How to Offer a Vip Day in Your Business

Last Updated on May 27, 2024


When I first heard of the phrase VIP day, I thought it was something super exclusive that I couldn’t be a part of or offer inside of my business. Then I came across a lovely lady called Jordan and joined her Done in a Day Virtual conference and learned all about what a VIP day was and how to create one.

I felt like I had come across a secret passage of the online business world! Honestly, I didn’t see many other coaches talk about this on their Instagram. Sure, I had heard within masterminds I was a part of that some coaches were offering VIP days, but I had no idea what that meant.

When I learned all about it and how to create one myself for my business, I was amazed at the opportunity something like this could bring me, without me working behind my desk all day.


What is a VIP coaching day?

 A VIP day is a virtual or in-person event (virtual is most popular), that allows you to spend the entire day dedicated to one client. You’re helping them get something done in a day rather than spending weeks creating it. When your focus is only on them for the entire day, you can make magic happen!

When I was learning all about VIP days from Jordan, I loved that you could structure your VIP day how you want. Here are no limits, no boxes that you need to fit in. You can create your VIP day with full freedom in mind and create one that works best for you.

The definition is really in the name – VIP day. Think of it as your client getting the VIP day experience and getting access to your expertise in ONE DAY.


The benefits of VIP days?

VIP days allow you full freedom in your business. Because they are high ticket -$2000 – $20,000+ per VIP day, this means that for you to create a great income you would only need to do a select few per month. Unlike coaching programs and courses, you are ON all the time.

With a VIP day, you are done in a day so if you wanted to do one a week and work 1-2 days per week then you could do that.

When I hear VIP days, I hear freedom. It allows you to have actual freedom in your business and not be stuck behind a laptop and desk all week which is probably the reason why you left your 9-5 in the first place right? 

How much does a VIP day cost?

This will depend on a lot of factors like your deliverables, the access they get to you, how long your VIP will be and really, what you WANT to charge. I’ve seen VIP days for $2000 and I’ve come across some that are $10,000. 

I offer one Blog VIP day and I charge $2000.

When I was joining the Done in a day virtual conference, there was a business owner who was charging 20k for her VIP days which is just amazing to see the opportunities that could bring you and your business.


How do I structure my VIP days?

I learned all about structuring my VIP days with Jordan, she broke it down, so it was really easy to understand. Again, it will depend on how you want to structure it and what you want to include.

I decided for my Blog VIP day I was going to offer a strategy/service based VIP day. for coaches and course creators. This means that I’m not going to set their blog up for them or teach them necessarily how to set things up, I’m going to focus on the strategy part which includes mapping out their blog framework and coming up with a plan of action for their business, and then the service piece is when I am repurposing 2-4 podcast episodes into 4x 2000 optimized word blog posts. My tagline is:

Inside Blog that Leads VIP day, I take the podcast content you are already creating, and SEO optimize it into blog posts so you can generate leads on autopilot for years to come and show up on Page 1 of Google.”

For me to even consider them as a client for my VIP days they already need to have a website in place as I’m not going through that set-up process with them. That’s a whole other VIP day in itself and since I’m not interested in the technical side of websites, I’m not going to offer that.

When I first came across VIP days, I thought that that’s what I had to do because I had a coach ask me if I will set up everything. I said yes at the moment but then I realized that I’m not interested in doing that. That’s’ not where my heart is at and that’s not what lights me up. Sure, I could do it but that’s when my business would start to feel like a chore and not what I’m passionate about.

What I’m passionate about is creating blogging frameworks that get my clients on page 1 of google and their content is seen in front of thousands of leads. THAT’S what lights me up!

Here’s a little sneak peek into how I structure the work during the VIP day:

🔎 Phase 1 – Optimize – 2 hours the day before

  • Analyse content on their Podcast & pick 2-4 golden episodes that I can turn into blog content
  • Keyword research & find 4 main keywords for 2-4 podcast episodes 
  • Find 5-10 secondary keywords to include for each piece of content

♻️ Phase 2 – Repurpose – 6 hours / 9am-4pm with a 1 hour break in between

  • Create blog titles for the 4 pieces of content
  • Create suggested headers & subheaders for 4 blog posts
  • Gather internal + external link suggestions for the 4 blog posts
  • Done-for-you Meta descriptions written for each blog post
  • Transcribe podcast episodes
  • Format them into 4x 2000-word blog post
  • Add in any extra keywords & paragraphs
  • Edit blog posts for grammar/spelling errors
  • Final check with the read-aloud function

🗺 Phase 3 – Gameplan – 1 hour 4-5pm

  • Created an SOP for their team so they can upload to their own project management system.
  • Prepare a suggested SEO plan of action (How many x per month they should post, how to track seo, timeframe to update.)
  • Outline a complete blog framework & strategy with suggested content pillars
  • Outline a complete website framework with linking strategy

What to include in a VIP day?

You can include what you want but also think about what your clients need to see the outcome they desire.

Here’s a peek into what my VIP day includes:

  • 4x 2000-word SEO-optimized blog posts repurposed straight from your podcast (including headlines, sub-headings, internal & external link suggestions, keywords and meta description) so that all you (or your team) have to do is copy, paste and publish.
  • A website & blog content framework, so you know exactly which strategy your blog should be following for maximum results for months to come.
  • SEO plan of action outlining a suggested 6-month content gameplan according to your business, so you can save the SEO headache and know what to do next.
  • Video walkthrough on how to plug-and-play the blog posts into your website platform, you can publish the content and get eyeballs on your website ASAP.
  • SOP template with blog post checklist and quarterly maintenance tasks that you can insert into your own project management system so you and your team know exactly how to manage your blog marketing strategy after our VIP day.
  • The full VIP Blog Traffic Machine course that provides you and your team with a simple 4-step framework to help you create, SEO optimize and structure your blog content so that you can rank on Page 1 of Google again and again. Worth $1000.

As you can see from above, I’m providing the shell, the roadmap, the template for them to see actual results from their blog. I’m diving into SEO research most of all because that’s where I see the biggest potential. 

With my Pinterest in a day, I actually focus on setting up their account and boards and then providing them with a strategy, for my Pinterest in a day I’m doing the work for them for that initial setup process.


How to sell VIP days – Marketing VIP day

With VIP days because it’s something I provide all the time, I found it hard because I didn’t know when to promote. I honestly forgot to even promote them and say HEY, I have this awesome VIP day, apply now!”. That is when I decided to plan out my entire year and have weeks where I sell my VIP days between launches as I also run a Pinterest course and a Blogging course.

There are a bunch of different ways to sell VIP days. I choose Instagram, email and my website. I then have a lead magnet where I send business owners a small email funnel that leads them through and eventually gets them to sign up for a VIP day.

However, in saying that VIP days is not something I have unlimited space for, I ditched the funnel and I solely sell my VIP days through Instagram and email.

I think the important thing is to have a semi-launch plan. It doesn’t need to be anything constricted or formal but for me, I found having certain periods where I talk about it was a great way to sell it.

Another thing you can do is show behind the scenes of you doing one. As a business owner who is looking for a VIP day, I want to see behind the scenes what the day is going to look like. I love watching IG stories of people going through their day, so I know what to expect when I purchase it.

If you haven’t had anyone sign up, you could always do a mockup VIP day. This allows you to show how the process works to your audience and also allows you to test your VIP day to see if anything is missing or one particular task takes longer than you thought. 


VIP day ideas

Some VIP days I have come across are:

  •  Setting up a project management system like Asana or Dubsado in a day
  • Branding in a day
  • Funnel creation in a day
  • Copywriting in a day
  • Website in a day
  • Instagram strategy

The opportunities are endless with VIP days and some of the ideas I came across in the Done in a day virtual conference were so amazing!

With VIP days you have the freedom to create something you are really in love with. Jordan gave endless ideas within her virtual conference, so I highly recommend joining. She also gave real-time feedback to people who were confused about what to offer and broke it down well.


The prework – VIP day questionnaire

The pre-work on a VIP day is important. This is the work your client or customer will do before you commence the VIP day, and this information will allow you to do the work. The VIP day questionnaire also known as the pre-work is important to get right.

What information do you need from your client to get the VIP day done? Some examples of questions I ask my clients for my Blog That Leads is:

  • Name + email
  • Which platform will you be using for blogging?
  • Who is your ideal client? Please specify age, gender, location, what problems they are struggling with and anything else you think I should know
  • What are 4-6 of your content pillars? Tell me more about what topics you specialize in and talk about on your other platforms.
  • To create your blog posts, I need to pull 2-4 bits of content. Please leave a link below to your podcast. I will pick the specific content that is the best to publish first for the best results
  • Please leave details of every offer (coaching, courses & lead magnets) that you have in your business, along with links to the sales/landing pages.
  • Please provide the websites of 5 of your competitors who are in the same niche/ has the same target audience as you
  • Do you have a team to support you?
  • Are you interested in upgrading your VIP day to a VIP day weekender to include a Pinterest VIP day too?
  • Anything else I should know, or do you have any questions?

The questions above clearly state what I need from the client to do the work. I also require for the pre-work to be done a minimum of 4 days before their VIP day. Failure to do the pre-work will mean the VIP day will be cancelled and rescheduled.

Now you may see in one of the questions above I also offer an upsell for my VIP day package. I offer the VIP day weekender which allows them to package 2 VIP days and save money.

Since blogging and Pinterest go hand and hand, this is a great way to work with a client and bang out two very important tasks with just one person so instead of them having to look for another person to now set up their Pinterest, they can work with just me and I can hit two birds with one stone.

Everything I learned about VIP days came from Jordan and found taking her Done in a day virtual conference which I highly recommend. I learned so much in 2 days so I highly recommend joining if you can and are interested in implementing a VIP day into your business.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in booking one of my VIP days (Blog That Leads or Pinterest in a day), then click here to find out more about that.

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  • Alexandra Maas
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    Most interesting and informative article, thank you! I am a counselor, so my content will be completely different, but this helped me shape my idea and answered some important questions for me!

  • Sheri
    August 23, 2022

    Thank you for this informative blog! I’m seriously thinking VIP days would be a great thing to offer for my Discovering Your Calling program sense many of my clients are busy professionals. You have me a lot to consider!
    And gave a perfect example of your blogging expertise as well!

  • Melodie Boone
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    Great article. I went to the Done in a Day Virtual Conference website to register or at least sign up for the waitlist, but it wouldn’t allow me. If you have any information regarding the conference, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks again for the awesome article. As I “tweak” my VIP offers, I will try to remember your pointers.
    Melodie Boone