26 Best Things to do in Saranda, Albania

Last Updated on May 13, 2024

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Saranda is the most beautiful city to visit in Albania, no questions asked.

There are many amazing things to do in Saranda (also called Sarande in Albania), such as lots of historical sites and eating all the delicious seafood dishes that you can find in Albania.

The Sarande beaches are also some of the most beautiful beaches of the Albania Riviera. In the summer months (July and August) the city is full, and the Saranda nightlife is the best in the country!

Spring and autumn are the best months to visit Saranda in my opinion as the Albania weather is a bit cooler.

Plus, during this time Saranda city slows down and the prices lower because it’s out of season.

Amazing things to do in Saranda, view looking along the promenade of a seafront town with lush green trees and plants lining the ornate pathway with more street lights leading towards large habitable buildings

As an ex-pat who lives in Saranda, I will tell you the best things to do in the city and the best day trips from Saranda.

This is not your usual Saranda travel guide as I’ve lived in Saranda for many years and know what to do in Saranda that is off the beaten path.

I’ve used my own local Saranda information to recommend many things which are not on the usual lists of places to visit and many of them only the Sarande locals know about!

Here are the best things to do in Saranda Albania! For reference, you can find a Google map of Saranda here.

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Historical Sites in Saranda, Albania

1. Ruins in Sarande center

Located in the centre of Saranda right next to the little park, are ancient ruins of a synagogue dating back to the 5th century.

In the 6th century, these buildings were converted into a basilica but later were destroyed due to an earthquake.

Amazingly, these ruins were only discovered in 1984 despite being right in the heart of Saranda city center.

You could visit these ruins within 15 minutes, there’s nothing too exciting about the Sarande ruins unless you are really interested in ancient history. But they’re a very popular Saranda sightseeing spot.

Nevertheless, they are still something you should look at while you’re in Saranda city. You will also see other signs of ancient Saranda throughout the city.

On Saranda Boulevard, you will discover a part of the ancient city walls.

If you are looking for activities in Saranda that won’t take you far from Sarande city center, these ruins are great for history buffs.

26 of Best Things to do in Saranda Albania, aerial view of Lekuresi Castle on cliff overseeing town with fields and mountains in the distance
Visiting the Lekuresi Castle is one of the best things to do in Sarande, Albania


Unlike many Albanian cities, there isn’t really a Saranda old town. However, it does have an old castle!

Overlooking the city of Saranda in Albania is Lëkurësi Castle. Built in 1537, this impressive building remains largely intact.

You can easily walk from Saranda centre to Lëkurësi Castle if you’re up for a bit of a hike, it takes around 45 minutes to reach the top of the castle.

Unfortunately, Lëkurësi Castle has been turned into a restaurant these days but it’s worth the trip because the view of Sarande’s beaches is really amazing, especially at sunset.

3. Butrint

Only a 20km from the city of Saranda is the UNESCO site of Butrint, one of most unique places to visit in Saranda.

It will take 2 or 3 hours to explore this site and costs 1000 Lek entry.

In the summer I recommend visiting early in the morning or late afternoon as the sun can be overbearing, and you will appreciate it a lot more in the cooler weather.

Also, when the cruise ships come into Saranda they take a trip to Butrint and it can become very full. The bus to Butrint cost 100 Lek and is the same bus that stops off at Ksamil beforehand.

Read my full post on visiting Butrint to prepare for your trip.

What to do in Saranda Albania, aeriel view of ali pasha castle and butrint national park surrounded by teal coloured waters


Not only is this my personal favourite Saranda castle, it’s one of the best things to do in Albania!

Ali Pasha Castle is hidden and most tourists completely miss it when visiting the nearby site of Butrint. But I personally think this is one of the best things to do when visiting Saranda, Albania.

About 1 minute before Butrint on the same road there is a turnoff with a carpark and a viewing deck.

From the viewing deck, you can see the castle, but I recommend taking the road down to see the castle from close by!

The road is not in the best condition and is only made for 1 car at a time so if you’re not a confident driver then you can park at the carpark and walk down. It’s only a 2km walk from the carpark.

The castle is surrounded by water in the most beautiful setting.

If you get there early you will be in complete quietness along with the local fisherman. To get to the castle you will have to ask a local fisherman to take you over there.

The castle dates back to the 17th century and was Ali Pasha’s castle. There is virtually no information on this site so don’t expect to find an information board!

You can read my full post on visiting Ali Pasha Castle if you would like more details on the history and how to get there from Sarande.

This is one of the most stunning places near Saranda for sure! I’m sure you will fall in love with it as I did.

Best Things to do in Saranda Albania, aerial view of Finiq archaeological site surrounded by sandy area

5. The Archaeological Site of Finiq

This site is not usually recommended on usual lists because not a lot of tourists know about it, even I didn’t know about until recently! But it’s one of the coolest Saranda attractions!

And it’s my top recommendation for what to see in Saranda for history enthusiasts since it’s so unique and still relatively unknown.

Finiq is an archaeological site that sits on the best vantage point overlooking the nearby region and the city of Sarande. The site dates back to the 5th century BC.

You can see remains of an ancient theatre, a small prostyles temple, Hellenistic houses, Byzantine church and other important relics and monuments.

Finiq is very unspoiled and amazingly they are still excavating it today and finding new information. I would highly recommend a trip from Saranda to Finiq.

If you are wondering what to do in Saranda Albania for history buffs that is a little off the beaten path, Finiq is a must!

Bring your lunch and spend a few hours walking around and taking in the history because it’s truly amazing and very peaceful up there.

Tickets cost 200 lek. You can get to Finiq by either driving, taking a taxi or hitchhiking. It’s worth the effort, though, as this is one of the most unique things to do Sarande has to offer.

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Amazing Places to Visit in Saranda Albania, ruins of stone monastery on blear blue day

Monasteries in Saranda


The Monastery of the 40 Saints is my top recommendation for unique things to do in Saranda Albania. Many miss the opportunity to visit this historic site and a beautiful vantage point.

This monastery is a special place, it was built between the 4-6th century and houses 40 rooms within.

It was dedicated to the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste who refused to give up their Christian faith during the early stages of the Roman empire in Armenia, so they were locked in the building to die.

The Monastery of 40 Saints was in good condition up until 1944 when it was bombed by British soldiers who believed there was a German garrison hiding inside.

Saranda actually got its name from this monastery as Saranda means 40 in Greek.

With breathtaking views of some of the best Saranda beaches, it’s my favourite viewpoint in Saranda by far!

If you only have one day in Saranda, Albania, you can’t miss the Monastery of the 40 Saints!

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If you have access to a car I highly recommend taking a trip to St Marys Monastery, located in a village called Kostar.

This is another site I didn’t know existed until recently, but now it’s one of my top things to see in Saranda for visitors.

The Monastery of St Mary is special because it is built within the cliff face! It’s only around a 30-minute drive from Saranda to Kostar. The road is good enough to drive right to the top.

The view from Kostar is absolutely stunning as you can imagine and so is the building. For some of the best views of the region, Kostar is a must.

You will not see Kostar recommended to tourists as most Sarande locals don’t even know it exists!


Manastiri i Shën Gjergjit is another one of my favourite places not far from Saranda town, on the way to Ksamil.

This 14th-century monastery sits on top of a hill and has a spectacular view. It’s also in great condition and if you’re lucky there will be a man there who can open the grounds for you so you can look inside.

The path to the Manastiri i Shën Gjergjit is not in great condition so beware if you are a little older because the surface isn’t the best to walk on.

I highly recommend after looking at the monastery to go and relax at the beach near – more on the beach below!

This is one of my favourite things to do in Saranda Albania.

Best Saranda beaches to visit, aerial view of Saranda forested coastline surrounded by white stones and clear blue waters

Sarande Beaches and Nearby


Anyone wondering what to do in Sarande will want to head straight to the beautiful coast. If you’re looking for the best beaches in Saranda I recommend walking west of the city (past the ferry docks).

There two different Saranda beaches that I recommend, one is called Era beach and the other doesn’t officially have a name but its where Cocktail Dreams (a beach bar) is situated.

I personally don’t like the beaches in the centre as they can be a little dirty, but these Sarande beaches are nice and easy to get to, only max 20 minutes’ walk from Saranda center!

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Not far from Sarande’s centre is another quiet little beach spot called Plazi Bardenesh that few tourists know about. It’s a great Saranda city beach if you want a quiet day on the beach.

This beach in Saranda is great for a sunset viewing or just to chill out during the day if you want somewhere more remote.

Although this is a fairly small Saranda beach, there are lots of places to swim not far from the beach too.

Saranda beach destinations, green hillsides running alongside blue clear water with mountains in the distance


After looking at St Georges Monastery (Manastiri i Shën Gjergjit) you should then take the road down to Monastery Beach.

In Saranda best beaches seem to be around every corner, but Monastery Beach really is something special.

It’s a small beach, but one of the best beaches in Saranda as it’s really beautiful and quite enclosed. Being enclosed also makes it one of the best Saranda diving beaches.

This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Saranda for experienced divers, which is one of the top aquatic Saranda activities.

Best Things to do in Saranda Albania, aerial view of mirror beach with see-through blue waters


After Monastery beach there is a beach call Mirror (or Plazhi i Pasqyrave in Albanian) that is a must.

This is another stunning Sarande beach and, in the afternoon, has some big waves which are always fun.

Beware that the road for this beach is quite bad. In the summer the beach is packed and the road to it is only really made for 1 car.

There are a lot of potholes so just be aware that you look at the road before making your way down, so you’re not stuck halfway.

The struggle of the road is worth it though because the colour of the water is crazy beautiful! Mirror beach is one of the best Albania beaches.


Situated after Mirror Beach Saranda there is Pulëbardha which is a smaller yet just as beautiful Saranda beach. There’s one restaurant here which serves great food.

In addition to the beach itself, a large rock along the beach is considered its own attraction as there is a cave beneath it.

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best things to do near Saranda Albania, sandy beach and bright blue water under clear blue sky with mountains in the distance


Ksamil is known as the gem of the Albanian Riviera and for good reason. This was my first introduction to the Albanian Riviera and it’s fair to say it blew me away.

Sand beaches and the clearest water you may have ever seen! Make sure you make a trip to Ksamil or even stay here for a few days.

From Saranda, there’s a bus that goes to Ksamil regularly and costs 100 lek. It’s only about a 20-30-minute bus ride away (check Albania bus times here).

I have one major note for Ksamil though. I do not come here in July and August anymore.

During those times the beaches are PACKED with people and sunbeds which is a real shame and I prefer to stay in Saranda.

I usually wait until the season is over to enjoy these beautiful beaches. Outside of peak season, visiting Ksamil is one of the best things to do in Albania.

There’s also several different coves and beaches in Ksamil. The main ones are sand and then if you walk either way and you will find some other bays to chill out in.

Check out my full Ksamil travel guide to plan your visit. If you are staying a few days, there are lots of great hotels in Ksamil.


To the north of Saranda Albania are some beautiful coves and bays that are not regularly visited at all.

There is no sand, no restaurants, no sunbeds just beautiful rough beaches and great places to get away from the city.

To get here you can walk (which might take about an hour).

Don’t get discouraged as you will have to walk through an old rubbish dump road but once you passed it you will be rewarded with the most beautiful untouched bays.

Best Things to do in Saranda Albania, aerial view of coastline and mountains with structure on top


Right on the edge of the Saranda district is one of the most beautiful beaches in Saranda and areas in all the Albanian Riviera!

Shpella which is located in the village of Lukove is a pristine beach and a great way to escape the city. There are a few restaurants and sunbeds you can hire here.

There’s also lots of space for camping here too. If you have camping gear, it’s definitely worth it to stay here for the night.

Shpella is a 40-minute drive from Saranda. The drive is undeniably beautiful, so you are bound to stop multiple times on the way!

Amazing Things to do in Saranda Albania, aerial view of coastline with mountains in distance under a clear blue sky


Borsh beach is the longest beach in Albania which means there’s plenty of space for you to relax on your own with no interruptions of seafront restaurants and sunbeds.

It’s about an hour drive from Saranda but the drive is totally worth it.

Other Things to do in Saranda, Albania


Blue Eye is a natural phenomenon only 25 minutes from Sarande town center. It is one of the top Saranda tourist attractions.

Divers have tried to discover how deep the spring is but have only gone down 50 meters deep and to this day cannot find how far down the spring goes because the current is so strong!

Usually, people spend an hour or two here. You can visit any time as the water year-round is 10 degrees!

Visiting Blue Eye is one of my favourite things to do near Saranda because it is so pretty and unique.

Be sure to bring your own food as there are not any restaurants or cafes. Sometimes ones do pop up on or near the site, but are usually torn down as they are not meant to be built there.

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Throughout the year the Sarande locals participate in an Xhiro. In Albania, a Xhiro is when the locals come out of their houses and walk, meet and socialise around sunset. 

During the summer months, Saranda’s main boulevard is packed with people and it’s a great way to get out and see the lively city! 

Throughout the other months, Saranda is quiet (my favourite time is spring and autumn!) and the Xhiro is basically only locals. It’s a great time to people watch!

Best things to eat in Saranda, two bowls of black mussels


If you’re ever wondering what to do in Saranda when it rains, or gets cold – you can always head indoors to try out delicious food. Especially the seafood.

Saranda has incredible seafood. To prove it, I didn’t used to eat or like seafood at all and it’s only since I moved to Saranda, Albania that I started to eat it!

Within Saranda are quite a few great places to try. If you want the ‘real’ seafood experience, then I highly recommend heading straight down to the Sarande fishing docks (about a 25 minute from the centre).

There are a couple of good seafood restaurants right where the boats come in.

If you’re looking for a good restaurant in Sarande’s centre, then head straight to Anchor Bar which prides itself on providing quality fresh seafood. Note that the kitchen is open from June-September.


If seafood is not your thing then you have no excuses not to try Italian or Greek food.

As Saranda is close to Greece you can find many souvlaki shops for a quick bite to eat and man they are good!

The three I recommend are Bulla Fast food Corner (Corner of Rruga Flamurit and Rruga Qazim Pali), Fast Food Clasic (near the port) and Taverna Laberia (in Kodra district).

Now, Italian food. You may underestimate Albania’s Italian food, actually, you will underestimate it – until you try it that is.

I have had the best Italian food in my life in…Saranda, Albania (not Italy – Sorry Italians!). In fact, some of the best restaurants in Saranda are Italian.

A few of the best places in Saranda for Italian are:

  • Italian Mattarello (near the Saranda boulevard)
  • Maria Magdelena for pizza (just past the port)
  • Casa Mia do incredible pizzas (Opposite the club Mango).

One of my favourite things to do in Sarande is eating! You also must try some traditional Albanian food while you’re here.

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Day Trips from Saranda

There are a lot of great options for Saranda day trips that you can comfortably get to from the Saranda town centre and back in a day.

However, I am often asked if you can do Tirana to Saranda or vice versa in a day, and while one way is certainly feasible, visiting Tirana from Saranda as a day trip wouldn’t be a lot of fun.

But here are some day trips from Saranda that are possible and worth the trip!


Gjirokastër, a UNESCO city is one of my favourite day trips from Saranda. It’s one of the most unique and amazing cities in Albania.

As it is about an hour and a half by bus from Saranda, I highly recommend taking a day trip here. 

Although it’s easily a day trip, there are enough interesting things to do in Gjirokastër to stay a day or two if you can.

Make sure you check out the castle, it’s one of the best in Albania! 

If you fancy staying a night in the quaint old town then I highly recommend staying at Stone City Hostel – it’s so beautiful and located right in the old town.

best day trips from Saranda Albania, town of upper qeparo with stone homes built on mountainside under blue sky with clouds


If you’re looking for incredible day trips from Saranda with a traditional twist, then you need to visit the upper village of Qeparo

This charming village is situated on top of the mountains overlooking the beautiful beach below.

The village itself is incredibly old, the buildings are traditional stone houses with cobbled pavements which wind throughout the village. 

This place should not be missed!

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Himare is a sleepy coastal town that has amazing views, and some of the most beautiful beaches near and is just an all-around great place for Saranda day trips.

Alternatively, stay for a few days if you’re looking for true relaxation!  My recommendation is to head up the mountain behind in the town to the old castle.

The views are incredible, and the buildings and village are so quaint.

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reads: Join my facebook group! Travelling Albania, background is clear blue water
best places to visit near saranda albania, aerial view of city in valley on cloudy day


You won’t find hordes of tourists in Delvine!

Only a 20-minute drive from Saranda is a town surrounded by picturesque mountains and a ruined castle overlooking the city.

In the past Delvine was an important city and the centre of trade until it was moved to Saranda. 

Nowadays you can take a visit to the small city, visit the ruins of the castle and hang out between the mountains and enjoy the landscape!

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The Greek island of Corfu is only a 20-minute ferry ride away from Sarande! Yes, Greece is really that close by!

It’s one of the best day trips from Saranda in the summer months as you can grab an early ferry, spend the day exploring the island and then come back in the evening.

During the off-season, there is only one ferry per day so you will have to stay in Corfu for the night.

If you want to stay the night, then check out my Corfu accommodation guide or search on Airbnb as there are some great rentals on there  (Get your $35 free Airbnb credit here).

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is Saranda worth visiting?

Absolutely! Saranda is one of the most beautiful cities in Albania and a must whether you love beaches or history!

✅ Is Saranda Albania cheap?

Yes and no. Although Saranda is cheap when compared to many Western European cities, it is one of the more expensive cities in Albania. This is especially true in the summers during peak season

✅ What is Saranda known for?

Saranda, Albania is known for its absolutely breathtaking beaches, which have nearly see-through water and are swimmable year-round. It is also known for it’s beach-friendly weather as it gets an average of 300 sunny days a year.

✅ What are the best outdoor activities in Saranda?

The beach is one of the best outdoor activities in Saranda! Head to the beach to swim or dive, especially. There are also several sites of historical significance that are outside that you can walk around and visit.

There’s my GIGANTIC list of great things to do in Saranda Albania. Let me know if you found this helpful.  For accommodation suggestions and other recommendations within Saranda, check out my full Saranda guide. Make sure you follow along on my Instagram to see a more in-depth look into my life in Albania and if you would like to see more of Albania from the sky, then you need to go follow my other Instagram ‘A Daily Odyssey’. We make videos on the beauty of Albania!

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    Hi Anita, we just wanted to say thank-you for the local tips. We’ve been in Saranda for a week now, despite the rain, we’ve done a few of your recommended things already and look forward to ticking off more on the list in the next two months during our stay. The no-name coastal walk in the north (we’ve done twice now) especially comes in handy since the promenade is a construction site and there is nowhere to do a decent walk in town. Cheers!

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    Dear Anita,
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    September 27, 2021

    Dear Anita,

    Thank you for the blog. It was very helpful. We are staying directly across from Sarande in Kassopia in one of the seaside villas. Today we took our small boat and drove along the coastline. We approached as close as we thought possible without attracting the attention of the local authorities:)

    We were surprised to the be big gun emplacements and machine gun bunkers near the port! It looked as if they were from WWII.

    One question? What is the large, white building with the green dome outside of the town to the north? Is is a church? A home? We are dying to know the answer.

    Visiting Americans
    In Kassopia

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Bruce
      September 27, 2021

      Hey there,

      I know exactly the building you’re talking about! It’s the Teqeja Reshat Dede Baba AKA a Teqe mosque. It’s not a typical mosque you would see in the likes of Turkey but belongs to a small sect of Islam here in Albania. It’s one of my favourite places to watch the sunset in Saranda! The bunkers here are leftover from communism in Albania and most lie derelict around the country. Although some have been turned into hotels, restaurants and even tattoo studios.

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    Great tips, will visit Albania in summer.

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    hi! thanks for your excellent article! Being a nature lover myself, would you suggest some green parks in a walking distance and some nice green areas within the city? Also, between Sarande and Vlore – which one would you recommend for a few months (beach town but also with nice nature). thanks!

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    Hi. This is Wednesday, June 7. I have a couple more days in Saranda, then heading to the mountains on horseback. Can you suggest a guide to see some of your favorite sites??