Uscreen review: Is This The Best Membership Platform?

Last Updated on May 23, 2024

One of the best ways to diversify your revenue in the online business space is to create a membership where every month your paying members get something special from you that helps them achieve a result.

In 2024 I created my own membership and it’s such a fun way to connect with more people and at the same time be able to help my customers solve a problem they are currently facing.

There are tons of different platforms out there that you can create a paid membership on, but today I want to do a full review on one of the best in the industry – Uscreen.

Uscreen has been on my radar for a while so I signed up for a free trial and in this blog post, I’m going to share the reality of creating a simple membership using this platform as well the best features I came across, pricing and what the user experience is like for your paying members.

Uscreen is an all-in-one membership platform specifically aimed at creators who want to share their expertise via video. 

There are a lot of all-in-one platforms you may have come across in your time in the online space such as Kajabi and Kartra. 

We actually use Kajabi for all of our courses and checkout pages.

But Uscreen specializes in creating paid memberships and memberships only, which I believe gives them an edge over competitors like those platforms because it’s what they live and breathe.

If you wanted to go all in with a membership, this could be a great software to use because it allows you to build a much stronger branded membership that your users can access on your own app (YES, you’re own APP – we’ll get into that soon).

Uscreen is for creators who want to monetize their special skills and build a highly successful membership that generates monthly recurring revenue.

No matter what kind of creator you are, there’s an opportunity to create your own personalized membership with its video library, community and app that your members can access anytime.

To give you an idea of what kind of niches are currently using Uscreen to host their membership, they have people in the yoga space,  fitness & sports, education, entertainment, lifestyle, faith & spirituality and much more!

Here’s some examples of creators that use Uscreen for their membership

There’s an abundance of different niches of memberships so if you’re in a very small niche or teach on something super specific, a membership is still a fab option for you.

One of the best parts about Uscreen is the fact that you’re able to create a high-quality membership that impresses your customers and gives them a five-star experience.

No more Google Drive or Loom videos – instead you’ll create a branded experience for your customers that feels like they are logging into Netflix.

The process of uploading your videos and organizing them is super easy. You’re able to create categories and organize your videos into different collections. 

That means if you have multiple plans (for example a low tier and a high tier) you can hide certain collections from certain tiers.

Video content on Uscreen is a high-quality and professional experience for your users. It makes it so easy and enjoyable for them to binge-watch your content.

You’ll have more happy membership clients who will rave at how great your content is and the experience of going through them.

One thing I LOVE about Uscreen is that you can literally have your own app on the Pro and Plus plans.

This one feature makes Uscreen stand out against every competitor out there because you’re not only giving them a premium experience when it comes to inside your membership but also making it easy for them to access it.

Why would you want an app for your membership? Here’s some interesting stats coming straight from Uscreen;

  • You’ll increase engagement by an average of 20%
  • You’ll encourage more regular visitors by an average of 10x
  • You’ll boost your customers by an average of 8x

These stats definitely make it a must to have an app with your membership. 

But if you’re like “Anita, I’m not tech savvy and have NO idea how to build it” – don’t worry because the team at Uscreen actually take care of that

All you need to have is your brand colours, your name and app icon image and then you’ll hop on a call with the team and they’ll make it happen for you.

By having your own app, you’ll be featured on your clients’ phones, right next to the big dogs like Facebook and Instagram.

It makes it easier for your clients to get results with your membership because it makes it more accessible than any other membership out there.

Another great feature is that you can send push notifications to your members meaning you’re able to connect with them in an instant and grab their attention.

If you want to incorporate some live features such as video streaming or maybe a Q&A session with your members you’re able to do that with this platform. 

There’s no need to use another platform like Zoom as Uscreen has its native live software which means your members can access it within your membership.

You could create a membership solely based on the live sessions which they get to watch a replay of, or it could be an added extra that you give for more of a fee. 

One of the biggest components of a live membership is making sure people show up LIVE. 

This is something that’s always hard when you run an offer like this, however, with Uscreen you’ll be able to use their calendar tool to increase live attendance which makes it easier than ever for people to show up and get the most out of your live video.

Your attendees will be able to join from any device and connect in the chat with other membership students.

It’s really up to you but there are lots of ways to use this specific feature that’s valuable for you.

One of the best things about Uscreen is you can create your own membership hub where your members can connect and collaborate.

I’ve been in lots of memberships before and one of the best components in my opinion is the community feel.

If you’re learning a new skill or solving a problem, it’s always nice to be able to do it alongside the support of others who are also going through the same.

With your community hub, you’ll be able to nicely link your video library with community posts and chats with your members.

You can create public and private channels that delve into certain topics or areas that you want to support people with. 

Another great feature is being able to create a challenge for your members which increases retention and engagement within your community.

If you’re worried about what to post, Uscreen has an AI tool integrated to help you create posts for your community too.

One of the biggest qualifiers for me when using a new software or tool is how easy it is to use.

I’ve signed up to hundreds of pieces of software at this point and if something is not laid out clearly step by step, I get overwhelmed and don’t end up using it.

Uscreen seems very intuitive and easy to use with clearly laid out steps.

For example, when you create your account, it gives you 4 simple steps to start. From there you can delve into the other features that you can start to build on top of it like the community, content, marketing and website.

And even when you’re including those features, every step of the way it gives you a checklist to follow. 

A membership needs a place for people to learn more about it before they join. 

When you sign up you get to create your own website from scratch BUT don’t freak out…. of course, they have made it super easy with templates and recommended sections that you can customize to your liking.

The huge plus is that everything is all in one place. There’s no need to have a checkout platform, a website with WordPress or email marketing software to connect with your members.

Everything you need is in this ONE platform and you truly don’t need to purchase any other software or tech to use this one.

I’ve definitely been on ‘all-in-one’ platforms where you still have to host your website somewhere else or use another email marketing platform because of its limited ability but it seems Uscreen has thought of all of this and gives you the full experience of what an all-in-one platform should look like.

With all the incredible Uscreen features, you’ll be able to build a membership that drives recurring revenue.

This is one of the biggest benefits of creating a membership with Uscreen because they make it easy for creators like you to create a high-quality engaging membership that grows your income every month.

Abundance Plus was able to create a membership that brings in over $100,000 in monthly recurring revenue by doubling its membership growth. Those kinds of results are just an example of what’s possible with this platform. 

Another example is M/Body which combines barre, dance and yoga techniques into a fitness membership. They’re able to do their classes live which then is automatically added to their video library once finished. M/Body drove over $40,000 in monthly revenue with their membership and increased their viewer growth by 61%.

Right now there are 2 main plans – Growth plan and the Pro plan

The biggest difference is that with the growth plan, you don’t get a Community of up to 5 channels,  your own mobile app or a dedicated success manager whereas with the Pro plan, you do.

Monthly subscription  

  • The growth plan is $199 (+$1.99 per paid member) per month
  • The pro plan is $599 (+1.49 per paid member) per month

If you do an annual subscription you’ll save more money

  • The growth plan is $149 (+$1.99 per paid member) per month
  • The pro plan is $499 (+1.49 per paid member) per month

There is also a Plus plan which is custom pricing so if you need a bigger plan with more power then that would be suitable for you.

Here’s a detailed description of what’s included in each of the plans.

Price$149/mo$499/moCustom Pricing
+$1.99 per paid member/mo+$1.49 per paid member/mo
FeaturesNetflix-style video catalogNetflix-style video catalogEverything in Pro, plus:
Live streaming up to 1 hourLive streaming up to 10 hoursFull-featured mobile apps
Community up to 5 channelsCommunity up to 5 channelsTV streaming apps
Your own mobile appYour own mobile appCustom live stream packages
100 hours of video storage150 hours of video storageCustom branding
1 admin user3 admin userAPI access
Access to Membership+Access to Membership+Scale with confidence:
1 onboarding session3 onboarding sessionsSupport for your customers included
Email supportEmail + chat support
Dedicated success managerDedicated success manager
Membership analyticsEverything in Growth, plus:
Marketing tools & automationsMember & content migrations
Flexible pricing optionsShoppable videos
Accept credit cards & PayPalZapier integrations
Custom domain3rd party integrations
Affiliate integrations

If you want to create a membership as your sole product for your company this is the best option currently on the market because it has everything you need to get started and build a successful and profitable membership business.

Especially if you have an audience gathered already on your blog, YouTube channel or elsewhere that you now want to start monetizing, this is the perfect option to get you started and boost your recurring monthly revenue.

Revenue wise although the plans might sound pricey, as long as they have the base number of members to cover the cost of the software, everything else is profit.

For example, if you had a membership that was $15 per month you would need only 10-13 paying members to cover the cost of the growth plan

Or 33-40 paying members with the Pro plan.

And if you have an existing audience of at least 1000 people, then only 1% of people would need to move to your membership to make that possible which is totally doable.

All in all, I give Uscreen a 10/10 as a membership platform! For me, it was easier to set up a membership In Uscreen than it was in Kajabi. Using Kajabi, I spent weeks trying to get my membership set up with very limited options to customize things as to how I wanted to.

There are also a lot of glitches with Kajabi whereas Uscreen is an established membership platform so their main focus is upgrading and making it an even better experience every single month

However, with Uscreen everything seems very easy to get started right away. 

It was also very customizable so you can stay on brand and have a higher-quality experience than you would with Kajabi which then leads to higher user retention and higher monthly recurring revenue.

Click here to start a free 14-day trial of the platform. 

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