Why Visiting Kerala, India is so Special #Humanbynature

Last Updated on November 15, 2019

Why Visiting Kerala, India is so Special #Humanbynature

When visiting Kerala, I was blown away by many things. I have travelled to India before, but I had not explored the south of India at all. When I was invited to see Kerala with Kerala Tourism on the Kerala Blog Express I was over the moon with emotions. India was already my favourite country so I couldn’t wait to see more.


Recently I was asked to participate in the Human by Nature campaign by Kerala Tourism to tell you all about this incredible part of India and my personal experiences.


Here’s why visiting Kerala is so special

Upon my arrival in Kerala, I noticed a slower pace of life. The people seemed more relaxed than in the likes of Delhi and Mumbai. I was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers and the smiles I saw from those who are from Kerala.

As I’m from New Zealand I am used to being one with nature and travelling Kerala I noticed the same with the Keralites. They too had a connection with nature. They live, breathe, respect and connect with nature on an everyday basis. From catching and cooking fresh food brought by nature to slowly making our way down the canals in small wooden boats, nature was all around us and it is the number 1 charm of visiting Kerala.


Why Visiting Kerala, India is so Special #Humanbynature

One of my all-time favourite places to visit was Alappuzha (or Alleppey) which is a city that sits right on the water. There are many different parts of this place but one of my favourite things to do was stay overnight on a houseboat on the backwaters. I remember it being such a calm and beautiful experience. Waking up to the sunrise and listening to the birds and water calmly crashing against the side of the backwaters.


Why Visiting Kerala, India is so Special #Humanbynature

The backwaters are really where you can see the connection with life and nature. You will go past many houses that sit right on the water. People bath, do laundry, the kids are playing and jumping into the water with a big splash. Everyone is interacting with nature in some way. Life is intertwined with the environment around them and these days, in many places around the world, this is lost. As we sit on our phones and laptops we forget to go out and interact with nature, something that’s always there for us but many times we are not there for it. But, in Kerala it was different.


Why Visiting Kerala, India is so Special #Humanbynature

Another beautiful place I loved visiting was Munnar, a region which spread along hilltops and is known for its tea plantations. This was another great example of the connection between people and nature. During the bus ride, you will see miles and miles of tea plantations with the odd person spending their days picking the best tea to then sell and serve nationally and internationally. This is a business which is so focused on nature providing as well as the nurturing from humans to help the tea grow and become the most delicious it can be.


Why Visiting Kerala, India is so Special #Humanbynature

A sure highlight of this Kerala trip was also a visit to Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to many wild animals including elephants, tigers, wild buffalos, lion-tailed monkeys and more. All these animals live within the park and are completely wild, but they are protected to stop all killing of these precious animals. It was an incredible experience riding a boat on the lake and finding a family of wild elephants in the distance. That was an experience with nature in Kerala that I will never forget and one of the absolute highlights out of all my travels.


From my experiences and this post, I hope I have convinced you to take a trip to Kerala to explore the region yourself and witness the interaction of humans by nature. In Kerala they are intertwined so they leave peacefully with each other.


I always recommend a trip to Kerala if you want to visit for the first time. Kerala is much quieter and calmer than other places in India and it’s a great introduction to the country!


*This post is sponsored by Kerala tourism, but all experiences and writing are my own. They asked me to tell you guys about my experience with the Kerala people and nature there to promote their new campaign #humanbynature.


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Why Visiting Kerala, India is so Special #Humanbynature




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