are in Kho Phi Phi Ley, thanks to its wonderful marine life. And, if you’re diver by heart and loves scuba diving very much, you need to try the liveaboards in Thailand because they do not just take you to some spectacular dive sites but you’ll also get a lifetime experience out there.


Things to do in Phi Phi Island

11. Fire Show at Night

Before you go for your late night party, you can simply chill out on the beach, having your drinks on the side while watching those amazing fire shows. These shows are even very famous in Thailand, so if have already visited the place, there are possibilities that you might have come across these mind-blowing performances. Well, it is one of the other best things to do in Phi Phi Islands and a great way to start your night before you break a leg on the floor.

So, this was all about the fun activities and some really exciting things you can do in Phi Phi Islands. To be honest, if I ever get a chance to stay here again, I won’t miss the chance because there’s a lot to see and do on the island. Just make sure you try everything with great care and most importantly take enough time to explore this vibrant place, so as to make the most out of your trip.



11 Incredible Things to do in Phi Phi Island, Thailand


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11 Incredible Things to do in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

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