Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

Last Updated on July 2, 2021

Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania


Albania has been my home for the last 4 months, so I wanted to share with you my favourite photos from this incredibly beautiful and untouched country.  Beware, these photos may make you want to pack your bags and travel Albania as soon as possible!


Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

1)Discover the paradise that is Ksamil

It is the most popular place for tourists to visit in the south of Albania simply because of its paradise-like features.  White sand, crystal clear water and chilled beach vibe. There are many great beaches and coves within Ksamil and just a stone’s throw away from Ksamil.  Make sure you read my full travel guide on things to do in Ksamil here.

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Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

2) Berat is one of the UNESCO towns located in Albania

It’s famous for its white Ottoman houses like in the picture above.  The town is commonly referred to as the town of one thousand windows.  Can you see why?  The town itself is charming with beautiful stone houses and perfect views. You could easily spend a few days here soaking up the town.



Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

3) Albania’s coastline is incredibly picturesque 

In the distance, you can see Greece.  Did you know from Corfu to Saranda (Albania) it’s only a 25-minute ferry ride?!  If you visit Saranda then you can get this view by visiting the monastery of the 40 saints located on the opposite hill to Lekuresi Castle.  I have a great guide to 26 things to do in Saranda (most of which tourists don’t know about!).



Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

4) Albania’s architecture is beautifully quaint

If you get to explore the ancient villages you will be blessed with cobbled streets and old stone houses.  One of the best places to see this is in Himare, in the castle grounds on the hill.  Another village I recommend visiting is Old Qeparo – a half-abandoned village near the village of Borsh.



Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

5) The coastal drive from Saranda to Vlora is one of the best in the world  

Make sure you take the time to stopover for picture breaks as the views are breath-taking.  There are many beautiful Albanian beaches to swim in, great restaurants overlooking the sea and interesting villages and history along the way.  Here are the 10 best beaches in Albania, tried and tested! If the beaches don’t inspire you to travel Albania then I don’t know what will!



Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

6) The people of Albania are very friendly and hospitable  

They are some of the most caring, honest and helpful people I have come across on my travels.  In Albania, they have a code of Besa which roughly translates to ‘to keep the promise’. Although this is an old code,  I feel, as a tourist, that this is still present in modern Albania as there have been many times Albanians have promised to keep me safe (and full) always!



Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

7)  The sunsets are simply incredible

Especially from Lekuresi Castle in Saranda.  Scenes like this are a common occurrence.  Along the Albanian Riviera, you will be blessed with beautiful sunsets.  You can also grab an incredible sunset from the mountain town of Kruja.



Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

8)  Beaches like this one are everywhere down the south of Albania. 

In fact, I think Albania has the best beaches in Europe in my opinion.  They are less crowded than anywhere else you will find in Europe.  Trust me, they are amazing!  Here are the BEST ones which I recommend visiting. 



15 photos that will make you want to pack and visit Albania ASAP

9)  Albania has many UNESCO sites including this one, Butrint.

Located just 20km from Saranda lies a Roman and Greek heritage site dating back to the 8th century BC.  There is also another great UNESCO site called Apollonia which is in the city of Fier.



Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

10)  There’s always a quiet place to chill out in Albania, unlike its other European neighbours

The beaches are like Greece (even better!) and it’s also half the price making it an incredibly affordable travel destination.  Albania is still an underrated destination in Europe.  Many people have misconceptions about the country which are completely untrue!  Albania is a safe destination, one of the safest in Europe!



Travel Albania: 15 Beautiful Photos of Albania

11)  Albania has many natural wonders including the Blue Eye, which is near the city of Saranda

Still, no one can find the source of the spring.  Divers have only been able to go down 50 meters before having to come back up again, so there is no clue as to how deep this colourful spring is.



15 photos that will make you want to pack and visit Albania ASAP

12)  Berat’s castle is a fantastic viewpoint to look at the landscape of Albania 

70% of Albania’s landscape is mountainous territory and there are beautiful monasteries that sit overlooking this terrain.  The monastery in Berat is one of the most beautiful viewpoints!

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15 photos that will make you want to pack and visit Albania ASAP

13)  If you’re looking for a beach holiday, then Albania is the one 

Albania is extremely popular for backpackers because it has the best of both worlds – great beaches and fascinating and mind-blowing history.  Not only that but the culture and the language (Shqip) is unlike no other in this world, another reason to travel Albania!



15 photos that will make you want to pack and visit Albania ASAP

14)  Another UNESCO site is Gijrokastёr

The old town is beautiful with grape vines, stone buildings, cobbled streets and a kick-arse castle.  From the castle, you get a beautiful view of the old and new Gijrokastёr along with the surrounding mountains.  It’s especially beautiful during sunset.  You can even see tanks and touch other weapons within the castle.

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15 photos that will make you want to pack and visit Albania ASAP

15)  From Lëkurësi Castle in Saranda, you get a magnificent view of the south of Albania and the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. 

It really is one of the most impressive viewpoints in Albania, especially on a sunny day!  Here’s my full guide on Saranda.



Did these photos make you want to travel to Albania?  


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15 Photos That Will Make You Want to Pack and Visit Albania ASAP


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    Beautiful pictures and they definitely make me want to visit. I have heard really good things about the beaches in Albania so maybe it’ll be one of my next destinations! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

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    I always did want to visit Albania, but you’ve definitely sold me on the beaches!

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    Thanks for the great post and beautiful pictures. I should have visited there while I was in the Europe. Easier to get there…

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    Hmmnnnnn…..interesting! Albania is possible on a shoestring Indian/SE Asian budget?