35 of the Best Travel Gifts For Someone Going Travelling

Last Updated on July 12, 2022

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Whether it’s that festive time of year, or someone you know is about to go on the journey of a lifetime, or you’re just plain feeling generous, a special gift goes a long way.

But sometimes you just end up raking your brain on unique travel gifts for someone going travelling.

Let’s be honest, they can be the hardest to buy for. It’s hard to find the perfect gift for your friends going travelling or even moving abroad. So, I’ve made it easy for you!

With this list, you won’t have to stress about what to gift someone going on a trip, or spend any time coming up with present ideas for someone going travelling.

The Best Gifts For Someone Going Travelling, person in Christmas kumper holding neatly wrapped Christmas present tied up with string with Christmas tree in the background

I’m sure there’s something here for everyone and anyone who loves to travel, be it gifts to give someone going abroad or cute presents for travelling friends.

Whether you’re looking for fun, practical, personalised or totally unique travel gifts, here’s a big list of the 35 best gifts for someone going travelling.

Practical Travel Gifts

Great gifts for people going travelling, packing cubes neatly arranged inside a travel suitcase

1. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a fantastic and useful product for the avid traveller, making them very good gifts for someone going travelling.

They are great to separate your travel luggage so when you need something you don’t have to empty your entire backpack to find that one thing, they are genius!

My favourite way to organize my luggage is into sections such as dresses, tops and bottoms.

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Find presents for someone going travelling, Dandelion brand multi adapter with matching green case

2. Travel Adapter

Gone are the days where travellers need 5 different adapters to travel the world! Now you can get a universal adapter, so you can travel with just one piece of equipment.

What makes this possibly the best gift for someone going travelling is that it also has 2 USB ports, so you can charge more than one thing at once.

This is possibly the most useful gift for friend going abroad in this day and age when a lot of travellers are travelling with more than one electronic device!

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Buy gifts for someone traveling abroad, compact travel toiletry bag shown open and zipped up

3. Toiletry Bag with Hanger

Not only is this a compact toilet bag but the secret practical use for this is that it also has a hanger.

So when you shower in those pesky communal showers, you have somewhere to place your bag with your toiletries.

Quite often when you have shared bathrooms there will be nowhere to put your bag except for the floor which is not ideal.

Now you can hang this in the shower on a hanger or at the top of the door. If you’re looking for useful travel gifts for friends going abroad, this is a great option.

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Practical gifts for friends going travelling, colourful travel containers with individual labels in a clear plastic travel bag

4. Silicone Travel Containers

Silicone travel containers are so much more practical than the usual hard plastic containers you can get.

Not only a useful travel gift but also, I think they look pretty cool and they are colour coded, so you no longer have to guess which is shampoo and which is body wash.

These are the stealth gifts for people going travelling that they didn’t know they needed.

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Give the best gift for someone going travelling, menstrual cup and accompanying bag with pink tassle

5. Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a female product that replaces traditional pads or tampons.

It’s a silicone cup that can be reused for years and years which means you cut down the cost of buying female products and you help save the environment.

I recently purchased one of these and I can say I really love it and will never be going back to pads or tampons.

If you’re wondering what to buy for someone going travelling, the menstrual cup is a revolution!

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Great gifts to give someone going travelling, blue plastic drinking water bottle with filter and climbing clip attached

6. Filter Water Bottle

This is not JUST a drink bottle, it’s a bottle that will filter any water you collect.

Having a filter water bottle means wherever you are travelling to you will be able to drink the water from your container and not buy plastic bottles of water all the time.

If you know someone going travelling to a place with potentially undrinkable water, this is one of the most useful gifts for people going abroad!

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Discover what to buy someone going travelling, electronic battery pack in sleek black design

7. Battery Pack

Wondering what to buy someone who is going travelling? I can strongly recommend a battery pack.

I’m still so surprised at how many people don’t have a battery pack because they’re super useful. It’s a small battery that can charge any small device such as your phone.

The size of the battery pack you need will depend on how many times it will charge your phone.

I always have one that charges mine at least 3 times on the road. This is important for keeping in touch with family members if you don’t have access to a powerpoint.

It’s one of the best gifts for friends going abroad on long-haul flights and those long bus rides!

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Perfect gifts to get someone going travelling, electronic handheld scale with red highlighting

8. Luggage Scale

An incredibly useful gift can be as simple as luggage scales.

These days airlines are so strict about the weight of your bags so now you won’t have to guess how much your bag weighs and you can come to the airport prepared!

No one enjoys opening their suitcase in front of the entire airport searching for things you can relocate and get rid of to make your bag weigh less!

It might not be first on your list of gifts to get someone going travelling, but they can really get you out of a tight spot sometimes!

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Learn what to buy someone who is going travelling, set of four orange combination bag locks with strong cables

9. Bag Locks

I don’t recommend travelling without bag locks. They are so important! I am still so surprised that some don’t even bother to lock their bags.

You should ALWAYS lock your bag when you go on an overseas flight not only to protect your luggage from going missing but also to protect yourself from people putting illegal substances in your bag!

This has happened before.

People have gotten to their destination; their bag has been pulled aside and suddenly they are carrying a shipment of illegal drugs.

This is extremely dangerous, and, in some countries, this can carry a death penalty. ALWAYS protect your bags when travelling!

You can help protect someone you know who is going travelling by buying them this extra useful travel gift!

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Unique gifts for people going abroad, large orange travel towel folded up with iPhone poking out in the middle

10. XL Travel Towel

A microfibre travel towel is a magical towel all travellers should have! It’s light and a lot more compact than a regular towel.

It also dries much faster than a regular towel so it’s a must-have for someone going travelling. This one also has a secret pocket where you can keep your valuables while you’re in the water.

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Practical present ideas for someone going travelling, set of metallic drinking straws with straight and curved edges plus two brush cleaners

11. Reusable Straw

This is something that people don’t always think about when they think about what to get someone who is going travelling, but it can be super important.

In this day and age plastic is a huge problem for our environment. I highly recommend travelling with a reusable straw if you absolutely cannot survive without one.

Overseas some countries don’t think about the impact of just a simple straw.

Save the world one straw at a time by keeping a metal one with you. And don’t tell me that it doesn’t make a difference because it absolutely does!

One less straw on the beach is a difference.

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BEST TRAVEL GIFTS FOR SOMEONE GOING TRAVELLING, fabric tote bag with sun and moon artistic print over flowers and tall mountain

12. Travel Tote Bag

Speaking of plastic, I really love travelling with a tote bag. It’s a great little bag to have on you if you need to do some shopping to avoid using plastic bags.

I sometimes use it as a day bag too. This one is super cute because it has a really beautiful drawing of the elements, making it perfect for an avid traveller and a great gift for friend going travelling.

Help your globetrotting friends stay green with this fun and useful travel gift.

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Find the perfect gift for daughter travelling abroad, long grey sleeping bag liner with accompanying bag

13. Sleeping Bag Liner

It wasn’t until I travelled to India that I realised the importance of carrying one of these.

If you’re looking for travel gifts for someone going travelling to a place like India, then a sleeping bag liner is one of the must-have gifts for someone traveling abroad!

The amount of dodgy looking hostel sheets and overnight trains are enough to now make this a compulsory travel product. It could save you from catching something nasty.

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Personalised Travel Gifts

Thoughtful gift for friend going travelling, two customisable travel diaries on top of a collection of travel items including boarding pass, passport, pen, coins, scissors, drawing pins and clothes pegs

14. Personalised Travel Journal

I HIGHLY recommend a travel journal as a fun, personalised travel gift. I have over 7 of them filled with beautiful memories of my travels that I would have otherwise probably forgotten about.

To me, a travel journal is much more valuable and unique than any souvenir you will ever purchase.

The journals that I have filled from my travels I will be sharing with my grandchildren in the later years which is priceless.

They make a great present for friend going travelling!

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Best presents for people going travelling, personalised bag tags with cursive names stitched into them

15. Personalised Bag Tag

Always have a bag tag on your luggage! Bags can go missing and airport tags can be broken off, you will then have no way to find your bag again.

If you have a permanent bag tag with your details on it then it will be a lot easier for your bag to be located.

It’s also a good idea because sometimes people have the exact same bags as you!

When you’re getting your luggage off the carousel you can easily check that it’s actually your bag with a personalised tag.

If you know someone going travelling who doesn’t have one, consider getting this useful personalised travel gift.

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Unique Travel Jewellery

What to gift someone going on a trip, silver bracelet with map of the world design on chain worn on wrist of person

16. Sterling Silver World Map Bracelet

This beautiful sterling silver bracelet in the shape of the world is a gorgeous present to give to someone who is an avid traveller or maybe a gift to give yourself!

It’s a thoughtful gift that won’t take up any room in their luggage and it’s a very unique present to give to a loved one, friend or a gift for daughter travelling abroad.

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Creative present for friend going travelling, gold rimmed watch with multicoloured map of the world picture under the hands

17. Travel Watch

This is not only a fun gift to give the traveller in your life, but a very useful one. Everyone needs a watch, right? Why not have one that has a beautiful face of a world map?!

They make great little presents for someone going travelling – every time they check the time they’ll think of you!

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Fun Travel Themed Home Décor

Good presents for someone going travelling, close-up of hand holding coin scratching away part of map to reveal multicoloured pattern beneath

18. Scratch World Map

If you don’t have a scratch map of the world yet, then where have you been?! These are a unique travel gift for someone who loves travelling!

When you have visited a country or region simply scratch to reveal a fun, colourful background.

Now you can see exactly where in the world you have been, as well it’s a beautiful piece of home décor to have!

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Good gifts for someone going travelling, clear jar with gold lid inscribed with "Lulu's Adventure Fund" in cursive English

19. Travel Fund Jar

Before I started travelling, I wish I had a travel fund jar! These are a useful gift for someone who’s saving up to go travelling.

It’s a great reminder to save those pennies!

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Useful Gifts for Digital Nomads

Great gifts for someone who is going travelling, travel pack for storing electronic cables neatly, shown closed and open

20. Electronic Organiser

If you’re anything like me, you probably have at least 1 million different chords and cables.

This electronic organiser is immensely helpful for digital nomads or anyone who travels with lots of different electrical items.

I love mine so much and anyone who travels with lots of electrical items will too!

If you’re looking for useful travelling gift ideas for someone going travelling, chances are you’ll be a hero with this organiser.

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What to buy for someone going travelling, multiple camera accessories including long lenses and tripod with accompanying case

21. Phone Lens Kit

This is a fun gift for anyone who loves phone photography! These phone lenses are small, compact and make your phone photos look 100x cooler.

For any travel friend who loves using Instagram while travelling, this might be the perfect gift for them.

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Thoughful gifts for someone going abroad, camera tripod shown in three different extensions and setups

22. Telescopic Pole

I’ve had this telescopic pole for years and stand 100% by it! These make perfect presents for people going travelling.

This is a tripod for your phone, GoPro and even DSLR. It’s one of the most useful pieces of kit for someone going travelling.

There are two parts to it. There is a small one which I use for my big camera like a tripod as the longer stick is not made for that kind of weight.

And then you can have the long stick to make it into a GoPro tripod! You can also use the long stick as a selfie stick for your GoPro and phone.

This is a great gift for solo travellers as it’s perfect for people wanting to take photos of themselves when there’s no one around!

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Best going away present for friend travelling, GoPro 9 black camera with small display

23. GoPro 9 Black

I know this is one of the more expensive gifts for friends going travelling, but a GoPro is such an awesome travel gift that I HAD to include it.

The GoPro 8 shoots in 4k, takes incredible pictures in and out of the water and is just an awesome camera to have if you don’t have a lot of space.

🎁 Check prices on Amazon

Unique gifts to give someone going abroad, Mavic 2 Pro drone with four propellers and camera attachment

24. Mavic 2 Pro Drone

This is the last expensive gift, but I promise you this is perfect if you have a higher budget.

Maybe you have a son, daughter or grandchild who is going travelling and wants to take their travel photography to the next level.

This Mavic 2 Pro drone captures unique and beautiful footage and photos. It’s compact, which is perfect for travelling, and is one of the most amazing gifts for someone going abroad there is!

🎁 Check prices on Amazon

Great presents for travelling friends, person wearing camera strap with close-up on clip attachment and shoulder strap area

25. Camera Strap

The camera straps that come with all cameras are…crap. They are usually extremely ugly and are not the right length. This camera strap is amazing. I have had mine for years now.

It’s a waist strap which is also unbreakable (it cannot be cut or ripped).

This is not only useful because I would rather carry my camera close around my body than over my neck, but it also makes it safer because pickpocketers cannot quickly cut the strap and run off with your expensive camera!

It’s a small price to pay for something that could save your camera from getting stolen.

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Best gifts for friends going abroad, close-up shot of Transcend brand hard drive with green band

26. Transcend Hard Drive

I really love my Transcend hard drive because as I travel more and more, I cannot store my photos on my computer anymore.

Having a hard drive gives you more storage and is a safe place to keep all your photos and priceless memories!

If you need gift ideas for someone planning to travel a long time, this is a must-have for a digital nomad.

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Great gift for friend going abroad, UBL portable speaker with orange logo and black motif

27. Portable Speaker

When travelling, a portable speaker can be an absolute lifesaver.

If you’re on the beach and fancy listening to some music out loud or just fancy having a dance in your hotel room, then get a portable speaker!

A portable speaker is one of the best travel gifts for someone in my eyes! hint hint

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Unique gifts for people going travelling, RHA headphones with accompanying case in black

28. RHA Headphones

These RHA headphones are the best quality ones I have ever had so I highly recommend them. They are noise cancelling so perfect for those noisy flights and bus rides.

They also last up to 9 hours, which makes them an incredibly practical present for someone going travelling. I honestly wouldn’t recommend any other brand of headphones other than these ones!

🎁 Check prices on Amazon

Best present for someone going travelling, Polaroid camera with half-printed photograph emerging from side

29. Polaroid Camera

These are such great travel gifts, and are perfect as a going away present for friend travelling.

Sometimes you want instant photos! These polaroid cameras are such a good way to share your memories and photos instantly.

They are great for people who have travel diaries as you can stick personalised photos of your trip as you go along making the diary much more fun and unique.

🎁 Check prices on Amazon

Unique gifts for friends going travelling, Sprocket printer with energetic photograph emerging from front

30. HP Sprocket Printer

Alternatively, you could gift one of these portable printers which I think are just as epic as a polaroid camera!

With this little printer you can instantly print off photos from your phone. From the printer app, you can edit them and then print instantly. How cool is that?!

Like the polaroid, these are good presents for someone going travelling who wants a more personalised touch to their travel journals.

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Travel Books

Best gifts for someone going travelling, cover of book "What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding" by Kristin Newman with picture of view from airplane window

31. What I was Doing while You were Breeding

Reading is one of the top pastimes for any traveller, which means books are ideal gifts for someone who is going travelling.

And wow, this book is so, so good! Hundreds of girls recommended this book to me because of the unique perspective, and now I am paying it forward.

It’s one for those books which is the perfect travel gift for someone who is about to or is currently travelling. Very funny!

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Great gifts to give someone going travelling, cover of book

32. Holy Cow

This is one of my favourite books ever! It’s about a woman who moved to India and recounts hilarious encounters about her life there.

If you have a friend who wants to go to India, or has been to India, they will really appreciate this book.

This is one of the best books I have ever read!

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What to buy someone going travelling, cover of book

33. Wild

Wild is one of these books that every female traveller should read. It’s a story of bravery and a must for any solo female traveller out there.

If you know a woman going travelling, this is the perfect gift!

🎁 Check prices on Amazon

Fun & Unique Travel Gifts

Special gifts to get someone going travelling, front view of Carry On Cocktail Kit container

34. Carry On Cocktail Kit

I mean, need I say more?! This is a hilarious and practical travel gift for anyone who loves a good cocktail. Let’s be honest, cocktails should be compulsory on long-haul flights.

Now you can make them yourself!

These are perfect gifts to give someone going travelling who also likes their cocktails.

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Best Travel Gifts For Someone Going Travelling, promotional booklets lying in the sand on a beach with palm trees in the distance

35. A Tinggly Experience

If you want to give something that’s even more unique and epic than a physical gift, then you should look at a Tinggly gift box.

I have always believed in the importance of making memories and not being attached too much to physical things.

At the end of the day, if you want to give a gift that someone will never forget and can make a million memories from, then an experience is just that.

Within a Tinggly gift box, your receiver gets to choose from 340+ unique experiences which they can participate in around the world.

From going up in a hot air balloon in Luxor, Egypt to diving with sharks in the Philippines, there’s a perfect experience for everyone.

With so many options, you’ll be able to figure out what to buy someone going travelling in no time.

Plus, because you can choose special events to gift for, it even feels like a personalised travel gift.

🎁 Check prices on Tinggly

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What do you give someone before a long trip?

A long hug is great if it’s family! Otherwise, anything on this list of gifts for someone going travelling is either bound to come in useful or be gratefully received, or both!

✅ What do you get someone that travels for work?

Frequent travellers will probably prefer practical gifts like packing cubes or adapters. If this person is a loved one, the travel watch or map bracelet on this list would be perfect!

✅ What to get a friend who loves to travel?

Friendship is full of shared experiences. A personalised travel journal or a Polaroid camera would help them record their journeys so they can share them with you when they return.

There’s my HUGE list of 35 gifts for travellers of any kind! If someone you know is going travelling, you can’t go wrong with these unique travel gifts.

Be sure to share this list with your family members and friends so they know what to get you in the future!

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