Amazing Things to do in Himara, Albania + Himara City Guide

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

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Along the Albanian Riveria lies a small coastal town of Himara (Himarë in Albanian).

It’s one of the must-see stops as it is more relaxed than the seaside city of Saranda and a perfect base to relax in without getting too bored.

There’s plenty of things to do in Himarë city (especially the Himare beaches) and lots of things to see nearby too.

In fact, Himara is one of my favourite go-to places and somewhere I always recommend tourists to stay for a night or three!

Amazing Things to do in Himara, Albania, aerial shot of waterfront with boat dock next to turquoise clear waters and forested areas

Below is my full travel guide full of lots of things to do in Himara! Read on for the best Himare restaurants, the best hotels in Himare, what to do in Himare, and everything in between.

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You can also find a Himare Albania map here so that you can follow along and see where everything is.

Where is Himara

Himara is located along the Albanian Riviera.  Its only a 54km drive from Saranda and 73km from Vlora, another popular seaside city.

Himara city is a chilled version of both places. In recent years it has become popular but it’s still very much a quiet spot and one that’s great for a relaxing holiday.

How to get to Himara

If you’re coming to Himare city from Saranda then you can easily catch a bus. In the summer there are a few buses that go from Saranda to Himara.

During the other times of year there is one bus that leaves at 1 pm. You can also hitchhike which is very popular with backpackers.

If you have a car then be prepared for the most scenic drive, you have ever been on. I can guarantee you will stop several times during your drive.

There are some stunning views to see on the way. The drive takes around 1.15 hours. On a bus it can take a little longer.

To get from Tirana to Himare, you can also catch a bus from the bus station just outside the centre of the city. This will take you straight to Himara city center!

Check out my up-to-date article on the Albania bus timetables.

The nearest airport to Himara is in Corfu, Greece, and you can easily get a ferry from Corfu to Himara.

The Corfu to Himare ferry is straightforward, and I have a full guide on getting from Corfu to Albania (and vice versa) to make it easy.

Himara castle, aerial shot of stone ruins on hilltop overlooking green forested hillside leading down towards seafront

Things to do in Himara

1. Visit the Old Himare Castle

Up in the hills, there is a beautiful village with a castle and a few Himare accommodation options. The Himara castle is worth a visit. You can catch a bus ride or walk.

The Himare castle is in ruins but its still beautiful in my eyes. Within the Himarë castle walls is an old stone village and cobbled walkways. From the top you gain stunning views over Himara.

This area is also known as Himare old town as it is the oldest remaining part of the city. The first time I visited Himara I stayed in the Himara old town and it was so peaceful!

Himare beaches, aerial shot of beachfront with forested area next to marina and buildings leading back towards green mountains in the distance

2. Enjoy the beachfront

Himara has a couple of great beaches – namely Livadi and Prinos. And they are the highlight of any trip to Himara.

The Himare beach in the city center is nice, but I personally love the two other beaches either city of the center better.

💡PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

3. Eat at Enigma restaurant

This is one of the best Himara restaurants to enjoy a bite to eat with a great view.

This delicious Himara restaurant is located on the boulevard and does superb pizza! I can highly recommend the Italian here.

Himare restaurants, mouthwatering bowl of shellfish cooked with tomatoes and herbs on wooden table with glass of red wine and side dishes

4. Enjoy fresh seafood

As you are in the Albanian Riviera you absolutely must try the seafood in Himarë. Some of the best restaurants in Himare are Taverna Lefteri or Cibo Mare E Terra.

5. Enjoy a Xhiro along the boulevard

A Xhiro means walk and this is something that you will notice all the locals do around sunset.

Not only in Himara but all over Albania the locals wake up from their afternoon naps and gather along the main boulevards around the country to catch up with friends and enjoy the beginning of the night.

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6. Hire a kayak and go to the secret beach ‘Gjiri i Filikurit

Just south of Himara centre is a beach listed on Google as Gjiri i Filikurit (it is often unnamed on Himara maps). It can be accessed by a dodgy walk and a bit of abseiling down a rope.

Alternatively, you can catch a boat or a kayak!

What to do in Himare, domed stone building standing on fortified outcrop overlooking green forested valley leading out towards sea in the distance

Day Trips from Himara

There are a lot of things to do near Himara too which is why many people make it a base to see nearby features.

  1. Porto Porlemo
  2. Qeparo
  3. Borsh
  4. Jale
  5. Gjipe Beach

Can you day trip from Saranda to Himara? Absolutely! Himare to Saranda or vice versa makes for a great day trip as it’s just over an hour’s drive.

Although Himara is for relaxing, so you might not get the full experience in just a day trip.

Tours in Himara

There are multiple options for Himare tours that will take you in and around Himara town. Make sure you check out Viator for great tours in Himara.

🚲 Click to check out the best tours to take in Himara, Albania

Places to Stay in Himara

No matter what budget you have, there’s something for you in Albania. There are many great hotels in Himare to choose from to suit any type of traveller.

Backpackers:  I recommend staying at Himara Downtown Hostel or Himara Hostel.  Both are great options when visiting Himara.

If you are travelling with a friend/s it’s sometimes even cheaper if you get a place to yourself using Airbnb (click here to get your free $35 credit) or Booking.

When I came to Himara with 2 of my friends we rented a room for a total of €10 near the castle. It came with breakfast too, so it was cheaper for us than to stay in a hostel!

Mid-budget: There are lots of apartments and rooms to rent in Himara. And you’re sure to find a fantastic, affordable Himara hotel that works for you.

I stayed just out of the center called Villa Marine blue. My partner and I rented a room for 2000lek a night (in summer it’s double). It was lovely, right on the beach and the owner is super lovely.

Luxury: There are a number of beautiful luxury accommodations in Himara including Scala Bungalows and Sea View Hotel.

Himara city, aerial view of road winding amongst buildings amidst rolling hills covered with green trees next to beach with blue waters

Himara During the Off-Season

July and August are the busiest months in Albania. Slowly June and September are becoming busier too.

If you come during the off-season, be aware that a lot of the Himare restaurants and Himare accommodation options are shut.

Along the boulevard, there are still Himarë restaurants open and it’s definitely still possible to have a nice holiday.

Just don’t expect any wild parties and for Himare town to be buzzing. I prefer it in the off-season as it’s incredibly peaceful!

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How do you get to Himare from Greece?

Although many visitors come via Tirana, the nearest airport to Himara is actually on the Greek island of Corfu. From there you can easily catch a ferry to Himare.

✅ How long should I stay in Himare?

Two days is a pretty good amount of time to see all the sites and enjoy the beautiful Himare beaches. However, as there are a lot of Himare accommodation options, it’s also a good base for seeing the rest of the Albanian Riviera.

✅ Is Himarë Albania worth visiting?

Himara Albania is one of the best destinations for a relaxing holiday! If you love the beach, you must visit Himara. You’ll also find some amazing historical sites and delicious restaurants when you visit.

Do you have any questions about Himara? Make sure you leave them below. Alternatively, join my Facebook group ‘Travelling Albania’ and leave your question. Someone might have already asked it for you!

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