11 Incredible Things to do in Vegas

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11 Incredible Things to do in Vegas

The lively city of Las Vegas, known for its many gambling opportunities and bright lights!  I remember visiting when I was 21 and it was like walking into an adult Disneyland.  I got the best of both worlds on my visit, a dose of the party life and a dose of adventure. There is more to do in Las Vegas than you might think.  If you don’t even know how to gamble like me then don’t be put off because there are plenty of other things to do in Vegas!

When to visit Vegas

As Las Vegas is a desert city you may want to visit out of summer.  The best time to visit Vegas is spring and autumn (March-May and September -November), as this is a good mix of nice temperatures and you can usually find a good deal on flights/hotels.  In the summer there are a lot of people but it’s sweltering hot so be prepared to never want to leave your air-conditioned hotel.

Winter is also a very popular time for winter parties and because it’s New Year’s/Christmas you can imagine how busy it can get!



Here are the best things to do in Vegas!

1. Skydive

If you an adrenaline junkie like me then you will appreciate seeing Vegas from above.  Skydiving was the best thing I did in Vegas by far (apart from randomly meeting Elton John at Caesars palace).

I can highly recommend doing it with Skydive Las Vegas. They pick you up from one of the hotels and take you out to the desert, near the hoover dam.  When you are falling you get to see the beautiful canyon below and the various natural wonders that Las Vegas hold!  It’s one of the best experiences I have ever had.


11 Incredible Things to do in Vegas

2. Check out little Venice

Want to travel to Venice without the cost?  Just visit little Venice in Las Vegas!  It’s equipped with canals and you can even ride a gondola!  It’s close to the real thing surprisingly.  You will float down the canal past cafes, restaurants, under bridges, it’s the whole Venice experience. It may be a bit kitsch and a little expensive but it’s a fun thing to do in Vegas!



11 Incredible Things to do in Vegas

3. The fountain show

This free fountain show is one of the highlights in Las Vegas.  Crowds of people gather around the fountains of Bellagio to catch a glimpse of the show.  The fountains are timed with lights and music to immerse you into the experience.  You can see the show every day. Some days it’s on every 15 minutes, and some it’s every 30 minutes.  Check the Bellagio website for the times. The best time to see the show is at night-time so you can see the lighting properly.


4. Catch a show

Las Vegas is known for having some amazing shows.  Whether you want to see a musical, a circus or even your favourite DJ, there’s a lot of options.  One of the best is Cirque du’ Soleil which is an incredible show if you can get tickets!  The performers are amazing. Cirque d’ Soleil is more than a show, it’s an experience!



11 Incredible Things to do in Vegas

5. Ride High roller Ferris wheel

The high roller Ferris wheel is a great way to see Las Vegas from above if you’re not keen on doing a skydive. During the day you can do this for $25 and during night-time, it’s $35.  The cabins on the Ferris wheel are glass-enclosed and super comfortable so you not only get the view when riding!


6. Ride the zipline

If you want a sense of adventure, then you can take the SlotZilla zipline over the Las Vegas strip.  Tickets depend on how far you want to ride but prices start at $20.



11 Incredible Things to do in Vegas

7. Visit Nevada’s oldest park

About an hour drive away is the Valley of Fire State Park which is the oldest in Nevada!  The unique rock formations and colour of fire makes it one of the most interesting parks in the country.  The drive through the park is very stunning.  You will get to see petroglyphs and unique nature that can only be found here.  If you would like you can have a picnic here or camp as there are campsites within the park too.


8. Gamble at Caesars Palace

Caesars is famously recognized from starring in the first hangover movie is one of the best places to gamble in my opinion!  Whilst I was ‘gambling’ (and I mean sitting and pressing all the buttons while doing 1 cent bets and getting free drinks), I managed to meet Elton John!  It was one of the best experiences (and most random) of my life.  Caesars Palace has a clear Roman theme and it’s a fun place to gamble and run into celebrities!



11 Incredible Things to do in Vegas

9. Find the Las Vegas sign

At the end of the strip is the famous welcome to Las Vegas sign. It’s located near the white chapels in downtown Las Vegas. You simply cannot visit Vegas and not get a photo at the famous flashing welcome to Las Vegas sign!


10. Join a wedding

Whilst you’re taking a picture at the Vegas sign why not check out the famous white chapels and see if a wedding is on!  You can’t technically walk in and join a wedding, but you could ask the happy couple if you can join in the crowd.  Otherwise, just stand politely outside and take photos of the chapels!


11. Have a drink at apex social club

If you want a drink with an epic view of sin city then head to Apex social club.  This is a rooftop bar and lounge so make sure you dress nicely to have a drink here! The bar is open Thursday- Sunday from 7 pm until closing.  The apex social club is within the Palms buildings so there’s also the famous Kaos nightclub which hosts some incredible DJs and events.


There’s your full list of the best things to do in Vegas!  Be sure to let me know below which things would be at the top of your list!


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11 Incredible Things to do in Vegas

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