Traveling with Your SO: Top Tips to Have the Best Experience

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Traveling with Your SO: Top Tips to Have the Best Experience

Traveling with your significant other is a terrific idea and if it is properly planned and arranged, it can be quite great fun and adventure as sometimes you just need the time out to spend with your better half so that you can bond more perfectly.

But one thing is this; with all the promises of hilarious and exciting moments, let us not pretend that it can all the way be smooth, hitch free and fun-filled.

Vacation, on its own, can be a heavy source of stress for some people. Going on a trip with a partner can be a bit of treacherous experience as you can bet on a couple of arguments, differing opinions on hygiene, packing and some others.

Discussions that can be held rationally at home can escalate to a bigger issue in a new place as everything is amplified by isolation, expenses and even the pressure of having fun.

All these are common phenomenon and of course, there are ways to easily get around it.

If you want to make it through that planned trip with your romance alive and intact, here are some useful tips which should be a guide for you:


1. Manage Your Anticipation

One thing to not do is getting over excited. Do not get your head up for crazy ideas because the truth is no matter whom or what you are, everyday can never be spiced fully with sparkles and orgasms.

Traveling involves some level of personal stress. Know that even if you (or your partner) are not completely relaxed and connected, it might in some ways mean your relationship is in trouble.


2. Not Every Moment Will Be Romantic

Forget the glossy look of love advertised in the magazines, billboards and the likes. Don’t get it twisted; you can have that maybe by 50 percent of the time. But things are not just going to keep having that sheen. It’s just like life: it has its own ups and downs.


3. Share Things and Space

About parking and readjusting, don’t hijack too much space for just you. Try acting out equality and sensibility. Don’t say you are a lady; you deserve more of the suitcase. Collaborate so that you both can keep account of all possessions; a watchful partner can actually realize on time that a cord or pin is missing.


4. Maximizing Your Assets

Asset here is not about properties or belongings; it is about your strength. For that well-planned trip, you have to know what your strengths are and maximized them.

You might be good with maps and your partner has a great knack for searching out cool restaurants, share the tasks among each other. Great results are best gotten that way. Make sure to split the responsibilities according to your strength.


Traveling with Your SO: Top Tips to Have the Best Experience

5. Disagreements Will Always Be Disagreements

Always have this in mind: the rules do not change even if the location is different. Do not overblow misunderstanding. Note that your vacation is for relaxation and comfort, it shouldn’t be the time to act otherwise.


6. Maintain an ‘Alone’ Time

You do not need to be lovey-dovey around each other 24 hours of the 7 days of the week. It is best to have a time alone to yourself at least once in a while in the course of the vacation. It is necessary to decompress.


Traveling with Your SO: Top Tips to Have the Best Experience

7. Relax Completely

In games, outings, discussions and even sex on a vacation, relaxation is a key point. Holidays can be over-stimulating but you can relax it all out. Make friends online too, you can’t over ‘have’ friends.


8.  Be Open

Don’t try to conceal whatever you are feeling just because you do not want to be the one who ‘ruined what would have been a beautiful vacation’. Openness is the key if you are bothered.

Never forget that holidays and vacations are no different from real life. Although the pressures of the vacation might make you want to see things differently but the truth is; every part of the vacation should be enjoyed and life lessons picked of course.

Enjoy your vacation and get the best out of it all.

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