Walking Holiday vs. City Break: Which one?

Last Updated on February 18, 2020

Walking Holiday vs. City Break

Written by Rebecca from Rough Draft

The great thing about travelling is that it offers something for everyone. What you feel like doing will depend upon the locations that are available to you and the time of year. All this can make choosing where and how you want to spend your precious time a little bit tricky, to say the least. To make things a little easier for you, we’re taking a closer look at two favourites: the walking holiday and the city break.

Walking Holidays are Great if You Want to Get Away From it All

The beauty of a walking holiday lies in its tranquility. Choose the right destination and you’ll be able to steer well clear of the hustle and bustle of tourist hotspots. That being said, you’ll also have the freedom and flexibility to vary things up and make a path into a town or city.

The Camino de Santiago is a great example of this type of holiday. A vast network of pilgrimage trails, the Caminos offer a unique blend of gentle walkways that weave their way through the countryside and meet towns and villages along the way. This is ideal for those of you who don’t want your walks to occur in the middle of nowhere; but instead want to dip in and out of the local culture. The Camino Frances is the most popular route, and an excellent choice for first time Camino walkers.


Walking Holiday vs. City Break

A Walking Holiday Clears the Mind and Enriches the Soul

Ask anyone who has tackled part of the Appalachian trail and they’ll tell you what a life-changing experience it was. Remember, you’re not only seeing amazing places, you’re getting out into nature and leaving the stresses of the modern world behind you. This is perfect if you want to come away feeling blissfully contented and a noticeable amount fitter!

The other plus of a walking holiday is that it’s something you can do solo or as part of a larger party. This also gives you the option to split up for a couple of days at a time and meet up someplace further along the route. If you really embrace this sense of freedom that it will give you, then you’ll start to feel alive like never before. Just make sure to plan your route ahead of time so that you don’t fall foul of seasonal weather. Come prepared and you’ll find you can be far more flexible and adaptable once your holiday begins.

There is, however, a second way to get away from it all. The city break does things in the polar opposite way:


Walking Holiday vs. City Break

City Breaks are Perfect For Enjoying a Whole Host of New Experiences

City breaks will make you feel alive in a totally different way to walking holidays. Cities are bursting at the seams with activities to try and attractions to see which makes them a beacon for millions of us. Because of the intensity, you’ll probably find that a long weekend is better for a city break.

The secret is to plan your event so that it fits into the city at the right time of year. Every city will have its own unique character and way of doing things. By getting to know the locals and their much loved traditions, you’ll be able to host something that is guaranteed to be well received. Get the time of year and the theme of the event just right, and you’ll feel even more satisfied that you’ve hosted something amazing.


Walking Holiday vs. City Break

City Breaks Allow You to Gain Unique Insight into the Culture of Countries

The sheer size and weight of history in major cities allows you to see a lot in a short space of time. There’s perhaps no better way to spend your precious days and nights in the city than to head out the door and embrace the new culture you find yourself living in. By being able to see the architecture and taste the food and wine, you’ll be able to see why the locals love their home city.


Whether you go abroad or travel in your home country, you’re guaranteed to find something that will leave a lasting impression on you. Approach everything with an open mind and you’ll be sure to take something back home with you.


Walking Holiday vs. City Break

You Don’t Have to Exclusively Choose One over the Other

You don’t have to define yourself as someone who only walks, or someone who only goes to the big cities. Mixing things up is a great way to stay calm and motivated during those months at home. Focus on doing something that you’ll find both relaxing and engaging and you’ll be able to take something meaningful away from every single trip.


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Walking Holiday vs. City Break


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